Chapter 271 - Fantastic Destiny

    Chapter 271 - Fantastic Destiny

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    Originally, Lin Shuai had been eagerly looking forward to this lunch. But the thing had taken a bad turn and become a disaster. Now, he longed to finish this lunch as soon as possible. He swore he'd never be a pretentious prick in front of Qin Feng again.

    Finally, after the small band finished performing their fifth song, Qin Feng and Rao Shi Man had had their fill. Both of them stood up and walked from the restaurant holding hands, leaving Lin Shuai to pay for the meal.

    The blonde beauty was sad at Qin Feng's departure. She handed the receipt to Lin Shuai and said, "Mister, the total cost for today is 270,000 yuan. Would you like to pay by bank card or cash?"

    Lin Shuai was stupefied when he saw the row of zeros on the receipt.

    Minus the 50,000 yuan that would be reimbursed by Royal Group, Lin Shuai would still have to pay the remaining 220,000 yuan out of his own pocket. I spent 220,000 yuan on a single meal, yet I get nothing! I only helped that Qin Feng enhance his relationship with Rao Shi Man. When he thought of his own idiotic action, he had the urge to bang himself to death on the table corner of this Western restaurant.

    220,000 was still manageable for Lin Shuai. After he swiped three of his bank cards, he'd squandered all his hard-earned savings.

    By the time he came out from the restaurant and boarded the Benz, Lin Shuai's mood had fallen into the abyss. When Lin Shuai saw Qin Feng grab Rao Shi Man's hand and tickle it under the guise of fortune-telling through the rearview mirror, he really wanted to step hard on the accelerator and ram the three of them to death on a tree.

    Although Lin Shuai's heart was filled with resentment, how could he show it in front of them? He pasted a smile on his face, turned his head, and asked, "Miss Shi Man, since we've done our shopping and had our stomachs filled... why don't we go back to the company now?"

    He didn't want to go anywhere else at all. He completely realized his identity now-a driver and someone with more money than sense. He didn't want to help Qin Feng pick up girls anymore!

    "Qin Feng, I don't want to go back yet. Since we just had our lunch, why don't we have a walk at Lotus Lake?"

    The relationship between Qin Feng and Rao Shi Man had become a lot closer within a morning's time. Qin Feng had been trying to take advantage of Rao Shi Man all along, while Rao Shi Man was treating Qin Feng as a friend.

    Qin Feng associated two people with Lotus Lake.

    One of them was Teacher Yun Xiao who he sent off a few days ago. He'd accompanied Yun Xiao to row a boat at Lotus Lake.

    Another person was the vague little girl in his memory who he'd met eight years ago. At that time, Lotus Lake was still under construction. It was just a tiny lotus pond, unlike today, when it had already become a major tourist attraction of Acropolis City.

    How could he miss the chance to take a stroll and appreciate the scenery with Rao Shi Man? Qin Feng waved his hand and ordered Lin Shuai, "Driver Lin, Shi Man wants to go to Lotus Lake; drive there now!"

    Corner of Lin Shuai's mouth twitched vigorously. He had no choice but to follow Qin Feng's instruction and drive to Lotus Lake.

    Since it was noon, there were fewer people at Lotus Lake. This pleased Rao Shi Man as she wouldn't come to here if there were too many people.

    "Idiot Lin, you stay in the car and look after our belongings." When they arrived at Lotus Lake, Qin Feng held Rao Shi Man's arm and got out of the car.

    Lin Shuai was preparing to alight as well. When he heard Qin Feng's words, his eyes dulled and he was so mad that he almost blacked out.

    It was a blazing hot sunny day in September, by a lotus pond!

    Rao Shi Man had a flashback, time bridging an eight-year gap within a second. Now that she was standing by the lotus pond again, Rao Shi Man had a feeling that she just time-traveled.

    Holding an umbrella, Qin Feng stood beside Rao Shi Man. Their shoulders were touching slightly. The surroundings were filled with Rao Shi Man's youthful vigor.

    A slight breeze blew past the handsome man and beautiful woman standing by the lotus pond. The sight of them evoked a yearning within the spectators.

    It was such a mesmerizing and charming scene!

    "This lotus pond has changed; it's no longer the same as before!" Rao Shi Man sighed, a hint of disappointment emerging on her gloriously youthful face.

    "Yeah, it has become larger, more beautiful, and a better place for people to enjoy the magnificent scenery... However, what is done cannot be undone. This lake is no longer the one we're familiar with!" Qin Feng was deeply moved by the changes as well. He extended his arms and lightly embraced Rao Shi Man's arms with his own.

    Rao Shi Man's lovable body trembled slightly as she sensed Qin Feng's movement. But after she heard Qin Feng's words, her heart swelled with an indescribable familiar sensation.

    It was like the lotus pond that disappeared eight years ago had returned along with that handsome sunshine boy. So Rao Shi Man didn't struggle for her freedom. She just stood quietly in Qin Feng's arms and gazed calmly at the ripples on the lotus pond.

    Her thoughts hazed. After she'd met the handsome big brother eight years ago, Rao Shi Man had been searching for his whereabouts ever since. It was just that the way Qin Feng appeared then was too innocent and she was in a hurry.

    Both of them didn't even know each other's names.

    China had a population of 13 billion. Searching for a person she'd met only once was like dredging the sea for a needle. Rao Shi Man's efforts were wasted even as she desperately searched for him for eight years.

    "Qin Feng, what are you doing?" Her recollection stopped abruptly. Rao Shi Man's distant and hazy expression faded away and she became vigilant all of a sudden. She glared at Qin Feng's close face and yelled, "Get your dirty face away from me."

    Qin Feng sighed as his action was discovered by Rao Shi Man. Her lips are within my reach. Just a centimeter more and I can kiss her sexy little lips.

    "Shi Man, we're now at the side of a lotus pond with beautiful scenery. We're both handsome and beautiful, a perfect match made in heaven... In such a wonderful environment, I just want to kiss your lips and let your body blend into my warm and broad arms... This kiss will inevitably become a great legend and spread throughout the ages for eternity. I understand this is an excessively heavy responsibility, and you-Shi Man-aren't ready yet. But don't worry. I'm here with you. I'll hold tightly to your waist and lead you to accomplish this peerless kiss. You don't need to speak or move. You just need to open your small mouth and let me show you how to seek the pinnacle in your life!"

    "Shi Man, I'm going to kiss you now!" Qin Feng started to act without any sense of shame again. He lowered his head and thrust his lips toward Rao Shi Man's soft lips.

    Just before his lips could reach Rao Shi Man, a clear and loud slap drifted over from his head.


    Rao Shi Man opened her almond eyes as big as saucers and ferociously smacked Qin Feng's head. "You scoundrel, are you asking for another punch? If you dare kiss me, I'll push you into the lotus pond and let the fish feed on you... Take your filthy hands off right now. I'll have you know that no other man, besides my father, has had the opportunity to hug me ever since I was born."

    Rao Shi Man was mad as hell. She'd been overwhelmed by her emotions just now, so she allowed Qin Feng to hold her lightly in his arms. But this person wasn't satisfied and wanted to kiss her. Rao Shi Man would never agree to this kind of thing. She wasn't a loose woman.

    "Shi Man, you seem to have something on your mind," Qin Feng asked with a serious expression after he accepted that his attempt to kiss her had failed. He had to change the topic to avoid awkwardness.

    Rao Shi Man scornfully rolled her eyes at Qin Feng. This man changes his face faster than flipping a book; he is really shameless.

    "I've been to Lotus Lake before and since I'm now here again, it woke my memories of that person. He had a large impact on my life. Unfortunately, we lost contact. I'm not sure if he lives a good life now or not. Also, will he be the same as me? Will we inadvertently think of each other?" Rao Shi Man mused gently.

    Rao Shi Man never told anybody that she had met a young boy at the lotus pond before. Not even her closest friend-Big Sister Qing Xue. This memory belonged exclusively to her and that young boy. She didn't want to share it with anyone else. She just wanted to hide it deep within her heart and reflect on it once in a while.

    "That's such a coincidence, Shi Man. I met a little beauty by the lotus pond long time ago and give her a hand in her life..." Qin Feng said deadly earnest. But he was interrupted by an unhappy Rao Shi Man before he could finish his sentence.

    "Qin Feng, I've never told anyone else about the thing I told you just now. That is a real incident that happened to me and I cherish this memory a lot. Although it's just a short memory, but I'll never forget it... Can you not just make up a story with your womanizing skill? You're insulting my wonderful memories and I'll be very angry at you."

    Rao Shi Man knew Qin Feng too well. This person was frivolous and shameless. He could say anything just to flirt with a girl. She thought Qin Feng intentionally made up the story just to ingratiate himself with her.

    "Fine, fine. I'm the Seducer Sage of Acropolis City. Y'all will never believe any of my words anyway!" Qin Feng replied with a smile, waving his hand indifferently.

    Destiny is like that, fantastic and wonderful!

    If you don't grasp it tightly when it comes, you'll regret incessantly when you lose it. And now, it sneaked up on them once again. The little dreamboat and little beauty who met eight years ago were standing side by side at the place they'd met at that time. They thought the person living in their hearts was far away from them. But little did they know, that person was actually right before their eyes.

    "Hey... Qin Feng, where are you going?" Rao Shi Man felt a light breeze blow beside her all of a sudden. When she opened her eyes, she saw Qin Feng running away like a gust of wind.

    Qin Feng's departure without taking his leave of the top-tier celebrity he was accompanying in admiring the beauty of the flowers in such a wonderful atmosphere was because of a person on the other side of Lotus Lake. That person was a woman-a pretty young woman.

    Most importantly, that beauty was the one he'd been searching for recently-Liu Wen Jing!

    In an open space opposite Lotus Lake, an outdoor auto show was going on. This auto show was held by the luxury car brand

    Porsche to exhibit their latest models. Since Lotus Lake had nice scenery and many visitors, it was indeed a good place to stage an event.

    Whether they're luxury cars or pretty girls, both were eye candies in spectators' eyes. The combination of the two would successfully attract a crowd of men and women. It just wasn't certain whether they were looking at the cars, or the beauties.

    Liu Wen Jing wore an authentic white, high-slit qipao and stood in front of a flashy red Porsche 911. The slit of her qipao was ran from the bottom of her dress until below her thighs. She didn't wear silk stockings on her long and lily-white jade legs. Those legs were left exposed, seemingly releasing a faint fragrance in the air.

    Since it was an auto show, all the car show girls had to be tall and pretty. However, it was easy to see from the distribution of the crowd that Liu Wen Jing was the most popular among the 12 car show girls. This was because a multitude of people visited her booth; some even took out their phones and snapped pictures of her.

    Ever since the disbandment of Wen Group, after Liu Wen Jing thought that Qin Feng cheated her, she had been constantly on the lookout for a part-time job to earn money. This auto show was one of her part-time jobs and she'd be paid 2,000 yuan if she posed next to a car for a day. This was the first time Liu Wen Jing was involved in this type of auto show. Her legs were sore and her back hurt from standing in 15 cm high heels for an entire morning. Besides, the vast crowds made her feel sick at heart.

    The qipao she had on was very revealing, leaving her long legs and her back exposed. Seeing how those filthy man itched to paste their eyes on her body, Liu Wen Jing was so furious that she almost quit. However, when she thought of the rent for the villa at Cloud City Hua Manor and the tuition fee and incidental expenses of her sister's senior high school, she had no choice but to clench her teeth and stick with the part-time job.


    Suddenly, the sound of a picture being taken echoed from nowhere. Liu Wen Jing was enraged and her resentful complexion was immediately awash with blushing red.

    There were countless people taking Liu Wen Jing's picture; she should have gotten used to it by now. However, this time, that person was standing in front of her and sneakily extended his phone into her dress and snapped a picture of her underwear.

    From a single glance, it was obvious this person was a shameless peeping tom, an impudent beast who took pictures of a woman's underwear and uploaded them to the internet.

    "Hey! What'd you do just now? Give me your phone now!" Liu Wen Jing couldn't contain her anger anymore. How could she not be enraged when people started taking voyeuristic pictures of her underwear?

    The person who took the picture was a 20-year-old red-haired young man with an ear stud. When he heard Liu Wen Jing call him out suddenly, he panicked at first but soon calmed down. He adopted an arrogant and despotic demeanor and glared at Liu Wen Jing.

    "B*tch, be a nice car-show girl. What's your problem, yelling at me?!"
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