Chapter 261 - No Matter How Many Rooms There are, Theyd be Filled by Your Women

    Chapter 261 - No Matter How Many Rooms There are, They'd be Filled by Your Women

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: Vampirecat

    "Qin Feng, can I come in now?" Xu Ruo Rou had been standing outside Qin Feng's office for some time now. Yet Qin Feng remained unresponsive even after she knocked on the door a couple of times.

    Qin Feng was indulging in a quest assigned by the system. When he regained his senses, he saw a seductive and charming Xu Ruo Rou standing outside his office and called to her, "Ruo Rou, come over. You don't need to knock next time; just come in directly and have fun with me."

    Xu Ruo Rou pursed her lips and went to Qin Feng's side. She was taken into his arms, and she rolled her eyes snappily. "I've come to work, not to play with you, Qin Feng."

    "Hehe, it's the same." Qin Feng locked Xu Ruo Rou in one arm while playing a game with the other. "As the superior of Ruo Rou, I command you: your future job scope will be to have fun with Group Leader Qin, keep him entertained, and chat with him!"

    Xu Ruo Rou's eyes dulled. She had no clue how to communicate with Qin Feng anymore.

    Suddenly, she broke free of Qin Feng's embrace, clung to his arm, and asked with excitement, "Qin Feng, are you familiar with Miss Rao Shi Man? Can you get her signature for me? I'm a superfan of hers you know?!"

    A girl that lived and behaved like Xu Ruo Rou wasn't a groupie. In fact, Rao Shi Man was the only superstar she fantasized over. This was because Xu Ruo Rou felt she had a lot in common with Rao Shi Man. Rao Shi Man had worked around the clock since her first debut to get her current position and fame. She took good care of herself and was never involved in any scandal. Plus, she was about the same age as her...

    So, Xu Ruo Rou took Rao Shi Man as an example and role model. For Xu Ruo Rou, Rao Shi Man was not only a superstar, she was more like a pathfinder, a good sister that she didn't know personally, but was incomparably familiar with.

    Qin Feng petted Xu Ruo Rou's head and said, "Not only the signature, if Ruo Rou really likes Rao Shi Man that much, I can ask her to have a photo with you too... Besides, Shi Man will be staying in Qin Manor every night while she's in Acropolis City."

    "Wow! For real? Qin Feng, what's your relationship with Rao Shi Man? You guys seem to be long-time acquaintances? If I'd known earlier, I would've asked you to get me a signature from her when I first made your acquaintance." Xu Ruo Rou jumped with joy.

    Qin Feng had noticed the recent changes in Xu Ruo Rou. She'd become much happier, and smiled more. Her temperament had become more assertive as time went by. Seeing her transformation filled Qin Feng's heart with pleasure.

    "But, Ruo Rou, you have to return me a favor as well." Qin Feng suddenly got serious.

    "I'll promise you anything as long as I can take a photo with Rao Shi Man," Xu Ruo Rou replied without thinking twice.

    Originally, Qin Feng wanted Xu Ruo Rou to help him on other terms, but now, he changed his mind. He looked at Xu Ruo Rou and said earnestly, "Ruo Rou, if you allow me to sleep on your bed tonight, and let me do anything to you without fighting back, then I'll ask Rao Shi Man to snap a photo with you."

    Xu Ruo Rou released Qin Feng's arm at once and stepped backward warily.

    "I refuse... A-After all, Rao Shi Man will be staying in Qin Manor. It's not a big deal if I ask her personally. I think she'd take a photo with me," Xu Ruo Rou groused at Qin Feng, pouting.

    She knew it: Qin Feng was being shameless and lewd again!

    "Hehe, Ruo Rou, can't you see that I'm just joking with you?" Qin Feng immediately smiled awkwardly after Xu Ruo Rou's refusal.

    "Actually, I want Ruo Rou to do me another favor. Since Young Master Qin might come back in a couple of days, he'll be meeting Rao Shi Man soon... So I hope Ruo Rou can say good things about Young Master Qin in front of Rao Shi Man before Young Master Qin's return. It's not that hard, right?"

    "Wah! Young Master Qin is done teaching in the remote mountainous region? When will he be coming back?" Xu Ruo Rou was gladdened by the news and clung tightly to Qin Feng's arm once again.

    Qin Feng gazed scornfully at Xu Ruo Rou. This little girl wouldn't happen to be keen on Xiao Bai, would she?

    However, seeing how much she liked "Young Master Qin," Qin Feng thought he didn't need to say much, and Xu Ruo Rou would take the initiative to compliment Young Master Qin in front of Rao Shi Man herself.

    "The time is still uncertain, so let's forget about this matter first... Ruo Rou, let me teach you how to play games. We'll move your seat into my office once you've mastered it. After that, we can gang up and dominate the field! It'll thrill your heart!"


    Qin Feng locked Xu Ruo Rou in his office throughout the entire day.

    Qin Feng clicked on his mouse and wallowed in the virtual world with one hand, while massaging Xu Ruo Rou with the other hand. Xu Ruo Rou swore to herself that she would never come to Qin Feng's office during work hours again.

    When work was over, Qin Feng and Xu Ruo Rou rendezvoused with Rao Shi Man. Xu Ruo Rou was so excited when she first saw Rao Shi Man in person. Since Rao Shi Man didn't put on the airs of a celebrity and both of the girls were about the same age and had similar interests, both of them got along very fast.

    With Rao Shi Man in the group, Qin Feng couldn't go home on his 28". Instead, he flagged down a taxi and the three of them went to Qin Manor.

    Qin Feng had arranged a separate villa for Rao Shi Man to stay in. After that, he took her for a stroll in Qin Manor's big garden. When it was the time for dinner, all three of them chit-chatted happily and walked to Qin Manor's main building.

    Qin Feng, Ruo Rou, both of you've come!" As soon as Qin Huang walked down the stairs, he greeted both Qin Feng and Xu Ruo Rou as usual.

    After he'd greeted both of them, Qin Huang raised his head with a rush and looked to the parlor. When his gaze fell on Rao Shi Man who was sitting on the couch, he was somewhat surprised and asked, "Isn't this Miss Shi Man? What brings you here?"

    Qin Huang was baffled. How did Rao Shi Man come to be in my Qin Manor?

    Although Rao Shi Man would attend Royal Group's opening ceremony as a special guest, Qin Huang had arranged a room for her at the Royal Hotel since she was an outsider. He hadn't imagined that she would came to Qin Manor personally.

    "Chairman Qin, Miss Rao Shi Man is now a very popular artist. Her safety is our utmost concern. I was appointed by the company as Miss Rao Shi Man's personal host, so I have the responsibility to accommodate her in a peaceful and secure place. Since Qin Manor has it all, I decided to bring her here. I hope Chairman Qin understands!"

    Qin Feng hurriedly stood up and cast meaningful glances at Qin Huang behind the backs of the two girls.

    Qin Huang's expression sank. He was so angry that he lost his appetite all of a sudden.

    As Qin Feng's father, how could he not know Qin Feng's intentions? Qin Huang knew this little brat was slipping back to his old habit of hooking up with girls again. And this time, he was targeting a top-rank superstar! When would this little brat be more serious and concentrate on his own life?

    "Good evening, Chairman Qin. It's Shi Man's fault for not informing Chairman Qin before visiting. I hope to have Chairman Qin's kind understanding for the inconvenience." Rao Shi Man stood up and bowed sincerely at Qin Huang.

    Qin Huang was angry at his son for his lascivious attitude; he held no prejudice against Rao Shi Man. Seeing her well-mannered and modest demeanor despite her being a superstar, Qin Huang then replied with a smile:

    "Please make yourself home, Shi Man. You're an old friend of our Royal Group. I thank you on behalf of Royal Group for coming all the way from the capital to attend our activities."

    "You flatter me, Chairman Qin. Thank you very much for your hospitality." Rao Shi Man and Qin Huang greeted each other courteously.

    Qin Huang was now sitting in the dining hall, waiting for dinner while the trio chit-chatted on the couch.

    The reason Rao Shi Man didn't ask Qin Huang for Young Master Qin's whereabouts and how to get in touch with Young Master Qin was because she didn't want their relationship became awkward after this incident.

    After all, she wanted to snap evidence of Young Master Qin molesting her after she met him. Then she would show the evidence to Elder Dongfang Ming Wang and urge him to proactively cancel the engagement.

    On the other hand, Qin Huang wasn't too familiar with the Dongfang family based in the capital. The marriage between Qin Feng and Dongfang Qing Xue was decided by the elders. The reason why Dongfang Ming Wang acknowledged the engagement was only due to Qin Feng's gone-into-hiding grandpa. Otherwise, the Dongfang family would have been totally out of the Qin family's league since the Dongfang family was one of the main four families in the capital while the Qin family was merely a power in Acropolis City.

    Since Qin Huang was unfamiliar with the Dongfang family, he wouldn't realize the relationship between Rao Shi Man and Dongfang family. So everyone wasn't the least bit suspicious of her sudden arrival.

    "The three of you, come to the dining hall. Dinner is ready!" Qin Huang's rather dignified voice drifted over. The trio then walked to the dining hall and sat at the dining table one by one.

    "Chairman Qin, Assistant Han isn't joining us for dinner today?" Qin Feng asked out of curiosity on seeing Han Ying Ying's vacant seat and Qin Huang starting to eat without waiting for her.

    "Assistant Han took leave this morning. She said something happened at her house in Jincheng City and it might take a couple of days before she returns. Everyone, please eat!"

    Qin Huang explained Han Ying Ying's situation briefly, then began eating.

    It was a silent dinner since Rao Shi Man was there. The atmosphere was quite awkward as not everyone was completely acquainted with her yet.

    After the dinner, Qin Huang went ahead upstairs. He felt he needed to have a talk with Qin Feng afterward. If Qin Feng went on to hook up with girls every so often, no matter how large the Qin Manor was, it would soon be filled with his women.

    The atmosphere among the trio eased after Qin Huang left.

    All three of them were around the same age, so they had a lot of common interests. Plus, they were young and open-minded. Soon, the three of them sat on the couch, started playing cards, watching TV, and chit-chatting together.

    "Ruo Rou, how long have you been in Qin Manor? I wouldn't have known you're Young Master Qin's housekeeper if you hadn't told me." Rao Shi Man was trying to snoop out information about Young Master Qin from Xu Ruo Rou.

    When Rao Shi Man learned that Xu Ruo Rou stayed in Qin Manor because she was recruited by Young Master Qin as his housekeeper, her heart thrilled slightly. If Xu Ruo Rou got along very well with Young Master Qin, then Rao Shi Man intended to start gathering information about him from Xu Ruo Rou.

    Since that Qin Feng was a man-and a very frivolous and lecherous man-Rao Shi Man wouldn't want to spent a single moment with him at all if it wasn't for the mission.

    "It's been almost one month since I came to Qin Manor. But Young Master Qin had already gone to teach in a remote mountainous area when I first arrived. So, I haven't spoken with him much," Xu Ruo Rou replied with a cheerful smile.

    Rao Shi Man's heart sank. It looked like she could only gather information about Young Master Qin from Qin Feng after all.

    "Ruo Rou, is Young Master Qin really teaching in a remote mountainous region? Qin Feng said so earlier, but I thought he was joking with me." Rao Shi Man looked at Xu Ruo Rou with some surprise.

    This situation was very different from what she got from the internet. Rao Shi Man was somehow unable to accept it.
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