Chapter 264 - Shamelessness Knows No Limits

    Chapter 264 - Shamelessness Knows No Limits

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    "Shi Man, where do you want to go today? Why don't we go to the bar, KTV, to get a foot massage, or those kinds of places?" In Group Leader Qin's office, Qin Feng's eyes were pinned to Rao Shi Man as he smiled.

    Today Rao Shi Man was dressed extremely beautifully. Her makeup was light and natural, and she looked youthful and energetic.

    She wore a printed beige top paired with a light purple short skirt. Her fair and long legs were bare and free to breathe the air.

    Her small, delicate feet were shod in a pair of red high heels. She stood silently to the side, and was almost as tall as Qin Feng.

    "Mr. Qin, can't you tell that it's daytime right now?" Rao Shi Man had only interacted with Qin Feng for a morning, yet she saw completely through him to his vulgar personality. Thus, in the face of his lascivious expression, Rao Shi Man was completely unfazed.

    "Shi Man is right, those places are only fun at night. Then let's play at a bar at night," said Qin Feng with a smile.

    Rao Shi Man stared expressionlessly at Qin Feng. "What I mean is that it's still daytime right now. If you want to dream, Mr. Qin, wait until you go home at night."

    "Haha! Group Leader Qin, Superstar Shi Man, you're both here?" At this time, Lin Shuai pushed open the door to Qin Feng's office and walked in with a jolly smile.

    "So it's Idiot Lin. Why do you have the time to come play in my office today?" Qin Feng looked at Lin Shuai with a smile.

    Lin Shuai had just gotten the assignment of taking Rao Shi Man to eat French food and was in the middle of feeling good about himself. In the end, Qin Feng's singular "Idiot Lin" instantly spoiled his great mood. He only felt as though someone stabbed him in the chest and a mouthful of fresh blood was stuck in his throat, but he couldn't even spit it out.

    "Oh, I haven't introduced you to Shi Man. This is our Royal Group's youthful and promising bastard who calls himself 'Idiot Lin.' He works in Royal Group's Financial Investment Department, and it's said that his salary is 500,000. He's really something."

    Qin Feng's introduction of Lin Shuai to Rao Shi Man seemed to praise Lin Shuai, but in Lin Shuai's ears, his chest was instantly stabbed again.

    "Haha... I've heard that the Sales Department has a Group Leader Qin who's witty, humorous, and loves to joke. So it's true."

    Lin Shuai didn't dare let Qin Feng continue speaking. If he let that brat continue spouting nonsense, Rao Shi Man might not want him to accompany her. He immediately stepped forward and smiled. "Miss Rao Shi Man, allow me to formally introduce myself. I studied abroad and graduated from the second most prominent university in Lyon, France. The university is one of the top five in France. I learned a lot about culture and gained a lot of knowledge. However, I know Chinese blood runs through my veins. Thus, after graduating and receiving an invitation from several large French companies in the market, I resolutely declined them. I returned to the country and my hometown, Acropolis City, and developed my career in Royal Group. I strive to use the knowledge I learned abroad to repay my motherland and its people...

    "That's right, my name is Lin Shuai: the Lin with two 'woods' and 'Shuai' meaning 'handsome'!" [TLN: The character "Lin" () is written with two "wood" () characters.]

    Lin Shuai's introduction was over, and Qin Feng's and Rao Shi Man's eyes widened.

    They weren't shocked by Lin Shuai's strong educational background or his patriotism; they were bowled over by his bullsh*tting abilities. Even Qin Feng, who typically bullsh*tted without any change in his expression and lied whenever he opened his mouth secretly shook his head.

    There's always someone superior, and shamelessness knows no limits!

    Qin Feng felt that he still had a long way to travel on the road of cultivation in the Realm of Shamelessness.

    "Idiot Lin? If you're really busy at work, then go do your work." Lin Shuai talked for half a day, yet Rao Shi Man didn't remember even a sentence of his. On the other hand, Rao Shi Man instantly committed Qin Feng's nickname for him, "Idiot Lin," to memory.

    "Miss Rao Shi Man, my name is Lin Shuai: the Lin with two 'woods' and 'Shuai' meaning 'handsome'!" Fire rose within Lin Shuai, but he continued to smile at Rao Shi Man.

    "Mister...Lin." Rao Shi Man was part of the entertainment industry, so she had seen too many handsome men. Now, when she determined whether or not a man was handsome, she didn't consider his appearance but paid attention to his heart.

    After hearing Lin Shuai's introduction, Rao Shi Man couldn't utter the word "Shuai."

    "You can go do what you need to!" Rao Shi Man's expression turned slightly cold, and already hinted that she wanted Lin Shuai gone.

    How would Lin Shuai be willing to leave? He hadn't yet brought Rao Shi Man to a French restaurant to show off or slapped Qin Feng in the face.

    "Miss Rao Shi Man, my assignment from the company today is to accompany you in having fun, ensuring your safety, and being your assistant."

    "I have Mr. Qin, and that's enough. I don't need you!" said Rao Shi Man impolitely.

    "Shi Man is right, I alone am enough to care for and protect her; we don't need you. Don't be a third wheel. Hurry up and leave," laughed Qin Feng.

    "Wait... then stay and bear the responsibility with Mr. Qin for my activities today." Rao Shi Man suddenly changed her mind.

    Because once she saw the glimmer of vulgarness in Qin Feng's gaze toward her, she felt that going out alone with Qin Feng might be dangerous. If there was another person, she believed that between Qin Feng and Lin Shuai, neither of them would dare harbor ill thoughts about her.

    "Haha, Miss Rao Shi Man, then let's head out now." Lin Shuai stared at Qin Feng with self-satisfaction as he led the way.

    The three of them arrived outside the entrance of Royal Group, where a company Benz for driving important guests waited.

    "Aiya, we still have to drive? But what do we do if I can't drive?" Qin Feng looked at the Benz with a conflicted expression.

    Lin Shuai gazed scornfully at Qin Feng. He usually saw Qin Feng riding a broken old 28" bicycle to and from work. He originally thought Qin Feng was poor and had no money to buy a car. Now, Lin Shuai finally understood: this brat didn't even know how to drive a car.

    When Lin Shuai thought about this, he couldn't help but guffaw!

    "Haha! It's already the 21st century; being unable to drive is the same as being illiterate... Good thing the company had the good sense to send me to act as Rao Shi Man's host as well. Otherwise, if you can't even drive, don't tell me you want our famous celebrity to walk in the streets? Haha!"

    It wasn't often that Lin Shuai had the upper hand with Qin Feng. After ridiculing him, he raised his head and puffed out his chest, then walked up to Rao Shi Man. He opened the back door and blocked the top of the car in a gentlemanly manner as he smiled and said, "Miss Rao Shi Man, please!"

    "Hehe, how nice it feels to have a driver!" Without waiting for Rao Shi Man to get in the car, Qin Feng slipped into the back seat first.

    Rao Shi Man originally thought that she was going to sit in the back by herself and that Qin Feng and Lin Shuai would sit in the front. However, when Rao Shi Man saw Qin Feng acting like he wouldn't leave, Rao Shi Man could only shake her head and get in.

    Between the two, she'd rather sit in the back with Qin Feng than sit in the front with the sham, Lin Shuai.

    Both of them got into the car, and Lin Shuai's hand still maintained a protective gesture atop the car door.

    He seemed to suddenly come to his senses. He hadn't paid attention and was played by Qin Feng once again.

    "Driver, why are you still standing there? Hurry up and drive!" Qin Feng's complaints drifted over.

    Lin Shuai's lips twitched violently. He used all his strength to suppress the rage within him, then instantly became a chauffeur and obediently ran around to drive.

    Along the way, Qin Feng suddenly leaned toward Rao Shi Man and said with a chuckle, "Shi Man, how do you take care of your skin? Your arms are as fair and soft as a new lotus root. And the skin on your face is like a newborn's; it's completely wrinkle-free. You wouldn't have used hyaluronic acid or anything like that, would you? Hurry and let me feel it and see how different it feels compared to normal people's?"

    "Mr. Qin, please pay attention to your identity and behavior. Otherwise, I'm going to have to ask you to leave the car." Rao Shi Man was cautious of Qin Feng. When she saw his hand heading toward her face, she immediately blocked her face with her purse.

    Qin Feng saw that his plan failed, so he moved his hand slightly and pushed Rao Shi Man's cell phone off the seat and to the floor. Then, he yelped in a flustered manner, "Oh no! Shi Man, your cell phone dropped."

    Rao Shi Man didn't suspect anything this time, and she bent over to pick up her cell phone. Qin Feng immediately looked down her cleavage to see an undergarment with white lace trim. He saw the elegant curves: neither too big nor too small, but just right.


    The car stopped suddenly, and Qin Feng and Rao Shi Man were almost flung out of the car. They quickly raised their heads to look in front of them and saw that Lin Shuai almost crashed into the car ahead of them.

    Ever since Lin Shuai became the chauffeur, he'd been extremely angry. What was more, he saw Qin Feng and Rao Shi Man sitting together in the back seat, and Qin Feng occasionally teasing Rao Shi Man. Lin Shuai increasingly felt as though he was being toyed with by Qin Feng.

    When Qin Feng intentionally knocked over the cell phone and made Rao Shi Man bend over, Lin Shuai saw Qin Feng lower his head to peek down Rao Shi Man's collar, so how could he be calm? He immediately peeked through the rearview mirror.

    However, Lin Shuai saw nothing-and almost crashed into the car in front of him.

    "Driver Lin, what's wrong with your driving? As a driver, you have to do your job properly. Were you trying to peep at Rao Shi Man's chest or something through the rearview mirror when you saw her bend over to pick up her cell phone?" Qin Feng reprimanded severely.

    Rao Shi Man's expression changed immediately. She instinctively tugged at her collar and glared coldly at Lin Shuai through the rearview mirror. "Mr. Lin, if you think of despicable things and you don't drive properly, you can scram and go back to work. Mr. Qin alone is enough to accompany me on my trip."

    Lin Shuai felt the pain of tens of sharp arrows piercing his heart.

    Qin Feng saw everything, yet he wasn't reprimanded, but Lin Shuai didn't see anything and was harshly berated... It's hard being a good person in this world!

    For the rest of the trip, Lin Shuai no longer had the guts to peek at Rao Shi Man through the rearview mirror. However, he felt a surge of pain when he heard Qin Feng find ways to tease Rao Shi Man and trick her into letting him touched her little hand a couple of times.

    If he'd known that by not driving, he'd be able to sit in the back with Rao Shi Man, smell the fragrance of her body, and touch her little hand, Lin Shuai definitely wouldn't have admitted that he could drive.

    Lin Shuai's driving was steady. Half an hour later, they arrived at the entrance of the Gold and Silver Building.

    The Gold and Silver Building was one of Acropolis's iconic buildings. It was very different from the international shopping center and Wan Cheng Square, which Qin Feng took Yun Xiao to. After all, the Gold and Silver Building was Acropolis City's best luxury goods shopping area.

    Those that could come here were the extremely rich. If you walked around casually, you wouldn't be able to leave if you didn't have 1.8 million. Qin Feng suggested that Rao Shi Man come here and shop because of her identity as a famous celebrity.

    If they went to crowded places like the international shopping center and Wan Cheng Square, it would be easy for someone to recognize Rao Shi Man, and unnecessary trouble would arise. Also, there weren't very many people shopping at the Gold and Silver Building, and they were all rich and powerful. Even if someone recognized Rao Shi Man, they wouldn't act like crazy fans.
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