Chapter 288 - Live and Die Together

    Chapter 288 - Live and Die Together

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    "Shi Man, get down quickly. I can't hold on for much longer!" said Qin Feng through gritted teeth.

    Rao Shi Man only now regained her senses from the shock and the passionate kiss. She quickly ran off the stage when she saw Qin Feng's completely red face.


    Rao Shi Man had just gotten off the stage when a mouthful of fresh blood sprayed out of Qin Feng's mouth.

    He currently had Stage Three External abilities and Intermediate Thunder Tiger Fists, and could exert seven times a normal person's strength. However, his body could only withstand five times the weight that normal people could withstand-around 300 to 350 kg. Though Qin Feng usually wore the 250 kg Flying Dragon Armour and it helped raise his endurance, even when he exerted Inner Qi, holding up the 500 kg metal frame was his limit.


    Qin Feng opened his mouth to spit another mouthful of fresh blood. Every time a mouthful of blood came out, his endurance dropped slightly. The metal frame felt heavier and heavier. Qin Feng's lower body had already sunk into the wooden stage, and he had no way of freeing himself.

    "Qin Feng..."

    When the three girls saw this scene, they ran to Qin Feng.

    Rao Shi Man, Xu Rue Rou, and Li Yu Chen squatted beside Qin Feng, and three pairs of soft hands got a death grip on the enormous metal frame. Though they knew it was impossible, they attempted to help push the metal frame off Qin Feng's back.

    Even if they couldn't push it off, at least they'd help a bit by sharing some of its weight!

    "Leave! All of you, leave!" Qin Feng roared angrily. The three women were shocked. It was their first time seeing Qin Feng so angry.

    They didn't know that this was because Qin Feng couldn't take it anymore. The metal frame would fall down completely at any moment, and if the three of them didn't leave, it would kill them.

    "Qin Feng, I'm not leaving. I'm going to stay with you." Xu Ruo Rou hugged Qin Feng and burst into tears.

    Rao Shi Man's and Li Yu Chen's charming eyes glistened with tears as well, but they were stronger. They raised their heads and didn't allow their tears to fall.

    "Qin Feng, hurry and come out. If you come out now, I-I'll disregard the matter of you ripping my stockings in the lounge earlier. And I'll even wear white stockings tomorrow and let you do what you want to me in my office," said Li Yu Chen anxiously.

    "Qin Feng, you're like this because of me. I can't leave, either!" Rao Shi Man's tone was staunch as well.

    The three women all had their reasons for staying. They had death grips on the metal frame and looked like they wouldn't leave without Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng's lips lifted slightly. He really wanted to burst into tears because he was so moved by the three women.

    When he was really young, he was envied because of his illustrious family background. He was forcefully crowned a hedonistic young master that was dissolute and vulgar. He couldn't rid himself of this title even if he wanted to. Thus, Qin Feng simply indulged himself and became a real hedonistic young master.

    Every day, he indulged in feasting, pleasure-seeking, and mutual deception. He knew that every person that got close to him had ulterior motives. Everyone in Acropolis City knew his name, yet Qin Feng didn't have any real friends. Qin Feng pretty much played with all of the beauties in Acropolis, but no one treated him wholeheartedly.

    Qin Feng felt as though his life was a complete failure back then. It looked bright and beautiful from the outside, but he was lonely. He hadn't imagined that there would be a day when he'd have a friend that he could devote himself to, or a woman who would be willing to die for him... Now, there were three silly women kneeling before him. Their knees were scraped, and their soft, little hands were cut, but they didn't leave or give up on him!

    For a long time, there had still been nothing. Then his stagnant body suddenly boiled crazily.

    Qin Feng knew that he was about to break through his limits!

    He wore the 250 kg Flying Dragon Armour every day, wildly trained himself, didn't give up, and continued to work hard when people weren't watching. But breaking through always took some time.

    Now, the opportunity was right in front of him!

    Smack smack smack!

    Qin Feng suddenly smiled. His smile was really happy and bright. It was genuine-the pure smile of an infant.

    He quickly kissed the three women on the lips in succession. The three women were stunned, and their eyes were wide as they looked stupidly at Qin Feng. He used the Qi flow in his body to turn quickly. He felt his entire body heat up and he wanted to go crazy. The Qi from his abdomen got stronger and stronger. However, he felt like he had to brace his body for an explosion at any moment.

    "Oh my, my, look at those three beauties; they are so infatuated. It's not like there'd be no more men in the world if he dies. Since you want to live and die together, this big brother will inconvenience himself to take all three of you. In the future, Big Brother will satisfy you all."

    "Silver Number 26, we're here to complete the assignment. If I were you, I'd shoot now."

    In a Cloud City Hua Manor Phase Two villa, two shadows lay on the top-floor deck. One looked Chinese and wore a long white robe, while the other was a dark-skinned foreigner whose skin was as dark as his black clothing.

    "Bronze Number One, you know that I'm responsible for directing our activities today. When I shoot isn't up to you. What kind of experts can there be in a godforsaken place like Acropolis that they called over someone from our Silver Group? I really don't know what the crew was thinking," said the black man in fluent Chinese. He had an arrogant expression as he stared at the middle-aged man in the white robe.

    "Silver Number 26, don't forget that this brat killed Bronze Number Eight and Number Five. How could he be someone ordinary?" The middle-aged man wearing a white robe had his gaze pinned on Qin Feng, and he was much more vigilant than the black man.

    "Hmph! Don't you find it embarrassing to mention that? What kind of trash are you Bronze Group people that the fifth and eighth experts together were annihilated by that brat? This only means that your Bronze Group is too weak. In a bit, I'll show you the strength of the Silver Group."

    The black man stared at the middle-aged man in the white robe once more, then ignored him. He pointed his icy silver handgun accurately at Qin Feng and was ready to shoot and kill him at any moment.


    Silver Number 26 hadn't locked down on his target yet when a flash of light flew toward him.

    "F*ck, we've been discovered... How is that possible?" Silver Number 26 made a strange noise, did a backflip, and narrowly dodged the light.

    A flying dagger struck deep into the concrete wall behind him, leaving only a couple of centimeters of its handle outside the wall.

    "I've spotted the target in the villa at 10 o'clock. It seems like a woman!" Bronze Number One pinpointed the assailant's position when Silver Number 26 dodged the attack.

    "F*ck, that b*tch, she actually took the initiative to oppose our Golden Assassin Crew? Wait until this elder captures her; I'll tear her clothes off and screw her to death!" Silver Number 26 cursed her incessantly, but he became vigilant. His black eyes flashed with the sharpness of a hawk, and he looked at the villa in the 10 o'clock direction.

    "Ah! It really is a woman. Her figure isn't bad. Your elder is going to have her today." Silver Number 26 quickly discovered the target. He swung his hand forward, and a shot flew out at the speed of lightning.


    Another gunshot was heard. Even though he had a silencer, the low and dull sound was not completely blocked.

    Swoosh swoosh!

    The whistles of flying daggers were heard at the same time as the gunshot.

    Shock flashed through Silver Number 26 and Bronze Number One's faces because this time, their opponent threw two daggers, and it surpassed their predictions.

    There was actually someone who could dodge Silver Number 26's gunshot and have time to counterattack? That woman's abilities really couldn't be discounted.

    "F*ck, where the hell did this girl come from? Acropolis City is so small; when did so many strong people appear? B*tch, you're forcing your elder to screw you to death!" Silver Number 26 yelled. He looked like he really wanted to rush up and kill her, but a flash of nervousness flitted across his face. At this time, he hid behind a wall and didn't dare peek out.

    Between one gunshot and two flying daggers, it was clear that the girl would beat him.

    Across from them, at eight o'clock, on the third floor of a villa, a woman filled with an icy and murderous air half-squatted on the balcony by a wall.

    She had clean and neat, light-purple, ear-length hair. She wore tight, black leather clothing and black boots, and the black boots were filled with various daggers.

    She also wore a black veil so her features weren't completely visible. However, one could tell from her vibrant eyes that she was very attractive. Her eyes were as bright as stars and clear and calm like water. Every time she blinked, they were like twinkling stars that could sway the viewer's mood.

    This was a woman who could topple cities and countries with her beauty, and was also an expert with a murderous aura.

    The last time she appeared, her goal had been to harm Qin Feng on Lotus Lake. This time, she appeared at Phase Two of Cloud City Hua Manor, and her agenda temporarily switched to helping Qin Feng deal with the members of the Golden Assassin Crew.

    "Stinking brat, your great aunt lured out the target for you. If you still can't avoid that, then there's no need for me to work with you. I wish you luck!" the young woman with black leather clothes and purple hair mumbled to herself, then disappeared...

    "We fell into a trap!" Bronze Number One suddenly sighed.

    Silver Number 26 wasn't as cocky as before. He knew the two of them had been played, and played by a woman.

    The two of them hid behind the wall, looking for the woman. Half a minute passed. They scanned the row of villas across from them, but they couldn't spot her. Based on their many years as assassins, they knew that woman was already gone. She suddenly appeared and disappeared, but she wasn't trying to fight them. She merely alerted Qin Feng, who was on the stage.

    She achieved her goal because Qin Feng's gaze now fell on the villa the two of them were at.

    "Miss Shi Man, please leave with us!" Four bodyguards in black rushed on stage.

    Rao Shi Man ignored them and continued to hold up the large frame with Xu Ruo Rou and Li Yu Chen.

    "Two assassins are hiding at one o'clock. Hurry and take these three women away. If they don't leave, then drag them away!" Qin Feng discovered the positions of the assassins and naturally couldn't allow the three women to remain by his side.

    After Qin Feng spoke, the expressions of the four well-trained bodyguards in black changed. Three of them grabbed Rao Shi Man, Xu Ruo Rou, and Li Yu Chen, and led them to safety. The last one handled the final details: he kept watch and reported the assassins' location into his walkie-talkie while trying to spot the assassins.

    "Qin Feng, I'm not leaving. Don't touch me; let go!"

    "Don't worry about me. I can walk. Hurry and save Qin Feng; he can't hold out much longer!"

    "Qin Feng, you got in trouble to save me; how can I leave? I want to leave when you do."


    The three women were taken away by the bodyguards, and each of them fought to run back. Qin Feng looked on, and the boiling Qi flow within him went berserk. He felt as though his body would explode in the next second!
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