Chapter 270 - Drivers Cant Drink

    Chapter 270 - Drivers Can't Drink

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    Qin Feng's words struck like lightning hitting Lin Shuai in the head, and his mind blanked out. Then, it went abuzz. He was almost frightened into madness.

    Royal Group would reimburse only 50,000 for the meal? What kind of joke was this? The three bottles of red wine Qin Feng had just ordered were already 70,000 or 80,000. Lin Shuai suddenly felt that he'd been defrauded by Qin Feng again!

    Rao Shi Man now discovered this lunch was going to be reimbursed by Royal Group. She was intelligent and quick-witted, so she understood everything immediately. No wonder Lin Shuai said it was his treat as if he had a trump card. He expected to be reimbursed. However, seeing how he looked like he just ate sh*t, he probably hadn't known the reimbursement limit.

    Rao Shi Man was swept with a feeling of disgust when she thought about this man's every move.

    "Mr. Lin, I believe you asked me earlier whether or not I wanted to add anything... I have a small appetite, but I love to drink. Qin Feng, help me order two more bottles of Lafite." Rao Shi Man suddenly looked tenderly at Qin Feng. She decided to join hands with Qin Feng in ruthlessly shaming Lin Shuai. See if he'd have the guts to show off so casually in the future.

    In no hurry to add the wine, Qin Feng grinned at Lin Shuai and said, "Idiot Lin, two bottles of Lafite are quite expensive. Do you want to let Shi Man order them?"

    Lin Shuai was so furious that his eyes turned red, and sullen tears almost streamed out of his eyes. He was silent for awhile before he clenched his teeth and stated, "Haha, yes, of course we have to order it! Let Miss Shi Man choose whatever wine she likes. This... meal is my treat!"

    Compared to his previous grand and boastful proclamation that he would treat, the current Lin Shuai repeated these same words limply like a deflated ball.

    "You really are heroic, Idiot Lin. But, if I had the chance to treat a beauty like Rao Shi Man, my heart wouldn't ache upon spending this bit of money as well." Qin Feng snapped his fingers with a smile, and a waiter ran over. "Add another two bottles of '82 Lafite!"

    Once Qin Feng spoke, Lin Shuai felt the sharp pain of 10,000 arrows piercing his heart.

    You're f*cking spending my money; of course your heart doesn't ache!

    Soon, Qin Feng's table was filled with delicacies.

    Lin Shuai's mood slowly calmed. He thought to himself that the food and drinks were already ordered, and the money was already spent, so there was no point in dwelling in it. He simply made himself seem generous. Later, while eating, he'd show Rao Shi Man how to handle and consume the food. If Rao Shi Man liked him, and he could get her into his bed, then any amount of money for a meal was worth it.

    "Hey! Why... isn't there food for me?"

    This thought crossed Lin Shuai's mind, and he found that something was off.

    The table was filled with wonderful food, and all of it was placed in front of Qin Feng and Rao Shi Man. The area in front of Lin Shuai was empty except for the cup of coffee that they poured for him in the beginning.

    The person who brought the food was the blonde beauty Qin Feng flirted with earlier. She stared at Lin Shuai with an attitude and said, "Sir, you haven't ordered anything yet, so there's no food for you."

    "Qin Feng... Y-You didn't put an order for me?" Lin Shuai looked at Qin Feng like he wanted to eat him alive.

    "I was busy helping Shi Man order. Didn't you study in France? I thought you know French, so why would I need to order for you? Plus, if what I ordered didn't suit the tastes of an elite like you, then it'd be pointless." Qin Feng looked innocently at Lin Shuai.

    Rao Shi Man was tickled by Qin Feng, and she covered her mouth to laugh covertly. She stole a glance at Qin Feng and finally realized that ever since they left Royal Group, Qin Feng had been constantly showing off and slapping Lin Shuai in the face.

    But how come when she saw Qin Feng show off she wasn't averse to it, and even felt a bit smug, but when she saw Lin Shuai show off, she only felt disgust?

    "Ahem... That's fine, that's fine. Anyway, when I studied abroad in France, I ate these things almost every day, so I'm tired of them. I'll just drink some red wine. You two eat lots."

    Lin Shuai's heart was bleeding, but he had to feign calmness and excellence.

    Ever since he returned to the country, he'd never actually come to this French restaurant. In reality, this place was so expensive that it wasn't somewhere someone would casually go to if they wanted to. Today, Qin Feng bled him dry. Lin Shuai hadn't even eaten anything, yet he'd spend over 100,000 yuan. He was heartbroken, but he didn't dare order anything else. The feeling was worse than death.

    "Shi Man, this French restaurant's Lafite red wine is a quality product from a French wine estate. The red wine is mellow and rich, and smooth and aromatic when it enters the mouth... And drinking wine is a very particular process. You can't hold the bowl of the wine glass. It's best to hold the stem; otherwise, the warmth of your hand would change the taste of the wine. When you drink wine, you first have to slowly swirl the wine a bit and allow the bouquet to fully disperse. Then, take a small sip and keep it in your mouth while slowly tasting it..."

    Lin Shuai couldn't eat, so he raised the glass of red wine, wanting to take a sip of the Lafite. He usually didn't have the opportunity to drink such an expensive red wine, and what he had just said was something he memorized from a book.

    "Wait! Idiot Lin, you can't drink!" Qin Feng stopped Lin Shuai just as he set the wine glass to his lips.

    Lin Shuai had enough of Qin Feng today, and the fury he suppressed suddenly burst out. He glared coldly at Qin Feng and yelled, "F*ck, what are you trying to do now, brat? Your elder's treating Rao Shi Man to a meal today, yet you benefitted and freeloaded a meal. What more do you want? ...Your elder's paying, but I can't even f*cking drink a glass of wine?"

    "Idiot Lin, you really can't drink the wine," said Qin Feng with seriousness.

    "Why can't your elder drink it? Your elder's paying for this meal." Lin Shuai angrily gritted his teeth.

    "Idiot Lin, did you forget who you are? You're Shi Man's driver today. After we're done eating, you're in charge of driving. If you drink, who's going to drive?"


    Qin Feng's words rendered Lin Shuai speechless. He immediately suppressed the anger within him again. His abdomen was inflated like a basketball and felt like it would explode at any given moment.

    "That's right, Mr. Lin. You're in charge of driving today; you shouldn't drink wine." Laughing uncontrollably inside, Rao Shi Man spoke up to aid Qin Feng. "Besides, when you were studying abroad in France, you always ate these things, and I'm sure you had your fair share of Lafite. Why would you care about this bottle of wine?"

    "That's right, that's right. Why would I care? I was just so happy that I forgot about driving." Lin Shuai clenched his fist so tightly under the table that it was about to burst. He pasted a smile on his face as he looked at Rao Shi Man and said, "Then I won't drink tonight. It just so happens that Qin Feng has never tasted such fine wine, so drink more. Maybe you'll never get the chance to drink it for the rest of your life."

    Qin Feng never cared about Lin Shuai's mockery. He snapped his fingers again, and the blonde beauty walked over again. She had a sweet smile on her face as she asked, "Sir, how may I help you?"

    "Beauty, you have a small band here, right? Call over the most expensive band... There isn't much of an artistic mood to this meal without music. Our Rao Shi Man is a high-class person and needs an elegant atmosphere to match her identity."

    Top-grade and authentic Western restaurants like this all had small bands, and they were extremely expensive. A casual violin song was over a couple thousand yuan.

    How could Lin Shuai not know this? His heart ached for his money, and he never called over a band. Now that he saw Qin Feng stealing the limelight while spending his money, he wanted to die.

    Qin Feng had already booked the band before he turned and smilingly asked Lin Shuai, "That's right, Idiot Lin is treating today and I presumptuously called over a band to help us celebrate. You won't be mad, will you, Idiot Lin?"

    "Qin Feng, I quite like the accompaniment of a violin while I'm eating. If Mr. Lin isn't willing to spend the money, then how about you pay for me?" Rao Shi Man grabbed Qin Feng's arm and acted cute.

    She had just clinked her glass and drank red wine with Qin Feng, and she was feeling a slight buzz. Her charming face was slightly flushed, and was so beautiful it was enchanting.

    "Miss Shi Man, how could I not be willing to pay? I'm willing to pay for whatever you'd like." Lin Shuai looked stupidly at Rao Shi Man and thought that if he could bed such an exceedingly beautiful and famous celebrity once, he wouldn't hesitate to have his life shortened by 10 years.

    Not long later, the Western restaurant's first-rate band arrived.

    There was a saxophone, violin, cello, and even a conductor. Based on appearances alone, it was evident that this little band absolutely wasn't cheap.

    "Sir, this is our French restaurant's most famous "Fei'er" band. Three years ago, they had the fortune of performing for the queen. They are extremely famous in France, so their appearance fee is also considerably higher... In our restaurant, one song is 20,000 yuan. What do you think, sir?"

    The blonde beauty looked at Qin Feng with a smile as she sought his opinion.

    Qin Feng didn't need to translate; Lin Shuai understood. His jaw dropped. How can it be so expensive? Twenty thousand for a song? This was a song that required him to sell his blood and kidneys.

    "Money isn't an issue... What our Mr. Idiot Lin has is money. Let them play. Let's start with a 'Spring Day in Paris,'" said Qin Feng with a laugh.

    Without waiting for Lin Shuai to speak, the conductor began to wave his baton. "Spring Day in Paris" is an iconic French song.

    The melodious and gentle violin played, and the grand and impassioned saxophone was blown. With the deep and profound accompaniment of the cello, the potent ambience of the French countryside filled the air.

    Qin Feng and Rao Shi Man enjoyed the wonderful food while listening to the elegant tune. This style of enjoyment made Rao Shi Man's lips curve into a sweet smile. Her mood improved greatly. There were a fair number of times in which Qin Feng fed her pieces of steak that he sliced and she didn't even refuse them.

    No one who hadn't had the personal experience of spending money yet watching someone else pick up a girl and show off could understand how much Lin Shuai wanted to die right then.

    He had the urge to pounce on Qin Feng and strangle him to death. His original plan had been to use the lunch at the Western restaurant to ridicule and totally suppress Qin Feng. However, the situation changed in a way that superseded his plans. He found that whenever he was with Qin Feng, unexpected things would always happen, catching him off guard.

    It was a great fortune not to be slapped in the face, much less show off in front of him!
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