Chapter 276 - Matchless Azure Wing Blades

    Chapter 276 - Matchless Azure Wing Blades

    Translator: Wiwbiwb

    Editor: Vampirecat

    Orange lights and shadows filled the sky, and gusts of wind whistled everywhere.

    The rocks that crashed down like rain were all lashed away by Qin Feng's whip. They regained speed and became faster, stronger, shooting out in all directions as beautiful as flowers scattered by a heavenly maiden.

    Sha sha sha!

    A large barrage of rocks bombarded the bamboo forest nearby like hail, hitting the bamboo with "sha sha" sounds.

    Swish swish swish!

    This flurry of rocks flew into the taller trees, causing sheets of shattered leaves and flowers to fall and scatter in the wind.

    Ao ao ao!

    This burst of rocks showered the mobs on both sides of Lovers' Bridge, and ghostly cries and wolflike howls resounded through the forest.

    Crushed flowers and falling leaves, a sky full of whip shadows, flashing lightning and booming thunder, ghostly cries and wolflike howling...

    This was a completely unimaginable scene. Even if you saw it personally, you wouldn't even believe it.

    Surges of pitiful cries arose, and wave upon wave of people fell into the lake. Even the frolicking little fish jumped out of the water in fright and expressed their objection.

    The downpour of rocks slowly ceased because fewer people had the energy or the inclination to throw rocks. Half of the men had fallen into the water, and the remaining were wide-eyed and gaping. How would they have the time to throw rocks?

    When the wind blew through and shook the bamboo forest, the rustling was incessant!

    At the very back of the crowd stood a man in a white robe holding a wooden fan followed by an elderly man draped in gray cloth.

    The young man was imposing and stood tall and straight. The elder with the cloth draped on him stood with his hands clasped and eyes burning like torches.

    "Uncle Qi, how are Qin Feng's skills?" The young man smiled slightly and opened his fan. He looked to be waving it casually, but he blocked all the broken rocks that flew toward him.

    "Among his peers, he has superb power, but in the martial community, he's not worth mentioning!" The elder's deep black eyes were swift, fierce, and pinned to Qin Feng who was brandishing his long whip not far away.

    He didn't have a folding fan in his clasped hands, but when the broken rocks were about to get close to him, he automatically used some strength and swept them away.

    The elder was surrounded by broken rocks that formed a circle around his feet.

    "But... the long whip in his hand isn't bad. It's an Orange Grade Spiritual Equipment. It's extremely rare in Acropolis!" Uncle Qi eyed the Spirit Snake Whip in Qin Feng's hand with a hint of longing.

    "Haha! In the eyes of our Sima family, an Orange Grade Spiritual Equipment isn't worth much. My Blue Grade Matchless Azure Wing Blades could slice his long whip in two."

    The young man replaced the fan in the waist of his white robe. He moved his palms slightly, and daggers appeared in them.

    The daggers both had a handle but no blade. When the man's palms exerted some strength and passed some Inner Qi into the blade handles, the two blade handles suddenly changed drastically, flashing with light blue light. And the places that didn't even have a blade flashed with light blue Qi flow.

    The flow was like both light and fog: it could be seen, but could not be touched.


    The young man waved casually and the Matchless Azure Wing Blades accurately slashed at a large rock that was flying toward him. Other than the sound of the blades cutting through the air, there was no sound. The rock instantly split in half like soft tofu.

    The part where it was split was as smooth as jade. There were no bumps on it, and it was gleaming and clear. One could even see their reflection in it.

    "Matchless Azure Wing Blades, Blue Top Grade Spiritual Equipment. The blades are crafted from the wing of the legendary Blue-winged Bird. Under normal circumstances, the dual blades have no light; a light blue light and Qi appear only after an Inner Qi cultivator instills Inner Qi into them... The dual blades in hand are famous for being able to slice through anything.

    "This Sima family heirloom really lives up to its name!" Uncle Qi's gaze fell on the young man's dual blades, and his eyes brightened even more.

    "You must know that our Sima family crafts weapons. What we don't lack is spiritual weapons!" The young man puffed up his chest, immensely pleased with himself.

    He was the eldest grandson in the direct line of descent of the Sima family in Acropolis, and one of the four Princes of Acropolis: Sima Tu.

    "Oh, Qin Feng, Qin Feng. You hid your strength. You've hid behind your hedonistic young master image with us four Princes for so long, tricked Hao Yun into waging war with you, and caused the elimination of the Hao family. You single-handedly destroyed Jincheng City's number one criminal family, Yu Wen Xiang's family, and smashed and scattered Sky City's Hua Ming's family... You really know how to pretend."

    The corner of Sima Tu's lips quirked upward. He watched Qin Feng brandish his long whip on Lovers' Bridge. From this moment on, he finally truly considered Qin Feng his opponent.

    "Prince Sima, want me to trash that brat?" As the Sima family's top bodyguard, Uncle Qi observed Sima Tu's expressions and didn't move unless commanded. He could see the cold, murderous look Sima Tu gave Qin Feng, so he proactively volunteered.

    Sima Tu waved his hand and smiled faintly. "No rush, no rush. The Qin family isn't trash. Twenty years ago, their first bodyguard was the number one Northern boxer Yuan Fu. You can easily kill Qin Feng right now, but what about after you kill him? Wouldn't this send our Sima family into a crisis?

    "The Sima Family always disregarded the Qin family, but we also wouldn't do anything strenuous that's unrewarding. I've just come out of seclusion, and I'm not stable in this new environment, so I'm not in a hurry to do anything... While secluding myself for two months, I haven't touched any women. I've come out this time to admire the flowers and the scenery. Young Master Qin really has superb taste-that girl beside him actually isn't bad. When I have the time, I'll play around with her and have a taste!"

    When Sima Tu said this, Uncle Qi didn't act blindly without thinking. He was really clear on Yuan Fu's name, and he was a bit worried about this person.

    At this time, Qin Feng had already put away his Spirit Snake Whip because no one dared throw more rocks at him. Sima Tu's gaze strayed from Qin Feng to Liu Wen Jing in Qin Feng's embrace, and the smile on Sima Tu's face widened.

    "You all aren't going to keep fighting with me? Then I'm going to hold on to your goddess's hand and cross the bridge!" Having put away the long whip, Qin Feng held Liu Wen Jing's jade hand and continued walking forward.

    Beneath Lovers' Bridge was a calm and gentle lake. The lake wasn't wide, just around 10 meters.

    Once standing on the other end of Lovers' Bridge, Qin Feng hugged Liu Wen Jing lightly and looked at the path they had taken. Because the bridge was wet from the lake water, there were footprints.

    "It wasn't easy walking this small little path!" said Qin Feng with a smile and a sigh.

    In order to cross Lovers' Bridge while holding Liu Wen Jing's hand, he'd faced over a hundred men at Normal University both individually and in groups. In the end, they'd even thrown rocks at him. It really hadn't been easy.

    "Ah! Qin Feng, y-you really held my hand and we walked across Lovers' Bridge together?" At this time, Liu Wen Jing finally came to her senses and struggled out of Qin Feng's arms.

    She hadn't prepared herself for crossing the bridge. Lovers' Bridge had a profound meaning in Normal University. On this day, with hundreds of students as their witnesses, the two of them walked over Lovers' Bridge and indicated that they wanted to be lovers.

    This gave Liu Wen Jing a strange feeling. She felt as though she held Qin Feng's hand and walked down a red-carpeted aisle for a wedding ceremony.

    "Jing Jing, from now on, you're my, Qin Feng's, lover." Qin Feng looked at Liu Wen Jing with a smile and pulled her gently into his embrace.

    "Lovers?" Liu Wen Jing stared at Qin Feng. "How could we possibly be considered lovers?!"

    "Lovers' Bridge, Lovers' Bridge... Doesn't it mean only lovers would hold hands and walk across it? You've just walked across Lovers' Bridge with me, so you're my lover. In the future, you have to come whenever I call, and do the basics that lovers must do... Small leather whips, shaking cars, boats, and horses, battling in the wild, you have to do your best to cooperate with me!" said Qin Feng earnestly while looking at Liu Wen Jing.

    If she hadn't wanted to maintain her wise and virtuous goddess image in front of the multitude of men, she would have slapped Qin Feng across the face.

    "In your dreams!" Liu Wen Jing glared at Qin Feng and walked away with a huff.

    She had just been concerned and a little shy over their ambiguous relationship after crossing Lovers' Bridge with Qin Feng, but now the complicated feelings were completely gone. All that was left was fury!

    After leaving Lovers' Bridge, Liu Wen Jing prepared to change in the dorms. She realized that her plan to take revenge on Qin Feng with her suitors failed. Qin Feng's skills were too abnormal, and who knew where he hid that huge long whip that he pulled out earlier? Liu Wen Jing couldn't find it even after they had gotten all the way to the entrance of the dorms.

    "Qin Feng, what do you mean by following me to the female dorms to change?" Liu Wen Jing walked up to the dorm building and found that Qin Feng was still following her, so she glared at him unhappily.

    Qin Feng really wanted to follow her up to see what a female dorm was like usually, but was shooed away by the fierce lady who managed the dorms.

    When Liu Wen Jing saw that Qin Feng didn't follow her upstairs, Liu Wen Jing's eyes became crescent moons. This was the first time she had any positive feelings toward the demanding lady dorm manager. Liu Wen Jing quickly climbed the stairs to the third floor and changed into a clean and loose white sweatshirt. She looked very active.

    However, after changing, Liu Wen Jing didn't go downstairs to find Qin Feng. She'd come to the dorm to change to get rid of Qin Feng. She decided to just stay hidden in her dorm room. After all, that Qin Feng couldn't possibly fly up into her dorm room!

    Without Qin Feng's nagging, Liu Wen Jing made a cup of coffee, sat at the desk by the window, and drank coffee while reading. She was extremely pleased with herself. What made her happiest was that from her position by the window, she could see downstairs. She could see Qin Feng standing there stupidly in the blazing sun waiting for her like a fool. Liu Wen Jing had the urge to guffaw thrice.

    However, her contentment and mirth only lasted less than 10 minutes when Qin Feng's voice drifted up from below.

    "Jing Jing, I know you're angry and I know you're in the dorms. I hope you'll give me a chance. Eat a candlelit dinner and watch a movie with me, okay? ...If you don't come down, I'll wait the entire night for you. If you don't come out tomorrow, either, then I'll wait until the end of time!"

    Qin Feng's voice wasn't loud, but it drifted clearly into every room of the entire women's dorm building because he used his Inner Qi.

    When one successfully uses Inner Qi, the Qi can swallow mountains and rivers.

    Qin Feng merely possessed Stage Two Inner Qi. If he trained more, his voice could carry for thousands of miles, and he wouldn't even need a cell phone.

    "Hmph! Another idiot confessing to Liu Wen Jing. That girl is just a little better-looking and a little more slender; how is that worth all the men in Normal University revering her as a goddess? They're really f*cking blind. Why does no one admire a woman as beautiful as me?"

    A woman's jealousy is extremely powerful, and so is their curiosity.

    Qin Feng's shout quickly attracted a large group of women who leaned on their window sills to look at Qin Feng standing downstairs. They discussed him unceasingly. Most of them were complaining about Liu Wen Jing and expressing their disdain of Qin Feng.

    Because Liu Wen Jing was extremely well-known in the school, people stood at the foot of the building practically every day to confess to her like Qin Feng did.

    "That's not right. This man looks really familiar," a woman in the dorm yelled, startled.

    The women that had just left ran back to look closely at Qin Feng.

    "I know, isn't that the hot guy who brandished a whip and beat up those vulgar men by Lovers' Bridge? ...He was so hot when he waved his whip!"

    "Not only were his movements handsome, the long whip in his hand was really cool!"

    "You're in heat, girl. Were you looking at the long whip in his hand, or the whip in his pants?"
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