Chapter 274 - Liu Wen Jings Method of Revenge

    Chapter 274 - Liu Wen Jing's Method of Revenge

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    "Jing Jing, don't cry. If you cry, my heart will break!" Qin Feng looked at Liu Wen Jing with a distressed expression.

    Liu Wen Jing wiped the tears on her face and ruthlessly slapped away the large hand Qin Feng placed on her chest. She yelled coldly, "If you keep squeezing, you'll squeeze my heart to pieces!"

    "Qin Feng, I'm telling you with all seriousness not to keep following me. Otherwise, I'll yell and accuse you of harassment." Liu Wen Jing reinstated her calm demeanor and exuded iciness.

    However, this air of pushing him a thousand miles away that had just been expressed instantly disappeared, leaving only Liu Wen Jing's struggling and faint panting.

    "Wah wah... Qin Feng, h-hurry up, wah wah."

    Qin Feng covered Liu Wen Jing's mouth with one hand and hugged her small waist with the other. He spoke to her earnestly, "Jing Jing, how could you think I'm harassing you?

    "You can insult my dad's integrity and question the morality of the entire Qin family, but you can't plant false evidence against my righteousness!

    "I was kind enough to help clean up that pervert obsessed with taking pictures without permission, get your wage, and even extort that damn fatso. At the time, so many people watched you get bullied, but not one person was willing to help. I didn't care whether I lived or died, and I didn't even ask you to repay me by devoting your life to me. But you can't burn the bridge after crossing it. Now you want to turn on me out of anger and say I harassed you?

    "I, Qin Feng, am a calm and poised gentleman who doesn't claim the good things I've done... How could I harass a maiden in the prime of her youth?"

    Qin Feng was high-spirited, hot blooded, and worked up, like a warrior about to fight for the honor of his country!

    A passerby looked at Qin Feng with alarm and said to Liu Wen Jing, "Beauty, a-are you alright? Do you know this person? Do you need me to call the police? ...Why is he covering your mouth with one hand and pressing on your chest with the other? He's not trying to abduct you right now in the middle of the street, is he?"

    Qin Feng's face revealed an awkward smile, and he immediately removed the hand on Liu Wen Jing's chest.

    "We're lovers; we're just playing!"

    "Beauty, are you really alright?" asked the passerby with seriousness. He didn't think Qin Feng looked like a good person, and he pulled out his cell phone as if he was about to call the police at any moment.

    Liu Wen Jing removed Qin Feng's hand from her mouth and smiled lightly at the passerby. "Thank you for your kind intentions, but I'm alright."

    "Darn! I was trying to be the hero saving a beauty so I could leave the scene while hugging the beauty. Then we might've been able to roll around in the bedsheets. Who'd have thought that it was just a couple publicly displaying their affection... Public morals are degenerating every day!" The passerby shook his head and sighed helplessly as he walked away.

    Qin Feng's and Liu Wen Jing's mouths twitched, and they had the urge to run after that brat and give him a good beating.

    "Qin Feng, what do you want?" Liu Wen Jing returned to the way she was before and struggled out of Qin Feng's embrace. She looked coldly at him. "After tricking me with a scheme and tricking our Wen Group into its demise, you've run back here to gloat in front of me and mock me for being an extremely dumb girl?

    "Qin Feng, don't you think this is really pointless? Don't you think it's really tiring to live in a sinister and deceitful world? I've misjudged you, and I don't want to interact with you ever again. I'm begging you to spare me. Leave!"

    "Jing Jing, you've misunderstood me. Why aren't you letting me give a proper explanation?" Qin Feng also became serious.

    "Haha! Misunderstood? Explanation?" Liu Wen Jing laughed coldly.

    "Then let me ask you, are you the boss behind the Feng Group?"

    Qin Feng nodded.

    "Then when the Wen Group went to fight the Feng Group, did you scheme and trick the Wen Group into fighting the Wild Wolf Gang while your Feng Group's core individuals used the opportunity to take down the Wild Wolf Gang's strongholds in the Northern District?"

    Qin Feng nodded again.

    "Now, the Wen Group is no more, and your Feng Group's power has increased significantly, becoming one of the three powers in Acropolis and the number one power in the Northern District?"

    "Everything you've said is correct," said Qin Feng. He thought he would look too stupid just nodding the whole time.

    "Then what else is there to explain, stinking brat?"


    Qin Feng had just finished speaking when Liu Wen Jing punched his chest.

    However, Qin Feng was completely fine, and Liu Wen Jing yelped in pain and nursed her soft, elegant pink fist with a grimace.

    "Jing Jing, are you alright? If you want to touch my chest, be more gentle. My pecs are as hard as rocks, so how could it not hurt if you hit it?" Qin Feng took Liu Wen Jing's elegant fist and rubbed it lightly.

    Liu Wen Jing allowed Qin Feng to take advantage of her hand. Qin Feng forced her to the brink of insanity, and she didn't even have the strength to resist.

    She hadn't known Qin Feng for long, but she already experienced Qin Feng's shamelessness and vulgarness many times. And now that Qin Feng looked for her, harassed her, and refused to leave, a flash of something different went through Liu Wen Jing's icy and beautiful eyes.

    She knew she wouldn't get Qin Feng to leave today. This person is shameless and perverted; he probably wants to take my body. Someone as evil as him is as annoying as a housefly. Liu Wen Jing wanted to teach him a proper lesson.

    However, Liu Wen Jing wasn't worthy of being Qin Feng's opponent. She decided to call in reinforcements!

    "Qin Feng, you really have something to explain to me?" Liu Wen Jing's attitude changed completely. She went from being bone-chilling to charming and moving.

    "Of course, Jing Jing. I have lots and lots of things to tell you." Qin Feng's touch drifted from Liu Wen Jing's small hand to her shoulder.

    Liu Wen Jing lightly shoved Qin Feng's hand away and said with a smile, "Then take me back to school, okay? The qipao I'm wearing is too eye-catching. Wherever I go, people stare at me, and I'm a little embarrassed."

    "Of course. Want me to carry you back? You've stood for half the day, so your feet must hurt."

    "No, no, I can walk." Liu Wen Jing immediately dodged the hand Qin Feng extended and turned to stop a taxi.

    Liu Wen Jing was a junior in Acropolis Normal University, and was a golden campus beauty.

    Qin Feng had dropped out of Acropolis University for over a month now, so Qin Feng felt a bit nostalgic at stepping into another university, walking amongst its green willows and cool breezes, and seeing lovers holding hands, coming and going while admiring the flowers and lakes.

    "Jing Jing, your Normal University is pretty nice; it's even a bit better than the Acropolis University that I miss."

    A hint of disdain flashed in Liu Wen Jing's eyes. She didn't believe Qin Feng ever went to university. He was clearly the big boss of an underground power, so he had to pretend to be scholarly and refined. Who knew how many pure young girls were tricked by this wolf in sheep's clothing?

    The two of them walked on the campus's grassy path shoulder to shoulder and hand in hand.

    Of course Qin Feng originally wanted to hug Liu Wen Jing's shoulders, but Liu Wen Jing refused, so he could only compromise, and she led him to stroll hand in hand through the campus.

    "Damn, who is that girl wearing the white qipao? She's as beautiful as a fairy. Look at her long and slender legs; it gives one the urge to bite it."

    "You don't even know the number one golden campus beauty Liu Wen Jing? Then you've come to study at Normal University for nothing. That is the number one goddess in the hearts of all men in Normal University."

    "F*ck, then who is that man holding Liu Wen Jing's hand? Why haven't I ever seen him on campus? Wasn't Liu Wen Jing always single? Why does she suddenly have a boyfriend? And she even found such a vulgar man? She must be blind."

    "That brat is in deep sh*t. I've already posted a picture of him with Liu Wen Jing on the school's discussion forum. If Liu Wen Jing doesn't have over a thousand suitors, she at least has 800. How would those people feel, seeing this scene? Haha! This brat won't be able to leave NU on his feet today.

    Qin Feng and Liu Wen Jing walked extremely slowly because Liu Wen Jing intentionally walked slower.

    How could Liu Wen Jing not hear the spectators among the passersby who stopped, looked at them with astonishment, and began to discuss them behind their backs?

    She came to Normal University, firstly, to bring Qin Feng to "Lovers' Bridge."

    Lovers' Bridge was a very famous spot in Normal University. It was surrounded by mountains and water, and the woods were overgrown. The bridge was at the end of the crushed rock path. Legend had it that as long as a man and woman walked holding hands across Lovers' Bridge, they could become a couple. And if a couple walked across the bridge, they'd be together forever and always.

    Everyone knew the legend was a myth, but Lovers' Bridge was still Normal University's most popular spot because it was a very good flirting place in the daytime, and a good battlefield at night. Liu Wen Jing took Qin Feng here because there were a lot of people and news would spread quicker.

    She saw someone taking a picture of her and Qin Feng and heard someone say this picture was already on the school forum. Liu Wen Jing secretly chuckled to herself. She was waiting for countless suitors to run up and clean up Qin Feng.

    "Jing Jing, what are you thinking about that's making you smile so happily?" Qin Feng suddenly looked toward Liu Wen Jing with a smile.

    Liu Wen Jing's heartbeat sped up. She immediately forced herself to be calm and said, "N-Nothing... Did you know that the bridge before us is Normal University's famous Lovers' Bridge. Legend has it that people who walk across it while holding hands all become couples." Liu Wen Jing quickly changed the topic.

    "It's that mysterious, huh?" Qin Feng asked with seriousness, "Then if two girls or two boys walk holding hands, they can also become lovers?"

    Liu Wen Jing frowned. It was such a good atmosphere, and it was shattered with one line from Qin Feng.

    "Jing Jing, do you believe the legend?" Qin Feng appeared not to notice Liu Wen Jing's disdainful expression. He suddenly grabbed her hand and walked toward Lovers' Bridge.

    "I don't believe it!" said Liu Wen Jing flatly.

    "Then have you walked across this bridge with any other man?" Qin Feng already held Liu Wen Jing's jade hand and stood by the bridge.

    "No." Liu Wen Jing shook her head with a bit of disappointment and yearning.

    She was a young lady in the prime of her youth.

    When Liu Wen Jing saw the university's couples enter and exit in complete pairs, she hoped that kind of relationship would quickly appear before her and that a prince on a white horse could ride in on a rainbow cloud and hug her.

    However, Liu Wen Jing had too many burdens. Not only did she have to go to school, she also had to raise her family and earn money. She worked multiple jobs and made all the money to pay for her and her younger sister's daily expenses and tuition. She longed for a fresh and free relationship at school, but she didn't have the time or energy to date.

    "Jing Jing, actually I don't believe the story about how walking across Lovers' Bridge will make you a couple. Why don't we hold hands and cross it to prove our hypothesis?" Qin Feng smiled at Liu Wen Jing.

    Liu Wen Jing's heartbeat instantly increased. She wasn't even as nervous as when Qin Feng hugged her and touched her ass and chest.

    Though she didn't believe the love story, she hoped the story was real. Women, no matter what age, have childish hearts that fantasize about fairy-tale situations.

    Liu Wen Jing was afraid because she wasn't Qin Feng's girlfriend. Other than her hatred for Qin Feng, she also thought of him a little. However, with that, could she so easily hold Qin Feng's hand and walk across Lovers' Bridge with him?

    What if Cupid suddenly appeared, and when she walked across the bridge with Qin Feng, he mischievously shot them with an arrow and set her up with Qin Feng? What then?

    "Stinking brat, let go of our goddess Liu Wen Jing!" Before Liu Wen Jing could respond, an angry shout came from behind them.
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