Chapter 272 - Beaten until Kneeling and Begging for Forgiveness

    Chapter 272 - Beaten until Kneeling and Begging for Forgiveness

    Translator: Wiwbiwb

    Editor: Vampirecat

    "Why were you snooping around behind me at first? Were you secretly taking pictures of me? Take out your cell phone and let me see." In any case, Liu Wen Jing formed the Wen Group, and her superb bullsh*tting skills at Ru Jia Hotel made even the men there admire her. Now that she faced a fiendish young hooligan, she didn't admit defeat.

    "F*ck, is there something wrong with your head, b*tch?" The redheaded man's gaze swept disdainfully over Liu Wen Jing. "As a car model, aren't you letting your elders take pictures for free? Your elder is taking pictures of you to give you face. Why are you f*cking complaining... What kind of model are you and why did you come here if you won't let me take pictures? Why are you pretending to be all high and mighty?"

    Their exchange soon attracted a large crowd that surrounded them. Once these people saw Redhead's conduct, they knew this brat must have secretly taken a picture up the beauty's skirt and gotten caught. However, these things happened all the time, so other than gathering to watch the excitement, no one spoke up for Liu Wen Jing.

    Liu Wen Jing was so angry that tears almost fell out of her eyes. She was also a girl, so whether it came to fighting or arguing, she was at a disadvantage. And she'd been standing for an entire morning as a car model, so she was completely exhausted. Her waist was sore and her back hurt. She almost didn't have the energy to speak.

    "Hurry and give me your phone. Otherwise I'll call the police." Liu Wen Jing saw that she was weak and could only use the police to scare her opponent.

    "Haha! Why would I give you my phone? And what right do you have to confiscate my phone? ...Aren't you just suspicious that I secretly took a picture of you? I'll tell you what, your elder doesn't think anything of you. Even if you take off all your clothes and let me take pictures of you, your elder doesn't even want to take them. I've seen plenty of women like you that sleep with a different man every night for money. And you're even acting pure in front of me? You're crazy!"


    Right after Redhead finished speaking, a crisp slap was heard.

    Liu Wen Jing's clear and moving eyes held in tears. She had never been so humiliated by someone. In her anger, she'd rushed up and slapped Redhead.

    After getting slapped, Redhead stood frozen. He stared at Liu Wen Jing in disbelief. He never thought this woman would actually have the guts to strike him.

    "F*ck, you b*tch. How dare you hit your elder? You love acting innocent, don't you? Your elder will rip off your qipao and let you f*cking continue pretending."

    Redhead saw red. He'd been slapped by a woman in public. He extended his hands and pounced on Liu Wen Jing. He grabbed the back of her collar and forcefully tore it.

    "Stinking whore, you don't want your elder to secretly take pictures of you, is that right? Your elder will tear all your clothes off and let everyone take pictures to their hearts' content. Haha!"

    "Let go, you beast. Wah wah... Someone help me!" Liu Wen Jing desperately clutched the front of her bodice. Red imprints appeared on her originally clear, fair, soft, and fragrant shoulders.

    When Liu Wen Jing saw that not one of the many people in the crowd surrounding her came up to help her, but had all pulled out their phones to wildly snap pictures, Liu Wen Jing's heart froze.


    At this time, a black shadow suddenly appeared with a gust of clear wind beside Redhead. With a palm strike, Redhead was sent flying.

    After hitting Redhead, the person that arrived removed their blazer and placed it over Liu Wen Jing's shoulders. She raised her head to see a familiar handsome profile. Her heart instantly filled with hundreds of conflicting emotions.

    It was Qin Feng!

    Liu Wen Jing would have never thought that Qin Feng would suddenly appear at this time.

    She'd faced a near-death experience with this man. And after the near-death experience, she'd been heartlessly betrayed by him. Liu Wen Jing's feelings for Qin Feng were complicated; she both absolutely hated and slightly longed for him.

    If she could, she wished she'd never see Qin Feng again for the rest of her life because her tears currently fell like rain. She knew that if she saw Qin Feng again, she wouldn't be able to stop herself from crying.

    Qin Feng's expression was heavy. He'd seen the entirety of Redhead's bullying of Liu Wen Jing. After placing his white blazer over Liu Wen Jing's back, he leisurely walked up to Redhead.

    "Stinking brat, how dare you meddle where it doesn't concern you? Do you f*cking know that your elder..."

    Redhead still wanted to act fierce with Qin Feng, but halfway through his yelling, Qin Feng's large hand grabbed his collar and lifted him. A large, 1.7-meter-tall man looked like a little chicken in Qin Feng's hand.


    Qin Feng supported Redhead with one hand and smacked his face with the other.

    His slaps were on a completely different level from a normal person's slap. Qin Feng currently had Stage Three External abilities, so a casual slap could unleash five times a normal person's strength. One slap made two of Redhead's teeth fly out.

    "Why did you secretly take pictures of that beauty?"

    "I-I didn't secretly take pictures; that woman is falsely accusing me." Redhead got a taste of Qin Feng's strength, so his attitude immediately softened. As he spoke, blood dripped out of his mouth.


    Qin Feng turned his hand over and slapped again. This time, he broke Redhead's nose.

    "Why did you secretly take a picture of that beauty?" asked Qin Feng again.

    Redhead didn't have the guts to lie. He realized he met a lunatic. Redhead saw a murderous air in Qin Feng's icy gaze.

    He knew that if he lied again, he would probably be slapped to death by Qin Feng!

    "T-That woman is too beautiful. I-I couldn't stop myself from secretly taking a picture of her," said Redhead sullenly.

    Slap slap!

    Qin Feng slapped twice consecutively. Redhead felt as though his neck would snap if it was moved again. He held up his head and looked more dead than alive.

    "You secretly took pictures of her just because she's pretty? Then if it was currently nighttime in an empty alley, would you also want to rape her? ...If your girlfriend was good-looking and I secretly took a picture up her skirt and did her, how would you feel?

    "If I think you deserve a beating, then I'll slap you a dozen times. Would you feel good about that?

    "If you do whatever you want to, then you're no different from bastards and beasts.

    "If you're not the only one that thinks this way, and the 1.3 billion people in China also think this way, then what would become of the world?"

    Slap slap slap!

    Qin Feng castigated Redhead while continuously smacking his mouth. A dozen slaps fell, and Redhead's face was swollen like a pig. If his hair wasn't a recognizable red, the spectators wouldn't have been able to recognize him.


    Qin Feng tossed Redhead at random to fall at Liu Wen Jing's feet.

    "Kowtow, admit your wrongdoings, and give this woman your phone. Then, go to the police station and turn yourself in," said Qin Feng coldly.

    Redhead was truly afraid of Qin Feng. He immediately kneeled before Liu Wen Jing and kowtowed like his life depended on it. "Ma'am, you're a good person and you're magnanimous. Spare me just this once. I'll never do something as vulgar as secretly taking pictures of people again. I've heard what Big Brother just said, and it has pierced my soul... I've decided that beginning today, I have to be proactive, ambitious to improve myself, and a good youth that seeks knowledge and learns from good examples. I want to use my knowledge to contribute to and repay our country. I want to..."

    Liu Wen Jing couldn't continue listening. She stole a peek at Qin Feng, and her heartbeat suddenly sped up. She immediately lowered her head, looked coldly at Redhead, and said, "Give me your phone."

    Redhead immediately pulled out his cell phone and handed it over.

    Liu Wen Jing opened the photo album. As expected, there was a picture of under her skirt. However, right after taking the picture, Redhead was discovered by Liu Wen Jing, so he hadn't even had a chance to look at it.

    Liu Wen Jing deleted the pictures of her and found that this person had hundreds of voyeuristic pictures of different women.

    "I said you were secretly taking pictures, and you didn't admit it at first. You're too shameless. The other pictures on your phone are evidence." Liu Wen Jing glared at Redhead and wanted to kick him twice. However, when she saw that Qin Feng had beaten Redhead to a pulp, Liu Wen Jing couldn't bear to kick him.

    "Yes, yes, I'm shameless, I'm lowly. In a bit, I'll turn myself in to the police. Ma'am, please spare me, I absolutely won't do this again." Redhead was still kowtowing to Liu Wen Jing.

    There were still a lot of people surrounding and watching them. Liu Wen Jing was a bit embarrassed, so she waved her hand and dismissed Redhead.

    Once Redhead left, the surrounding spectators were embarrassed as well, and they slowly dispersed.

    Earlier, when Redhead bullied Liu Wen Jing, no one stood up for her, and they even pulled out their phones to take pictures. Now that someone as fierce as Qin Feng appeared, they were afraid that if they didn't leave, they'd also be disciplined by Qin Feng. That would be tragic.

    "Hey! Where did you come from, you stinking brat?"

    After the crowd dispersed, a fat-headed and large-eared middle-aged man ran over with four security guards trailing him. This person was the manager responsible for the auto show and the security guards that preserved order.

    "Were you talking to me?" asked Qin Feng.

    The manager followed by the four security guards already arrived aggressively in front of Qin Feng. He pointed at Qin Feng and began to roar:

    "Brat, how dare you fight and cause a disturbance at our Porsche car show? Guards, grab this brat!"

    Qin Feng moved without waiting for the security guards to do so.

    How could Qin Feng tolerate a damn fat-headed and large-eared fatso pointing at his nose and yelling as he wished?

    Qin Feng grabbed the manager's finger and lightly bent it. With a crisp "ka-cha" the manager's pointer finger snapped. It was so painful that he squealed pitifully like a dying pig.

    "You look like a pig, but I didn't think you'd sound like a pig as well!"

    Qin Feng lifted his leg and kicked the manager's stomach, sending him flying five or six meters. He hit a security guard rushing over from behind him and sent him flying as well.

    "Do you three still want to come?" After knocking over the manager, Qin Feng looked at the other three shocked security guards with mirth.

    The three hesitated briefly, then clenched their teeth and rushed at Qin Feng. Their manager had already been beaten by Qin Feng, so if they didn't even have the guts to come forth, they would be violently beaten by their manager when they got back-or maybe they'd be fired.

    "Stinking brat, how dare you cause trouble at a Porsche car show? See..."

    The security guard hadn't finished speaking when Qin Feng tapped his foot and shot out like an arrow. Then, there were three dull sounds as three punches landed on the faces of the three security guards. These three were sent flying without a warning.

    Qin Feng moved too quickly. He moved so quickly that not even one of the spectators saw clearly how Qin Feng made his moves. Someone even suspected that Qin Feng never moved and the security guards and manager were acting...

    Qin Feng didn't care about the manager or the four security guards. After taking care of them, he didn't spare them another glance. He arrived before Liu Wen Jing.

    "Beauty Liu Wen Jing, long time no see!"

    Qin Feng already rid himself of his violence and viciousness. He extended a hand with a gentle smile as he looked at the charming and moving Liu Wen Jing.

    Liu Wen Jing still hadn't regained her senses. After seeing Qin Feng's valiant actions, she suddenly remembered the time they were at the square behind the pedestrian walkway and the image of the fierce battle involving over a hundred Wild Wolf Gang hooligans.

    At the time, the already completely dejected and hopeless Liu Wen Jing had been filled with hope upon seeing Qin Feng's abilities. And the two fought shoulder-to-shoulder and defeated the hooligans.

    That was such a beautiful memory. If she hadn't found out afterward that Qin Feng tricked her, Liu Wen Jing had no doubt that the Wen Group would have flourished, and she and Qin Feng might also have come together!


    Liu Wen Jing suddenly regained her senses, and her expression was abnormally cold. Once she thought about Qin Feng's betrayal and how he'd used her, Liu Wen Jing was so angry that she clenched her teeth and harshly slapped Qin Feng's hand away.
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