Chapter 279 - Youre the Cutest under Heaven

    Chapter 279 - You're the Cutest under Heaven

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: Vampirecat

    Liu Feng and Zhao Chuan champed with rage; even Gao Hu, who was rolling on the floor, forgot the pain after he heard Qin Feng's words. He quickly sprang up to continue the game.

    The first offense from both sides concluded with Qin Feng's foul. Now, Gao Hu was the starter.

    "F*ck, this scoundrel dares to play dirty. We can't fight him head on. Let's use tactic number two!" Dribbling the basketball, Gao Hu gestured at his two underlings.

    Three of them were part of the university basketball team; only they would understand the meaning of these signals. After Liu Feng and Zhao Chuan saw Gao Hu's gestures, both of them nodded their heads.

    This time, Gao Hu didn't try to get past Qin Feng to show off his skill. Qin Feng punched him earlier and Gao Hu was afraid Qin Feng might punch him again. Every time he saw Qin Feng wave his fist at him, Gao Hu would pass the ball to one of his two underlings.

    Three of them maintained a triangle formation, swiftly passing the ball to a teammate if Qin Feng tried to snatch the ball. After a few rounds, Qin Feng stopped moving around. He stood under the basketball hoop and looked at the trio indifferently. He realized they were playing him for a fool, like a monkey, and he was very mad about it.

    Seeing that Qin Feng stopped moving, triumphant smiles rose on the trio's faces. The basketball was in Gao Hu's hand. He was standing near the two sub-line and he attempted to go for a shot. His shooting average at this distance was extremely high; he almost never failed.


    Gao Hu jumped abruptly. He deliberately stopped in mid-air for a second and performed a cool fadeaway shot. Looking at the arc the basketball was flying, the corner of Gao Hu's mouth quirked even higher. He was certain that he would score the goal.


    The idea just popped out for a second, and a muffled sound echoed in the air.

    Qin Feng, who was standing under the basketball hoop, suddenly jumped into the air. It looked like a simple jump, but his head reached above the hoop. He then extended his arm and gave a pat at the basketball. The ball thrown by Gao Hu was sent flying directly.


    As soon as he landed, Qin Feng darted out like an arrow released from a bowstring, carrying a light breeze with him. Very soon, he caught up to the high-speed basketball.

    Both the hundred-strong army of women and Liu Wen Jing were flabbergasted. The B*tchy Trio was so stunned that their jaws dropped to the floor. Starting from jumping and intercepting the basketball to sprinting and stealing the basketball, Qin Feng completed all of these within just the time it took to breathe. Amazed by his incredible jumping ability and his lightning-bolt speed, everyone in the basketball court couldn't do anything but only stare at him with their mouths open wide...

    At mid-court, Qin Feng was standing straight like a pine. He seriously looked at the basketball on his hand. He keep looking at it over and over again!

    It was exactly the same as when he first started the game!

    Everyone's gazes were focused on Qin Feng. All of them couldn't fathom the man's thoughts or what was he scheming right now.

    It seemed like time had frozen, and only the sound of beating hearts from the crowd could be heard. All of them knew, before a supreme master made their move, they stood straight like a pine and remained silent like a bell. Some of them even would made some odd motions.

    This was what Qin Feng looked like right now. This could only mean one thing-he was preparing for a huge move.

    Earlier on, this army of women and the B*tchy Trio had watched the video of Qin Feng beating male students of Normal University at the Lovers' Bridge. They were well aware that this youngster had some formidable skill. If he ever became serious, even if the huge move he released couldn't shatter the ground, at least he could break the backboard into pieces!

    It would be an earth-shattering and majestic sight! The hundred-strong army of women had already pulled out their cell phones, preparing to record this peak moment!

    "Ahem! Ahem!" In this hair-triggering, dignified, and solemn moment, Qin Feng suddenly cleared his throat.

    He had to do it because he was going to speak. "Erm... Can anyone tell me the rules of a basketball game? So that I don't violate the rules again."


    Qin Feng was vexed, very, very vexed.

    As the number one hedonist young master in Acropolis City, the sports he would play since he was young were either golfing at the big lawn or swimming at the big pool. Needless to say, rolling on a bed with a different woman every night was one of Young Master Qin's favorite sports as well.

    Billiards, baseball, rugby...

    Car racing, poker, mahjong...

    Qin Feng considered himself proficient in many sports since he was young. But when it came to a basketball game, he was totally clueless. This was because Qin Feng was spoiled and pampered since childhood, how could he possibly play a dangerous sport where he could easily get injured like basketball? He had always thought basketball was for losers.

    Yes, this was the first time Qin Feng touched a basketball and the first time he played a basketball game in a basketball court.

    Although he had an incredible jumping ability and lightning-bolt speed, but he didn't even know the basic rules of basketball... He couldn't understand it. I can't travel when dribbling, I can't punch people when snatching the ball. Then how do you play basketball?

    Qin Feng couldn't figure it out by himself. So he looked at the hundred-strong army of women to get some help from them!

    It was hard for the crowd to recover from Qin Feng's question. They felt Qin Feng was too cool. He dared to accept the challenge from the B*tchy Trio when he didn't know how to play basketball. Where could you still find a person with such perseverance, who had the courage and spirit to break through the limits of oneself, in current society?

    "Feng Feng, playing basketball is easy. You don't need to move when you get the ball; just throwing the ball into the basket will do." A sweet and charming female voice resounded in the silent basketball court. Someone from the audience hastily answered Qin Feng's question.


    As soon as the girl finished speaking, Qin Feng jumped abruptly.

    He held the basketball single-handedly and casually threw it. The basketball drew a perfect arc in the air and dropped into the basket without a hitch.


    It was a swish shot.

    "It's just like this? Basketball is so easy!" Qin Feng grumbled after he scored a goal.

    After a short silence, the basketball court exploded with screaming and cheering that could startle the universe and move the gods. It was said that a woman was comparable to 200 ducks; now the hundred-strong army of women were like a flock of 20,000 ducks.

    Now there were 20,000 ducks gathered around the basketball court, quacking and chirping nonstop. The sight was disastrous and frightening; Qin Feng was so alarmed that he had to cover his ears with his hands.

    "F*ck, is this little brat playing with us?" Liu Feng's jaw was still on the floor.

    "No way, this little brat is a sharpshooter!" Zhao Chuan's eyes were as big as saucers, wide enough that his eyeballs might drop down anytime.

    Only Gao Hu had a cold expression on his face. After seeing Qin Feng score a half-court shot, he was so mad that he almost devoured his own teeth.

    "What're you two yelling for? This little brat doesn't even know how to play basketball. This is his first time touching a basketball. Do you guys believe that he can really score a half-court shot? It's just an incredible stroke of luck! What's so surprising? This kind of incident often happens in NBA's last-minute kill. Now, pick up the pace, if we lose this, then we won't have the face to stay in Normal University anymore."

    "Yes, yes. Big brother is right, it's just pure luck for this little brat."

    "I don't believe he'll be blessed by the goddess of fortune for the whole day. Next time, I won't give him a single chance to shoot the ball."

    Liu Feng and Zhao Chuan regained their fighting spirit after receiving a word or two from Gao Hu.

    It was Qin Feng's score just now, so now it was his turn to be the starter.

    "B*tchy Trio, your grandpa-me-knows how to play basketball now. Starting from now, the three of you don't even have a single chance to touch the ball," said Qin Feng. Once he got the ball, the B*Tchy Trio started to surround him. Qin Feng was totally unaffected and cast a gleeful smile at the them.

    "You're the B*tchy Trio. Don't f*cking simply give me a nickname." Gao Hu rolled his eyes in fury.

    "Don't you think this nickname is cool? It took me a long time to come up with this nickname." Qin Feng seemingly ignored the angry expressions on the trio's faces and said unhurriedly, "You guys ever watch the drama-Chinese Paladin 3, right? It's so majestic and has the air of a celestial being. All the characters cultivate the way of the sword. All of them are handsome, elegant, and full of confidence. I see the three of you're cultivating the way of "the b*itch" as well. Although the way of cultivation is different, but at least they've the same homophone. So I think the name-B*tchy Trio-suits the airs and attitude of you three very well. [TLN: Both "sword" and "b*tchy" are pronounced "jian" in Chinese.]

    "Are you guys really sure you don't want to use this nickname?"

    "Are you through, you little brat? I've come here for a game, not to quarrel with you." Gao Hu pressed on his chest; he felt like a mouthful of blood was trapped in it.

    "That half-court shot of yours earlier was just a fluke. Starting from now, I won't give you a single chance to touch the ball. And you still want to score a goal? Haha, you're so hila..."

    Gao Hu was so mad that he could laugh. It was just that before he could finish his mocking laughter, he felt a light breeze blow in front of him. Qin Feng mustered all his strength and leaped forward; he was like a soaring eagle and within a blink of an eye, he was standing on Gao Hu's head.

    Qin Feng stood on Gao Hu's head using only one leg. His other leg dangled in the mid-air, and he maintained the free and easy pose like a golden chicken standing on one leg. He then lightly threw the basketball in his hand,. "Swoosh." The basketball passed through the net without touching the rim. Without a doubt, it was another swish shot.

    "B*tchy Trio, the luck that you guys said is like this?" Qin Feng dismounted after he'd scored the goal. He gave an innocent and pure smile at the trio.

    Three people and six eyes stared fixedly at Qin Feng, but none of them could utter any words. Ever since they'd joined the university basketball team, it was they who bullied others all the time on this basketball court. When had they ever been bullied?

    All three of them had hundreds of different curse words and styles to mock their opponent. Now that they had three people, they had 300 styles. However, after seeing Qin Feng score two half-court swish shots single-handedly, the B*tchy Trio thought it was superfluous to say anything more. Because it would be like slapping their own faces.

    The match wasn't over yet. It had just begun, starting from this moment...

    The hundred-strong army of women at the sidelines was agitated. This was the first time they'd seen a confident, humorous man like Qin Feng. He was handsome, had good fighting skills, was a sharpshooter, and had a down-to-earth attitude.

    This type of man was a natural-born magnificent lover. He was renowned as the number one hedonist young master in Acropolis City and was a Seducer Sage not only in name but also in reality.

    "Feng Feng! Feng Feng!"

    "Little Feng Feng, I love you. Let's go for a movie and dinner date after you finish your game. After watching a movie, I'll let you do whatever you want to me!"

    "Feng, I don't need you to take me to dinner or a movie. If you want it right now, I can do it at the basketball court!"


    Liu Wen Jing had regrets. She hated herself deeply. Why had she accepted the challenge raised by the B*tchy Trio against Qin Feng? Why was it that every time she wanted to get revenge on Qin Feng, it ended with him stealing the show?

    Liu Wen Jing was very sad. This wasn't her original plan. She longed for Qin Feng's loss and his loss of his face in front of hundreds of women. Could it be that the words were true?

    If a woman didn't dress provocatively, she wasn't sexy; if a man wasn't lowly, he wasn't cute!

    If this was the standard to define the cuteness of a man, then even Liu Wen Jing would acknowledge in her heart... Qin Feng was the cutest under the heavens!
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