Chapter 269 - The Budget was Only 50,000 Yuan

    Chapter 269 - The Budget was Only 50,000 Yuan

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    The Benz was breezing smoothly on the road. Lin Shuai had been slapped in the face the whole morning; now his face was totally dark. Although he didn't dare peek at Rao Shi Man from the rearview mirror again, he could tell by ear-Qin Feng was flirting with Rao Shi Man in the back seat again.

    And Rao Shi Man's silvery laugh drifted over from time to time. This meant she was amused by Qin Feng and both of them had shared a sweet moment.

    Lin Shuai drove the car directly to the French restaurant. This restaurant was the most formal restaurant in Acropolis City. When Lin Shuai remembered they were having French cuisine later, the gloom in Lin Shuai's heart soon faded away. His mission for the day had finally come. It's my turn to shine now!

    He imagined giving Qin Feng a strong slap in the face, by highlighting his nobility and his vast international cultural knowledge, and showing off in front of Rao Shi Man when they arrived at the French restaurant. Lin Shuai's mood suddenly improved and the car sped up accordingly.

    Soon, the Benz stopped outside a castle-like Western restaurant. Lin Shuai got out the car first and then opened the door at the back. He escorted Rao Shi Man and Qin Feng like a driver as they alighted from the car.

    "Miss Shi Man, this French restaurant is the most formal Western restaurant in Acropolis City. The attendants and chefs here are all from France. Later when you're inside the restaurant, you'll feel as if you are in France."

    Lin Shuai had lost face at the Prada store. Now he had to grasp every single chance to recover his image in front of Rao Shi Man.

    Rao Shi Man gave Lin Shuai a cold stare; she was too lazy to talk with this guy. She waited until Qin Feng caught up with them and then followed him into the restaurant.

    "Mister and miss, this way please!" As soon as Qin Feng and Rao Shi Man stepped into the restaurant, two blue-eyed blondes welcomed them warmly. Both of them spoke authentic French, even Rao Shi Man couldn't understand them.

    Lin Shuai stepped forward suddenly. Putting on the air of a prince with his head and chest up, he blurted out a string of fluent French lines. "Hi, we've three people here. Please give us a table near a window with nice view."

    After he finished speaking, he gave a challenging glare at Qin Feng and then looked at Rao Shi Man with a face full of smiles.

    "Shi Man, I've arranged for a window seat with a scenery view for you. Only that can match your elegance and beauty."

    When Lin Shuai spoke a mouthful of fluent French all of a sudden, Rao Shi Man was slightly amazed. After that, the three of them followed one of the beauties through the restaurant.

    They were seated by a large floor window.

    Qin Feng and Rao Shi Man sat on one side and Lin Shuai sat opposite Qin Feng.

    "Shi Man, the French dishes prepared by this restaurant are authentic French cuisine. I come here for a meal occasionally. I'd already gotten used to authentic French cuisine when I was studying in France. I just cannot accept others that are not authentic."

    Once Lin Shuai sat down, he started to boast about himself again. He pushed the menu to Rao Shi Man and said, "Miss Shi Man, just order whichever you please; it's all on my tab."

    Rao Shi Man gave Lin Shuai a scornful gaze when she heard Lin Shuai was going to pay the tab again. She still hadn't forgotten the incident in the Prada store.

    "Hehe! Miss Shi Man, I'll definitely pick up the tab this time. Don't be so reserved; order as you please." The expense for this meal was the least of his concerns as this meal would be covered by Royal Group.

    In order to maintain its authenticity and high standards, all the workers in this French restaurant were French; even the menu was in French. Ordinary people would order casually by comparing the pictures of the food and their prices. Only a person who studied in France or had some proficiency in the French language would order by naming the dishes.

    Lin Shuai was an elite that studied in France. He deliberately handed the menu to Rao Shi Man because he knew that although Rao Shi Man was a top-tier celebrity, she wouldn't have had the free time to learn French.

    "Shi Man, let me introduce a few dishes to you... I personally think this

    foie gras suits you the best. This dish can revitalize your skin and nourish your blood; a woman can become a hundred years younger if she consumes it. Let's not forget about this fried lamb chop with rosemary in the French style; the meat is very tender and juicy while the taste is just remarkable. Besides these two dishes, they have macarons, bacon, creamy mushroom soup...

    "Aish! I'm drooling over it now!"

    Rao Shi Man was slightly embarrassed. She was hostile to Lin Shuai. He was a pretentious person and liked to blow his own horn. She didn't want Lin Shuai ordering for her.

    But Rao Shi Man herself was not so well-versed in French. Every time she went to a French restaurant, it was her assistant who ordered for her. Now, she could only poke Qin Feng's arm and put all her hope in him, wishing he could rescue her from this awkward situation.

    When Rao Shi Man and Lin Shuai looked at Qin Feng, both of them were dumbstruck and their jaws dropped to the floor.

    Qin Feng wasn't concerned about ordering dishes. He was now chatting up the blue-eyed blonde beauty in fluent French. Although Rao Shi Man couldn't understand the language, she could tell from how the beautiful attendant was blushing that not only could Qin Feng speak French, but he could speak it very well. His language proficiency was so great that he could even flirt with girls.

    Indeed, Qin Feng knew how to speak French. He was not only well-versed in the French language, he could speak all the languages of the world's eight major countries too. The reason was simple-he deliberately learned it just to hook up with girls around the world.

    Even Lin Shuai was looking at him with an amazed expression. This was because he noticed Qin Feng's French was way more colloquial than his own.

    "Beauty, you have a faint lavender scent on your body and the fragrance is so alluring and charming, just like you... Let me guess, your hometown must be in the south of France-the lavender capital, Provence. Right?"

    Qin Feng grabbed the soft, tiny, lily-white hand of that blue-eyed blonde beauty and raised it to his nose. "Yes! Just with a sniff of your graceful hand, it's like I'm immersed in a beautiful, big manor, grass fields, a chalet or a farm, sunshine, milk..."

    Rao Shi Man was completely flabbergasted. Even Lin Shuai-the self-proclaimed Seducer Sage-had no choice but to admit he was really blasted by Qin Feng for a dozen blocks after seeing how Qin Feng flirted with girls.

    "Mister, you're such a bad boy!" The blonde beauty blushed even harder. She withdrew her tiny hand lightly and gave an enchanting wink at Qin Feng.

    "A famous poet in France once wrote a poem to praise the beauty of Provence. Also, a famous composer has composed a wonderful song for Provence. Provence has much beautiful scenery. However, the girls there are even more beautiful than the scenery... It's my pleasure to meet such an elegant woman like you in China. Now, can I kiss you on your forehead? This is the way how a man in China shows his affection to the woman he likes."

    The blonde beauty came to Hua Xia not too long ago. She wasn't very familiar with the culture here. So she was easily tricked by Qin Feng.

    With a shy smile on her face, she proactively lowered her head. Qin Feng, on the other hand, stood up slightly and kissed on her forehead. When he was sitting down, he took a peek into the collar of the blonde beauty.

    I-It was humongous... it was really incomparable with that of the women of China.

    "Ahem ahem! You're an attendant. You're not taking our order properly. And what're you doing here?" Lin Shuai couldn't restrain himself anymore after he saw that scene. Originally he'd planned to humiliate Qin Feng when they were in the restaurant, but now Qin Feng had started hooking up with a girl already.

    People all around them gave abhorrent looks at Lin Shuai after he shouted. This French restaurant stressed a quiet, relaxed, and classy ambiance. Lin Shuai just now acted like he was eating in a hawker center. How could he not be loathed by everyone?

    Even the beauty that was flirting with Qin Feng glared at Lin Shuai as well. What an unpleasant man.

    "Qin Feng, order the dishes. I'm hungry!"

    Rao Shi Man couldn't stand watching Qin Feng flirt with that French girl anymore. She was a woman, not an ordinary woman but a beauty with a charismatic personality and elegance. She felt a little bit distressed in her heart.

    "That's right, that's right. Leader Qin, our mission is to host Miss Shi Man nicely. You just came here to flirt with girls; are you looking down on our Miss Shi Man?" Lin Shuai quickly mocked Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng casually brushed off Lin Shuai's mockery. He smiled and replied to Lin Shuai, "Idiot Lin, just now you said this meal is on you, right?"

    "Definitely, this meal will be the banquet for Miss Shi Man from me," Lin Shuai replied with his chest puffed out.

    This meal is covered by Royal Group. What should I be afraid of?

    Indeed, this meal was covered by Royal Group. But Qin Feng knew the reimbursement was only 50,000 yuan. The excess would have to be paid out of one's own pocket. Otherwise, if a meal cost around 80,000 to 100,000 yuan, would Royal Group be silly enough to pay for it all?

    "Idiot Lin said the same thing when you were in the Prada store just now. Now I hope you're not joking with us again, are you?" Qin Feng looked at Lin Shuai with a grin on his face.

    Lin Shuai's mouth twitched; his mouth foamed in anger. "I said it's on my tab; that means I'll pay for this meal! I'll f*cking demolish whoever competes with me for the bill! If I don't pay for the meal in the end, I'll be your grandson forever!"

    Shouting, Lin Shuai smacked the table. He'd successfully attracted even more disdainful looks from the crowd.

    "Mister, please behave with civilty. Otherwise, I've the authority to ask you to leave our restaurant." The blue-eyed blonde beauty took a dislike to Lin Shuai and warned him indifferently.

    Lin Shuai felt he had been stabbed once again in the chest. How come even an attendant dared to challenge him?

    Since Lin Shuai was paying for them, Qin Feng wouldn't be considerate with him. He recommended to Rao Shi Man a few dishes that were expensive but had small portions and couldn't fill one's stomach. The duo ordered around 10 dishes within a few minutes. On the other hand, Lin Shuai just kept staring at them. He was rather unresponsive to them when he saw that most of the dishes they'd ordered were expensive. Why should I be afraid when I can get reimbursement from the company?

    Yet he was disappointed when he saw Qin Feng really could speak French and understood the French menu. His original plan to humiliate and mock Qin Feng had been foiled again.

    "Idiot Lin, food and wine are inseparable. You won't object if I order some red wine, right?" Qin Feng handed the menu to the blonde beauty after he'd finished ordering and looked at Lin Shuai with a grin.

    Lin Shuai waved his big hand and said heroically, "Just order whatever you like. Money is the least concern for me."

    "Then we'll add on two more bottles of the '82 Lafite and a bottle of Bordeaux AOC supreme grade red wine." Qin Feng covertly gave the blonde hair beauty's booty a light smack and smiled. "Beauty, better be quick!"

    "Please rest assured. I'll ask the chef to prepare your dishes first!" The beautiful attendant retreated shyly.

    "Miss Shi Man, do you think these dishes are enough for you? You can always add more if you want." All the dishes were ordered by Qin Feng, so Lin Shuai again looked at Rao Shi Man with a smile.

    Rao Shi Man hadn't said anything yet, but Qin Feng's voice drifted over first:

    "Oh, yeah, Idiot Lin, just in case you're not clear, this lunch is covered by Royal Group. But the budget is only 50,000 yuan. Since you're so generous and you're treating everyone, I've decided to give you the budget of 50,000 yuan. Afterward, you'll only need to pay for the excess.

    "We're good brothers, right? Save the thank-you for yourself!"

    Qin Feng looked at Lin Shuai with a smile. The awe-inspiring righteous expression of Lin Shuai was soon replaced by a look like he'd eaten some sh*t.
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