Chapter 280 - Slicing Open with One Slash

    Chapter 280 - Slicing Open with One Slash

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    Afterward, it was no longer an evenly matched basketball game; it was solely Qin Feng's shooting performance.

    Once he knew that he would win the instant he got the ball and shot it, he knew that the results of the game was no longer cause for surprise.

    The power in his jumps was so startling that it made the B*tchy Trio reverent. His shooting was 100% accurate, and it was a swish every time.

    He jumped and shot with one hand, stood in place and shot with one hand, and shot from half court with his back to the basket. When he was bored, he'd shoot by bouncing the ball on the floor, and when he was tired, he'd shoot while squatting. Tired from squatting, he'd shoot while sitting, and tired from sitting, he'd shoot while lying on the floor.

    However, no matter how he shot, he'd always score.

    In the beginning, the B*tchy Trio did all they could to intercept the ball or disturb Qin Feng when shooting. In the end, they covered their eyes. They really didn't want to face such humiliation.


    This time, Qin Feng shot with his toes, and made a swish.

    "Oh, I made 48 points without knowing it. If I make another shot, our competition will be over and you three will have lost." Qin Feng walked up to the B*tchy Trio with a smile.

    The three of them lowered their heads and said nothing. If they said anything now, it would equate to getting another slap from Qin Feng. They were already afraid of Qin Feng and regretted challenging this abnormal monster in basketball.

    "It's okay if you guys don't talk, but after losing, keep your promise and don't bother Liu Wen Jing again. If I find out that you did, I'll break your arms and legs." Qin Feng held the basketball and his smiling expression suddenly became glacial. The air around the B*tchy Trio turned cold, and gusts of wintry air made them unable to breathe.

    "Then I'm going to make this last shot!" After talking trash, Qin Feng suddenly laughed.

    He didn't even look at the hoop and lightly lifted one hand. The basketball handsomely headed toward the basket.


    Everyone's gazes congregated on this one ball. It was a shot that could end the game, and immediately end the B*tchy Trio's legend of invincibility in basketball.


    A dull noise suddenly came from the basketball court. The ball Qin Feng had thrown was smacked away by someone. This was a tall and handsome man. He wore a white robe and held a wooden folding fan. No one knew where he came from, but he blocked Qin Feng's shot.

    "Haha, who knew I'd be able to meet Prince Qin here? Say, isn't this destiny?" Sima Tu casually walked toward Qin Feng as if he hadn't hit the basketball off course earlier.

    Amazement flashed in Qin Feng's eyes. He hadn't expected to encounter Sima Tu here. When the Hao family fell into trouble, this guy went off the radar. Now that he suddenly appeared and came at him personally, Qin Feng was a bit alarmed.

    "So it's Prince Sima. It's destiny indeed!" A vulgar smile arose on Qin Feng's face. This was the expression a hedonistic young master should have.

    "Prince Sima, you jumped really high at first and startled me. I didn't even see where you came from and you already landed on the ground!" Qin Feng's smile intensified.

    In the past, before he had the Hedonist Sovereign System, he never fought Sima Tu. He hadn't known about cultivation and hidden experts outside of society in the world. Now that Qin Feng encountered these things, he began to dip his toes into this world. He found that Sima Tu was also a martial cultivator, and from his simple interception, it was clear that Sima Tu wasn't weak.

    "Haha, I only displayed slight skill in the face of an expert. Compared to Prince Qin, I'm nothing!" Sima Tu waved with a smile. "You seem to be in the middle of a game? Nice! I usually like playing basketball as exercise. How about letting me join?

    "Since Prince Qin is so amazing, you naturally don't need help. Then I'll join that three-man group. Why don't we use one point to decide on the victor?"

    Once Sima Tu suddenly appeared, he looked to be picking a fight. Qin Feng hesitated a bit.

    Seeing that Qin Feng didn't respond, Sima Tu continued with a smile, "There's no need to be worried, Prince Qin. I just haven't seen you in so long, so now that I've had the good fortune of meeting you again on a basketball court and seeing you play, I wanted to join in and play with you. Consider it a deepening of our many years of friendship."

    "Haha, just thinking about playing basketball with Prince Sima sounds fun. How could I not agree? ...Then let's begin."

    Qin Feng's gaze swept over the sidelines of the court. Uncle Qi stood very conspicuously in his gray wrap among the army of women. The instant Qin Feng saw Uncle Qi, he agreed to Sima Tu's addition to the competition.

    He knew that Sima Tu came prepared today, so if he didn't agree, he wouldn't be able to leave.

    "Prince Qin is indeed refreshing. Then let's begin... Since we have more people, you start with the ball first." Sima Tu waved his large hand, sending his wooden fan flying. It landed accurately in Uncle Qi's hand.

    He tapped his foot lightly and immediately arrived beside the basketball that was countless meters away. Then, he kicked the basketball, which flew toward Qin Feng like an apparition.


    When the nearly 100 women saw this, they all gave startled gasps. Liu Wen Jing squeezed her hands tightly together in worry for Qin Feng. She was a smart woman, and she could already tell that Qin Feng and that man in the white robe had some conflict between them.

    "Prince Sima's soccer skills really are amazing. If China sent you to participate in the World Cup, our team would be qualified to compete." Fierceness flitted through Qin Feng's face and quickly disappeared. He quickly turned and dodged the flying basketball. Then, he did a backflip and moved quicker than the flying basketball. He didn't allow the ball to continue on its path, but did a bicycle kick, sending the ball back.


    The basketball sliced through the air and flew toward Sima Tu's head. Sima Tu's lips quirked as he stood motionless in place and allowed the basketball to rush at him.


    Sima Tu squatted into a horse stance and fiercely shot both of his hands forward.

    The air around him seemed to disperse, producing a surging sound. The flying basketball suddenly stopped and spun in place half a meter from Sima Tu.

    "An Inner Qi expert!"

    Qin Feng's eyes widened and his heart leapt. He hadn't thought Sima Tu would be an Inner Qi expert. It wasn't hard to tell from the power that shot out of Sima Tu's body that he had just achieved Stage Four Inner Qi.

    The Qi on his body was robust but not sturdy enough. It was very similar to that of the provincial capital's Liang family's Liang Zhen Wei; however, it wasn't as strong as Liang Zhen Wei's Qi. Qin Feng recently killed Liang Zhen Wei outside the Zhao family villa, and his abilities improved vastly since. Thus, after seeing Sima Tu's abilities, Qin Feng was no longer that nervous.

    Whether it be the B*tchy Trio or the army of women, all of them looked on, stunned.

    The B*tchy Trio was going to join forces with Sima Tu to deal with Qin Feng, but once they saw the scene before them, they felt extraneous on the court.


    A dull sound was heard.

    The energy on the basketball was completely eliminated by Sima Tu. It was completely under his control, and he smacked the ball back at Qin Feng.

    Sima Tu's hands didn't touch the basketball, but an invisible Qi flow passed from his hand to the ball, and Sima Tu manipulated the Qi flow to control the ball. A Stage Four Inner Qi expert was familiar with controlling Qi, so the basketball took on a new life in Sima Tu's hands. It bounced nimbly at his feet. The rhythm and agility made even the B*tchy Trio gasp continuously in shock.

    "Prince Qin, I'm going to attack. You better be ready!" Sima Tu got closer and closer to Qin Feng, and the mirth he hid in his eyes became stronger and stronger.

    Sima Tu suddenly jumped up and prepared to shoot. Qin Feng leapt up as well, and jumped a head higher than Sima Tu, blocking Sima Tu's line of sight.

    Sima Tu's hands moved, but not in a motion to shoot the ball. He slashed toward Qin Feng's chest with his previously empty hands that now held daggers that looked like both light and fog and gleamed with blue light.


    The daggers landed, but they didn't cut Qin Feng's chest. They fell on a pair of hard gloves exuding white, wintry air and produced an ear-splitting scrape.

    Sima Tu's and Qin Feng's eyes twinkled radiantly. The two of them looked amazed.


    With one slash, the two men quickly separated and landed at the same time.

    Qin Feng glanced at the light blue daggers Sima Tu held, then lowered his head to look at the gloves on his hands. There was a long, thin gash on one of the gloves, which were incomparably hard and wrought from Winter Iron that was 1,000 years old.

    The Winter Iron Gloves were split, a long gash appearing on the knuckles of the glove. If Qin Feng hadn't seen it personally, he wouldn't have believed it.

    Who knew how many experts he'd killed with the Winter Iron Gloves? At the time, when facing Bronze Number Eight of the Golden Assassin Crew and his 41 kg Green Dragon Crescent Moon Blade, Qin Feng blocked it with a simple punch. Now, the gloves were easily cut open by the blue blade in Sima Tu's hand... What kind of weapon was it?

    Qin Feng quickly recounted the weapon grades: Sovereign (Gold Grade), Purple Grade, Blue Grade, Orange Grade, and White Grade.

    Could it be that the daggers with blue light were Blue Grade equipment? Even Qin Feng didn't have one of those.

    "Haha, Prince Qin, you are hiding quite a few treasures on your body!" Sima Tu suddenly laughed, sounding a bit fake.

    He'd seen Qin Feng with an Orange Grade spirit whip on Lovers' Bridge, and hadn't expected the guy to also have a pair of White Grade gloves. If the gloves hadn't suddenly appeared, Sima Tu was certain he'd have sliced Qin Feng's chest.

    Though he didn't plan on actually killing Qin Feng with one slash, it wouldn't be bad to leave a gash!


    Qin Feng and Sima Tu's first exchange ended with a spark. After the two landed on the ground and spoke with one another, everyone else regained their senses.

    They hadn't clearly seen what exactly happened, but they had heard the ear-splitting scrape on the iron gloves and seen Qin Feng and Sima Tu jump higher than the height of a person. These things alone made them scream with anger.

    Qin Feng was angry. Extremely angry.

    His Winter Iron Gloves were something he obtained from Williams after putting his life at stake on Coiled Snake Mountain. Now that the glove on his left hand was sliced open by Sima Tu, he felt that this person was too unkind.

    Weren't they friends who usually called one another brothers? And hadn't they always gone to high-end clubs to pick up girls and chat them up? Weren't they collectively known as Acropolis City's Four Princes?

    When they saw one another, shouldn't they make small talk, sit down to drink coffee, talk about the beauties they played with recently, and share the artistic videos they filmed of themselves?

    You sliced this young master's glove once you showed up. Don't you know that wearing these gloves while masturbating... is very stimulating?
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