Chapter 286 - She Likes Me!

    Chapter 286 - She Likes Me!

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    Li Yu Chen walked into the lounge. Her eyes were a bit red, and she felt unspeakably wronged. Even she didn't know what was wrong with her.

    Ever since Qin Feng pretended to be Young Master Qin and met her parents, Li Yu Chen felt like she was experiencing menopause. When she was at work, she couldn't really focus. The image of Qin Feng kept appearing in her mind, and she always attacked Qin Feng, purposely picking arguments with him.

    Li Yu Chen felt that her affected and unreasonable behavior was both unfamiliar and annoying. However, she couldn't prevent herself from acting that way because if she didn't look to trouble Qin Feng, he wouldn't really bother with her. Li Yu Chen couldn't help but want to speak with Qin Feng a bit more. Even if this meant arguing, it was fine.

    In conclusion, here they were. Li Yu Chen felt extremely wronged and helpless.


    Li Yu Chen was pulled out of her thoughts by the slam of a door. Qin Feng already strode in aggressively.

    Once Li Yu Chen saw Qin Feng, she was suddenly angry. This person actually peeped on Rao Shi Man and Xu Ruo Rou earlier, but he didn't even spare her a glance. What was wrong with his eyes? Was she that much worse than those two women?

    "Qin Feng, I came into the lounge with you. What do you want? What can you do to me? I know you're part of Qin Manor and you are associated with some people in upper management, but I'm not afraid of you. I don't think you'd dare do anything in broad daylight... If you have the guts, try and touch me. I'll bet you don't have the guts!"

    Once Li Yu Chen opened her mouth, the unhappiness she held in for half a month came surging out. Right after the words came out of her mouth, she regretted them. What was she saying?

    If Qin Feng really got mad, then he wouldn't bother with her in the future. When he saw her, he'd be annoyed. Then what?

    Qin Feng was briefly stunned. In the past, Li Yu Chen was wise, farsighted, and calm in the office. She did things in a clear and orderly manner and treated people with courtesy and kindness. Qin Feng rarely saw Li Yu Chen so unreasonable.

    He suddenly pounced on Li Yu Chen. This stinking woman said he didn't have guts? Qin Feng was ready to let her get a taste of them.

    "Qin Feng, what are you doing? Wah wah, don't touch..." Qin Feng's actions were too quick and too ferocious. Li Yu Chen cried out in shock. But, halfway through her cry, she felt her body pressed against a sturdy chest. She pursed her soft, little mouth and couldn't speak.


    Qin Feng gave Li Yu Chen's thigh a really hard slap.

    "Stinking woman, have you taken the wrong medicine recently? Why do you keep butting heads with me? I haven't done anything to provoke you... Auntie was right, I should get on you as soon as possible and make you my lover. See if you'll have the guts to be fierce with me again. If you yell again, I'll lock you up at home and whip you with my belt!"

    "Qin Feng, you pervert. Wah wah, you're a beast!"

    Li Yu Chen's felt hot pain course from her thigh. She felt both embarrassed and annoyed. She struggled in Qin Feng's embrace. However, Qin Feng was too strong. He hugged her tightly and refused to let go, so Li Yu Chen had no way of escaping.


    Qin Feng didn't hesitate to give her another slap.

    "You're still yelling? So, you say I'm a beast and a huge pervert? Then today I'll let you experience what a real pervert is.

    Qin Feng picked up Li Yu Chen and threw her onto the bed. Then, he pounced on her with one hand on her thigh to prevent her from leaving while his other hand removed her pretty high heels.

    "Qin Feng, let go of me... I'm going to scream for help!" Li Yu Chen's lips were freed and she yelled.

    "Yell and see if anyone has the guts to come in and help you. If a man comes in, I'll kick him and send him flying. If a woman comes in, I'll drag her onto the bed and do her too." Qin Feng smiled evilly at Li Yu Chen's beautiful legs. When he had just joined Royal Group, he'd been taken with Li Yu Chen's exquisite thighs. He even tore her stockings to shreds in her office.

    Qin Feng squatted by the bed, while Li Yu Chen lay on it. From his angle, Li Yu Chen's lovely legs clad in black stockings were even longer and more alluring. He could even see up her skirt to the end.

    "Qin Feng, if you dare touch me, you're done!"


    Li Yu Chen had just spoken when she heard the sound of ripping stockings. She felt a gust of cold air caress her thigh. Qin Feng tore the black stocking on her left leg in half.

    "Ah ah ah! Qin Feng, I'll kill you!"


    Li Yu Chen's elegant fists missed Qin Feng and the stocking on her right leg was also torn.

    "Stinking woman, see how I deal with you today. In the future, be my lover obediently!"

    The allure of the beautiful legs lit a fire in Qin Feng's belly. He waved his large hand and tossed the torn stockings to the floor. He smiled evilly at Li Yu Chen and pounced on her.

    "Qin Feng, the event's beginning. Hurry and come out!" Xu Ruo Rou's pleasant voice came from outside the room, and her urgent knocking was heard as well.

    Qin Feng pursed his lips and looked angrily at Li Yu Chen and said, "Consider yourself lucky today. Next time, look for me while wearing white stockings. I think you'd be even sexier in white stockings."



    Qin Feng walked out of the lounge. There was an addition of four bodyguards clad in black and a dozen employees in the VIP room. They were scrambling to prepare for the impending opening ceremony.

    "Qin Feng... is M-Manager Li alright?" Xu Ruo Rou tugged on Qin Feng's arm and looked worriedly at Qin Feng.

    The lounge didn't have very good soundproofing. Qin Feng and Li Yu Chen's intense actions could be heard from outside.

    "Actually, I think Manager Li is a pretty good person and she takes good care of me at work. Qin Feng, don't bully her. Though she is a couple of years older than us, she's a woman, and women need to feel safe and to be cared for." Xu Ruo Rou looked earnestly at Qin Feng.

    "I know." Qin Feng looked back earnestly at Xu Ruo Rou as well.

    The wild and vulgar expression he had in the lounge disappeared. He furrowed his brows with a deep and unfathomable expression.

    "Ah? You know!? Then why did you still treat Manager Li that way? She's usually hardworking, suffers, and has no boyfriend to care for her. I actually think she's pretty pitiful." Xu Ruo Rou hugged Qin Feng's arm and looked at him foolishly.

    "Because she likes me!" Qin Feng waggled his eyebrows, and his expression became heavier.

    Xu Ruo Rou shoved Qin Feng's arm away with a huff and said, "Qin Feng, I'm serious. Can't you be more serious, even for a bit?"

    Qin Feng felt as though Xu Ruo Rou stabbed him in the heart. He looked at her earnestly. "Ruo Rou, I'm very serious. General Manager Li likes me!"

    This time, even Rao Shi Man, who was sitting quietly to the side, couldn't listen on. She opened her sexy red lips and two adjectives drifted indifferently out of her mouth, "Shameless! Perverted!"

    "Hmph! Ruo Rou is going to ignore you as well!" Xu Ruo Rou glared at Qin Feng and huffed as she ran over to sit beside Rao Shi Man.

    Qin Feng sat alone on one side. He suddenly felt incomparably wronged. Now you know why I'm so shameless and dissolute and why lies come out of my mouth when I open it-because no one believes me when I tell the truth.

    This was an era when if men weren't bad, women didn't love them!

    Qin Feng really believed that Li Yu Chen liked him, and was certain that he wasn't wrong. He discovered this after returning from Qingshui Town because Li Yu Chen changed. She became jealous, wanted to bicker with him, and wanted to be with him.

    Qin Feng was increasingly shameless and mean toward her because he detected her feelings. He taught her time and time again, and even acted like a hoodlum.

    Qin Feng didn't want Li Yu Chen to fall too deep because he had no reason to accept a good woman like Li Yu Chen.

    He had been to the village Li Yu Chen grew up in and saw her straightforward and honest father and forceful and sincere mother. He began to gain a deep understanding of Li Yu Chen's feelings and life. The more he knew of her, the more he cherished and cared for her.

    Qin Feng learned of Li Yu Chen's impoverished but happy youth, her soft and lonely heart under her strong exterior, and that she was of marriageable age and longed impatiently for the arrival of a prince on a white horse...

    She was beautiful on the outside and just as bright on the inside!

    Qin Feng couldn't give her monogamy and love. He could only wish she found the right person and lived happily ever after!

    "Miss Shi Man, everything is prepared and in order. Chairman Qin is on stage ready to begin at any moment. Come with us backstage. After Chairman Qin speaks, it'll be your turn to go on stage to perform." The Deputy Manager of Royal Group's Administrative Department, Wang Jun, ran over urgently. When he saw Qin Feng, he nodded subtly in greeting.

    "Okay, thank you for your troubles." Rao Shi Man smiled politely at Wang Jun, then stood and walked out.

    October was rainy, and it was drizzling outside. However, this did nothing to lessen the fervor of the opening ceremony because Royal Group was able to invite the famous celebrity Rao Shi Man to help. The stage was filled with people.

    A row of four bodyguards in black stood in front, and Rao Shi Man followed leisurely in her red qipao. Xu Ruo Rou carried the train of Rao Shi Man's long dress. She trailed Rao Shi Man like a beautiful, little flower girl. Qin Feng was in charge of staying by her side, paying attention to the surroundings.

    On stage, Qin Huang was dressed immaculately. His aura was unordinary, and he was saying his thanks before the opening. There were a good number of rows of chairs below the stage. Royal Group's old patrons and investors sat there, and more shareholders stood to the side and watched how the event progressed.

    "Firstly, on behalf of all employees of Royal Group, I want to express my extreme gratitude that you all could take time from your busy schedules to participate in the opening of Cloud City Hua Manor Phase Two. Cloud City Hua Manor is Royal Group's second high-class collection of villas. Because Cloud City Hua Manor Phase One was so popular, the second phase is being opened to repay your love and support for Royal Group..."

    As Acropolis City's richest man, it was difficult to see Qin Huang. Though he spoke politely, the audience were in a great mood. They were extremely excited to see Qin Huang in person. Quite a few people pulled out their phones to take pictures. And various large tabloids took lots of pictures and fought for the frontmost position.

    "Let me announce the opening of Cloud City Hua Manor Phase Two's residences. Customers can go to the Sales Department to look at the buildings and preorder them..."

    "Next is our program's highlight. Royal Group has specially invited China's A-list superstar, Miss Rao Shi Man, to come perform. Let us give a warm welcome to Shi Man as we invite her onstage!"

    Rao Shi Man was going to appear. The crowd below immediately fell into a frenzy.

    Half of the audience at Royal Group's opening ceremony was there just to see Rao Shi Man. And of the reporters there, most of them were entertainment reporters that came just to film Rao Shi Man.

    Amidst the audience's cheers and screams, Rao Shi Man wore a red qipao with a high slit. Once her fair, unblemished, long legs were revealed, the audience was in a daze. Xu Ruo Rou held Rao Shi Man's dress and brought her onstage. Then, she shyly ran back offstage.

    Rao Shi Man stood alone on the large and well-lit stage. She looked at the close to 1,000 people in the audience with a smile. Her smile contained no hint of nervousness or fear. She was China's A-lister, and her name was known around the world as well. Every year, she sang in concerts at stadiums with up to 100,000 people. There were only 1,000 people here, so that was a trifle to her.
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