Chapter 259 - Im Your Hardcore Fan

    Chapter 259 - I'm Your Hardcore Fan

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    Under the envious gazes of the crowd, Qin Feng, with a smile on his face, followed Li Yu Chen into her office while enjoying her jiggly voluptuous booty.

    The Sales Department was agitated once again after the two left.

    These people were choked with shocks and stuns that almost gave them internal injuries. They had been holding their breath in the presence of General Manager Li. Since she had left, they'd instantly burst into a flock of chatty birds, speculating about the relationship between Qin Feng and Rao Shi Man.

    On the other hand, the cocky Ling Shuai and the ass-kisser Wang Chao were cast aside by everybody.

    Both of them pulled a long, hideous face. They felt like they'd been struck by lightning when they heard that Miss Rao Shi Man anointed Qin Feng as her personal host.

    They lost the face to remain any longer. They tried to slip away, little by little, without anybody noticing.

    The duo felt somewhat relieved when they arrived at the door. At this moment, a wonderful and mellifluous voice drifted over, "Hey! Idiot Lin and his ass-kisser, where are you guys going?"

    Xu Ruo Rou stood up and gazed charmingly at the duo. She still remembered the bet Ling Shuai dared to wage with Qin Feng earlier. Since Ling Shuai had lost the bet and Qin Feng was not around, as Qin Feng's ladykin, she believed she had to defend her man at this critical moment.

    Her temperament had changed drastically and become more assertive under Qin Feng's guidance. She even dared to challenge Ling Shuai and Wang Chao, which she wouldn't have done previously.


    The buzzing staffs were dumbstruck by Xu Ruo Rou's sudden words. They gave a quizzical look at the duo first and burst into brazen laughter one after another afterward.

    They'd almost forgotten the wager between Qin Feng and Ling Shuai since they were only concerned about the scandal between those two in General Manager Li's office- until Xu Ruo Rou reminded them. Everyone looked exultingly at Lin Shuai.

    Earlier in the day, this person had come to the Sales Department with his head held high and boasted about himself in front of everyone. The people in the Sales Department loathed his cockiness for a long time now, and finally, the time for revenge had come. They swore they'd never ever go easy on them.

    "Hey! Idiot Ling and his ass-kisser, where are you guys going?"

    "Hey! Idiot Ling and his ass-kisser, where are you guys going?"


    The Sales Department had 50 to 60 personnel. All of them repeated Xu Ruo Rou's words again and again. Ling Shuai and Wang Chao were stupefied in front of the door, pondering whether they should leave or not.

    When all the employees had finished repeating that sentence, the duo felt they already became statues!

    General Manager Li's office......

    Qin Feng followed Li Yu Chen into her office and his sights were fixed on Rao Shi Man once he saw her sitting on the couch.

    Before Qin Feng acquired the Hedonist Sovereign System, he'd gone through some celebrity profiles occasionally and paid tons to have sexual intercourse with them. Among the group of celebrities, Rao Shi Man was his main target.

    He'd gone through many channels and paid a ton of money to reach Rao Shi Man. Unfortunately, she was rather unflattered regardless of his pecuniary seduction. Now that he was seeing Rao Shi Man from such a short distance, he realized she was even more beautiful than on TV.

    Rao Shi Man wore a white pleated shirt, a short skirt in Scottish plaid, and a pair of dark knee socks on her lower legs, rendering most of her lily-white thighs visible.

    She sat gracefully on the sofa, sizing up Qin Feng with her expressive eyes. An aura of youthful and mesmerizing charm was radiating from her body even while she remained completely still.

    Qin Feng gulped down his saliva and returned to his senses right after.

    As soon as he regained his senses, he rushed to Rao Shi Man's side, grabbed her soft, frail jade hand and said graciously, "Aiyo! You're the superstar Rao Shi Man. Did you know how much I like you? Both your singing and dancing is elegant yet alluring to me. I've watched every single drama and movie of yours. The classic lines you said, I can recite them even with my eyes closed.

    "Shi Man, I love you so much, quick, come into my arms. I want to take a wefie with you later..." [TLN: A wefie means a photo taken in the same fashion as a selfie, but with 2 or more people.]

    Qin Feng stretched his arm and tried to embrace Rao Shi Man. However, before he could touch her back or reach her soft body, he felt something hard from pressing his chest. He looked down and saw a dark Rao Shi Man had blocked the space between them with a folder.

    "Shi Man, I've been following you since your first debut. I'm your hardcore fan. I even bought all your original albums and watched all your movies during the first premiere screenings... Now, your fan just wants to give you an innocent hug and take a picture with you. It breaks my heart that you rejected my small request!"

    Once again, Qin Feng was playing his one-man show. Li Yu Chen shook her head, sighing over her decision to agree with the top management on appointing Qin Feng as Rao Shi Man's personal host.

    Nevertheless, Rao Shi Man maintained her straight face. Her pair of vivid eyes gazed directly at Qin Feng and asked him abruptly, "You're my hardcore fan? You've kept an eye on me since my first debut and bought every single one of my albums?"

    Qin Feng replied sternly, "I shall be struck by lightning if I speak of any lies."

    "Ok, then, I'll grant you your wish only if you can name my first album," Rao Shi Man suppressed her smile as she looked at Qin Feng. She could tell from a glance that Qin Feng wasn't her true fan.


    Qin Feng burst into laughter and stopped out of a sudden. He returned to Li Yu Chen and asked solemnly, "General Manager Li, why did you call me into the office for? Do you have an important task for me?"

    Unable to follow Qin Feng's capricious and fickle mind, Li Yu Chen froze for a brief second. She soon regained her senses and gave Qin Feng a scornful gaze. "Allow me to do the introduction first.

    "This person is Hua Xia's superstar, Miss Rao Shi Man. She came all the way from the capital just to attend our Royal Group's opening event.

    "He is Qin Feng, a team leader of Royal Group's Sales Department. He will be hosting Miss Rao Shi Man this time."

    After the introductions, Li Yu Chen peeked at Rao Shi Man. She was almost certain that Rao Shi Man would decline the arrangement of Qin Feng being her host. This was because Qin Feng was pompous when he first entered the room; he acted just like a psycho.

    Peeking at Rao Shi Man's lily-white thighs, Qin Feng said awkwardly, "Your great name has long resounded in my ears like thunder, Miss Rao Shi Man. It's Qin Feng's honor to meet you in person!"

    "Hi, Qin Feng. I'll be troubling you to take care of me for the coming period. I will seek Mr. Qin's assistance, should I require any. Hope you won't mind," Rou Si Man replied with the ghost of a smile playing around her lips.

    Li Yu Chen was dumbfounded, unable to process the current situation. She'd never imagined Rao Shi Man would accept Qin Feng as her host so readily.

    "Lil' Sis Shi Man, a-are you fine with Qin Feng?" Li Yu Chen asked doubtfully.

    Rao Shi Man answered with a beaming smile, "Sis Chen, yes, Mr. Qin is fine. He is tall and well-built, easy in conversation, and graceful in manner. I think he'll be a nice host during my stay."

    Li Yu Chen's mouth was as big as an orange after hearing Rao Shi Man's reasoning. She eyed Qin Feng with a question in her mind: "Where does she see those virtues in this guy?"

    "Sis Chen, could you leave the room for a sec? I've something personal to discuss with Mr. Qin since I'll be with him for the next couple of days," Rao Shi Man said to Li Yu Chen, ignoring her expression. Right now, she was only intrigued by the relationship between Qin Feng and Young Master Qin.

    Her real purpose for visiting Acropolis City was to help Sis Qing Xue escape a forced marriage. Before she came to Acropolis City, Rao Shi Man had no clue of Young Master Qin's name and what he looked like.

    Dong Fang Qing Xue refused the marriage proposal at first, so she'd never taken the initiative to investigate Young Master Qin. She deliberately didn't look at Young Master Qin's photos, nor did she look for his information. She was afraid that seeing Young Master Qin's face would tarnish her eyes.

    Since Dong Fang Qin Xue didn't know much about Young Master Qin, then Rao Shi Man had to investigate him on her own. She browsed the internet for Young Master Qin's profile on her way to Royal Group. However, the photo she saw online was of Xiao Bai, the bodyguard of Qin's mansion.

    "Ah... O-Ok, then I'll excuse myself first." Li Yu Chen was stupefied for a considerable amount of time before she regained her senses. She couldn't believed that Rao Shi Man still had the guts to be alone with Qin Feng after he displayed his audacity.

    "Lil' Sis Shi Man, please call for help loudly should anything happen to you. I'll just be at the Sales Department lobby. I'll be able to hear your voice clearly," Li Yu Chen reminded Rao Shi Man before closing the door. She just couldn't drop her guard against the sex maniac-Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng's expression darkened completely!

    There was only Qin Feng and Rao Shi Man after Li Yu Chen had left. The atmosphere suddenly became awkward.

    "Shi Man, you can ask me about anything you don't understand; whether its about working or lifestyle, I'll be able to settle it for you one by one... Also, I'm currently delving into the study of human physiology, which I would like to discuss further with you as well!"

    Qin Feng moved toward Rao Shi Man proactively. However, Rao Shi Man seemingly ignored him; she remained calm, tugged on  her skirt to prevent any exposure, and shifted herself to keep a distance from Qin Feng.

    "Mr. Qin, I do have some questions for you." Unexpectedly, Rao Shi Man's countenance turned serious. "Are you familiar with Royal Group Chairman Qin's only heir-Young Master Qin?"


    Qin Feng was peeking at Rao Shi Man's thighs. When Rao Shi Man abruptly brought up the question, he was so surprised that he almost jumped from the couch.

    He raised his guard and watched Rao Shi Man vigilantly. Did she discover my real identity? Does she know I paid tons of money just to sleep with her?

    Since she suddenly left herself alone with me, did she want to sleep with me?

    "Give me your price, then!" Qin Feng decided to sound out her intention.

    On the other hand, Rao Shi Man was perplexed by Qin Feng's abruptness. "What price? What are you talking about? Qin Feng, did you hear my question just now?"

    Qin Feng's mind was full of questions. This woman's heart was as fickle as April weather, totally unpredictable.

    "W-Why are you looking for Young Master Qin? Do you know him?" Qin Feng continued to snoop out her intention.

    "Young Master Qin and I aren't acquaintances; however, his great fame as Acropolis City's greatest hedonist young master has long resounded in my ears. So I would like to meet him in person. Can Mr. Qin do me a favor by being the middleman and introducing us to each other?" Rao Shi Man spoke with a smile.

    Qin Feng was thrown into confusion. He was unsure whether Rao Shi Man really didn't know who Young Master Qin was, or she was bumbling to amuse him.

    "Do you know Young Master Qin's given name?"

    "Yes, I'd surfed the internet. His name is Qin Feng, just like yours. This is one of my questions as well. Why would both of you have the same name?" Rao Shi Man raised her seductive thin eyebrows and gave Qin Feng a solemn look.
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