Chapter 287 - Stage Collapsed

    Chapter 287 - Stage Collapsed

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: Vampirecat

    "Rao Shi Man! Rao Shi Man!"

    "Rao Shi Man, I love you!"

    "Shi Man, I'm your most hardcore fan. I'll support you until the end of the world!"

    "Shi Man, I want to marry you! This is my dream!"


    Facing these fervent and passionate fans standing below the stage, a charming smile rose on Rao Shi Man's face.

    Although she was China's most famous top-tier superstar, she never put on the airs of a celebrity. She treated everybody, including her fans, politely and with gratitude. Because Rao Shi knew that without their support, she couldn't had come so far.

    She was kind and grateful. So she kept on exceeding her limits and creating one popular song after another, to repay her fans.

    "My awesomely cute, passionate, and kind fans... I miss you all so much!"

    Rao Shi Man shouted from the bottom of her heart through the microphone.

    "Shi Man, we'll support you forever!"

    "Shi Man, you're our friend, our glory!"


    Have you ever seen a celebrity who didn't put on airs after becoming famous? Have you ever seen a celebrity who would shout "I miss you all very much" before her concert started? Have you ever seen a group of fans who truly felt their beloved star wasn't a star but more like a good friend to them and felt proud of her like she was their own family?

    This was Rao Shi Man, a superstar in China's music and movie industries. Her career success wasn't by chance or by unwritten rules. Since she was 12 years old, she'd trained very hard at developing her vocal and dancing skills. She even worked around the clock for eight years to achieve her current position.

    Ten years of practice for one minute on stage. [TLN: "Ten years of practice for one minute on stage" - A person may spend 10 years of training to perform for just one minute on stage. It means we can only succeed by hard work.]

    Rao Shi Man was kind and beautiful, talented, and humble. It'd be weird for her not to succeed.

    "To all of my friends whom I haven't seen for years, I present you the song 'Because of You' to express my current feelings. Because of you, and all of you, I've become stronger, braver, and I can live my life to my heart's content!"

    Rao Shi Man spoke as she held the microphone with her slender fingers. Those fervent and passionate fans fell silent.

    The song "Because of You" was Rao Shi Man's greatest hit and it was her fans' favorite. They could listen to this song over and over without tiring of it.

    Because of you, I won't give up on my dreams.

    Because of you, light has appeared before me.

    We met a summer day eight years ago, the lotuses were in full bloom, and your smile was brighter than the lotus!

    In the blink of an eye, time flew by. I walked on the road of my dreams, completely because of you!

    And you, where are you...

    Poetic scenes were evoked by a familiar melody and wonderful yet sad lyrics sung by a beautiful voice.

    Dusky sky, the rain dancing with the wind-even the gods were moved by Rao Shi Man's voice and swayed along with her gentle and tranquil melody. The umbrellas of these fervent fans fell to the floor one after another. Their minds calmed and they stood in the drizzle with their eyes closed, enjoying this wonderful song to the fullest.

    This song would trigger youthful memories in everyone who heard it. Those wonderful stories and emotions that faded with the passage of time seemed to come back to them slowly.

    Immature first love, pure friendship, unbreakable family... everything seemed to be within their reach...

    They were standing under the rain, enjoying the wonderful moment as the rain fell on their bodies; they were standing in the wind, listening to the most primitive and beautiful music of nature. They were willing to stand together with Rao Shi Man no matter where she was, even if she was standing in the midst of gale and drizzle. This was because they were her hardcore fans, her family!

    The eyes of Xu Ruo Rou were brimming with tears. The song brought to mind youthful memories, but most of hers were painful and difficult memories.

    Li Yu Chen had already emerged from the lounge. She had taken off the black stockings shredded by Qin Feng and stood beside Xu Ruo Rou with her long and slender legs exposed. Her eyes were hazed and distant as she was immersed in the song as well, recalling her memories.

    On the other hand, Qin Feng's memories went back to eight years ago-a blazing hot, sunny day in September, beside Lotus Lake...

    He gazed at Rao Shi Man singing and dancing on the stage. She was like the rising sun, shining brightly on stage. She'd dispelled any lurking darkness and melted the gloom in one's heart. At this moment, Qin Feng felt the urge to rush on stage and embrace her tightly in his arms. He'd like to tell everybody that from now on, the superstar Rao Shi Man was Qin Feng's woman!

    But this was just an impulsive idea. Not only Qin Feng had it, all her fans had it as well.

    Qin Feng slowly regained his senses; he then shook his head and murmured bitterly, "She really looks like that little girl!"

    Because of you, I'm not afraid of scorching sun and harsh winter!

    Because of you, all my worries have settled down...

    Rao Shi Man's silvery voice echoed in the venue. Because she was wearing a tight, bright red qipao, she couldn't move freely, so her dancing was alluring and sexy rather than youthful and energetic to one's eyes.

    This no longer was a real-estate launch; it had become a small fan gathering...

    Bang bang!

    People were silent; only the sounds of the wind, rain, and Rao Shi Man's voice could be heard.

    Beauty and music, drizzle and light breeze. It was such an idyllic scene that anyone would be immersed in it. However, a wonderful sight like this was suddenly shattered by two gunshots.

    Rao Shi Man stopped singing abruptly. She'd heard gunshots before, so she instantly knew the two abrupt sounds were gunfire.

    The thousands of spectators below the stage screamed. Some of them had heard the sound of a gunshot before, so when someone shouted "gunshot," it spreaded across the crowd quickly.

    Thousands of people were like cats on a hot tin roof. Some of them ran with their eyes closed while some of them ran with their eyes wide; regardless of whether their eyes were closed or open, all of them ran in panic, looking for an exit. The situation was chaotic and out of control.

    "Everybody, please don't be afraid. Please calm down!" The bodyguards hired by Royal Group began to take action.

    "Team One, bring Chairman Qin and the VIPs away from here, quick!"

    "Team Two, evacuate the people now!"

    "Team Three, assist Team Two in evacuation. Make sure there's no stampede and no casualties."

    "Team Four, find the shooter!"

    The moment the gunshot resounded, Qin Feng's eyebrows furrowed deeply.

    He quickly glanced through the crowd-his father, Xu Ruo Rou, Li Yu Chen, and Rao Shi Man. He was relieved to see them all safe. Both of the two gunshots had seemingly missed their targets.


    The metal frame on the stage released a slight cracking sound; the makeshift stage was on the verge of collapse. Rao Shi Man was nervous; below the stage was chaos and she was afraid of going down, but she felt very insecure about staying alone on the stage as well.

    "Oh my gosh, the stage is going to collapse!" A cry suddenly drifted from the crowd that was being evacuated. Everyone simultaneously looked toward Rao Shi Man who was still on the stage.

    The metal frame behind Rao Shi Man was swaying in the wind; it looked like it would break at any moment. If the metal frame fell, then what would happen to Rao Shi Man who was standing under it? The metal frame might crush her to a meat pulp!

    "Shi Man, be careful!"

    "Shi Man, Shi Man, run fast, run for your life!"

    A dozen of fans forgot to escape when they saw this scene; they were at a loss and could only yell frantically at Rao Shi Man. Unable to comprehend the current situation, Rao Shi Man slowly spun her body. When she saw the metal frame had tilted down, her brain turned to mush all of a sudden. This was because she knew she didn't have time to escape.

    "Shi Man, Rao Shi Man..."

    "Ugh! Shi Man, please be fine!"

    There was a sea of roars and cries as their hearts clenched. All of them had lost hope; some of them even closed their eyes. They could imagine the tragedy that would happen in the next second.

    Was this the fall of China's pure goddess? She was just getting started, still in the prime of her life...


    A gale suddenly blew past the crowd, and a shadow disappeared in a blink of an eye.

    Qin Feng tapped his foot and arrived above the stage right away. He understood now: the two gunshots weren't fired at anyone but at the screws on stage. They shattered the makeshift stage directly.

    Were these people aiming at Rao Shi Man? Why didn't they just kill her with a bullet? Why did they have to shatter the stage to crush her to death? Isn't this superfluous?

    Qin Feng was running out of time; he stopped his brain from racing because he had to rescue Rao Shi Man now.

    "Shi Man, run now!" Qin Feng got to the stage. He immediately pulled her hand and wanted to bring her down.

    Rao Shi Man stared at Qin Feng with her wide and charming eyes. Obviously, she was frightened, unresponsive to Qin Feng's call.


    Unable to bear the weight anymore, the huge metal frame behind them collapsed entirely. Qin Feng sensed it was too late even if he wanted to jump together with Rao Shi Man right now.

    So without any hesitation, Qin Feng quickly embraced Rao Shi Man in his arms and hold her tightly. "Shi Man, don't be afraid! I'm here with you; I won't let anything happen to you!"

    He turned his back to the falling metal frame and looked fondly at Rao Shi Man. Countless expressions flashed across Rao Shi Man's face as she saw the metal frame landed on Qin Feng's back.

    Rao Shi Man always had the impression that Qin Feng was a vulgar and shameless guy. She never imagined he'd use his flimsy back and prop up a piece of sky for her. He hugged her tightly in his thick and warm arms, protecting her from all harm. This warmth was much more comfortable than a winter sun and much brighter than a sunflower. Rao Shi Man could only shrink her body and stand quietly in Qin Feng's arms. She felt Qin Feng's arms were warm.

    She couldn't hear any sound at this moment; those whispers seemed to come to an end. All she could hear was Qin Feng's fast, strong heartbeat. This was, by far, the most beautiful music she'd ever heard; not even her own heavenly voice could compare to it.

    It's better to send charcoal during winter than gild the lily. Those people who usually follow you when you're at the pinnacle of your career are either ass-kissers or wolves in sheep's clothing. However, those who are willing to stand by you when you're in a great danger are the ones you can depend on.

    Rao Shi Man just realized Qin Feng was the person whom she could rely on!

    "Qin Feng, I never imagined I'd stand in your arms and go to another world with you. Qin Feng, thank you... for letting me die gracefully without any fear!" As Rao Shi Man spoke, she cast a gentle-as-water gaze at Qin Feng.

    She thought it would be a waste if she died before giving her first kiss to anyone. So when she looked at Qin Feng's handsome profile, her pair of soft, tender, red lips automatically fell lightly on his lips.

    "Qin Feng, this is my first kiss. I gave it to you as a compliment for your brave heart. I hope we can be friends in the afterlife." Rao Shi Man was dazed as she kissed Qin Feng's thick and gentle lips.

    This was because she felt Qin Feng suddenly turn frenzied and demand for more. He extended his tongue into her mouth; his move was so fast and domineering that Rao Shi Man didn't have a chance to resist or refuse him.

    Both of their tongues were entangled together, but Rao Shi Man didn't know how to kiss. It was Qin Feng who led her into exploring this mysterious zone. Since this was the first time Rao Shi Man kissed a man, she was already overwhelmed by this stimulating and shy feeling...

    Nobody knew how much time passed when Rao Shi Man suddenly regained her senses. She widened her eyes as big as saucers and stared at Qin Feng.

    What's happening now? What's going on? Are we dead? But why did the kiss and the skin contact feel so real?

    Rao Shi Man forcibly pushed Qin Feng away and looked upward. The metal frame had already fallen, but a shocking scene appeared right before her-the huge solid-metal frame stopped in mid-air and didn't crush her or Qin Feng.

    This was because Qin Feng used his thick, broad shoulders to forcibly lift the 500 kg metal frame!

    Not only Rao Shi Man was stunned, even the crowd that was being evacuated had stopped amazed by this sight.

    They'd seen Qin Feng suddenly appear on stage like Superman. He hugged Rao Shi Man and used his back to support the metal frame; he smooched with Rao Shi Man under the rain, lifting the heavy weight all by himself... Was this the power of love? The kiss of a goddess was so miraculous?

    Xu Ruo Rou cried. She was weeping buckets as she thought Qin Feng and Rao Shi Man would be smashed to death. She shouted their names with all of her strength, just like a helpless little girl.

    On the other hand, Li Yu Chen was so nervous that she broke her high heels. When she saw Qin Feng and Rao Shi Man crushed under the metal frame, her concern for them wasn't any less than Xu Ruo Rou's. It was just that they had different personalities, so the way they reacted was different.

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