Chapter 285 - This Woman is Very Suspicious

    Chapter 285 - This Woman is Very Suspicious

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: Vampirecat

    "Shi Man, what're you doing?" Qin Feng, who was acting like a perverted pig head a second ago, became serious.

    Rao Shi Man suddenly cried, "What am I doing? I want to ask, what are you doing?! Young Master Qin, y-you're trying to defile me, wah!" As an actor, faking tears was her first lesson.

    "I defiled you? Shi Man, did you misunderstand me? How is there any possibility I'd defile you?" Unflustered at her charges, Qin Feng walked to her bed, sat on the bedside, and extended his hand and stroked Rao Shi Man's head. "Moreover, I'm not Young Master Qin. Why do you keep on saying I'm him?

    "Are you trying to say I defiled you, or Young Master Qin did?

    "You can't simply blacken my name!"

    "Don't touch me, you filthy beast. I'm very certain you're Young Master Qin. Now, be a man and admit what you've committed! I believed your false words and thought you really came to give some opinions on my singing. I didn't imagine that you actually had your eye on my body." Rao Shi Man smacked Qin Feng's hand away and glowered at him.

    "Young Master Qin, you're too shameless, ugh!" A hint of astonishment flashed in Rao Shi Man's eyes; she felt something was wrong.

    "Shi Man, I don't mean to defile you; I came to your room because I heard that you want to have some fun with me in this endless night... I understand Miss Shi Man's intention is to discuss music and I'm very proud to have this chance to join with the superstar Shi Man in writing music.

    "I sincerely cherish this opportunity. How could Miss Shi Man sling mud at me-accusing me that I want to defile you?

    "Also, you kept calling me Young Master Qin when you said I defiled you. Do you have any idea how bad it makes me feel? It is a disgrace to me; how could you call me by the name of a third party while sitting with me?"

    Rao Shi Man pursed her red lips tightly. Her hair and shirt was disheveled and messy. Her face was still flushed after Qin Feng touched her body, presenting a kind of beautifully messed up sight to one's eyes.

    She tried to see through Qin Feng's thoughts with her pair of sharp eyes. Suddenly, she realized that the plan for tonight was apparently a failure; Qin Feng wouldn't fall for it.

    "Nonsense. If you really wanted to discuss music with me, then why did you hug me suddenly, touch me, and kiss me? You even tried to take my shirt off... You're a big bad wolf, a filthy beast!" Refusing to give up on her plan, Rao Shi Man continued to frame Qin Feng.

    "And don't ever try to swindle me. I know you're Young Master Qin!"

    "I've hugged you, but I never kissed you, and I didn't even think to undress you," replied Qin Feng with a solemn expression.

    "I hugged you because I realized Miss Shi Man has too few clothes on and our Qin Manor is on a mountain in a remote area; I was afraid you might get cold on this windy night. When I tried to get you a quilt, you suspected me of getting fresh with you. Miss Shi Man, do you know you're insulting my personality and morality? Do you know how angry I am now?

    "I, Qin Feng, have been an indomitable man since I was born. I was a monitor when I studied in kindergarten, an honor student in primary school, a great young pioneer in junior high school, a champion in various kinds of Olympic competitions in senior high school, and even in university, I'm an elite officer of the students' society... I'm neither afraid of hardship or fatigue nor obsessed with money or women, and I treat everyone wholeheartedly. I don't ask for everyone to treat me the same way, but you all can't frame me like that!

    "Shi Man, do you know how much my heart hurts right now? I wish I could dig it out and show it to you; it must be shattered like glass fragments at this moment." Qin Feng suddenly grabbed Rao Shi Man's jade hand, put it inside his clothes, and pressed it on his pecs.

    "Then gouge your heart out right now, I would like to see how black your heart is for you to become such a shameless person." Rao Shi Man glared at Qin Feng and forcibly pulled her hand out.

    A hint of disappointment crossed her eyes. She knew her plan for tonight had utterly failed.

    Not only didn't she succeed in framing Qin Feng and couldn't help Big Sister Qing Xue get strong evidence to cancel the engagement, Rao Shi Man grudgingly realized facing Qin Feng was so full of variables and lies that she even questioned herself. Is this guy really Young Master Qin?

    "Hehe, I don't mind gouging my heart out; I'm just afraid Shi Man will fall in love and try to steal my heart away if you saw how pure and kind my heart is," replied Qin Feng shamelessly.

    "Also, don't ever call the name of another man in front of me. Otherwise, I'll jump to death from this window!"

    Rao Shi Man gave Qin Feng a scornful gaze and sneered, "Tsk, I dare you to jump now; I won't stop you."

    Qin Feng walked to the window, his gaze inadvertently falling on the corner of the wall by the windowsill, and a gleeful smile crossed his face.

    "Let's forget about it; Shi Man will be very sad if I really jumped. I know you just spoke in anger. In fact, you care a lot about me in your heart." Qin Feng cast a smile at Rao Shi Man and walked to the door.

    "Stop it right there!" Rao Shi Man suddenly called to Qin Feng as soon as he reached the door.

    "If you're not Young Master Qin, then when will the real Young Master Qin be back? I'm attending your company's opening ceremony the day after tomorrow. I hope you can get him back as soon as possible."

    "Please rest assured, Shi Man. I've talked to Young Master Qin. He'll be coming back at most the day after tomorrow. During that time, I'll personally arrange a dinner for both of you," Qin Feng replied, a smile playing on his lips.

    "Then you may leave now!" Rao Shi Man sent a glare at Qin Feng and went to do her own business.

    She took out a fresh bed sheet and changed the one Qin Feng sat on earlier.

    Qin Feng was uncomfortable with Rao Shi Man's reaction. He swore this superstar would give in to him one day. At that time, he would take off his clothes and hug her all night. He wanted to see if she would change her bed sheet again.

    Qin Feng left Rao Shi Man's villa. The sky was dark and the moon was dim; only his murmurs could be heard. "Why did she install a camera in her room? This woman is indeed very suspicious!"


    Cloud City Hua Manor Phase Two villas.

    Today was a big day for Royal Group-the opening for Cloud City Hua Manor Phase II villas, and most of the employees from the Sales Department gathered at the site.

    The entry to the residences was filled with various flower baskets, banners, and posters of Rao Shi Man. The atmosphere was as heated as a star's concert.

    Qin Feng and Rao Shi Man were waiting in the VIP room for her entrance. As the manager of the Sales Department, Li Yu Chen had the authority to be there as well. Xu Ruo Rou, on the other hand, was forced by Qin Feng into the room. This was because Qin Feng considered Xu Ruo Rou his lady; how could he leave her outside to be ordered by someone under the rain?

    "Little Sister Shi Man, you're so pretty today!" The three women chit-chatted nonstop, casting Qin Feng aside like air.

    Rao Shi Man wore a bright red qipao with a long train dragging on the floor. She had light make-up on her delicate face as well-purple eyeshadow, a faint blush, and crimson lip gloss-she was as beautiful as a rose.

    "Of course Lil' Sis Shi Man is beautiful; can't you see some pervert is eagerly pasting his eyes on Lil' Sis Shi Man's body?" said Li Yu Chen while staring at Qin Feng. Her tone was sarcastic, carrying a hint of jealousy at the same time.

    Qin Feng quickly turned his gaze away and smiled embarrassedly, "Manager Li, please mind your words. I'm not looking at Miss Shi Man; I've been watching the rain outside the window."

    Qin Feng was the only man in the VIP room; he couldn't pretend he hadn't been peeking at her just now.

    "We've known each other for such a long time; how could we not understand your behavior? Please don't hide yourself anymore and become a gutless person." Li Yu Chen refused to put down the topic and kept on pressing Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng turned grim. He looked at Xu Ruo Rou and asked seriously, "Ruo Rou, please tell Manager Li how I treat you in Qin Manor. Am I honest and kind-hearted, someone who never bullies you or covets your beauty before? Holy Jesus, you're just my superior; it doesn't mean you can bully me like that."

    "Qin Feng, please don't force me to lie. You know I don't know how to lie!" Xu Ruo Rou cast an aggravated gaze at Qin Feng.

    Like a deflated balloon, Qin Feng puffed and his vigilant attitude softened all of a sudden. He decided he'd lecture Xu Ruo Rou tonight when they arrived at home. Since when has this lass started to bite the hand that feeds her?

    "Hehe, Qin Feng, what do you have to say? You truly are a big bad wolf!" Li Yu Chen laughed triumphantly.

    Qin Feng glared scornfully at Li Yu Chen and thought to himself, "Is something wrong with this lass?" Ever since she came back from Qingshui Town after visiting her parents, she'd proactively looked for trouble with him. This kind of ungrateful behavior angered Qin Feng greatly.

    "I admit I was peeking at Rao Shi Man's boobs and long legs; I even took a peek at Ruo Rou, who had her head lowered and was working seriously. I think both of them are very elegant beauties and I like them very much... But I swear, I've never snuck a peek at you, not even once. Even the people concerned haven't made their stand yet; how can you speak for them?

    "Is it because nobody was looking at you and you felt charmless and inferior, so you proactively looked for trouble with me? I tell you, I, Qin Feng, am not a gutless person whatsoever. If you aren't convinced, then follow me to the forest behind; I'll let you know my true self!" said Qin Feng while staring furiously at Li Yu Chen.

    Rao Shi Man champed with rage when she heard Qin Feng admit that he was peeking at her boobs and legs. In contrast, when Xu Ruo Rou heard that Qin Feng was secretly looking at her while she was working, a gush of warmth welled up in her heart.

    Qin Feng didn't peek at Li Yu Chen, who was so angry that her breasts were bouncing vigorously, up and down, and her white shirt might pop open at any moment.

    She felt she was going to explode from rage. However, she suppressed her anger and smiled charmingly. "Hah! Qin Feng, I would rather go with Wang Chao than follow a vulgar person like you to the forest!"

    Although Li Yu Chen tried very hard to put a smile on her face to conceal her feelings, the way she spoke revealed she was indeed very angry. It was strange but she couldn't prevent her anger from rising. She deliberately said those words just to enrage Qin Feng.

    "You think Wang Chao is better than me? Hah, your sense of aesthetics and insight into people are really questionable," Qin Feng sneered.

    "If my people savvy is bad, then I wouldn't be the manager of the Sales Department. I think Wang Chao is better than you; were you not convinced with that?" Li Yu Chen replied without batting an eye.

    "It is you who thinks I'm an eyesore. Do you have the guts to go into that small room for a talk?" Qin Feng pointed to the lounge in the VIP room.

    "Who said I'm scared? Let's go right now." Li Yu Chen stood up at once and entered the lounge first.

    She wore a uniform on her body and black stockings on her long and slender legs. A sexy beat resounded when she walked with her high heels. The sight of her graceful figure could easily seduce thousands of nerds.

    "This foolish lass finally fell for it." With a grin on his face, Qin Feng rubbed his hands and followed her into the lounge.

    Before he left Qingshui Town, Mother Li had asked Qin Feng to take good care of Chen Chen's body. Qin Feng thought his chance had finally came. He wanted to punish Li Yu Chen sternly in the lounge. He would like to see if she still had the guts to quarrel with him ever again.
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