Chapter 284 - Beautiful Mutually Dependent Sisters

    Chapter 284 - Beautiful Mutually Dependent Sisters

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    In a Stage One Cloud City Hua Manor villa.

    Liu Xiao Jia wore pink Chibi Maruko-chan cartoon pajamas and pouted cutely as she lay sprawled on her bed.

    She raised her two long, soft, and slender legs, lifting the bottom of her skirt and revealing a hint of her Spongebob underwear.

    Liu Xiao Jia scrolled through her phone while wrinkling her delicate little face in an unhappy expression. The pictures on her phone were those of her and Qin Feng. She started at the first picture from the first night they met and slowly scrolled through the rest.

    Soon, she got to the picture they took in front of Fei Tian Bar with the other girls by Qin Feng's awesome Batmobile. Under the dusky yellow street lights and the lights from the bar's neon sign, Qin Feng was even more handsome and radiant. He stood behind the girls with a cool and sinful smile. Liu Xiao Jia stood in front of him with a blooming smile.


    Liu Xiao Jia scrolled to the next picture and suddenly covered her eyes and yelped in surprise. Her face turned completely red.

    This was the picture of just her and Qin Feng. At the time, because Chen Mei Han and the other girls had to leave, Liu Xiao Jia bid them farewell. Once she turned her head, she kissed Qin Feng's face.

    Liu Xiao Jia liked this picture the most, but it was also the one she was most embarrassed about. Every time she saw it, she would blush and her heart would thump. It made Xiao Jia extremely nervous.

    "Hmph! Shameless, scoundrelly Big Brother Feng. You cheated me of my first kiss and first hug, then told me not to look for you again. You're too frustrating." Liu Xiao Jia shook her fist at the Qin Feng in the picture. She gritted her teeth and looked cute and naughty.

    "Big Brother Feng, where are you now? Do you think of me like I'm thinking of you?" Liu Xiao Jia suddenly felt sad. She hadn't seen Qin Feng for over a week, and they didn't even call or text. All lines of communication were severed.

    Though it hadn't been a long time, to a girl like Liu Xiao Jia who got attached to people, it felt like a lifetime.

    "Xiao Jia, Big Sis is home!"

    Liu Xiao Jia had been immersed in memories of Qin Feng just when the door of her room was suddenly pushed open.

    "Ah! Sis, you're home!" Liu Xiao Jia was so shocked that she jumped up from the bed and immediately tucked the cell phone behind her.

    "Xiao Jia, what are you doing? Are you secretly playing with your phone again? Are you done with homework?" Liu Wen Jing had sharp eyes. She immediately saw her little sister hiding her cell phone.

    "I-I'm done," said Liu Xiao Jia with a pout.

    "If you're done with homework, then you can play a bit. Why are you nervous?" Liu Wen Jing looked at her little sister in confusion. Then, she suddenly said severely, "Xiao Jia, you aren't talking to someone, are you? Let Big Sis see your phone."

    Liu Xiao Jia was so shocked that her entire body broke out in sweat. Her older sister had come in too abruptly, so Liu Xiao Jia didn't have a chance to exit the photo album. If her older sister saw the picture of her kissing Qin Feng... She didn't even dare think about what would happen!

    "Big Sis, I wasn't talking to anyone! Sis, have you eaten yet? Xiao Jia will cook what she's best at, egg noodles, for you." Wanting to run away, Liu Xiao Jia immediately got off the bed.

    Liu Wen Jing hugged her sister and tried to grab her phone.

    "Sis, what are you doing? I have to go cook the noodles." Liu Xiao Jia was really frightened and wanted to just throw and shatter her cell phone on the ground. However, she changed her mind when she thought of how she'd lose the pictures of Big Brother Feng if she broke her phone. Those might be the only mementos she'd have of him.

    "Xiao Jia, give me your phone." Liu Wen Jing noticed that her little sister's actions were becoming more and more worrisome, and her tone turned icy.

    "Wah wah, Sis, you're hurting my arm. Why are you so adamant on seeing my private matters? I'm grown up and I have my own secrets." Liu Xiao Jia burst into tears. She was ready to trick her older sister and conceal her information.

    As expected, when Liu Wen Jing saw her sister crying so sadly, her heart immediately softened. She carried her sister to the edge of the bed and patted her head comfortingly. "Xiao Jia, Big Sis won't look at your phone. You're still young, so Sis was afraid you were getting tricked by a bad person."

    "Sis, I know. Don't worry, I'm not dating." While her sister wasn't paying attention, she exited the photo album, locked the screen, and smiled.

    "You've really learned how to act. Why don't you become an actress?" scolded Liu Wen Jing with a laugh when she saw that her younger sister stopped crying.

    "Sis, I learned from you. Your acting is better than Xiao Jia's."

    Liu Wen Jing's expression darkened. Was this really her little sister?

    She suddenly remembered how she had pretended to cry to trick Qin Feng at the office in Fei Tian Bar earlier, and didn't lecture her younger sister.

    "Xiao Jia, Big Sis will take you shopping tomorrow. I'll buy you some new clothes and whatever toys or electronics you want. I'll buy them all for you." When Liu Wen Jing thought about the 1,000,000 yuan cash card she had, she happily hugged her sister.

    "Sis, I don't want anything. I'll be happy as long as you are with me every day." Liu Xiao Jia was extremely understanding. She knew her older sister had a hard time attending school and working concurrent jobs. She hugged Liu Wen Jing tightly.

    "Xiao Jia, if Big Sis says she'll buy it, she will. Don't worry about me having a hard time or anything. Big Sis will do anything if you're happy every day." Liu Wen Jing hugged her little sister tightly as well.

    Since they were young, the two sisters relied on each other. Liu Wen Jing's sole surviving family member was her younger sister, so she valued her sister's life more than her own. She wanted to give her little sister everything she could possibly give.

    "Big Sis, don't say anything else. Xiao Jia doesn't want you to have such a hard time every day. I want to grow up faster so I can make money and share Big Sis's burdens." Liu Xiao Jia was only a 14-year-old little girl, and she cried easily.

    Liu Wen Jing's eyes reddened, and she held in her tears.

    The two sisters hugged each other tightly, and time seemed to stop. They were each other's everything. No matter what became of the world, no matter if there was thunder and lightning or gales and showers, as long as the two sisters hugged each other like this, they felt incomparable warmth and happiness.

    Wherever they were, wherever their house was, if one of them was gone, their home would also be completely gone!


    Qin Feng drove the Audi A6 back to Qin Manor. He had just returned when Rao Shi Man called him to her villa.

    "Shi Man, I suddenly bumped into an old friend at Lotus Lake. Sorry for leaving without saying goodbye." Qin Feng walked into Rao Shi Man's room. There originally was no one living in the villa, so it had no smell at all. Now that Rao Shi Man had stayed here for just a night, the whole room was filled with her light fragrance.

    "Qin Feng, I didn't give you permission to sit on my bed, did I?" Rao Shi Man sat on the sofa in the room and looked coldly at Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng went from the bed to the sofa and smiled at Rao Shi Man as he said, "The sofa's good; it's more stimulating that way!"

    "Qin Feng!" Rao Shi Man scolded coldly, "Be serious.

    "Let me ask you, this afternoon, when we were in the Prada store, that Chief Huang called you 'Young Master Qin' and was extremely servile and reverent. Weren't you going to explain this to me?

    "Qin Feng, don't pretend. I know you're actually Young Master Qin. Right?"

    Rao Shi Man's gaze suddenly became severe. Of course she didn't invite Qin Feng into her room alone at night to do anything with him. That afternoon at the Prada store, she heard Chief Huang call Qin Feng "Young Master Qin." She wanted to ask him about it, but she suppressed the urge to do so because the annoying Lin Shuai was there. Afterward, when they were finally walking alone together at Lotus Lake and Rao Shi Man wanted to ask him about it, he suddenly ran away.

    A nervous expression flashed in Qin Feng's eyes before subsiding. Then, he smiled at Rao Shi Man.

    "Shi Man, what are you talking about? I explained to you before that I'm Young Master Qin's personal attendant. If I had such a great life, and really was Acropolis City's number one young master, Young Master Qin, I would be willing to lose 10 years of my life!"

    "Qin Feng, you can't trick me. What you're saying about being Young Master Qin's personal attendant is a pretense. I've been in Qin Manor for two days and a night, yet I haven't seen Young Master Qin or heard anyone mention him. You must have made sure of that beforehand... Because you are Young Master Qin. That's why all the people at Qin Manor are playing along with you. You don't need to pretend; what's wrong with admitting your identity? I'm not going to harm you!" Rao Shi Man pinned her eyes to Qin Feng's. This was Qin Feng's first time seeing this girl so earnest and serious.

    "I'm not!" Qin Feng shook his head. "And there's nothing I can do if you don't believe me."

    "You really aren't?" Rao Shi Man suddenly laughed. Her lips quirked, revealing two mesmerizing dimples. "Then you're really unlucky. I originally thought you were Young Master Qin. It's a long night, so I wanted Young Master Qin to drink and groan with happiness with me!"

    Rao Shi Man wore a purple muslin shawl. Beneath it, a white bra and white shorts could be seen. She held up the shawl and covered half of her lovely face with one hand, and beckoned at Qin Feng with the index finger of her other hand.

    The purple shawl slowly fell, revealing Rao Shi Man's snow-white shoulders and sexy belly button. Under the lights, her smooth and soft skin was extremely alluring. Qin Feng couldn't help but reach out to touch her.

    "Shi Man, your skin is so soft. What products do you usually use on it?" Qin Feng's large hand landed on Rao Shi Man's shoulder, and he slid his index and middle finger downward across her skin.

    Disgust and ice flashed in Rao Shi Man's eyes, then disappeared. She covered her mouth, laughed delicately, and said, "Qin Feng, you're admitting you're Young Master Qin!"

    "Shi Man, some things are good enough if we just know it in our hearts. Why must we say it aloud?" Qin Feng stared fixedly at her. He suddenly reached out with his other hand and pulled Rao Shi Man tightly into his embrace.

    The beauty entered his embrace, and her fragrance filled the air!

    Qin Feng immediately pressed Rao Shi Man's soft collar against him. From the contact, he could tell that Rao Shi Man wasn't wearing anything else underneath.

    Qin Feng slid his hand down Rao Shi Man's smooth jade back, and his other hand landed on the back of her calf. Her legs were of the highest quality. When he touched her thigh, his hand was about to melt.

    Rao Shi Man propped her chin on Qin Feng's shoulder and her hands hung rigidly at her sides. She had no reaction or sense of rejection when Qin Feng touched and hugged her.

    A strong chill manifested in her eyes. She looked as though she wanted to kill Qin Feng. Her clear and lovely eyes suddenly glanced toward the corner of the wall by the windowsill. A pinhole surveillance camera there was filming everything that occurred in the room.

    "Ah... Young Master Qin, w-what are you trying to do? Didn't you say you came to my room to listen to me sing? How can you be like this? Let go of me, beast. You can't be this way. I-I'm going to call the police..."

    When Qin Feng was about to touch her neckline, Rao Shi Man suddenly shoved Qin Feng away and escaped from his embrace. She lifted the blanket and covered her body as she looked at Qin Feng with alarm and a pitiful expression as if she had just suffered a scare.
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