Chapter 262 - Because of You!

    Chapter 262 - Because of You!

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    "Little Sister Shi Man, have you heard a lot of rumors saying that Young Master Qin is dissolute and hedonistic, shameless, a deficit, and the like?"

    Xu Ruo Rou hugged Rao Shi Man's arm. The two girls had gotten close after a couple of hours. Now, they even addressed each other as sisters.

    "That's right, I looked up news about Young Master Qin, and they all said this person wasn't very good. How could he have gone to teach in an impoverished mountainous region?" Rao Shi Man looked at Xu Ruo Rou with suspicion.

    Her impression of Xu Ruo Rou was pretty good, and she could tell that Xu Ruo Rou wasn't someone who could lie casually.

    "Haha! Little Sister Shi Man, that's what I was like before. Initially, I heard the rumors about Young Master Qin, and I almost didn't have the guts to come to Qin Manor to be his housekeeper. However, Qin Feng introduced him to me and brought me to Qin Manor. I've only seen Young Master Qin once, but after seeing him in person, I found out that he's very ambitious to improve himself, modest, educated, reasonable, and a good person!"

    This morning, Qin Feng wanted Xu Ruo Rou to say more good things about Young Master Qin in front of Rao Shi Man, but it seemed that his worries were for naught. He didn't need to say anything, and Xu Ruo Rou's impression of Young Master Qin was very good.

    "How could this be? Why would the citizens of Acropolis make up these rumors about Young Master Qin?" Rao Shi Man was shocked by the news. Was Big Sister Qing Xue mistaken about Young Master Qin?

    Xu Ruo Rou smiled sweetly as she said, "Little Sister Shi Man, actually, Young Master Qin is very helpless against these rumors.

    "In the eyes of outsiders, the sons of rich families are mostly hedonistic young masters. Right from the beginning, they'd misunderstood Young Master Qin. Young Master Qin initially explained the rumors and told everyone that he really wasn't the kind of person they thought he was. However, after explaining, other people said his explanations were cover-ups, and their misconceptions of him ballooned even further.

    "After that, there were more and more rumors, and Young Master Qin simply ignored them. In the eyes of outsiders, he's a hedonistic young master. But, in private, he does various good deeds like teaching in remote mountainous regions. And this isn't the first time he went. He's been to most of the impoverished regions in China. He goes to teach people new knowledge and donates anonymously to help people in need.

    "All in all, after knowing Young Master Qin, my views of him have completely changed. I've even come to respect him and look to him as a role model!"

    Xu Ruo Rou said a lot of good things about Young Master Qin, and these were things Qin Feng told her initially. Now that these lies came out of Xu Ruo Rou's mouth with such sincerity, Qin Feng was so moved that he wanted to cry.


    After hearing all this, Rao Shi Man was completely speechless. Who knew how many deep breaths she took to calm herself?

    Though she hadn't known Xu Ruo Rou for long, she could tell that Xu Ruo Rou was a kind and obedient girl. She was certain that Xu Ruo Rou wouldn't lie to her. Did that mean Young Master Qin was actually such a perfect person?

    If Big Sister Dongfang Qing Xue found out that she misunderstood Young Master Qin and discovered how he really was, would she still reject the engagement?

    At this time, Rao Shi Man began to feel hesitant about her plan and quest.

    "Oh, why are you two girls so good at playing cards? I've lost this match and bombed it. How embarrassing!"

    Qin Feng saw that the atmosphere became harmonious and warm, so he took the opportunity to immediately remove his jacket. After removing his jacket, he didn't stop. He proceeded to completely unbutton his white dress shirt and expose his well-built pecs and abs to the two beauties.

    Xu Ruo Rou had seen Qin Feng bare-chested a fair number of times, so her charming face only flushed slightly; she didn't have much of a reaction.

    On the other hand, Rao Shi Man gave a startled yelp. She glared coldly at Qin Feng and yelled, "Hey! What are you doing? Hurry up and put your clothes on."

    Qin Feng undid his buttons and was about to remove his white dress shirt when he was suddenly and severely stopped by Rao Shi Man. He looked foolishly at the two women and said, "What? Before playing cards, didn't we say whoever lost would take off their clothes? I lost this round, so I have to remove one article of clothing. But, there was also a bomb, so we have to add another article... I, Qin Feng, have always been able to play games and can I admit it when I'm defeated. I won't be dishonest with you girls."

    As Qin Feng spoke, he pulled off his white dress shirt and sat in front of the two little beauties with a bared torso. His heart beat wildly.

    Rao Shi Man's and Xu Ruo Rou's expressions darkened because Qin Feng never mentioned they were playing this way before they started the card game. Otherwise, how would they possibly play with him?

    "You're crazy. When did we agree to such a shameless way of playing? Hurry and put on your clothes." Rao Shi Man glared coldly at Qin Feng. Red flecks appeared on her beautiful and youthful face.

    This was her first time sitting face-to-face with a bare-chested man.

    "Ruo Rou, we clearly agreed on this before playing the card game. Why are you acting dishonestly? Hurry and tell her; didn't we say the loser has to take off their clothes?" Qin Feng continuously winked at Xu Ruo Rou.

    He knew that he could finally put the female servant, Xu Ruo Rou, that he taught to good use!

    "I-I didn't hear it. I-I'm thirsty so I'm going to get something to drink. Little Sister Shi Man, would you like something?" Xu Ruo Rou ran off in a bit of a fluster.

    She'd lived with Qin Feng for so long, so how could she not know what he was thinking? This person's vulgar and shameless disease was coming out again. However, Rao Shi Man was Xu Ruo Rou's idol, she couldn't bear to help Qin Feng bully her.

    Xu Ruo Rou brought over three bottles of yogurt and gave a bottle to each person.

    Qin Feng saw that Xu Ruo Rou wasn't helping him, so he smiled awkwardly as he put his clothes back on.

    "Haha! Then maybe I remembered wrong. Why don't we start now, whoever loses..."

    Qin Feng hadn't finished speaking when Rao Shi Man glared coldly at Qin Feng. "I'm not playing anymore. Play by yourself."

    Rao Shi Man got to her feet and prepared to retire to her own villa, when Qin Feng immediately gave Xu Ruo Rou a meaningful look. Xu Ruo Rou pouted and unwillingly stood up to hold on to Rao Shi Man.

    "Little Sister Shi Man, c...can you sing a song for me before leaving? I love your singing voice so much. My favorite is the song you sang during your debut: 'Because of You.' I've listened to it for over a year, but when I hear it, it's still just as moving."

    Xu Ruo Rou really did have an eye on Rao Shi Man since her debut. She could easily name Rao Shi Man's debut album and her first single. She wasn't like Qin Feng, who only knew how to trick people.

    "Okay, then I'll sing a song for Big Sister Ruo Rou," said Rao Shi Man with a smile.

    "Okay, okay, singing is good. This living room just so happens to have a household audio system, and I can play the piano. Why don't we do a duet, Miss Shi Man?" Qin Feng looked appreciatively at Xu Ruo Rou and spoke with a jolly smile.

    He had just finished speaking when the two women looked at him with disdain.

    Xu Ruo Rou had never heard Qin Feng play the piano. She thought that a person who was an idler like him definitely wouldn't be able to play the piano; this was probably a method for hitting on Rao Shi Man.

    And a celebrity as big as Rao Shi Man usually had China's most famous bands accompanying her, so she clearly looked down on Qin Feng.

    "Qin Feng... How about you don't play the piano?" Xu Ruo Rou looked at Qin Feng with a bit of a wronged expression.

    She really liked Rao Shi Man, and it was rare that she could hear Rao Shi Man sing in front of her, so she didn't want Qin Feng's subpar piano skills to ruin it.

    "Hey, it's no trouble, no trouble at all! We're all friends; why are you being so courteous?"

    Qin Feng didn't care about the reactions of these two girls at all. At this time, he already sat at the piano with a smile and turned on the spotlight above his head. A white light enveloped the piano and its surrounding area, and fell on Qin Feng's soft hair.

    His profile was dashing, and he sat there with his head raised and chest puffed like a prince on a white horse, straight out of a fairy tale. Disregarding his piano-playing ability, this gentle and lovely image mesmerized the two women.

    "Miss Shi Man, I'm ready. What do you want to sing? I'll download the sheet music from online."

    Qin Feng looked smilingly at Rao Shi Man. He had recently drawn Elementary Piano skills from the System's lottery, and even played a song for Zhao Ling Xian at the Banquet of the Rich and Powerful. Qin Feng was completely worry-free with regard to his piano skills.

    "Big Sister Ruo Rou wants to hear 'Because of You,' so I'll sing that one." Rao Shi Man regained her senses and immediately reinstated her usual gentle and youthful aura. She spoke to Qin Feng with indifference.

    "Okay, I can start at any time. Miss Shi Man, just search for this song on the screen." After Qin Feng downloaded the sheet music for "Because of You," he smiled lightly at Rao Shi Man.

    Rao Shi Man searched for it in the living room's LCD screen and quickly found the title track from her debut: "Because of You."

    Ding ding!

    The song's prelude began to play from the television. The song was graceful and carried with it a bit of melancholy. It was a sentimental little love song.

    This was Qin Feng's first time hearing it, and he was already deeply immersed into it!

    Just then, he lowered his hands, and his aura immediately changed. He had a dignified and elegant expression and a grand and mature aura.

    The instant he began to play the piano, he seemed to transform into an entirely different person.

    And the instant his fingertips fell, the two women's eyes were filled with shock.

    They both thought that Qin Feng's piano-playing skills would be horrible, or that he didn't know how to play the piano. However, at this time, the lovely, mournful melody that came from under the spotlight was graceful and moving. It lingered in the living room like the sounds of nature. Qin Feng's hands seemed to be bestowed the magic of master pianists. They quickly and dexterously danced on the black and white keys.

    He had just said that it was his first time hearing the song, and he even downloaded the sheet music.

    However, the quality of his performance already surpassed the top bands that accompanied Rao Shi Man. And once the music began, Rao Shi Man forgot to sing.

    "Shi Man!" It was Xu Ruo Rou's reminder that roused Rao Shi Man from her shock.

    Rao Shi Man immediately lifted the microphone and sang an elegant and moving tune!

    Because of you, I won't give up on my dreams.

    Because of you, light has appeared before me.

    We met a summer day eight years ago!

    In the blink of an eye, time flew by. I walked on the road of my dreams, completely because of you!

    And you, where are you....

    Once she opened her mouth, Rao Shi Man's entire aura changed. Her voice was innately unique; it was slightly raspy and matched the song's melancholy tone, the lovely image formed by the song's lyrics. This raised the entire song to a completely higher level, a level no one else could achieve.

    After all, this was a true story about Rao Shi Man's childhood. Thus, she sang with her personal feelings. No one else had the same profound experience, so how could they sing with that profound and authentic melancholy and longing?

    As the song slowly entered the chorus, Rao Shi Man's voice became more emotional. Her thoughts slowly drifted. There was a flash of white in her head, and she already returned to that summer day eight years ago.

    A sunny September day, by a lotus pond

    Rao Shi Man was still a little 12-year-old girl singing by the lotus pond. Ever since she was little, she liked to sing. This was her dream since she was young.

    A handsome little boy suddenly walked over.

    "Little Beauty, your singing is as moving and beautiful as you are."

    Rao Shi Man looked shyly at the little boy. When she smiled, there were two little dimples on her face. "Thank you, you're the first to say my singing sounds good."

    "Your parents never praised you?"

    "No, they don't approve of my singing." Rao Shi Man's mood suddenly fell. "I really, really like music, but Dad and Mom think singing's a dead end. They won't even let me sign up for music classes. I just got into a big argument with my mom at home. After I go back when I'm done singing here, I'm going to completely give up on this dream."

    The little boy walked up to her and gently wrapped Rao Shi Man in his arms. He patted her soft, beautiful raven hair and said, "Little beauty, you shouldn't give up on your dreams. You'll be sure to encounter a lot of trials and tribulations on the road toward your dreams, but you have to persevere. It doesn't matter whether or not other people like your songs; I'll always be your first fan.

    "For you. This card has 30,000 yuan. Take it to enroll in supplementary lessons; you have to persevere."

    Rao Shi Man's eyes turned red, and sparkling tears slid down her cheeks...
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