Chapter 283 - I Wont Let You Find Me

    Chapter 283 - I Won't Let You Find Me

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    Liu Wen Jing fell silent. She thought what Qin Feng had said was true. She was here, in Qin Feng's territory, the base of the Feng Group. Would she have any chance to escape his grasp now?

    Liu Wen Jing lowered her guard against Qin Feng. She'd stood as a car show girl for a whole morning, and she hadn't eaten anything all afternoon. Now she was so hungry her stomach growled. Without hesitation, she opened her mouth and devoured the steak.

    "Hmm, this steak is cooked to perfection; it's so yummy!" Savoring the steak, Liu Wen Jing smiled, her eyes curving into crescent moons.

    "Ah... Qin Feng, you've eaten with this fork and it got your saliva on it. How can you feed me with this fork? That's so gross!" Liu Wen Jing's fussiness tickled Qin Feng. Although she complained nonstop with an angry face, but she didn't spit the steak out; she still enjoyed it with great pleasure.


    Only Liu Wen Jing was eating this meal. Qin Feng, on the other hand, just sat beside her and watched. He intimately helped her cut the steak, poured the juice, and handed tissue to her. If those women in Acropolis City saw Liu Wen Jing get this kind of treatment, they would have been jealous of her.

    After she had eaten and drunk to her heart's content, Liu Wen Jing wiped her sexy cherry lips with a tissue. She pat her belly, which was bulging slightly, and smiled shyly at Qin Feng.

    With a beaming smile on his face, Qin Feng stroked her head. After that, he waved to Long-hair and his two brothers to clear the table.

    "Jing Jing, since we've resolved our conflict, I hope you won't hold a grudge against me anymore. The reason I brought you to the Feng Group today is because I want you to take over the Feng Group. From now on, you'll be the female head of the Feng Group; Long-hair and his two brothers will be under your command. This Feng Group is all yours now; you can do whatever you want with it!"

    As Long-hair and his two brothers cleared the table, Qin Feng lightly held Liu Wen Jing in his arms. Liu Wen Jing had wanted to break free of Qin Feng's embrace. But when she heard what he had said, she was so stunned that she forgot to struggle.

    Qin Feng wants to leave the Feng Group in my hands? How is that even possible?

    After a brief moment of astonishment, Liu Wen Jing swiftly regained her senses. She was fully revitalized now that she had her fill. Her brain was revolving fast and very soon, she realized Qin Feng's intention: this brat was going to hoodwink her with his bait again.

    Hmph, what do you mean "you'll be the female head of the Feng Group"? In the end, isn't your true goal to dominate my body? scoffed Liu Wen Jing in her heart. She had seen too many pretty boys like Qin Feng giving empty promises.

    "Qin Feng, please don't touch me so casually, okay? I'm not familiar with you anyway." Liu Wen Jing deliberately pushed Qin Feng away. A guarded expression once again showed on her face.

    "Also, I refuse to become the head of the Feng Group; please find somebody else. I'm heading back now. And, you, please step out of my life. I don't want to see your face ever again!"

    Liu Wen Jing faked a tantrum and ran to the exit. She was scared to death in her heart. This house had three mobsters and a hedonist young master; each and every one of them could devour her whole without leaving any bones. Liu Wen Jing suddenly had the urge to cry out loud; why did she fall so carelessly into this wolf den?

    "Jing Jing, wait!" Qin Feng's voice resounded once Liu Wen Jing reached the door.

    Long-hair and his two brothers moved a bit and blocked the door like three huge mountains and looked at Liu Wen Jing with respectful smiles.

    "Young Master Qin, please give me a break! I've old and young at my home, and I still have a little sister who needs my care. Can you please not bully me anymore... Wah!"

    When Liu Wen Jing saw the exit had been blocked, she despaired, knowing she couldn't escape her fate of being defiled by Qin Feng tonight. Now she knew who Qin Feng was-the Number One Hedonist Young Master in Acropolis City. Rumor had it that this person was dissolute and liked to dominate any beauty that caught his eye. Now that this beast had encountered a beautiful divine goddess like herself, how could he possibly let her go so easily!

    "Worst come to worst, I-I will pay for the steak feast. There, I... have only 200 in cash now; it should be enough to pay for the feast." Liu Wen Jing was sobbing hard. Of course, Qin Feng knew this lass was weeping crocodile tears with a single glance.

    "Jing Jing, the wine you drank just now was a Lafite worth 100,000 yuan!" With a grin on his face, Qin Feng slowly walked toward Liu Wen Jing. There was only half a meter between them.

    Behind her were three tigers; in front was the big bad wolf-Qin Feng. Liu Wen Jing so regretted not being a coal digger. If she were, then she could have dug a tunnel and run away.

    "I-I didn't drink that much of red wine, did I?" A bottle of Lafite cost 100,000 yuan; Liu Wen Jing was scared to death by this astronomical figure. She finally realized that Qin Feng had set up a Hongmen banquet for her. He'd been waiting for this moment-if she couldn't pay for the feast, then she'd repay him using her own body. [TLN: "Hongmen banquet" - A feast or meeting set up as a trap for the invited.]

    What a treacherous and cunning man!

    "You drank one glass, and that one cost at least 10,000 yuan." Qin Feng took a step forward and kept a 20 cm distance from Liu Wen Jing. Both of them could smell the special body fragrance of the other.

    Liu Wen Jing's face was blushing red. Her heart was thumping fast out of nervousness. She really needed money recently; how could she spend her entire fortune on a meal?

    "I don't have enough money now... I-If you want, I'll give you an IOU and repay you slowly afterward," said Liu Wen Jing after mustering sufficient courage. [TLN: "IOU" - "I owe you," a bill signed in acknowledgment of debt.]

    "Jing Jing, you just earned 50,000 yuan from the auto show this morning!" As Qin Feng spoke, he stepped forward. Now, the distance between them was just a mere few centimeters and their bodies seemingly stuck together.

    They were so close that Liu Wen Jing could hear Qin Feng's heart pounding, while her own started to race even faster, and her body felt hot all over. She was certain that Qin Feng's next move would be to savagely throw her on the couch and then frantically tear her shirt off, ignoring her cries and pain, and humiliate her under the eyes of Long-hair and his two brothers.

    Didn't all these hedonist young masters love this kind of perverted and crazy thing?

    "I-I have other uses for that money. I... I think it's much more better if I give you an IOU. Since you know my name, my university... I won't run away."

    "Ah... What're you doing? You beast, don't touch me!"

    Liu Wen Jing suddenly felt Qin Fent take another step forward. She was so afraid that she struggled frantically.

    She knew Qin Feng was going to reveal his true self and become a monster. All of a sudden, she remembered the long whip Qin Feng had been carrying along; she was scared to death in her heart.

    "Jing Jing, you're Qin Feng's woman; that means all that's mine is yours. It's my honor for you to have supper with me. How could I want your money? I'm just teasing you!"

    The imaginary scene of being violated and humiliated didn't happen. Hot air wafted into her ear suddenly and Liu Wen Jing melted.

    She stopped struggling abruptly and stood mutely within Qin Feng's warm and comfortable arms. The inside of her head echoed with Qin Feng's words:

    "You're Qin Feng's woman!"

    Liu Wen Jing was even more flabbergasted. Since when have I become your woman? I don't think I promised you before. You just treated me to a feast of steak and you want me to be your woman? Hmph! Not that easy...

    "Let's go, Jing Jing. I'll drive you home!" Qin Feng hugged Liu Wen Jing for awhile and then released her all of a sudden. Then, he held her hand and led her out of Fei Tian Bar.

    Qin Feng knew Liu Wen Jing still didn't believe him. Since she wasn't ready to be the female head of the Feng Group, Qin Feng wouldn't force her. He would let nature take its course.

    After leaving Fei Tian Bar, Qin Feng drove Liu Wen Jing back to her house in his Audi A6. Liu Wen Jing hadn't regained her senses yet. She couldn't believe Qin Feng would release her and without doing anything to her in the office-unless he changed his mind and planned to bring her to a remote area for car sex?

    After half an hour, the Audi A6 stopped at the gate of Jade Osmanthus Residence. Beside Jade Osmanthus Residence was the Stage One Cloud City Hua Manor villa.

    Seeing the car had stopped, Liu Wen Jing silently opened the car door. She couldn't believe Qin Feng hadn't ravaged her body at the office or brought her to a remote area for car sex.

    "Jing Jing!" Qin Feng suddenly pulled Liu Wen Jing's arm.

    Liu Wen Jing was alarmed. Is Qin Feng starting to made his move now?

    "Regarding the matter of becoming the female head of the Feng Group, I would like you to give it further consideration. Also, here's a cash card for you. Please call me if you're free; I'll treat you to a meal or a movie."


    Qin Feng left in his Audi A6, whereas Liu Wen Jing remained standing in the same place, unable to comprehend the current situation.

    She'd worried that Qin Feng had bad intentions in bringing her home. So she lied about her home address and they went to the Jade Osmanthus Residence beside the Stage One Cloud City Hua Manor villas. Liu Wen Jing was afraid Qin Feng would force her to bring him into her house and then he'd notice her little sister-Xiao Jia-who was at home now. Who knew whether a beast like Qin Feng would lay a hand on her sister or not. Liu Wen Jing felt she had to protect her sister even though she herself might be defiled by Qin Feng.

    However, none of these happened. Not only did Qin Feng not do anything, he even gave her a cash card...

    "Oh yeah, let's see how much money is on this card. Maybe it's a fake!"

    Liu Wen Jing rushed hastily to the ATM machine at the foot of the condominium. She inserted the cash card into the ATM machine. It was a passwordless cash card and the display jumped directly to the withdrawal query interface.


    After Liu Wen Jing's slender jade fingers tapped the Check Account Balance option, she suddenly gave a gasp of surprise.

    She pasted her ungodly beautiful, delicate face on the screen. She even used a finger to count the row of zeros one by one.

    "One million yuan... It's a 1,000,000 yuan bank card!" Liu Wen Jing covered her cherry lips in shock.

    She'd fretted about the house rent, tuition fees, and living expenses lately. Otherwise, she wouldn't be a car show girl. It wasn't her wish to wear an exposing qipao and be stared at uninhibitedly by those vulgar men and even worse, have them sneak photos of her.

    Now that she had a 1,000,000 yuan cash card, Liu Wen Jing didn't know whether she should be happy or sad. This was because she knew Qin Feng wouldn't simply give away that much money. She was certain that Qin Feng had given her this money for her upkeep.

    She suddenly remembered: that stinking brat Qin Feng wants her to be his kept woman!

    "Hmph! You f*cking pervert bastard, who do you think I am? Am I a person who would sell my own body for money?" As Liu Wen Jing scolded Qin Feng, she carefully put away the cash card in her purse.

    Gentle and beautiful moonlight poured down on Liu Wen Jing's delicate face. Suddenly, she giggled and bounced to her home quickly. "Haha! I'm very rich now! Let's bring Xiao Jia to buy some new clothes and then buy her some new plush toys... Qin Feng, you don't know my cell phone number or my home address. All you know is that I'm studying in Normal University. Worst come to the worst, I'll just skip my classes often. I mustn't let you find me, kekeke!"
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