Chapter 260 - Quest Expiration

    Chapter 260 - Quest Expiration

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    Qin Feng was slightly stunned. He understood Rao Shi Man less and less. He really didn't know what this woman was trying to do.

    "Haha! Your question is really funny because I'm Acropolis City's number one hedonistic young master, Qin Feng!" Qin Feng simply admitted his identity to see what this woman was trying to do.

    "Haha, don't lie, I know you aren't." Rao Shi Man covered her mouth and laughed, filling the office with youthfulness and sunshine.

    "Though I've never met Young Master Qin and I don't know him, I've looked him up on the internet, and I've seen his picture," Rao Shi Man explained.

    Qin Feng's lips quirked. He suddenly felt that his old dad was too ingenious for placing Xiao Bai's pictures on the internet to protect him!

    "Haha! Seems that I couldn't fool Miss Shi Man. But why do you want to meet Young Master Qin, Miss Shi Man?" After confirming that Rao Shi Man didn't know Young Master Qin, Qin Feng was much more relaxed.

    "I'm looking for him for a private matter. So if you know him, Mr. Qin, please introduce me to him."

    "Shi Man, the private matter you're talking about... Do you want to sleep with Young Master Qin?" Qin Feng asked cautiously.

    "Mr. Qin, please be serious when speaking. Otherwise, I'll really get angry." Rao Shi Man's originally gentle and warm aura instantly became icy.

    Under the aegis of the Capital's Dongfang family, she had no scandals ever since her debut. She maintained the image of a pure and beautiful girl in front of everyone. If Rao Shi Man didn't need Qin Feng's help, that sentence would have been enough to make her erupt in indignant denunciation of Qin Feng.

    "I'm kidding, I'm kidding. Please don't take it to heart, Miss Shi Man." When Qin Feng saw Rao Shi Man get mad, he immediately changed the topic. "Did you know why my name is 'Qin Feng'?"

    "No." Rao Shi Man's attitude toward Qin Feng was colder than before. It was clear that she was still a bit mad because of his disrespectful words earlier.

    "Because I'm Young Master Qin's personal attendant. In the most important moments, I'd replace him and take on his identity to protect him." Qin Feng said with seriousness, "That's why I'm also called 'Qin Feng.' I'm another Young Master Qin-the counterfeit Young Master Qin!"

    Qin Feng's words made Rao Shi Man's expression change slightly. She reconsidered Qin Feng again.

    "So that means you and the real Young Master Qin are really close?"

    "Since we were young, we grew up wearing the same pants and sleeping in the same bed." Qin Feng felt that his words were the truth. After all, he wore the same pair of pants and slept in the same bed as himself growing up.

    "Then can you introduce me to Young Master Qin?" Rao Shi Man instantly became excited. She grabbed Qin Feng's arm.

    Qin Feng could feel that Rao Shi Man's little hands were extremely soft. He took the opportunity to place his large hand over hers, pat it, and laugh as he said, "Though it's extremely difficult, and goes against my duties, since Miss Shi Man asked, then I'll certainly help you!"

    Rao Shi Man reacted by immediately pulling her hand back. Her face was slightly flushed. It was the first time a male stranger touched her hand.

    "Then Shi Man thanks Mr. Qin. And when does Mr. Qin plan on setting up our meeting?" Rao Shi Man felt as though she was getting closer and closer to succeeding at her plan, and was a bit excited.

    "Miss Shi Man, how about this?" Qin Feng said with a serious expression, "Young Master Qin and I both live in the Qin Manor, but Young Master Qin has recently gone to a remote mountainous region to teach. Why don't you stay in the Qin Manor these couple of days? There are many rooms there, and it's safe with strict surveillance. Miss Shi Man, you can stay there while waiting for Young Master Qin to return."

    Rao Shi Man's expression suddenly changed and was filled with doubt. There was a world of difference between this and what she researched.

    "Young Master Qin would teach in a remote mountainous village? You aren't joking with me, are you?"

    "Why would I lie to you, Miss Shi Man? He's been at the remote mountainous village for nearly a month now." Qin Feng nodded resolutely and added, "Actually, the news you find on the internet isn't about the real Young Master Qin.

    "I grew up with him and I know him very well. He isn't the dissolute and hedonistic wastrel or the huge pervert in the rumors. He's an extremely kind and good youth that always strives to do better..." Every time Qin Feng praised himself, he always used endless gorgeous rhetoric.

    The doubt in Rao Shi Man's expression grew increasingly stronger. She didn't really believe Qin Feng. If Young Master Qin really was as great as Qin Feng said, then why would Big Sister Qing Xue hate him so much and want to back out of the engagement at all costs?

    "Then when will Young Master Qin be returning from his teaching?" This problem was what concerned Rao Shi Man the most. If she didn't see Young Master Qin during this trip to Acropolis, then she would have come for nothing.

    "Oh? ...Miss Shi Man, you want to know when Young Master Qin is coming back?" Qin Feng felt that this question was very difficult to answer.

    "Is this a decision I can make?" Rao Shi Man looked at Qin Feng with suspicion and said, "If so, I hope he can return in the next couple of days because I came to participate in your company's opening activities, and once they're over, I have to return to the capital. At that time, I won't have the opportunity to see Young Master Qin."

    Qin Feng was quiet for a moment before he suggested, "Why don't you stay in the Qin Manor beginning from today, Miss Shi Man? Tonight, when we get back, I'll call Young Master Qin and tell him to take some time to come back and plan a meeting with you."

    "That's great!" Rao Shi Man bowed slightly and said, "Then I'll trouble you this time, Mr. Qin."

    Smiling, Qin Feng sat beside her. "Gosh. what kind of relationship do we have? Why are you talking about things being troubling? Rao Shi Man, you're annoying!"

    Qin Feng spoke while extending his hand toward Rao Shi Man. She was prepared and stood gracefully. Her gentle aura turned cold, and she looked at Qin Feng as she spoke with indifference:

    "Mr. Qin, I came early to Acropolis City, yet I haven't greeted the other higher-ups in your company. I'll get busy first, then go to the Qin Manor with you tonight after you get off work."

    Rao Shi Man didn't give Qin Feng the opportunity to do anything mischievous. Once she finished speaking, she walked out of the office.

    When the employees of the Sales Department saw Rao Shi Man walk out, there was a ruckus immediately. Rao Shi Man was used to this kind of situation where people would cheer and chase after her everywhere she went, so her expression remained unchanged. She lifted her head, puffed her chest, and walked out.

    A long while later, the atmosphere in the Sales Department calmed down. Qin Feng walked leisurely out of the General Manager's office and instantly caught the eyes of all the people present.

    Rao Shi Man using Qin Feng as her guide was already shocking enough, but not long after the guy went in, even General Manager Li was forced out and the famous celebrity, Rao Shi Man, was left alone in a room with Qin Feng.

    This heavenly treatment was something people could only dream about. Who would have thought that Qin Feng could turn this into reality?

    "Huh? Has Idiot Lin left? Ass-kisser, why didn't you leave with him? You seem to dislike the Sales Department and yearn for the Financial Investment Department, so why aren't you working there?"

    Qin Feng glanced around the Sales Department lobby and realized that the brat Lin Shuai had already left. Wang Chao had originally left with Lin Shuai; he only came to his senses when he got to the doors of the Investment Department. After all, he was part of the Sales Department. Thus, he immediately ran back to the Sales Department.

    However, now this occurred. Wang Chao had already been rousted by the entire Sales Department; he had already been reproached. After hearing Qin Feng's words, Wang Chao immediately looked like he ate sh*t.

    Qin Feng dissed Wang Chao with a sentence, then was too lazy to care about this kind of person. He minded his own business and walked into his Group Leader office.

    He had just sat down when the System's cold announcement resounded in his head:

    "Ding... The Hedonist Sovereign System reminds Host Qin Feng that you currently have two quests that will soon expire; please take note and check up on them!"

    This was Qin Feng's first time getting an alert from the System that a quest was soon to expire. He immediately opened the Hedonist Sovereign System to take a look.

    "The quest to conquer Han Ying Ying will soon expire. Quest time remaining: 12 hours. Successful completion reward: 500 Hedonist Points. Upon failure, the host will be impotent for three years!"

    "The quest to investigate and discover the criminal behind Ma De Hu will soon expire. Quest time remaining: 12 hours. Successful completion reward: 500 Hedonist Points. Upon failure, the host will lose inheritance rights to Royal Group!"


    Two quests would soon expire. Qin Feng looked at them in detail.

    There was no way he could complete the quest to conquer Han Ying Ying in 12 hours. Qin Feng had a considerable understanding of Han Ying Ying. She only got close to him, joined Royal Group, and studied and worked at Royal Group to form a business partnership with them.

    She had an arrogant personality and high standards. How would conquering her be so easy?

    As for the quest regarding the criminal behind Ma De Hu, Qin Feng had investigated it in detail before. In the beginning, he thought the criminal behind the scenes was Ma De Hu's father, Ma Da Long. Afterward, when he went to the mountain resort with Bai Qing, he lured out Hua Ming, her backer. In the end, Qin Feng's suspicions fell on Qin Ye, "Prince Wen."

    However, the truth showed that none of these three was the criminal behind Ma De Hu, and Ma De Hu was long dead. Qin Feng had no way of investigating any further, and this quest was like a pool of stagnant water. He couldn't find the answer.

    "Master, the Hedonist Sovereign System is a very humane system. The first time the host has no way of finishing a quest on time, the host has a one-time chance to extend the quest time limit."

    Little Pig's voice resounded in Qin Feng's head, "But there's only one chance. Since Master has two quests that you can't complete, you have to consider which quest to extend."

    Under Little Pig's warning, Qin Feng chose to extend the quest to "Conquer Han Ying Ying" because the punishment for failing this quest was three years of impotence. Qin Feng would rather be killed.

    As for the quest to investigate and discover the criminal behind Ma De Hu, failure was only losing the inheritance rights to Royal Group. Now that Qin Feng had the amazing Hedonist Sovereign System, he didn't care about inheritance rights.

    After deciding, Qin Feng thought, "I want to extend the quest to conquer Han Ying Ying!"

    Then the System's announcement resounded in his head, "Is the host certain he would like to use the one-time chance to extend Han Ying Ying's quest? After extending the quest, every aspect of the quest will be amplified."

    "Extend!" said Qin Feng.

    "Ding... The Hedonist Sovereign System has renewed a quest: Conquer Han Ying Ying!

    "Quest time limit: two months.

    "Successful completion reward: 1,000 Hedonist Points. Upon failure, the host will be impotent for six years!"
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