Chapter 258 - You Receive the Famous Celebrity

    Chapter 258 - You Receive the Famous Celebrity

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    Qin Feng and Lin Shuai were at a stalemate for awhile. The two had cold expressions and didn't speak.

    Ever since Xu Ruo Rou was abducted, she'd been completely obedient to Qin Feng. Now that she saw Lin Shuai intentionally causing trouble for Qin Feng, she unhappily hugged Qin Feng's arm and glared at Lin Shuai.

    "Manager Lin, Group Leader Qin's looking for General Manager Li because he wants to. I'm afraid you don't have the right to manage that."

    Lin Shuai went to the Sales Department this time because he'd heard the news about Rao Shi Man coming to the Sales Department. He wanted to use this opportunity to showcase himself in front of upper management and Rao Shi Man, and at the same time exhibit his charm in front of Xu Ruo Rou to take advantage of the opportunity to capture the little beauty of the Sales Department.

    As a result, once he got to the Sales Department, Liu Shuai saw Xu Ruo Rou and Qin Feng walk in arm-in-arm. And now that Xu Ruo Rou took the initiative to hug Qin Feng's arm and defend him, Lin Shuai was so angry his lungs were about to explode.

    He couldn't understand. He was more educated than Qin Feng, held a higher position, made more money, and wasn't any less good-looking. Why did this Xu Ruo Rou take a liking to Qin Feng but not himself?

    "Hmph! It seems like after getting promoted to a little group leader position, some people become really cocky. And who knows what kind of lowly methods they used to trick away our little beauty Xu Ruo Rou."

    Lin Shuai harrumphed in a strange and eerie tone. "But, Ruo Rou, I must advise you that an insignificant sales department group leader, a minor functionary no larger than a sesame seed, isn't worth sticking to for a little beauty like you. If you really want to find a good man in the company, then shift your gaze to the Financial Investment Department. That's the true gathering place of the tall, rich, and handsome."

    Lin Shuai's words both mocked Qin Feng and covertly praised himself.

    "That's right, that's right. The most popular department where you make the most money and is the most relaxing in Royal Group is the Financial Investment Department. The people there are either great students or ones who studied abroad. Those with the least education are graduates of higher education in China. Those with graduate degrees-masters and doctorates-are as plentiful as strands of cow hair... That's right, Manager Lin, you seem to work in our Financial Investment Department. Oh ho, you really make one jealous to death!" Wang Chao was an ass-kissing sprite, and he kissed Lin Shuai's ass at the perfect moment.

    Lin Shuai basked in the feeling and nodded at Wang Chao with satisfaction. He raised his head and puffed out his chest as he said, "You're funny, Group Leader Wang. I've only been in the company's Financial Investment Department for three months so I'm still only a gold-collar analyst. My yearly income isn't even a million. I've only just broken into 500,000. I'm an embarrassment compared to the entire Investment Department.

    Lin Shuai looked like he was being modest, but these words seemed impossibly arrogant and boastful in the ears of others. In particular, most of the people in the Sales Department weren't highly educated, and their base pay was pitifully low. They depended on working to death to support their families. Now that they heard Lin Shuai showing off, they felt extremely unhappy.

    "Oh... Manager Lin has been in the Investment Department for only three months and you've already gone from a normal analyst to a gold-collar analyst? You're too amazing!" Wang Chao said with a boastful expression. "According to what I know, a lot of new people in the Investment Department have worked hard for three to five years and they still haven't gotten to the position of gold-collar analyst. Climbing up to that position doesn't only require hard work, it is more dependent on innate talent."

    Lin Shuai was almost floating due to Wang Chao's praise. He looked at Qin Feng with a self-satisfied smile and said, "Group Leader Wang, don't say these things here. You know I, Lin Shuai, am a modest person. I just got promoted, what's there to show off? ...Unlike some people who get promoted to a small position and can't help but tell the whole world. An arrogant and frivolous person like that certainly won't have much of a future. They'll probably be stuck in their position for the rest of their lives without another promotion opportunity again!"

    Lin Shuai and Wang Chao echoed one another and covertly trash-talked Qin Feng. And the entire Sales Department, much less Qin Feng, could tell.

    However, Qin Feng ignored those words, and his expression didn't change in the slightest. On the other hand, Lin Shuai's restless gaze kept falling on Xu Ruo Rou's body, making Qin Feng a bit peeved.

    He suddenly stepped forward and blocked Lin Shuai's view of Xu Ruo Rou by placing her behind him. Then, he looked at Lin Shuai menacingly.

    "Don't have any ideas about Ruo Rou; she's already my woman. If I see anyone harboring errant thoughts about Ruo Rou, I don't care if you're a bastard or an ass-kisser, I'll kill you... Now, it'd be best if you bounce to the side. Don't block your elder's way."

    "Qin Feng, this is a large company on the market, not a street where you can fool around. You better be more respectful when speaking. General Manager Li is in there receiving an important guest and you don't have the right to go in and disturb them." Lin Shuai stood there with the courage of his convictions and refused to move.

    He simply didn't regard a little group leader like Qin Feng as anything. He knew that big celebrities like Rao Shi Man didn't like to be disturbed by outsiders, so Lin Shuai confidently blocked Qin Feng. Today, even if Royal Group's Chairman Qin came, he'd still stand there without fear.

    "It's not your concern whether or not I have the right to go in. Since you're standing there like a guard dog and not moving out of the way, then I'd might as well have you know that the company has specially assigned me to be Rao Shi Man's personal host for her activities in Acropolis for Royal Group. I'll be taking care of her itinerary these couple of days.

    "Now you know whether or not I have the right to go in, brat," said Qin Feng as he looked indifferently at Lin Shuai.

    Once Qin Feng said these words, the entire Sales Department immediately fell quiet. If a needle fell, it would be heard.

    Everyone stared dumbstruck at Qin Feng; they looked like they had their spirits whisked away and maintained their surprised expressions motionlessly. Even Xu Ruo Rou didn't know about this, and she stared dumbly at Qin Feng with wide eyes.

    "Hahaha, have my ears gone bad? What did I hear at first? You said the company sent you to be Rao Shi Man's personal guide? Hahaha, you're going to make me laugh to death."

    After a brief silence, Lin Shuai suddenly burst into uproarious laughter. "Don't tell me you were a clown in the circus before coming to Royal Group?"

    He was really tickled by Qin Feng. He laughed so hard that tears almost sprang from his eyes.

    Once Lin Shuai found out that Rao Shi Man was coming to the company, how could he not daydream about becoming her guide? However, Lin Shuai knew this was impossible. Thus, he only dared to imagine it and would never say it out loud.

    Who knew this brat Qin Feng was also a wild daydreamer and couldn't separate reality from imagination?

    "You don't believe me?" Qin Feng was calm in the face of Lin Shuai's mocking laughter.

    However, the entire Sales Department didn't believe it, much less Lin Shuai, because it was unrealistic. First of all, the company couldn't assign a man to host Rao Shi Man, who was an A-lister. And even if they made a mistake and sent a man, there was no way Rao Shi Man would agree to it.

    "Haha! Oh, Qin Feng, you're truly a country bumpkin that just came from the mountains. Don't tell me this is the first time you'll be seeing a famous celebrity in real life? Not only do I not believe you, but ask anyone else, who would believe your nonsense?"

    Qin Feng glanced around him and could tell by everyone's gazes that they apparently really didn't believe him.

    "What does it have to do with me whether you believe it or not? This is what you call 'saying the grapes are sour because you can't eat them.'" Qin Feng felt that something was wrong with this Lin Shuai's head, and was too lazy to care about him.

    Lin Shuai clung to Qin Feng's words and said with mocking laughter, "Tsk tsk tsk, you've seen that you can't continue spinning your lie and you want to find an excuse to slip out? ...Your elder has the guts to say harsh things in front of the entire Sales Department today. If you, Qin Feng, are sent to host Rao Shi Man, I, Lin Shuai, will change my name in the company from here on out to 'Idiot Lin.'

    "But if you aren't specially sent out by the company, and you were just bullsh*tting earlier, then you'll have to change your name in the company to 'Idiot Qin.' Do you have the guts to make this bet with me, brat?"

    Lin Shuai glared cockily and overbearingly at Qin Feng with an expression of someone making a solemn vow.

    Qin Feng's lips quirked. He wondered why everyone liked to bet with him so much.

    Also, they always used matters completely lacking in suspense to bet with him. He couldn't keep himself from abusing them even if he wanted to!

    "Manager Lin, though I think the name 'Idiot Lin' suits you very much, as coworkers, I'll give you some face. Let's forget about this bet."

    "Hmph! You don't need to think about me, brat. Worry about yourself... I'll ask you one thing: are you a man? Do you have the guts to bet with me?" Lin Shuai saw Qin Feng's hesitant expression and was even more certain that Qin Feng was bullsh*tting.

    Lin Shuai hardly ever had the upper hand against Qin Feng, so this time, he wouldn't give Qin Feng any face. He would force him into a dead end.

    "Are you certain you want to make this bet with me? You really want everyone in the company to call you 'Idiot Lin'?" Qin Feng didn't know what Lin Shuai was thinking. Why did this person love abusing himself?

    "It's not for certain who will be called 'idiot,' so of course I want to bet with you. And whoever doesn't have the guts to bet is the grandson," yelled Lin Shuai aggressively.

    "Alright, then it's happily decided!" Qin Feng waved and said to Lin Shuai impatiently, "Then move right now, I have to go in and host the beauty Rao Shi Man!"

    "Haha! Your elder's waiting to see you go in for less than a minute before getting kicked out. Then, everyone will call you 'Idiot Qin.'" Lin Shuai burst into laughter again.

    However, this time, he didn't block Qin Feng again. He was about to move out of the way when the door to General Manager Li's office opened.

    Then, everyone saw a professional outfit and black stockings. The figure was curvy in the front and the back, and was undoubtedly Li Yu Chen. Wearing a pair of black-rimmed glasses and high heels, she walked to the middle of the crowd. Her body exuded a cold, arrogant, and strong aura. She glanced around her, then unenthusiastically opened her mouth.

    "When I was in the office, I heard a lot of noise outside. Why are you all gathered here and not working during work hours?"

    Once Li Yu Chen got mad, the sales representatives immediately ran back to their own seats. However, their attention remained on Qin Feng.

    "Qin Feng, come in with me. Miss Rao Shi Man has already personally requested that you'd be in charge of hosting her in Acropolis. I hope you can do well. Don't make our Royal Group lose face."

    Li Yu Chen's voice wasn't loud, but it was loud enough for all the employees in the Sales Department to hear clearly.

    Once they heard that Li Yu Chen suddenly ran out to take the initiative to invite Qin Feng to take charge of hosting Rao Shi Man, all of their jaws dropped to the floor.

    Plus, Rao Shi Man personally appointed Qin Feng as her host!
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