Chapter 281- How Dare you Steal This Young Masters Woman!

    Chapter 281- How Dare you Steal This Young Master's Woman!

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: Vampirecat


    Qin Feng suddenly moved; he released the weight of the Flying Dragon Armour and instantly reached 1.7x the speed of an ordinary person.

    He sprinted as fast as a lightning bolt, casting an afterimage in everybody's sight; even Sima Tu's eyes were filled with amazement. Sima Tu was preoccupied for just an instant and Qin Feng had already snatched the basketball from his hand.

    After getting the ball, without any hesitation or pause, he-

    Jumped and shot!

    Qin Feng injected a strong Qi into the basketball. When he threw the ball, it darted like a sharp arrow released from a bowstring, breaking the airstream around it, and a slight explosion could be heard from the path it travelled.


    The ball reached the basket, but the appealing swish couldn't be heard.

    Ever since Sima Tu made his appearance, Qin Feng no longer could score a perfect shot, and this was the second time he missed. The basketball was struck by a pebble-like small object; it deviated from its original course and smashed on the backboard.

    "What a shame. Prince Qin, you were so close!" said Sima Tu with a bright smile on his face. As soon as he finished talking, he rushed out and arrived beside the basketball right away.

    Once again, Sima Tu dribbled basketball and charged at Qin Feng. However, he slowed down when he was near Qin Feng and yelled to Gao Hu, who was dazed on one side, "You, come here; help me by guarding Qin Feng."

    Although Gao Hu regained his senses, he still had a stunned look on his face. He was a young master from a small family clan in Acropolis City; normally it was he who ordered other people. However, when he was ordered by Sima Tu, he didn't feel even the slightest resentment or resistance in his heart.

    He could sense an aura of supremacy from Sima Tu. His aura was so intense that it pressured Gao Hu until he couldn't breathe. Gao Hu felt he was worthless in front of Sima Tu, who was like an emperor standing high above the masses. Every word of his was an imperial edict, and Gao Hu just needed to obey.

    Sima Tu was dribbling the basketball in place, while Gao Hu rushed in front of Qin Feng, preparing to execute a screen-and-roll play with Sima Tu. Qin Feng suddenly felt something was off. As soon as this bad premonition popped up, Sima Tu, with a mirth in his eyes, pounced on him.

    "Prince Qin, I'm going for a shot; can you block my attack this time?" Sima Tu flickered again, his speed as fast as lightning.

    Qin Feng quickly defended himself. Both of them jumped at the same time; however, Qin Feng was still a head higher than Sima Tu. Unlike before, Sima Tu didn't shoot the ball or attack Qin Feng with the Matchless Azure Wing Blades. Instead, he sent a palm strike at Gao Hu, who had jumped at the same time they did. Unable to parry his attack, Gao Hu was sent flying directly.


    Gao Hu hit on the floor heavily, blood gushing from his mouth. He pressed his hand to his stomach and writhed in agony on the floor.

    Qin Feng and Sima Tu landed at the same time. Qin Feng's dashing eyebrows furrowed tightly. Sima Tu, on the other hand, had a gentle, warm smile on his face.

    He had come prepared when he proactively asked for a basketball game with Qin Feng. The Sima family had qualms about the Qin family's power. Although he was not allowed to kill Qin Feng on the spot, he didn't expect doing something to him would pose a big problem.

    Originally, Sima Tu planned to stab Qin Feng with the Matchless Azure Wing Blades, then pass the stabbing off as a accidental injury during the basketball game. He never imagined that his attack would be parried by Qin Feng's Winter Iron Gloves. So he changed his strategy: ask Gao Hu to come over and injure him with a palm strike, so Qin Feng would be the scapegoat.

    At the same time, Uncle Qi, who was standing at the sidelines, had already gotten behind Liu Wen Jing. He was waiting for Sima Tu's signal, and then he would knock Liu Wen Jing out and bring her away.

    This was Sima Tu's plan-wound Qin Feng to show off his strength and supremacy, then find a quiet place and enjoy Liu Wen Jing's body to further humiliate Qin Feng. How can he be Acropolis City's Number One Young Master? For what reason is he one of Acropolis City's Four Princes? In Sima Tu's eyes, Qin Feng was nothing!

    Sima Tu switched plans too quickly, making it hard to guard against. Qin Feng's expression turned grave.

    "Haha, I say, Prince Qin, you really don't know how to play a basketball? How can you break the rules over and over again? This time, you even heavily wounded that little brother... Hmm, wait a second, aren't this little brother a descendant of Acropolis City's Gao family? No wonder you look so familiar!

    "Aiyaya! This will be big trouble now. Although the Gao family is just a small family clan in Acropolis City and their power isn't as great as Prince Qin's Qin family, if the Gao family learns it was Prince Qin who intentionally heavily wounded their eldest grandson in a basketball game, I bet they won't take this matter lying down... Prince Qin, you and I have known each other for a long time, but this time, you've gone too far. I can't ignore my conscience to speak up for you!"

    Sima Tu stood with his hands clasped, his white robe fluttering in the wind.

    The whole situation seemed to be under his control. Only his gentle and warm laughter could be heard in the basketball court.

    Qin Feng frowned deeply, his brain racing to come up with a strategy to counter Sima Tu. On the other hand, Gao Hu lying on the floor had a lot of things to say, but he was in too much pain to speak.

    Only now did he realize the identities of Qin Feng and Sima Tu. To his surprise, these guys were two of Acropolis City's Four Princes. Gao Hu finally understood his position today-a mere pawn for Sima Tu to use against Qin Feng.


    Qin Feng suddenly moved. He went directly in front of Gao Hu and gave him a heavy stomp.

    Gao Hu vomited another two mouthfuls of blood.

    Everyone was dumbstruck by Qin Feng's abruptness. Even the confident Sima Tu was at a complete loss. Originally, everything was going smoothly, according to his plan; he was even prepared to cast a meaningful glance at Uncle Qi. He would swagger off after Uncle Qi brought Liu Wen Jing away, and then the plan for today would be completed perfectly.

    However, Qin Feng suddenly stomped on Gao Hu before so many eyes. This stomp was a variable that instantly shattered Sima Tu's calm and unflustered mind, and upset his plan for today.

    "Jing Jing, come here fast!" Qin Feng continued to stomp on Gao Hu.

    At the same time as he violently stomped on Gao Hu, he yelled at Liu Wen Jing.

    Liu Wen Jing quickly rushed to Qin Feng's side. Although she still held some resentment for Qin Feng in her heart and was sullen after Qin Feng had stolen the show and caused the bunch of girls to exclaim over him, she also felt danger approaching. So she rushed to Qin Feng's side at her best speed. Because she felt safe only when Qin Feng was around her.

    Without the slightest hesitation, Qin Feng quickly embraced Liu Wen Jing into his arms as soon as she reached his side. Then he spun his body and mercilessly stomped on Gao Hu twice.

    "F*ck you, how dare you try to lay your filthy hands on this Young Master Qin's woman. I think you're tired of living!"

    "Jing Jing, don't be scared. I, Young Master Qin, am here. Whoever dares to lay a finger on you in Acropolis City, I'll f*cking break that little brat's legs!"

    Things were changing too fast for Sima Tu to handle. When he regained his composure, he knew he was too late-his plan for today had failed!

    His original plan was to heavily wounded Gao Hu during their basketball game and lay the blame on Qin Feng. But now the situation was different-it became Gao Hu stealing Qin Feng's woman-and Qin Feng's ferocious beating of Gao Hu was right.

    This was because Young Master Qin was that kind of person. He had destroyed other families for less reason than a woman.

    How had the Hao family, one of the four major families in Acropolis City, and the Yu family, the leading criminal family of Jincheng City, fallen? Either of these families was far more powerful than the Gao family. Qin Feng wasn't afraid even of them; what could a mere Gao family do to him?

    Should he beat Gao Hu to death in front of everybody, the Gao family wouldn't even dare to seek trouble for Qin Feng afterward. Instead, they'd have to put on a smiley face and help Qin Feng shrug off his crime!

    Who let this Gao Hu have no eyes, to dare to lay a finger on Young Master Qin's woman...


    Sima Tu's face turned grim. He gave Gao Hu a hard kick, trying to release all his pent-fire rage on this little brat.

    "F*ck, so it was you who dared to lay a finger on Prince Qin's woman. Don't you know that bottom line of Prince Qin is almost nonexistent? His only bottom line is his own woman!"

    Bang bang!

    Bang bang bang!

    Using all their strength, Qin Feng and Sima Tu sent a few hard kicks at Gao Hu. Both of them were kicking and at the same time yelling at each other. Even though they were kicking Gao Hu and scolding Gao Hu, only the two of them understood the reality.

    "Qin Feng, please stop. He's dying!" Liu Wen Jing couldn't keep silent anymore. She almost couldn't recognize the bloody battered person as Gao Hu. She was afraid that if they continued to kick him like this, Qin Feng might actually kill this man.

    "Hehe, since my woman had spoken, then this young master will spare your life today. If you dare to lay a finger on my woman again, I'll annihilate your entire Gao family."

    Qin Feng suppressed his rage, pasted a smile on his face, looked at Sima Tu, and said, "Prince Sima, I would like to convey my gratitude for your help in lecturing this little brat. For you to teach a lesson to a small creature like him will really sully your image."

    "It's fine. This person dared to entertain filthy thoughts of Prince Qin's woman; it'd be light if I didn't chop his limbs off. What's our relationship? Please don't be so courteous with me," laughed Sima Tu as he waved his hand.

    "Prince Sima indeed knows me well. I, Qin Feng, am not interested in other things. The only thing I care about is my woman. If anyone dares to lay a finger on my woman, I'll kill him and annihilate his entire family. I, Qin Feng, have always been faithful to and cherished my women. Even if a good friend like Prince Sima were to have such a filthy thought, I swear, I won't let you off easily."

    The atmosphere suddenly dropped below zero. Qin Feng and Sima Tu looked fixedly at each other, their eyes gleaming with an icy cold aura.

    "Haha, of course, the last sentence was a joke. Prince Sima and I share a deep friendship; I expect you won't do such an unruly and monstrous thing."

    Qin Feng suddenly laughed. "Am I right, Prince Sima?"

    "Of course, of course. How would I lay my hands on Prince Qin's woman... Oh yeah, I have some important tasks to do; I should excuse myself now. Next time, let's invite Zhou Kai and Hao Yun for a get-together. It has been a long time since we, the Four Princes of Acropolis City, have assembled.

    "Oh, yeah. What a forgetful person I am. I forgot the Hao family was destroyed by someone previously. Hey, the four of us will never have another chance to get together for the rest of our lives. I shouldn't speak any longer. I'll excuse myself now!"

    After Sima Tu took his leave, Uncle Qi, who was standing at the sidelines, followed him and left quietly.

    Qin Feng left as well. He dragged along Liu Wen Jing and left Normal University at once. All the male students in this university were secretly trying to seize the opportunity to get revenge on him. On the other hand, all the female students blatantly confessed and offered their kisses to him; they even tried to molest him. Qin Feng really didn't have the courage to stay in this university any longer.

    "Qin Feng, release me right now. Where're you taking me to? I want to go home!" After they exited the university, Liu Wen Jing forcibly shook off Qin Feng's arms and eyed him warily.

    It was almost evening now and the sky was darkening. Liu Wen Jing didn't dare to stay with Qin Feng any longer; otherwise, she would really become this big bad wolf's bed partner tonight.

    "Jing Jing, please follow me to a place, then give me 10 minutes. I'm going to resolve all the conflicts between us." Qin Feng stepped forward and grabbed Liu Wen Jing. This time, his expression was much more solemn.

    After he'd exchange blows with Sima Tu, Qin Feng realized there were a lot of martial artists in this world. Even in Acropolis City, there was a person among his peers in Sima family who was a Stage Four Qi master. Then, how about those of his peers from the major families in the capital? What would their level of strength be?

    Qin Feng thought about the Qin family's competition 10 months from now at the provincial capital, the mystery of his mother's origin, and then his enemies. Qin Feng felt he should clear his quests faster and improve his strength as soon as possible!

    "W-Where are you taking me to?" Liu Wen Jing couldn't break free of Qin Feng's grip. So, she could only look at him carefully.

    "Fei Tian bar."

    "What? You're taking me to Fei Tian Bar... I-I don't want go to a bar; I want to go home. Let go of me right now; otherwise, I'll yell and accuse you of harassment!"

    Liu Wen Jing was so afraid that her little heart thumped wildly. She knew Qin Feng wasn't a good person, and she firmly believed that Qin Feng was a super-duper, peerless big bad wolf. Now that the big bad wolf wanted to take her to a bar, Liu Wen Jing imagined her miserable and painful treatment tonight; she'd rather die than follow Qin Feng.

    Seeing Liu Wen Jing going on a huff again, Qin Feng wasn't in the mood to play with her at the moment. He directly immediately hoisted Liu Wen Jing onto his shoulder and rushed to Fei Tian bar, ignoring her punches and kicks.

    When they arrived at Fei Tian bar, it was already 7 o'clock in the evening, the time the bar got busy.

    Liu Wen Jing was lying over Qin Feng's shoulder, those two long legs of hers kicking all the way from Normal University's front gate until Fei Tian Bar. Even Qin Feng had to mutter in his heart, "Will this lass ever get tired?"

    "Qin Feng, you're a beast. Pervert. Sex demon. You're shameless, vulgar, and you don't even have a b*tthole..." Liu Wen Jing had been struggling and cursing along the way. She had already scolded the 18 generations of Qin Feng's ancestors.

    "I say, Jing Jing, I'm fine if you say I'm shameless and vulgar, or have a low personality, but then how do you even know I don't have a butthole? Could it be you've seen it before?" Qin Feng replied gleefully and gave Liu Wen Jing's booty a light pat.

    Liu Wen Jing was so angry that she almost went mad. However, no matter how heavy she thumped him, Qin Feng didn't feel any pain at all. Instead, he had a contented expression as if he was enjoying a massage, just like a dead pig that didn't fear the heat of boiling water.

    "We've reached finally. You, lass, are really heavy; you should lose some weight now!" Qin Feng brought Liu Wen Jing to the manager office in the very depths of this bar.
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