Chapter 278 - How Do You Want to Play?

    Chapter 278 - How Do You Want to Play?

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    "Hmph! Stinking brat. I just saw the video of you fighting on Lovers' Bridge, and I know you have a bit of skill. But there are many extraordinary people in this world, so don't think there's no one that can suppress you." Gao Hu wasn't so dumb as to go and teach Qin Feng a lesson because he knew he couldn't beat Qin Feng.

    He took the initiative to look for trouble with Qin Feng because of Liu Wen Jing. However, he wasn't looking to fight Qin Feng one-on-one. He wanted to use his strengths to defeat Qin Feng; he wanted to compete with Qin Feng in basketball.

    "Brat, first let go of my two men. I'm not looking to fight you. If you have the guts, compete with me in a round of basketball. If you lose, leave Liu Wen Jing and don't ever get close to her again. If I see you harassing her again, though you have really good skills, I'll still find people to break your damn legs."

    A handsome person brimming with talent has to be prepared to constantly get challenged by people all through life.

    Qin Feng thought of himself as this kind of person, so in the face of Gao Hu's challenge, he gladly accepted it. But even if he didn't accept it, Liu Wen Jing took the initiative to accept it for him.

    "Gao Hu, I accept your basketball challenge on Qin Feng's behalf."

    When Liu Wen Jing saw Gao Hu and his two men from her dorm room upstairs, she felt unsettled. When she saw Liu Feng and Zhao Chuan make a move on Qin Feng, she immediately raced downstairs.

    However, when she arrived downstairs, she saw that Qin Feng was completely fine. He stood among 100 flowers with a blissful expression and allowed the women do what they wanted with him. Then Liu Wen Jing's worry dissipated completely and was replaced with anger at Qin Feng.

    She knew Gao Hu and his lackeys weren't good at much, but they were all really good at basketball. When Liu Wen Jing saw that so many girls in her school liked him, she intended to embarrass Qin Feng once, so those girls would stop chasing him.

    However, Liu Wen Jing didn't know why she had these thoughts and emotions.

    "Very well. Then come with us to the basketball court right now and see how we clean you up, brat!" Liu Wen Jing accepted the challenge for Qin Feng, so Gao Hu was both angry and excited. He waved his large hand and left with his two lackeys.

    After the three left, Qin Feng looked at Liu Wen Jing and complained, "Jing Jing, why did you accept the basketball challenge without my consent?"

    "Hmph! Why couldn't I accept it? Unless you're afraid of losing?" When Liu Wen Jing saw Qin Feng's nervous expression, she knew he had to be afraid of losing to Gao Hu and his two men. Liu Wen Jing did a little happy dance inside.

    "Darn! So many beauties at Normal University were beginning to like me, making my head hurt. And now you've given me an opportunity to show off my skills and outstanding abilities. I didn't even have a chance to be low-key! It's so difficult being a handsome and talented man like me!"

    "You're so shameless!"


    The whole way, Qin Feng hugged Liu Wen Jing, smiling. Liu Wen Jing unexpectedly didn't resist; she even snuggled into Qin Feng's embrace and occasionally helped him wipe his sweat to show off the sweet and loving affection between them to the close to 100 girls behind him.

    Very quickly, the procession arrived majestically at the basketball court.

    When Gao Hu and his two lackeys saw Liu Wen Jing and the close to 100 women following them, they are so shocked they almost fainted.

    Were they preparing for a basketball game or a beauty pageant?

    "We're having a basketball game, right? Hurry and tell me how we're competing; don't waste my time. After we're done, I have to bring my Jing Jing to see the flowers and the moon." Hugging Liu Wen Jing, Qin Feng arrived beside Gao Hu.

    Gao Hu saw how close the couple looked and angrily gritted his teeth. "Qin Feng, let's play a half-court three-on-three and whoever gets 50 points first will win. Whoever loses will have to stay away from Liu Wen Jing."

    "No problem," Qin Feng readily agreed.

    However, once he finished speaking, his expression shifted slightly. He suddenly thought of an extremely severe problem: all the people that came with him were women, and of all the men at Normal University, he had just beaten up half of them at Lovers' Bridge. As for the other half, who knew where they were hiding and cursing at him.

    Qin Feng suddenly found that he had no one to bring to this three-on-three game.

    "Haha! Qin Feng, our three are already here; who are you bringing out on your side? I'll give you a minute. If you can't find someone, then compete by yourself." Before the game, Gao Hu realized Qin Feng's predicament. He saw Qin Feng's down expression and couldn't help but burst into laughter.

    "Qin Feng, I'm willing to compete and lend a helping hand!"

    "Feng Feng, though I don't know how to play basketball, I'm strong. When we play, I'll help watch one person. If he dares to steal the ball from you, then I'll pummel him to death."

    "Feng, I wore a slip nightgown here. I can mesmerize them with my beauty. Let me compete."


    Qin Feng discovered the passion of Normal University women. Now that he saw their brimming enthusiasm, he was about to cry... None of them could play basketball!

    "There's no need for that. I don't need outside help to deal with you three. I've decided to compete alone," said Qin Feng through gritted teeth after he made his final decision.

    Because his back was toward the women, no one could see his raised head, his bitter smile, and him trying his best to hold in his tears.

    "Haha! How arrogant. Then let's cut the crap and start the game." Gao Hu and his two men saw how Qin Feng was at a loss. When they saw him acting impressive, like he was really great, they all laughed uncontrollably.

    The four people now stood at the half-court line. Qin Feng stood alone on one side, and Gao Hu and his two men stood robust, tall, and sturdy on the other side. From the scene alone, there was a desolate feeling.

    "Stinking brat, since you're competing on your own, your elder won't bully you. You can start with the ball first. Let's begin." Gao Hu tossed the basketball at Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng held the basketball, looked at it, looked at it again, and looked at it again...

    "Are you playing or not, brat? If you're afraid, it's not too late to admit defeat!" Gao Hu lost his patience and wondered, "Don't tell me it's the first time this guy has seen a basketball."


    Qin Feng suddenly roared and rushed forward with the basketball in hand.

    He currently had Stage Three External and Stage Two Internal abilities. If he went a little faster, he could attain 1.3 times a person's speed. If he stepped lighter on the ground, he'd disappear naturally.

    When Gao Hu and his two men regained their senses, Qin Feng had already arrived beneath the basketball hoop, leapt nimbly, grabbed the hoop, and performed a domineering slam dunk.


    The basketball fell to the ground with a dull thud.

    This sound was like thunder as it struck the hearts of Gao Hu and his men. At the same time, it fell into the hearts of the nearly 100 women watching.

    It was tyrannical, bold and powerful, fast and nimble, natural, and smooth.

    Qin Feng amazed the world with his brilliant feat!

    Earlier, everyone looked worried that he would lose the competition, but that worry was nowhere to be seen now.

    "Not only does Qin Feng fight beautifully, who knew he was also so handsome playing basketball?"

    "He's so handsome that my heart is thumping uncontrollably like it's about to give out!"

    Some of the surrounding army of women regained their senses and and a wave of wild screaming and professions of love were heard.

    In turn, Gao Hu and his men came to. But after they saw Qin Feng's speed and agility and startling leap, they didn't look afraid as one might expect. Each of them suddenly clasped their stomachs and guffawed!

    That's right, they were laughing at Qin Feng. They convulsed with laughter and couldn't stop.

    Because the three of them noticed that Qin Feng didn't know how to play basketball. This brat grabbed the ball and ran a dozen steps up to the basketball hoop before doing a slam dunk. According to the "three steps to a shot" rule, Qin Feng had violated the rule of "traveling."

    Gao Hu laughed until he was out of breath and shouted at Qin Feng, "Haha! Do you know how to play basketball, brat? You think your performance was really cool, don't you? You violated the rules. Hurry and bring the basketball over and stop squatting there and showing off."

    After Qin Feng finished his slam dunk, he maintained a cool, half-squat pose and basked in the screams and cheers of the army of women. Now that he heard Gao Hu's sudden words, he suddenly didn't feel so good.

    "I broke the rules?" Qin Feng stood and asked the crowd of nearly 100 girls.

    Among these lovestruck women, quite a few of them came to watch basketball games to see the hot guys. Thus, they had a fairly good idea of the basic rules, and quite a few of them knew about the rule regarding "traveling."

    Qin Feng saw around a dozen women look at him with flirtatious glances while nodding. Though he felt a bit helpless, Qin Feng could only toss the ball to Gao Hu.

    Qin Feng's first, handsome offense ended as a rule violation. Now that the basketball was in Gao Hu's hand, the lowly three-man group began their first offensive moves.

    Gao Hu arrived at the three-point line with the ball. He was tall, strong, and nimble: a born basketball player. Also, he was a first-string player of the basketball team and participated in basketball practice every day. His dribbling and shooting abilities were at a level that amateurs couldn't compare to.

    "Your elder never bullies the few with many. Right now, my younger brothers don't need to help. Your elder challenges you to a one-on-one. See if you can steal the ball from me."

    Gao Hu bent over and dribbled the ball. Qin Feng stood facing him less than a meter away, but Gao Hu wasn't nervous or afraid at all. The ball seemed to come to life in his hands. No matter how he dribbled between his legs or behind him and what cool moves he did, he continued to stably bounce the basketball.

    He didn't need help from his two lackeys because Qin Feng didn't even know how to play basketball. He was intentionally provoking Qin Feng. He was forcing Qin Feng to steal the basketball from him because he knew that if Qin Feng came up to him, he had over a hundred ways to mess with Qin Feng by dribbling. Then, after successfully doing so, he'd take a large step and score beautifully.

    Gao Hu wanted to ruthlessly humiliate Qin Feng in front of Liu Wen Jing and all the female students. The impatient expression on his face said everything.

    "Stinking brat, you still aren't coming to take my basketball? Don't tell me you're afraid of me and you don't even have the courage to steal the ball? Haha, you really are a weakling, you're just a..."


    Qin Feng suddenly extended a fist and punched Gao Hu's nose. Gao Hu yelped in pain, and fresh blood immediately sprayed from his nose!

    After the fist landed, Qin Feng grabbed the dropped basketball. After obtaining the ball, he mumbled to himself, "This guy is really annoying. It really wasn't easy stealing the ball from you. But now, this young master got the ball. What can you do about it?"


    The punch was too quick. The other people only reacted a good couple of seconds after Gao Hu fell to the ground, covered his nose, and cried in pain.

    Gao Hu's two lackeys were so frightened that they were as white as sheets. They immediately ran up to Qin Feng and glared fiendishly at him while yelling, "What are you doing, brat? Why did you punch him?"

    "Punch him? I was stealing the ball. Can you not punch people when stealing the ball? Then how else would you steal it?" Qin Feng looked innocently at the two, and they almost fainted in anger.

    After trying to calm themselves for who knew how long, Liu Feng came to his senses first and suddenly shouted, "Y-You broke the rules, brat!"

    "I broke the rules again? Basketball is really lame. You can't travel when shooting, you can't hit people when stealing the ball, then how do you play?" Qin Feng complained.
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