Chapter 267 - Ill Forever Quit the Friend Group

    Chapter 267 - I'll Forever Quit the Friend Group

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    "Miss Shi Man, were you calling for me? It'll be my pleasure to buy all of these for you. I'll buy you anything you like." After he had finished his shopping, Lin Shuai walked to Qin Feng and Rao Shi Man. When he seemingly overheard Rao Shi Man talking about him, he felt flattered.

    Seems like I'm still as good-looking as ever. Even a superstar would discuss me behind my back!

    "Well, since Idiot Lin is so rich, we'll let you pick up the tab, then." As Qin Feng spoke, he smiled at Lin Shuai.

    Rao Shi Man's expression sank slightly. She accepted Qin Feng's offer to pay for her because she wanted to punish him. But she didn't want Lin Shuai to pay for her. She absolutely had no feeling toward him.

    "Fine, fine, put all of Miss Shi Man's items on my tab... Store Manager, help us ring everything up and give me the bill; I'll pay by card!" Without waiting for Rao Shi Man's rejection, Lin Shuai triumphantly pulled out his bank card and handed it to the beautiful store manager.

    After all, everything in this store was 99% off today and it would cost him 50,000 to 60,000 yuan at most even if they bought it all. Lin Shuai still wasn't daunted by this amount.

    The beautiful store manager accepted Lin Shuai's bank card, but she didn't rush over to ring up their purchases. She looked at Qin Feng and awaited for his instructions.

    "Today Idiot Lin will pay for everything we're buying. Now, ring everything up and follow what we said just now. If this person advertises your store's offer in his friend group once, then he'll be eligible for 99% off on one of his selections; the rest will be counted as usual. After all, our Idiot Lin is an elite that studied abroad. Money is the only thing that he'll never lack." Qin Feng smiled lightly.

    The beautiful store manager soon understood Qin Feng's intention. She'd realized much earlier-Lin Shuai and Qin Feng didn't get along well. So, how could Qin Feng possibly go easy on that idiot?

    "Mr. Qin, I'll total the bill now. Don't worry. I'll calculate it thoroughly and not a penny less." The beautiful store manager pushed three shopping carts to the counter to scan the items' codes.

    Lin Shuai was left dumbfounded and his brain turned into mush. "Why do Qin Feng's words sound a little bit off?" he thought to himself.

    With the help and cooperation of three staffers and three code scanners, they rang up the bill of Qin Feng's group very soon. The beautiful store manager was satisfied with the figure. She took Lin Shuai's bank card and walked to him with a smile on her face.

    "Mister, I'm sorry, your bank card's balance is insufficient. Do you want to use another card, or do you want to pay by cash instead?"

    "Insufficient? How could it be not enough? Did you guys do something wrong?" Lin Shuai thought the store manager had completed the transaction and come to return his card. He was getting on his high horse, wanting to boast in front of Qin Feng, and all of a sudden, the store manager said his bank card's balance was insufficient. Lin Shuai was stupefied and felt terrible now.

    This bank card had 100,000 yuan deposited on it; how could it be not enough?

    "I'm sorry, we've tried the card three times. The balance of the card is really insufficient and our POSS machine has no problem at all," the beautiful store manager replied with a smile.

    Lin Shuai's countenance changed drastically. He'd already felt weird about what Qin Feng had said and then he noticed his card balance was insufficient. Now he was nervous and highly strung.

    "H-How much is the bill?" Lin Shuai asked as his heart pounded with fear, a gush of bad feeling suddenly flaring there.

    "Mister, the total cost is 1,532,080 yuan. Seeing that you're a friend of Mr. Qin, I, as the store manager, have removed 2,080 yuan from the end for you. So the total charge will be 1,530,000 yuan."

    One point five three million yuan!

    After he heard the numbers from the beautiful store manager, Lin Shuai felt like he'd been struck by a bolt of lightning, followed by endless waves of muffled thunder roaring in his head. He was so frightened that he almost collapsed.

    "H-How much did you say? One million five hundred thirty thousand yuan? D-Did you make a mistake somewhere and report one more zero?" Lin Shuai's face was pale white and beads of sweat started to form on his forehead.

    Even if the total expense for today was 153,000 yuan, it would still exceed his budget threefold, let alone a 1,530,000 yuan. Are they asking me to sell my kidney overseas?

    "Mister, please don't play a joke with us. Since you're a friend of Mr. Qin, I believed that 1,530,000 yuan is just a mere figure for you. How about you try again with another card, or would you like to pay by check instead? It's all up to you." How could the beautiful store manager not see through Lin Shuai's embarrassment? She was certain that Lin Shuai couldn't pay the 1,530,000 yuan. She was just playing along with Qin Feng.

    "Please wait for a moment... Didn't you mention that all the items in this store are 99% off? I had a rough figure when I was choosing my stuff. All my items will only cost me 30,000 yuan. Even with Miss Shi Man's items, the most is only 100,000 yuan. Why and how did it become 1,530,000 yuan when you calculated it?"

    When Lin Shuai heard the report from store manager, he'd been so shocked by the figure that his brain stopped functioning. Now that he'd calmed down, no matter how many times he calculated the bill, it would never add up to 1,500,000 yuan. It made no sense whatsoever!

    "Mister, I think you misunderstood me." The beautiful store manager had received the order from Qin Feng. Now, she explained unhurriedly with a smile on her face, "What I said was-Mr. Qin can enjoy the privilege of 99% off on every item in this store, and Mr. Qin has no limitation on the purchase number.

    "But, mister, you actually do not have the privilege to enjoy this offer. You only have the offer of 99% off on a single item after Mr. Qin opened the way for you. As for the other extra items, their prices will be the usual."

    "What the f*ck, I only have 99% off on one item and the rest will be the original price?" Lin Shuai was dumbstruck. If he'd known earlier, he would never have stepped forward to pay for Rao Shi Man. This was simply because he didn't have that much money to be pretentious.

    "You're right, mister... But Mr. Qin treated you as his good friend. He suggested that every time you promoted our Prada store in your friend group, you'll have 99% off on an extra item. We'd never give this kind of privilege to other customers. But today, we're giving face to Mr. Qin and we, the Prada main store in Acropolis City, allow you to use this privilege."

    The beautiful store manager had a smile on her face from beginning to end. It was just that Lin Shuai felt that smile of hers was asking to be punched?

    This person had her mouth full of Mr. Qin-"Mr. Qin has said," "give face to Mr. Qin," "you as Mr. Qin's friend." All those words were in fact elevating Qin Feng and belittling him. As a guy who had been living above everyone else, envied and followed by others, now that he had to see Qin Feng's face and benefit from him to purchase an item, Lin Shuai was so depressed that he almost vomited blood.

    But since things had come this far, Lin Shuai could only endured his discontent. This was simply because he didn't have the 1,500,000 yuan to cover the bill.

    He cursed the 18 generations of Qin Feng's ancestors in his heart. At the same time, he put a smile on his face and said to Qin Feng, "Group Leader Qin, I never expected you to have such a large network in Acropolis City. Then I'll share a few more messages to my friend group now... You better say it properly to the store manager. Every time I share, I'll have another 99% off on an extra item!"

    Qin Feng was unreliable-that was what Lin Shuai had always thought. He had to reconfirm with Qin Feng and the store manager so that they wouldn't play any tricks on him.

    "Don't worry. Qin Feng never lies and I never go back on my word," Qin Feng replied with a smile.

    "Don't worry, mister. I assure you, as the store manager, every time you share in your friend group, I'll give you another 99% off on one of your items."

    Seeing that Qin Feng and the beautiful store manager had made their stand, Lin Shuai wasn't afraid of being cheated anymore. It's not a big deal. I just need to share in my friend group. Moreover, they'll be thanking me for sharing this type of good deal with them.

    Lin Shuai gleefully pulled out his cell phone and hastily opened his wechat friend group. He was going to copy the previous post and share it 50 times in one shot. However, when he opened his friend group, he was stunned. Soon, an agonized expression, like he'd eaten dung, appeared on his face.

    "Idiot Lin, you have the nerve to share the silly news of Prada store having a 99% off in the friend group? Do you think everyone is as idiotic as you? People below me, maintain the formation!"

    "Idiot Lin, you have the nerve to share the silly news of Prada store having a 99% off in the friend group? Do you think everyone is as idiotic as you? People below me, maintain the formation!"


    In less than an hour, the news of Prada having a 99% off sale on all items had gone viral. Now it already had more than 100 likes and more than 70 comments.

    In the comments, more than 40 people were employees of Royal Group's Sales Department. The rest was either Lin Shuai's close friends, his seniors at work, and various friends with benefits that he'd hooked up with at bars.

    Those people gave the same comments regardless of their relationship. The moment he saw these unanimous comments, Lin Shuai had the urge to delete his wechat and never ever touch this thing again.

    "Mister, how about I add you as a friend in wechat as well? By doing this, I'll be able to count the numbers of shares and give you the 99% discount based on the same numbers."

    The beautiful store manager saw Lin Shuai staring dazedly at his cell phone for quite a long time and acting like his soul had been reaped; she couldn't resist and reminded him again.

    "Ah... Oh, t-that will be fine, hehe!" Lin Shuai regained his senses, but he was still stunned and couldn't speak fluently.

    "Mister, what do you mean by this? You're not going to share in your friend group anymore? Then I'll follow the usual price-1,530,000 yuan and ring everything up for you."

    "D-Don't, please don't close the sale yet... I-I suddenly remembered that I just bought a lot from the Prada branch in Beihu last week. I'm not going to buy that much today. It'll be useless for me anyway... Please wait for a while. I-I need to check which items are duplicates."

    Lin Shuai felt like he'd eaten a mouthful of flies. The feeling of gloom, anger, and disgust was stuck in his throat; he couldn't spit it out nor gulp it down. It was so much suffering.

    He ignored the disdainful looks from both the beautiful store manager and Rao Shi Man. He rushed to the pile of items and took almost all his purchases out of the carts.

    After he saw the comments in his friend group, he'd rather be beaten to death than share the news of Prada having 99% off again. If he did, then he would be a total idiot in everybody's eyes.

    "Err... Miss Shi Man, you see, don't you think your purchases are a little bit too much? We'll be going to another place later. It will not be an easy task to carry all these around.

    "H-How about you take some of your items out? I think it'll be sufficient if you keep one or two." Lin Shuai looked at Rao Shi Man gingerly. He felt he hadn't lost so much face in his entire life.

    However, in front of 1,53,0000 yuan, which was a huge sum of money, Lin Shuai was willing to cast away his morals and face.
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