Chapter 268 - Destined to Have the Life of a Servant Today

    Chapter 268 - Destined to Have the Life of a Servant Today

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    "Don't touch my stuff. I didn't say I wanted you to pay for me, so don't delude yourself. I'll pay for myself." A wintry air shot out of Rao Shi Man. This time, she was actually a bit angry.

    When this Lin Shuai acted pretentious and said he wanted to pay earlier, Rao Shi Man thought he was an eyesore. Now that he didn't have enough money and couldn't continue acting, he even had the audacity to put the things she painstakingly selected back. Rao Shi Man had never seen such a shameless man. He plainly sucked!

    "Don't be mad, Shi Man, I'll buy your things for you. As an honored guest who came to visit Acropolis, how could you pay?" Just then, Qin Feng immediately arrived beside Rao Shi Man and lightly rubbed her back.

    Rao Shi Man was just getting started and didn't notice Qin Feng's actions. She looked indifferently at Qin Feng. "I don't want you to buy them for me, either. I want to buy them myself."

    Though Rao Shi Man possessed the halo of an A-list celebrity, she was only a 20-year-old girl. When she got mad, she was like a headstrong little girl. Qin Feng had the urge to kiss her stubborn lips when he saw how she looked.

    When Qin Feng found that Rao Shi Man didn't notice his actions, he seized the opportunity to hug her lightly. He said gently, "Shi Man, you're so enchanting when you act cute. Taking everything into account, I'll buy all your things for you. If you refuse, I won't help you get in contact with or meet Young Master Qin."

    "You'd dare? If you don't arrange for us to meet, I won't ever speak to you again." Rao Shi Man's little lips pouted more.

    She currently only cared about meeting Young Master Qin and didn't even notice that she was in Qin Feng's arms.

    Qin Feng's heartbeat increased as he hugged Rao Shi Man's soft body. This was an extremely rare occurrence for a playboy like him.

    Rao Shi Man's expression was extremely cute, and her body exuded an air of endless youthfulness and a slight taste of sunshine. This air and taste seemed contagious, and it made Qin Feng feel 10 years younger.

    With the blink of an eye, time stopped, and his memories drifted back eight years.

    A sunny September day, by a lotus pond.

    At the time, Qin Feng wrapped that little beauty in his embrace from the side the same way. Then, he slowly extended his other hand and wrapped her completely in his embrace.

    There was an air of youth and a taste of sunshine.

    It felt both familiar and very distant...

    "Ah... Ah ah ah, Qin Feng, what are you doing, you stinking brat? Let go of me this instant!"

    Qin Feng's mind was filled with the extreme beauty of sunshine, lotuses, and a pond, when it was all shattered by a pleasant shriek. He looked down angrily at the Rao Shi Man in his embrace. He was instantly and greatly shocked... When had he wrapped this woman so tightly in his embrace?

    "Haha, misunderstanding, misunderstanding. Shi Man, this is all a misunderstanding!" said Qin Feng with a smile as he immediately released Rao Shi Man.

    "Does it look like I believe you?" Rao Shi Man glared icily at Qin Feng.

    She didn't give Qin Feng a big slap or end his family line because when Qin Feng hugged her, she'd felt a sense of familiarity. She'd even basked in the feeling for a couple of seconds.

    Though Rao Shi Man was angry on the outside, she felt a little embarrassed on the inside. How could she have lost her senses in a man's arms?

    And most importantly, a man as vulgar as Qin Feng!

    "Alright, let the salesperson ring everything up. I want to go eat!" Rao Shi Man glared at Qin Feng and sat on the sofa to one side while seething.

    Qin Feng's lips quirked. This meant Rao Shi Man agreed to let him buy the things for her. Though he hadn't interacted with Rao Shi Man for long, he could be certain that a woman like her wouldn't readily let a man pay for her.

    With that said, did she take a liking to him? Did he want to look for her at night to chat and sit cross-legged while their gazes interlocked?

    As Qin Feng's mind swirled with crazy thoughts, the beautiful store manager finished ringing everything up and walked over with a smile.

    "Mr. Qin, this is your receipt. The total is 23,888 yuan. I took off 3,888 for you, so the total is 20,000... Is this satisfactory?" The beautiful store manager carefully reported the price, then peeked at Qin Feng to see if there was any change in his expression. With a slight furrow of the eyebrow from Qin Feng, she would immediately amend the price and drop it by half, or even make it completely free.

    "Alright, then we'll settle with this price." Qin Feng extended a cash card to the beautiful store manager. After receiving the card, the store manager breathed a long sigh of relief.

    Lin Shuai stood stupidly on one side as he watched the scene. There were a fair number of times in which he wanted to kill himself.

    Why was it that if he wanted to buy the things, it would cost 1.53 million, but Qin Feng only had to spend 20,000? And based on that store manager's attitude, it was clear that if Qin Feng was dissatisfied with the price, it could be even lower.

    Lin Shuai began to suspect that Qin Feng owned the store.

    Soon after, the store manager helped complete the transaction and bag everything, then brought the bags up to Qin Feng.

    "Mr. Qin, your items are packed and ready. Give me an address, and I'll have them delivered to you."

    "You don't have to have them sent to the house. Just go downstairs with my driver and put them in the car." Qin Feng pointed at Lin Shuai, who was standing in a stupid daze on one side, and said, "The driver is there. Ask him to take you."

    The beautiful store manager immediately took the large bags in her hands and walked up to Lin Shuai. "Mr. Driver, please take me to your car, and I'll bring all these items over."

    Lin Shuai's heart hurt. It really, really hurt.

    He suddenly realized that ever since he left Royal Group and Qin Feng said he couldn't drive, his fate had been that of a servant.

    Lin Shuai hadn't left with the beautiful store manager for long when a middle-aged man wearing a suit and leather shoes rushed in, carrying a briefcase. Once the man entered, the salespeople were startled, staring with their mouths agape. They thought something had gone wrong with their eyes. Otherwise, how would they see the owner of this Prada store, Chief Huang, run in?

    "How do you do, Chief Huang?" After the salespeople regained their poise, they immediately greeted him.

    Once Chief Huang entered, he looked around in search of something. Then, he ran up to Qin Feng. Not even bothering to acknowledge the salespeople's greetings, he addressed Qin Feng with a smile filling his face, "Young Master Qin, I didn't know you would grace us with your presence so suddenly today. Please forgive me for not coming out to greet you!"

    Young Master Qin?

    Sitting at the side, Rao Shi Man was suddenly startled when she heard how Chief Huang greeted Qin Feng. She sized up Qin Feng with alarm as if it were her first time meeting him.

    Qin Feng's face was tinged with awkwardness. He wanted to send this Chief Huang off with a flying kick. Who let you run in here for no reason?!

    "Chief Huang, there's no business of yours here; head back," said Qin Feng indifferently with the wave of his hand.

    "Young Master Qin, I immediately rushed over here upon receiving Manager Wang's call. Have my employees slighted you? If they've done anything out of hand, I'll dismiss them immediately."

    Chief Huang's words frightened the salespeople so much that they didn't even have the guts to breathe. They stared at Qin Feng with wide-eyed wretchedness.

    "No, no, there's no need to be so worried, Chief Huang. I only came for a stroll with my friend. I didn't want to attract too much attention. Do you understand?" said Qin Feng with a laugh.

    Chief Huang immediately looked toward Rao Shi Man, and his eyes immediately lit up.

    He always heard that Acropolis City's Young Master Qin was dissolute and hedonistic; that every woman that he pulled out had the looks of an A-lister. Now that he saw this personally, he knew it to be true.

    "Young Master Qin, Little Sister-in-Law looks very familiar, like a famous celebrity... That's right, that's right: Rao Shi Man! Doesn't she look a lot like her?" Chief Huang spoke in an ass-kissing manner.

    Rao Shi Man's and Qin Feng's lips twitched. Neither knew how to respond to this question.

    "Young Master Qin, since you came to take Little Sister-in-Law out to play and did me the honor of walking into the store of this humble Huang, then I must pay for all your purchases today. Treat this as a present for Little Sister-in-Law upon meeting her for the first time," said Chief Huang as he attempted to curry favor with Qin Feng.

    Rao Shi Man was almost angered to death every time she heard Chief Huang say "Little Sister-in-Law." What kind of eyes did this guy have? How could she possibly like a man as vulgar as Qin Feng?

    However, Rao Shi Man couldn't burst out in anger at this time. Chief Huang said she looked like Rao Shi Man, so she was afraid that once she opened her mouth, she'd reveal her identity. It would be bad if a swarm of avid fans were attracted.

    Qin Feng originally hated Chief Huang because he said "Young Master Qin" every time he opened his mouth. He was clearly set on revealing his identity. However, right at that moment, Qin Feng suddenly took a liking to this man because every time he said "Little Sister-in-Law," the words went straight to Qin Feng's heart.

    If Rao Shi Man was really willing to be his woman, Qin Feng would be good to her for a lifetime.

    "Haha! You're too kind, Chief Huang. My woman and I have already chosen what we wanted and paid for it. You can treat us if the opportunity arises in the future." Qin Feng naturally and lightly hugged Rao Shi Man, lips arched into a faint smirk.

    Rao Shi Man was panting with rage. She wanted to smack Qin Feng twice but ended up fiercely suppressing the fury within her. She could only allow Qin Feng to hold her.

    "Young Master Qin, you're giving this humble Huang face for coming to my store; how could I let you pay? ...Come here, you two. Hurry up and refund however much Young Master Qin spent. Place all of Young Master Qin's and Little Sister-in-Law's purchases on my tab," Chief Huang shouted at the two salespeople behind him. They were so afraid that they immediately went to the register to retrieve the money.

    Qin Feng didn't care about the money, and he ignored Chief Huang. He hugged Rao Shi Man a bit tighter and his lips moved toward her charming face.

    "Darling, I'm dead tired from walking all morning. Kiss your man and give him some energy."

    When Rao Shi Man saw Qin Feng's lips getting close to her, she had the urge to bite this vulgar man to death. Without waiting for Qin Feng's lips to touch her face, Rao Shi Man stomped harshly on Qin Feng's foot with her high heels. Qin Feng released Rao Shi Man in that moment of pain.

    "I'm hungry, I don't want to shop anymore. Take me to eat right now!" She escaped from Qin Feng's arms and stood up like a queen. She walked out the door without looking at Qin Feng.

    "Chief Huang, there's no need to return the money. I have to eat with my woman. When there's a chance, I'll find you for a drink next time." Rao Shi Man left, so Qin Feng casually bade Chief Huang farewell and chased after her.

    The two walked out of the Gold and Silver Building to the parking lot side by side. They saw Lin Shuai in the middle of placing a large pile of bags into the trunk of the car.

    "Driver Lin, drive us to eat lunch after you're done... and move nimbly; don't let my woman be hungry." Qin Feng patted Lin Shuai's shoulder and sat smiling in the back seat with Rao Shi Man.

    Once they boarded the car, Qin Feng felt the pain of a fierce stomp on his foot and countless pinches on his waist. "Qin Feng, if you dare mess around and call me your woman again, I'll move out of Qin Manor tonight, never to see you again."

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