Chapter 275 - A Man Whose Shamelessness Knows No Bounds is Invincible

    Chapter 275 - A Man Whose Shamelessness Knows No Bounds is Invincible

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: Vampirecat

    "Stinking brat, let go of our goddess Liu Wen Jing!"

    "Stinking brat, let go of our goddess Liu Wen Jing!"


    After a bellow of rage, more and more roars resounded one after another. In a blink of an eye, both ends of Lovers' Bridge were crowded with two groups of hot-blooded youngsters. These people had fiendish looks on their faces and had set their sights on Qin Feng and Liu Wen Jing.

    They took Lovers' Bridge as a boundary and blocked off both ends, trapping Qin Feng and Liu Wen Jing in between.

    "Jing Jing, are these guys talking to me? The people in your university are so unfriendly." Qin Feng was rather unaffected and remained calm, even though he was surrounded by hundreds of people.

    He didn't let go of Liu Wen Jing's jade hand. Instead, he raised her hand to the air and waved it twice, challenging the boys at both sides.

    "Stinking brat, do you have a death wish? We asked you to let go of our goddess Liu Wen Jing now! Are you deaf?"

    Qin Feng's action had caused a disturbance among the boys. If it wasn't for Liu Wen Jing still in Qin Feng's hands and their fear of injuring the goddess of their hearts, they'd have drowned Qin Feng with their saliva already.

    "Qin Feng, it seems like you're having trouble now!" A mere trace of a smile crossed Liu Wen Jing's clear eyes.

    "Stinking brat, tell us your name, age, faculty, and height if you dare! I, this humble Ye, want to challenge you to a duel!"

    A tall, sturdy man stepped out of the crowd and stared furiously at Qin Feng.

    No doubt these people were students of Normal University. In addition, they were also admirers of Liu Wen Jing. When they saw the idyllic picture on their college chat forum with Qin Feng intimately holding Liu Wen Jing's small hand and both of them standing at Lovers' Bridge and looking at each other affectionately, they wanted to ask Qin Feng, "Did you ever consider our feelings?"

    "I'm not the student of Normal University. As for my name and height, I think it's not necessary for you to know. However, if Brother Ye wishes to challenge me, you may as well come forward and I'll treat you to a feast of punches," Qin Feng answered with a faint smile.

    They heard Qin Feng talk with an attitude, and more importantly, he wasn't a student of Normal University. Seeing their university's number one goddess being taken advantage of by an outsider, these hot-blooded teenagers finally closed ranks in a rare display of unanimity. They had only one objective now-confront and expel the formidable opponent, Qin Feng.

    "Ye Da Chui, move aside! This stinking brat has the guts to come to Normal University and steal our goddess. Let me, this humble Zhao, give him a lesson first." [TLN: "Ye Da Chui" means "Sledgehammer Ye."]

    "Zhao Wu Li, you're the one who should move aside. I, Zhu Da Chang, haven't made my stand yet; since when is it the turn of you two little tramps to come out? You guys are as weak as women; what if both of you're abused by that fellow instead? Then where shall we, the students of Normal University, put our face?" [TLN: "Zhao Wu Li" means "Powerless Zhao," and "Zhu Da Chang" means "Large Intestine Zhu."]


    Those boys jumped out one after another, all eager to give Qin Feng a punch or two. The reason was simple: they saw Qin Feng had soft skin and a smooth face, just like a pretty boy. They were certain that a guy like this didn't even had the strength to truss a chicken and that every single one of them could take him down single-handedly.

    In a situation like this, the first person who stepped forward and put down Qin Feng would be like the person who tasted the crab first-firmly engraved in the hearts of lecturers and students in Normal University. Maybe his heroic act would be recorded in the annals of Normal University, and his fame would spread through the ages for eternity. [TLN: "Person who tasted the crab first" means a brave person. This phrase came from a legend - Long time ago, a general named Ba Jie () was sent by Da Yu () to solve the water problem in Jiangnan. During that time, their work was severely interrupted by a group of crabs. Ba Jie then came out with a solution: Pour hot boiled water into the ditch and cook the crabs. The cooked crabs became red and released a mouth-watering scent. Ba Jie opened the crabs out of his curiosity and the scent became even stronger. He mustered up his courage and took a bite, and realized it was tastier than anything he had eaten before. So the fearsome crab became a well-known delicacy. The people added a "Chong" () under his name "Jie" () to show their gratitude for solving and dominating the crab. And so, Ba Jie was the first person to taste the crab.]

    Qin Feng sighed. He felt these people thought too much!

    "Do you guys still want to fight? How about you all just come at me altogether. I still need to hold Jing Jing's hand and cross the bridge with her after getting rid of you guys." Qin Feng waved his hand impatiently.

    "Hmph! You filthy scumbag, don't even try to swindle us with your dirty tricks. I, this humble Ye, alone am enough to put you down. If we, the students of Normal University, do as you say, then we'll really fall into that crafty plot of yours. Even if we win at last, the reputation of our Normal University will be soiled."

    The Ye Da Chui who stood up first and yelled at Qin Feng just now stepped forward. He lowered his head and slowly undid the buttons on his white shirt one by one. After that, he swung his arms and shook his shirt behind. The hem of his clothes fluttered as a light breeze wafted past. He then struck the pose of an unparalleled master, closed his eyes, and beckoned toward Qin Feng.

    "Come, you little brat. I, this humble Ye, will close my eyes and..."


    Qin Feng couldn't maintain his composure anymore. How could he tolerate a person that was more pretentious than him, acting like a pretentious prick in front of him?

    So, without waiting for Ye Da Chui to finish his sentence, Qin Feng shot off a kick and sent him flying directly.


    As soon as Ye Da Chui flew up, the surroundings echoed with exclamations.

    These guys who came looking for trouble with Qin Feng were just ordinary university students. They hadn't stepped into society yet and still lived in their own fantasy world. Since when had they seen such a savage scene? How can this person fight without paying attention to others? He even sent a person flying with a kick!

    Weren't they all just bluffing? You'd see you were heavily outnumbered and beg for mercy. We'd just give you a few token punches or kicks, and then you would flee in panic. This would be the end of the whole story.

    This was the original idea of those university students that rushed violently to Liu Wen Jing's side.

    However, the situation had taken a sharp turn-a turn so fast that nobody could regain their senses from amazement.

    "That so-called Ji Wu Li, you're the second person who wanted to challenge me right? Come out now!" [TLN: "Ji Wu Li" is "Zhao Wu Li", Qin Feng mocked him for being powerless.]

    The fearsome and fiendish expression on Zhao Wu Li's face was long gone. Now, he could only lower his head and cower in the crowd. He didn't even had the guts to correct Qin Feng on his name.

    He'd seen Qin Feng's valiant skill. He would be a total fool to come out now and die.

    "Let's give him some color together and get rid of this outsider... He dares to come to our Normal University to steal our goddess, and act arrogant and despotic. He's digging his own grave," yelled someone in the crowd .

    This yell was the last straw, and it immediately ignited the silent crowd.

    "Yes, let's fight him together! We have hundreds of people; I don't believe we can't even take down a single person."

    "Originally, I didn't want to take advantage over you by using strength of numbers. But I heard this brat challenged us to go against him together. Since he asked, then I as the student of Normal University shall fulfill his wish; I've decided to fight you with everyone!"

    "Yes, you're right! Let's fight him together! Together!"

    "Many hands make light work. The revolution is close at hand!


    The mob that had spoken with righteousness and disdained fighting Qin Feng together change its stance. And now, all the men waved their fists and lunged at Qin Feng.

    Fish won't live in clear water; a man whose shamelessness knows no bounds is invincible!

    Qin Feng had fully appreciated the true essence of these words since he was 10 years old. After all, he was the invincible entity. When faced with a hundred screaming and bellowing hot-blooded youngsters running toward him, Qin Feng wasn't affected in the slightest. He pulled Liu Wen Jing's jade hand and abruptly stepped onto Lovers' Bridge.

    Liu Wen Jing was stupefied. She acted like a soulless puppet as she pondered whether she should follow Qin Feng to the bridge. However, within a blink of an eye, both of them were already walking hand in hand along the bridge.

    Then, were she and Qin Feng now a couple?

    If I'm Qin Feng's girlfriend, why am I so excited at seeing hundreds of boys lunging at Qin Feng in great anger?

    Qin Feng must be in trouble now! Yes. He must be!

    Unknown to Qin Feng, Liu Wen Jing was actually praying for his mishap. Qin Feng, on the other hand, thought this lass was scared by the mobs surging from both sides. All he felt was her hold on his arm growing tighter and tighter.

    "Jing Jing, don't be afraid; I'm here with you. Nobody will be able to lay a finger on you!" Qin Feng's determined voice sounded in Liu Wen Jing's ears.


    Liu Wen Jing's lovely body suddenly trembled. Before she could regain her senses, a loud sound of flashing lightning and rumbling thunder echoed in the air!

    This sound wasn't the real sound of lightning and thunder; in fact, it was the crackle made by Qin Feng's Spirit Snake Whip, which he lashed at the two groups of people closing in.

    The Spirit Snake Whip in Qin Feng's hand was glowing with orange light. Qin Feng waved his large hand; the Spirit Snake Whip then made a complete turn and pushed all the people within 5 meters of him into the lake.

    "Everyone, watch out! This little brat has a weapon on him!"

    "What the h*ll, it's a long whip! This person brought along a whip with him. How low!"

    Qin Feng released his long whip, and ghostly cries and wolflike howls resounded through the forest.

    The mobs heading to Lovers' Bridge stopped completely. This was because they saw dozens of people pushed into lake by the long whip. Now, nobody dared to step forward to taste the power of Qin Feng's long whip.

    Even Liu Wen Jing, who was in Qin Feng's arms, opened her mouth in a big "O." Suddenly, a question popped up in her mind: If I'm Qin Feng's woman, will he smack me with this whip?

    So erotic... But it's so exciting at the same time!

    "It's you guys who wanted to have a duel. All of you're frightened after seeing me send a person flying with a kick. Now you guys changed tactics and tried to attack me as a crowd. Then after you all witnessed the almighty strength of my long whip, you guys are scared again. Tell me, what can you all do? Such cowards. And you all still want to pursue Liu Wen Jing? Please, just drop it!"

    Qin Feng had originally wanted to admire the flowers and the scenery at Lovers' Bridge with Liu Wen Jing and, at the same time, discuss her becoming his sweetheart. It was such a great and fantastic afternoon, but it was spoiled by these stinking brats. Qin Feng wouldn't be able to cool his temper if he didn't scold these guys.

    "F*ck! This little brat used a weapon; let's find a weapon and f*ck him up!" someone yelled from the crowd again.

    So, hundreds of brains started to think, and soon enough they came up with a new strategy.

    "Rocks! Let's us smash this little brat with rocks! F*ck, he has gone too far!"

    "Oh yeah! I still have a slingshot in my pocket; I'll shoot this little brat to death!"


    There was nothing more other than rocks in this bamboo forest.

    When Qin Feng heard someone suggest smashing him with rocks, he turned grim. By the time he regained his senses, a dozen rocks of varying sizes were raining down mercilessly on him. Looking at the hail of rocks, Liu Wen Jing was so frightened that her delicate face became pale white.

    Did these stinking men think of me before they threw the rocks? Are they really my suitors?


    Flashing lightning and rumbling thunder resounded once again, the Spirit Snake Whip in Qin Feng's hand dancing elegantly and wildly in the air.

    This whip was an Orange Mid-Grade Spiritual Equipment. Usually he would use this whip to defend himself against those experienced martial artists. It was a bit of an overkill to use the long whip to give a little color to these ordinary university students.
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