Chapter 266 - Crazy Discount: 99% Off

    Chapter 266 - Crazy Discount: 99% Off

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    Qin Feng walked out of the store. Lin Shuai laughed so hard that he was squatting on the ground. Rao Shi Man had a stiff expression on her charming face and looked like she wanted to leave at any moment.

    Outside the store, Qin Feng's furious expression was already normal again. He looked completely calm, as if nothing had happened.

    He pulled out his phone and scrolled through his contacts. He found the Gold and Silver Building's property manager, Wang Ming, and called him.

    Royal Group's most important business was in real estate. Acropolis City's commercial streets and its busy shopping centers were all held by Royal Group. This was Acropolis City's iconic international shopping building, so naturally it was Royal Group's property.

    "Y-Young Master Qin?" The call was answered, and a nervous voice came through the phone.

    As the Gold and Silver Building's property manager, he was a person of some consequence, and he very seldom sounded so servile. However, it was Young Master Qin calling. Three years ago, Wang Ming had the honor of meeting Qin Feng at one of the banquets for the rich and powerful, so he had his number saved.

    However, in these three years, it was his first time receiving a call from Young Master Qin. His little heart was about to jump out of his throat!

    "Manager Wang, I have a request!" Qin Feng cut to the chase.

    "Young Master Qin, please speak!"

    "I'm currently strolling through the Prada store in the Gold and Silver Building. I want all the sale prices in this store to lose their last two numbers. Contact Prada's owner right now and have it done as soon as possible," Qin Feng ordered.

    "Okay, I'll get in done within a minute, Young Master Qin."


    After hanging up, Qin Feng stood at the entrance for a minute and admired the long-legged beauties that came and went. When he saw that it was about time, he walked into the store with a smile.

    "Haha! Group Leader Qin, you're finally back... What did your friend in the Bureau of Industry and Commerce say? Are they going to immediately come over and seal up this store? I really didn't think Group Leader Qin would know someone in the Bureau of Industry and Commerce; how enviable."

    Qin Feng had lingered outside for two minutes, yet Lin Shuai still couldn't contain his laughter.

    The beautiful store manager thought Qin Feng had found an excuse to slip away. Seeing that he had the guts to return, she now looked at him with disdain.

    "Idiot Lin, don't be jealous. There's no point in being jealous because your network and financial resources will never be comparable to mine. I've already made the call; my friend is currently handling it."

    Qin Feng had a calm smile. He turned to Rao Shi Man and said, "Shi Man, the prices of the merchandise in this store are going to fall in a bit. Choose whatever you like and put it on my tab. Consider them my presents to you!"

    Lin Shuai saw Qin Feng acting very confidently, so he began to suspect that Qin Feng's head had been kicked by a donkey when Qin Feng was little and the effects were now manifesting. Rao Shi Man pursed her lips at Qin Feng and didn't believe his words, either.

    "Store Manager, there's a call for you." The store manager was about to open her mouth to take a jab at Qin Feng when she was suddenly called away.

    She hadn't even been gone for half a minute when she rushed back urgently.

    She was gone for a mere 30 seconds, but the beautiful store manager had undergone a complete change.

    Her previously disdainful and arrogant attitude disappeared. She walked up to Qin Feng with a lowered head like a little kid who had done something wrong. Beads of sweat gathered closely on her forehead, and her straight legs began to tremble slightly.

    In that half minute, Prada's chairman, who'd personally called, angrily reprimanded her. The chairman's words could be summed up as: "Fulfill all of Mr. Qin's requests and make him 10,000% satisfied. Otherwise, you can pack up and leave."

    "M-May I ask if you are Mr. Qin?" The beautiful store manager raised her head to look at Qin Feng, her gaze filled with trepidation and reverence.

    "My family name is 'Qin,' but I don't know if I'm the 'Mr. Qin' you speak of." Qin Feng knew Wang Ming had taken care of everything when he saw the change in the store manager.

    The beautiful store manager wasn't stupid. Qin Feng's family name was "Qin," and the situation had changed this way after he went outside and made a call. Thus, the contemptible youth before her was clearly the Mr. Qin the old chairman spoke of.

    When the beautiful store manager thought about how she almost offended such an important person, she almost kneeled on the floor and cried while begging for mercy.

    "How do you do, Mr. Qin? May I ask what you need? Just tell me and I'll give my all to satisfy you."

    Rao Shi Man and Lin Shuai also saw the change in the beautiful store manager. Rao Shi Man's expression altered slightly, and she looked at Qin Feng with interest as she waited to see how the situation would progress. Lin Shuai's mocking laughter stopped completely. He'd fought with Qin Feng a fair number of times, and a bad premonition suddenly stirred in his heart.

    "I don't have any special requests. I just hope the things in your store could be cheaper. Just take out the two numbers off the end. Otherwise, I won't buy anything from your store," said Qin Feng with the courage of his convictions.

    If these words were spoken before Qin Feng made his call, or if a normal person said it, the store manager would secretly look at them with disdain, Lin Shuai would guffaw uproariously, and Rao Shi Man would be unhappy.

    But when Qin Feng said those words again, no one dared to laugh at him. The beautiful store manager even smiled and bowed reverently at a 90 degree angle and said, "Mr. Qin, I remember your request. From now on, you, Young Master Qin, have full benefits at Acropolis City's two Prada branch stores and this main store in the Gold and Silver Building. All of the items in the store will lose two digits, and Mr. Qin, you can choose whatever you please."


    Rao Shi Man and Lin Shuai were stunned by the beautiful store manager's words!

    In particular, Lin Shuai's smiling lips twitched. His eyes were about to fall out, and he began to wonder if his ears had gone bad. Otherwise, how could he have heard those fantastical words?

    All three Prada stores in Acropolis would lose two digits off their prices? Was it April Fools' Day? That price wasn't even enough to cover the manufacturing cost!

    Lin Shuai could believe that Qin Feng really knew someone from the Bureau of Industry and Commerce and that he found someone to lower the prices in the Prada store, but no matter whom he knew, 10 or 22% off was already giving you a lot of face. Now, they took away two digits off the prices-that was f*cking 99% off!

    "Beauty, is there some sort of event today? Is your store having a sale due to the change in seasons?" Lin Shuai couldn't suppress his curiosity and asked the store manager.

    Without waiting for the store manager to open her mouth, Qin Feng smiled and said, "Idiot Lin, you still don't know? When I walked into the store, I got notification that because the Prada store is getting renovated, they have a promotion where everything in the store is 99% off. You really think I'm so dumb that I didn't even know about this kind of international luxury goods store? You think I'd intentionally slap my own face by buying that bag for 599 to make you happy?"

    Lin Shuai's expression became suspicious. He looked at the store manager. "Is what he said true? The store is really... 99% off today?"

    The beautiful store manager nodded without hesitation. She'd etched the chairman's words into her heart and had to fulfill all of Mr. Qin's requests.

    "That's right, this is insider information. Only advanced members that are holders of our Prada membership card for over two years were notified. The goal is to give back to our old clients. In a couple of days, when the old clients are done buying the products in the store, the remaining items would be sold to the general public for low prices."

    Lin Shuai was stunned, and Rao Shi Man looked suspicious. They still had trouble believing these words.

    "Then... if I didn't have your Prada membership card before, can I enjoy your 99% off promotion?" Lin Shuai became excited. If he could also get 99% off, he would definitely go on a mad shopping spree.

    The beautiful sales manager was in no hurry to reply to Lin Shuai. She looked at Qin Feng for assistance.

    "Ahem! How about this? This Idiot Lin is considered half a friend of mine, so why don't you give me some face and make an exception by giving him the 99% discount? At the same time, this idiot friend of mine will announce Prada's current promotion. It'll be marketing for your store."

    "Okay, since Mr. Qin said so, of course we agree!" said the beautiful sales manager with a prompt smile.

    "Store Manager... I already shared it with my friend group. See if my advertising is alright!" After Qin Feng spoke, Lin Shuai showed the beautiful sales manager his phone. The store manager glanced over carelessly, then nodded and said, "Okay, that works!

    "Mr. Qin, do you also want to give this lady the 99% discount as well?" The beautiful store manager's attitude toward Qin Feng earlier was not good. At this time, she was afraid Qin Feng would hold a grudge against her, so she took every chance she could to curry favor with Qin Feng.

    "There's no need for that. Take whatever you like, Rao Shi Man, and put it on my tab." Qin Feng laughed as he walked up to Rao Shi Man and picked up the 59,998 yuan bag that she wanted him to buy. He tossed it grandly at the beautiful sales manager. "Miss Shi Man has taken a liking to this. Wrap it up for me.

    "Shi Man, take whatever else you like. What kind of relationship do we have? Don't be reserved with me." Qin Feng smiled as he looked at Rao Shi Man's refined and charming face and extended his hand to place it on her shoulder.

    Rao Shi Man dodged his hand and glared at Qin Feng. She found that it wasn't easy to teach this scoundrel a lesson. "Keep your dirty paws away from me. I have no relationship with you whatsoever."

    After discovering that Prada had a 99% off promotion, Rao Shi Man began to choose more items. Qin Feng stuck by her and even gave her the occasional suggestion. Though Rao Shi Man complained that Qin Feng's recommendations were all too crude and tasteless, she ended up choosing the items he suggested.

    As a famous celebrity, Rao Shi Man usually didn't have time to shop. Now that she had the rare opportunity to go on a mad shopping spree, buying lots of things was reasonable. On the other hand, Lin Shuai neglected his image and held a large basket. He looked like he was buying instant noodles at a supermarket: when he saw something, he tossed it into his basket. In five short minutes, his large basket was full.

    Earlier, Lin Shuai ridiculed and mockingly laughed at Qin Feng for treating this luxury good store as a general market, but he now looked like an elderly woman crazily buying things.

    "That's about enough. Over 10 items are enough to make you spend a lot!" Rao Shi Man chose for half an hour. In the end, she blinked at Qin Feng. She looked mischievous, cute, youthful, and energetic, making Qin Feng want to lift her charming face and kiss it.

    "These items really aren't cheap. Altogether, they're almost 10,000. This would deplete over a month of my pay." Qin Feng was aware of Rao Shi Man's intent. This little girl was angry at him and wanted to teach him a lesson by bleeding him dry.

    "Haha, see if you have the guts to get fresh with me again." When Rao Shi Man saw Qin Feng's anxious expression, she waved her little, soft pink fist with a self-satisfied expression.

    "Shi Man, look, I saved two months of food money for you... Why don't you go to my room tonight and we'll sit facing one another cross-legged. Then..."

    "If you don't want to buy these things for me, you don't need to put them back in their spots. There's still an idiot that wants to buy them for me." Rao Shi Man glared coldly at Qin Feng and strangled his vulgar intentions in the cradle.
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