Chapter 263 - The Perfect Combination

    Chapter 263 - The Perfect Combination

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    At the same time, Qin Feng was sitting at the piano with his fingers dancing over the piano keys. Slowly, his expression became dazed.

    A vague memory from when he was still a teenager suddenly came to mind.

    It happened on a blazing hot sunny day in September, beside Lotus Lake.

    Qin Feng was just 13 years old. By that time, he had been renowned as the number one seducer in his secondary school.

    On his way home after school, he heard a beautiful voice drifting over from a lotus pond. Most importantly, the girl who was singing was extremely gorgeous.

    She wore a long dress and had a head of black hair. A pair of big eyes and a small dimple sat perfectly on her face. She was as beautiful as a princess.

    As a guy who had been groping and honing his skills on the path of seduction, striving to reach the realm of Seducer Sage, how could Qin Feng ignore such a charming little princess? He immediately rushed to her side and started complimenting her.

    "Hi, little beauty, your singing voice is so beautiful, just like you."


    After Qin Feng sweet-talked the little beauty, he saw a touch of gratitude gushing from the little beauty's eyes. Seeing this was his perfect opportunity, Qin Feng quickly embraced the little beauty in his arms.

    The little beauty had a pleasant smell. Her body was soft and delicate. Without hesitation, Qin Feng handed his cash card to the little beauty. He assumed this was the upkeep of her for being his kept woman.

    Just when he handed his cash card, the little beauty ran away with tears in her eyes and finally got into a black limo. The black limo turned out to be her family that was picking her up.


    The time had crossed an eight-year gap in a blink of an eye and returned to Qin Manor's living room.

    Qin Feng had an expression of mixed feelings on his face. Every time he thought of this incident, a sense of frustration would well up in his heart. This incident was by far the most embarrassing and the biggest failure in his path as a seducer.

    His attempt to seduce the little beauty failed brutally and he never got a chance to meet the little girl again. As a result, the appearance of the little beauty was pretty vague in his memories...

    Ding ding!

    After the last two keys sounded on the piano, both Qin Feng and Rao Shi Man stopped, even Xu Ruo Rou who had been video recording the performance all along stopped as well.

    Three of them stood in their own positions and had blank looks on their faces, as if their souls had been reaped away.

    This was because the song brought back Qin Feng's and Rao Shi Man's teenage memories, and had a huge impact on Xu Ruo Rou. All of them needed some time to digest the overwhelming sentiment.

    Clap clap!

    Nobody knew how much time passed, but Xu Ruo Rou regained her senses first. She couldn't restrain herself anymore and clapped with her small hands.

    As Rao Shi Man's superfan, she had listened to this greatest hit over and over. She even deliberately downloaded every single version of this song from the internet. However, right until now, the live performance of Qin Feng and Rao Shi Man was by far the most touching and most alluring to the heart she had ever heard.

    Xu Ruo Rou had goose bumps all over her body right now.

    "Little Sister Shi Man, your voice is so great that I've almost cried." Xu Ruo Rou excitedly glommed on to Rao Shi Man.

    "And Qin Feng... you really know how to play the piano, and you played it well. Your outstanding piano skill heightened the performance just now to an extreme level." Xu Ruo Rou glommed on to Qin Feng after she'd hugged Rao Shi Man.

    Qin Feng then locked Xu Ruo Rou tightly in his arms and deliberately pushed her breasts against his pecs.

    "You're so annoying. Let me go now!" Xu Ruo Rou noticed Qin Feng's action right off. She pushed him away timidly and then rushed to Rao Shi Man's side.

    It was then that Rao Shi Man regained her senses. There are a few streams of tears on her good-looking and youthful face. Every time she sang the song "Because of You," she'd remember the memory from her teenage years.

    In her memories of the September of that year, the blazing sun shone brightly in the sky when she stood by Lotus Lake...

    Whenever she sang the song, Rao Shi Man would quietly shed a few drops of tears behind everyone's backs.

    This was because the song was of her own work. The lyrics and melody were all created by her. This song was dedicated to the sunshine boy she'd met eight years ago. For without the boy, Rao Shi Man would never have come this far.

    At that time, she would probably have cried at Lotus Lake and discarded her singing dream once she got home. Rao Shi Man was a grateful person. She knew her being able to become a superstar, chased and adored by billions of fans was all because of the words the sunshine boy said beside Lotus Lake that year:

    "It doesn't matter whether or not other people like your songs; I'll always be your first fan."

    It was just as simple as that, and the actual intention was to hook up with her. However, Rao Shi Man took it as her inspiration and carved it deep inside her heart. Along her journey to become a superstar, when she was about to give up or when she encountered difficulties, she would think of this sentence and clench her teeth tightly to overcome the adversity.

    "Qin Feng... Thank you. Your piano performance was remarkable and satisfied me the most by far, even more than my professional orchestra team!"

    Rao Shi Man was still ravished with joy; even she took a long time to calm. Her gaze on Qin Feng was full of affection. She was dazed for a short while and suddenly Qin Feng's appearance started to overlap with the sunshine boy she'd met eight years ago.

    "Haha! I just played it casually; in fact, I don't practice the piano." Qin Feng looked at Rao Shi Man with a beaming smile.

    He could see some changes in Rao Shi Man's eyes. Before that, the way Rao Shi Man looked at him was neither hostile nor friendly. But now, her gaze revealed affection and excitement. Qin Feng thought the time had come. He just used a piano song and successfully won the heart of the hottest star in the entertainment industry.

    "Shi Man, actually, I think there are portions of your song that could be amended, and I have some ideas regarding its lyrics and melody... How about we go to my room now, take off our shoes, and get on my bed, sit with our legs crossed, and then talk all night long?"

    Qin Feng looked at Rao Shi Man gleefully. The tenderness and affection in Rao Shi Man's eyes faded slowly and were soon replaced by her usually indifferent demeanor.

    "Mr. Qin, it's getting late. I'm going back to my own villa to get some rest. Regarding the meeting between me and Young Master Qin, I do hope Mr. Qin will make a great effort to arrange it for me as soon as possible!"

    Rao Shi Man scorned Qin Feng gently. After that, she grabbed Xu Ruo Rou's arm with a warm smile on her face and said, "Sis Ruo Rou, I just flew in from the capital today and I'm tired now. I'll sing a few more songs for you next time if we have more time."

    "Little Sister Shi Man, you better go rest now, then. Feel free to find me if you need any help from me during your stay in Qin Manor." Xu Ruo Rou gave Rao Shi Man a charming smile.

    Rao Shi Man went off to her villa after taking her leave of Xu Ruo Rou. Seeing the slender and flaming figure disappearing into the dark night, Qin Feng sighed in his heart. He'd thought he could take down Rao Shi Man tonight but she just slipped away in the nick of time.

    "Ruo Rou, don't you like the song as well? How about you go to my room now, we sit opposite each other with our legs crossed, and then... " After Rao Shi Man had left, Qin Feng instantly switched targets to Xu Ruo Rou.

    "I-I, I'm going upstairs to sleep now. Good night!" Xu Ruo Rou ran faster than a rabbit. In the blink of an eye, she had gone to the upper floor.

    A moment after she went up, Qin Huang walked downstairs. When he saw Qin Feng alone standing in trance in the big parlor, he was rather amused.

    "Feng'er, when I was reading in the study, I heard someone singing and playing the piano downstairs. The voice and piano were enchanting. Was the song sung by Rao Shi Man?"

    "Yeah, and the piano was played by me," Qin Feng gloated.

    "How could I, as your father, not know you, little brat, could play the piano?" Seeing there was no one else around, Qin Huang could finally acknowledge him as his son. In order to help Qin Feng hook up with girls, Qin Huang was worn out from acting in Qin Feng's show.

    "Feng'er, regarding the song just now, I've some points of my own, especially your piano part. I think there are some verses that need to be revised. Now, let's go to your father's room. We can sit together with our legs crossed and talk all night long... It has been such a long time since I've heard a song that could really touch one's soul and evoke memories."

    Qin Huang was reminiscing; he had really taken a liking to the song just now. It was just that Qin Feng's heart was a little bit shaken when he heard what his father said. In a split second, he rushed to his room.

    "This little bastard, I knew it. The piano wasn't played by you. What does a good-for-nothing little brat like you know besides hooking up with girls. Now that I've see through your dirty trick, you run away faster than a rabbit!" Qin Huang mumbled to himself, standing alone in the parlor.


    Royal Group, Li Yu Chen's office.

    Li Yu Chen was sitting on her office chair while a good-looking, tall man stood in front of her. That guy was the gold-collar analyst in the Financial Investment Department-Lin Shuai.

    As a returnee who had studied abroad, Lin Shuai was a golden boy. He was handsome and humorous, young and promising. Although he'd worked in Royal Group for a mere three months, he'd already been promoted to a gold-collar position, a royal analyst in the company. He was pretty popular among company employees.

    Those newly recruited beauties, in particular, all had set their sights on him.

    However, Ling Shuai was aiming high. Within the whole Royal Group, he had his sights fixed on only three persons-

    Xu Ruo Rou, Li Yu Chen, and Han Ying Ying.

    Unfortunately, these three were usually closer to Qin Feng and always gave him the cold shoulder.

    "General Manager Li, what's the purpose of calling me here all of a sudden?" With a handsome and sunny smile on his face, Lin Shuai gazed gently at Li Yu Chen.

    He'd been summoned by Li Yu Chen as soon as he came to the office early in the morning. Now, he was dwelling in his delusion. Does Li Yu Chen want to invite me to a movie or dinner after work?

    "Manager Lin, you should've heard the news that the celebrity Rao Shi Man has come to our company. The opening ceremony for Royal Group's Cloud City Hua Manor Phase Two's villa is on the day after tomorrow. However, since Miss Rao Shi Man came early and has nothing to do at the moment, the top management decided to anoint a person to take her for a stroll around the city... Essentially, Qin Feng is the person in charge. But taking into account that Qin Feng is taking Miss Rao Shi Man to lunch at a high-class western restaurant, it's probably the best if a person who's proficient in French tags along. Since you're an elite who studied in France, I'm not sure whether are you willing to host Miss Rao Shi Man together with Qin Feng?"

    Even though Li Yu Chen didn't invite him for a date, Lin Shuai wasn't disheartened. Instead, his heart was filled with pride when he was asked by Li Yu Chen to bring Rao Shi Man for a meal at a western restaurant.

    Especially when Qin Feng was tagging along with him this time. He even planned to humiliate Qin Feng harshly in front of Rao Shi Man. I'd like to see if this little brat still dares to act arrogant in front of me next time!

    "General Manager Li, it's my honor to serve the company and the superstar Rao Shi Man," said Lin Shuai, the corner of his mouth quirking in a faint smile.

    "Ok then, you can now go to Leader Qin's office; Rao Shi Man is there as well. I think they're leaving soon," Li Yu Chen said indifferently. She totally had no feelings toward Lin Shuai and behaved like a normal coworker with him.
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