Chapter 265 - Remove the Two Numbers at the End

    Chapter 265 - Remove the Two Numbers at the End

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: Vampirecat

    Suddenly, a group of three consisting of two men and a woman walked into the Gold and Silver Building's lobby.

    Lin Shuai was blazing the trail in front. He'd seized all the work as chauffeur and bodyguard of the day for himself.

    Qin Feng and Rao Shi Man walked behind him side by side like a couple. In order to remain undiscovered by her fans, Rao Shi Man had changed her outfit after getting out of the car. She had a big round hat on her head, a pair of large sunglasses on her face, and a black trench coat over her shoulders. She had the air of a big sister when she walked.

    Three of them took the elevator and went to the third floor. This floor was packed with top international fashion brands. As a top-tier celebrity, Rao Shi Man was so busy that she had no time for shopping. In fact, most of her outfits were selected by her manager. This time, she came to Acropolis City to carry out her mission. It was such a once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity for her to do her own shopping. Rao Shi Man was very delighted and shopped from one store to another.

    There were fewer people shopping in the Gold and Silver Building. Nobody could recognize Rao Shi Man even when the three of them had shopped for quite some time. This relaxed Rao Shi Man even more and she began her mad shopping spree.

    The three of them walked into a Prada fashion store. Two youthful and beautiful salesgirls walked up and welcomed them with open arms:


    "How may I assist you, misters and miss? A new purse just arrived at our Prada main store in the Gold and Silver Building yesterday. Would you like to have a look at it, miss?"

    Prada was a famous brand that sold multiple international luxury product lines. Well known for its high visibility and top quality, it offered men's and women's clothing, leather goods, footwear, eyewear, and fragrances as well as tailoring service.

    Rao Shi Man waved to the salesgirls, and started to roam around the shop freely by herself. Seeing this as a chance to promote himself, Lin Shuai hastily rushed to Rao Shi Man's side and talked with his head high and chest puffed out:

    "Miss Shi Man, Prada was established by an Italian, Mario Prada, at Milan, Italy, in 1913. Since its very first store, its core value has been to constantly bring forth new ideas and follow the pace of fashion trends. And now, even a hundred years later, Prada still perseveres in walking on the path of innovation and creativity. Indeed, it's a worldwide luxury fashion house that lives up to its fame. Also, the products here are a perfect match for Miss Shi Man, a person of high calibre and dignity."

    In order to attract more girls, Lin Shuai deliberately memorized all the top 10 famous international women's fashion brands. With his proficiency and insight in famous brands and fashion, he'd seduced heaps of woman into sleeping with him. Now, he was trying to use the same trick on Rao Shi Man as well. If he could sleep with this superstar, Lin Shuai swore that it would be more than worth not touching another woman for a whole year.

    "I'd always shopped at various multinational top-tier fashion shops when I was studying in France. Those shops are always updated with the latest models. I've seen some of the models of this store in Paris a few years ago, but there are some models that were indeed released this year.

    "Miss Shi Man, shall I introduce some models that are suitable for you?"

    Lin Shuai behaved like a knowledgeable gentleman and talked nonstop beside Rao Shi Man. On the other hand, Rao Shi Man had taken off her big sunglasses. Her long, fine eyelashes fluttered slightly as she focused on picking her favorite purse from the shelves and seemingly ignored what Lin Shuai said.

    "Miss Shi Man, I think this purse suits you very well. It's classy and elegant yet not too flashy. Would you like to give it a try? If you like it, I could buy it for you as a token of our friendship."

    Lin Shuai handed a purse to Rao Shi Man after taking a look at the price. The purse was priced at 19,888 yuan-still within Lin Shuai's budget. If Rao Shi Man was willing to accept the purse, he'd be very delighted.

    "No need, I'll pick one myself!" Rao Shi Man rejected Lin Shuai's offer indifferently.

    Lin Shuai felt awkward at Rao Shi Man's refusal. The purse he held was suspended in midair. He couldn't put it back on the shelf nor forcibly stuff it into Rao Shi Man's hands.

    Suddenly, a gleam of light shone brightly in Lin Shuai's eyes. He then walked to Qin Feng and said, "Leader Qin, What do you think of this purse? Personally, I think it suits Miss Shi Man very well. I want to give her as a gift, but unfortunately she rejected me. Why don't you buy it for Miss Shi Man instead?"

    He knew Qin Feng was merely a sales representative in the Sales Department and it still hadn't been a week since Qin Feng was promoted to group leader. He was very sure Qin Feng biked to work every day and definitely didn't have the budget to buy a purse that cost 20,000.

    Now he wanted to brush off the embarrassment and shift it to Qin Feng. He want to disgrace Qin Feng in front of Rao Shi Man.

    "Idiot Lin, the purse you picked is dull and inconspicuous; no wonder Shi Man doesn't like it. You're so tasteless!" Qin Feng replied, giving Lin Shuai a smirk after seeing through Lin Shuai's intention with a glance.

    Calling Lin Shuai "Idiot Lin," Qin Feng had drawn the attention of a few beautiful salesgirls. When their gazes fell on Lin Shuai, they tried very hard to maintain their countenance and not laugh at him.

    "Leader Qin, this purse is this summer's latest model, a masterpiece designed by a famous Italian purse designer. How could you say it looks terrible? I think... you would say so because you don't want to spend your money to buy a present for Miss Shi Man, right?"

    Lin Shuai had gotten accustomed to the name "Idiot Lin" as everyone called him that in the company. Right now he just ignored being called that name in public and talked gleefully to Qin Feng.

    "Idiot Lin, what's going on with your brain? Why should I buy the purse if Miss Shi Man doesn't like it? If I really want to buy one, I'll buy her one she likes," Qin Feng said in a louder voice.

    When those salesgirls heard Lin Shuai being called "Idiot Lin" and saw he wasn't enraged and even enjoyed it with a triumphant expression on his face, they just couldn't restrain themselves anymore. They laughed behind their hands.

    Rao Shi Man heard them talking. She was annoyed and glared at them.

    She didn't have a good impression of either Qin Feng or Lin Shuai. She wouldn't accept a gift either of them, especially the pervert-Qin Feng. She had been taken advantage of by him a couple of times on the way here. She still kept the grudge in her heart.

    "Mr. Qin, actually I prefer this purse more. Would you buy it for me?" Rao Shi Man's eyes suddenly shone with light and she walked up to Qin Feng. With a smile in her clear eyes, she waved the purse in her hand.

    The purse was priced at 59,998 yuan, which was a little bit high. Rao Shi Man didn't believe Qin Feng could afford it. She was just going to take revenge on this scoundrel and see if he would still dare to get fresh with her again.

    Lin Shuai was closer to Rao Shi Man, so he could see the price tag of the purse clearly with just a glance. The price of this purse, 59,998 yuan, was nearly the annual income of an ordinary family. His gaze were filled with relish when he looked at Qin Feng again.

    "Miss Shi Man, you've come all the way to Royal Group as our VIP. How could Leader Qin not buy you a present if you've taken a liking to any merchandise here?"

    Lin Shuai smiled at Qin Feng and asked, "Am I right? Leader Qin?"

    Qin Feng ignored Lin Shuai and took the purse in Rao Shi Man's hand. Suddenly, his expression changed and he exclaimed loudly, "Holy sh*t, how come a purse like this needs 59,998 yuan. Isn't this highway robbery? Do you know how many families there are that can't earn this much in a year?"

    Rao Shi Man and Lin Shuai were shocked when Qin Feng broke out into curses.

    However, both of them regained their composure soon after. Lin Shuai, in particular, was so happy that a flower might bloom on his face. He knew this purse was extremely expensive and he thought Qin Feng would still clench his teeth and buy the purse even if Qin Feng had to exceed his card limit or use all his savings. [TLN: The phrase " flower might bloom on his face" indicate the person was very delighted and happy.]

    He never imagined this person would act like a country bumpkin from the village and throw a tantrum in an international luxury store after seeing the price of the purse. Lin Shuai almost laughed to death at Qin Feng's reaction.

    "Haha! Leader Qin, is this the first time you shopped in a luxury store like this? This price isn't expensive at all... If you can't afford it, then I'll buy it for Miss Shi Man. Anyway, in my point of view, only a present with such a price could match a person of consequence like Miss Shi Man."

    While Lin Shuai was snidely mocking Qin Feng, two salesgirls had been attracted by the incident and started walking toward them.

    "Mister and miss, how may I assist you?" One of the beauties, who had a store manager badge pinned, asked Qin Feng with a gentle smile.

    Qin Feng waved the purse in his hand and yelled harshly, "Hey! Why's this purse of yours so expensive? Just a small thing like that and it costs 59,998 yuan. Why don't you guys become robbers instead?"

    Seeing Qin Feng holding the purse and arguing with that staff member, Lin Shuai laughed so hard that tears came out of his eyes. He thought he should record this incident and post it to the company group to let everybody see how Qin Feng acted like a hillbilly and made a clown of himself.

    Rao Shi Man was left speechless. She somehow regretted bringing this scoundrel shopping!

    "Mister, I'm very sorry to tell you that, as our Prada is one of the top 10 international fashion brands, the prices of our merchandise are all fixed and we would never cheat our customers. All our merchandise are personally conceived by international designers; the designs are first-class quality. They're surely worth the price." The beautiful store manager answered Qin Feng with a smile on her face, but a hint of disdain could be seen slipping into her eyes. Lin Shuai and Rao Shi Man were able to notice that.

    "Stop bluffing me." Qin Feng impatiently waved his hand. "Just let me know whether can you take out two zeroes and sell it to me at 599 yuan!"


    Everyone was dumbstruck at Qin Feng's words. Everyone gave him a stunned look as if they were looking at an alien organism.

    This person was so shameless at bargaining. He wasn't just removing two zeroes, he was removing two digits directly from the end.

    "Hahaha!" After a short while, Lin Shuai guffawed uproariously all of a sudden because he couldn't hold it in anymore.

    Originally, he'd planned to humiliate Qin Feng when they were having lunch at a high-class French restaurant. He never expected that he wouldn't need to make a move and Qin Feng would already slap himself in his own face until it was swollen. [TLN: "Slapped himself in his own face" means the person humiliated himself.]

    This place was the store of Prada, an international luxury fashion house. Qin Feng was bargaining as if he was in a general market. His action in a high-end store like this was like a clown suddenly performing at an international opera-it was just ridiculous.

    "Leader Qin, you're really funny... Do you think this place is a general market? Are you buying a two-cent big onion and can still counter-offer a cent for it? If you really cannot afford it, then leave it; I'll buy it for Miss Shi Man. But you shouldn't speak carelessly. Losing your own face is fine, but please don't drag me and Miss Shi Man along.

    "Because both of us can't afford to lose the face!"

    Lin Shuai felt triumphant now. Ever since he made the acquaintance of Qin Feng, the two of them would fight frequently. It was Qin Feng's victory every time, and Lin Shuai always lost brutally. This time, Lin Shuai finally could see Qin Feng make an ass of himself. He laughed like his guts would come out.

    Rao Shi Man's expression was cold. She stood on one side quietly, not saying a word.

    Qin Feng ignored Lin Shuai's mocking laughter. He looked at the beautiful store manager and asked seriously, "I'm asking this for one last time, sell it at 599 yuan or we'll leave now."

    With every single word Qin Feng made, Lin Shuai couldn't stop his laughter. Lin Shuai was certain that Qin Feng made this top-class luxury store a general market. Now, Qin Feng even tried to frighten the store manager with the move-sell it to me at cheaper price or else I'll leave now. Lin Shuai laughed breathlessly.

    "Mister, I'm very sorry. We don't sell at this price!" The disdain in the beautiful store manager's eyes was getting stronger and her voice sounded a little bit impatient.

    "Aiyo! I think it's still expensive for me to buy at 599 yuan and you guys still can't sell it to me... You just wait for me here. I'm going to call the Bureau of Industry and Commerce and ask the consumer association to deal with you all."

    "I tell you, your brother has someone backing me!" Qin Feng pulled out his phone furiously and ran outside to make a call.
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