Chapter 290 - Perfect Record Broken

    Chapter 290 - Perfect Record Broken

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    Editor: Vampirecat


    Bronze Number One's shadow flitted by, and he appeared behind Qin Feng. The damn gunshots became fiercer-and they coordinated with Bronze Number One's attacks.

    This was a lethal attack, and a crucial one.

    The silver, shadowless staff danced in the air. This time, it didn't form countless staff shadows; it merely struck down. However, the originally illusory staff shadows hid, combining with the actual staff and making the staff even stronger.

    This staff struck at the back of Qin Feng's head. Qin Feng could only move forward and could not turn back because bullets came incessantly from behind him. The speed of the bullets were such that he could only dodge them thrillingly. He couldn't spare any of his concentration to deal with Bronze Number One.

    Whoosh whoosh!

    The whistling of the wind from behind him grew louder and louder, and the fierce pressure from the same direction came closer and closer. Qin Feng knew that if he continued to blindly run away like this, he would get hit by the staff.

    Though the staff wasn't formidable enough to kill Qin Feng, it would severely injure him. When fighting two experts of the Golden Assassin Crew, getting severely injured was tantamount to dying.


    Suddenly, Qin Feng stopped and roared.

    He'd already determined the position of the assassins. His right hand held the Truesteel Sword and thrust backward, clashing with Bronze Number One's Phantom Spear and blocking his attack.

    At the same time, a long orange whip suddenly appeared in his hand. The Spirit Snake Whip flew into the sky, then fell on one of the windows on the third floor.


    This whip was like lightning that struck down from the heavens. It shattered the windowsill and split Silver Number 26, who was hiding below it, in half.

    Blood shot out of the third-floor window like a water jet. Silver Number 26 lay on the floor, his body bisected, but his astonished expression could still be clearly seen on both halves of his face.

    He'd died without understanding how he'd died!

    He hadn't thought Qin Feng could suddenly stop, brave death, and attack him. What he really couldn't understand was where the Spirit Snake Whip had come from. The two men had already been alarmed when Qin Feng pulled out the Orange Grade Truesteel Sword, and they were practically frightened to death when Qin Feng so casually pulled the Spirit Snake Whip out.

    Silver Number 26 was killed by one whip. Bronze Number One was stunned, and he looked completely shaken.

    By the time he regained his senses and looked at Qin Feng holding the Spirit Snake Whip, the calmness in his face completely disappeared. At that was left was boundless fear.

    As a member of the top international assassin group, Bronze Number One had lost count of how many people he'd killed. He'd killed various types of people: martial artists, high officials, bosses, and normal people not worth mentioning.

    No matter which target he killed, as the leader of the Bronze Group, Bronze Number One had never been afraid. However, in the little Acropolis City today, Bronze Number One was terrified upon meeting a genius that was at least a Stage Four Inner Qi expert.

    He wasn't like other assassins who gave no thought to life or death. He'd stolen his sect's secret treasures: the Phantom Staff and the Phantom Staff technique. Hunted by his entire sect, he only joined the Golden Assassin Crew because he had nowhere else to run.

    He didn't want to die, so he could only run!


    Bronze Number One suddenly moved. He grabbed the Truesteel Sword that was stabbed into the ground and quickly made his escape. He knew he couldn't beat Qin Feng, and he wasn't as fast as Qin Feng, either. Thus, the coveted Truesteel Sword became the sole weapon that could save him.

    He really wanted to take this Orange Grade Spiritual Equipment away, but if he did, he would die. He hesitated for an instant, then clenched his teeth and flung the Truesteel Sword away from him. Qin Feng, who was chasing after him, furrowed his brows, hesitated for a brief instant as well, then stopped chasing after Bronze Number One. He quickly dashed after his Truesteel Sword. When the Truesteel Sword was back in his hands, Bronze Number One was gone.


    Silver Number 26 was split in half, and he was as dead as a doornail. Bronze Number One escaped without a trace. This was the Golden Assassin Crew's second time trying to kill Qin Feng, and the second time they failed.

    This became a shameful part of the Golden Assassin Crew's history. Qin Feng broke their record of never failing an assignment since their conception.

    After all, ever since the Golden Assassin Crew's founding, there was no task they hadn't completed.

    The first time they failed, they wanted to give their all to eliminate their target the second time. After all, their record had remained impeccable for 20 years.

    However, Qin Feng broke it. Not only did he break the Golden Assassin Crew's record of infallibility, he also killed three of their assassins. This was also unprecedented.

    They were assassins from the Golden Assassin Crew; how could they get killed?

    Qin Feng dragged his injured right leg back toward the stage. Police cars already surrounded the location, and there was a police cordon encircling the area to limit access. The thousand-plus people who came to participate in the ceremony and the reporters were led away in batches by the police. Rao Shi Man, Xu Ruo Rou, and Li Yu Chen were safely settled who knew where.

    Dark clouds filled the sky, and a light drizzle lingered in the air. It was bustling all around. Qin Feng suddenly joining the crowd didn't arouse much notice.

    "Qin Feng?" Qin Feng was about to walk into the lounge when he heard a cold but pleasant voice come from behind him.

    Qin Feng didn't turn his head, but Liu Bing Bing ran over.

    "Director Liu, long time no see," greeted Qin Feng with a smile when he saw the stern and proud Liu Bing Bing.

    "Long time no see, my ass. I saw you two days ago, brat. When I see you, I..." Once Liu Bing Bing saw him, she wanted to argue with him, but then her gaze suddenly fell to his pants that were dyed red with blood. She covered her mouth and gasped, "Qin Feng, you're injured?"

    Liu Bing Bing squatted to look at Qin Feng's injured thigh. Qin Feng wanted to leave, but Liu Bing Bing pulled him back. "How did you get shot? So that assassin was aiming for you?

    "No, no, your wound must be treated immediately, and the bullet must be removed as soon as possible. Otherwise, it could constrict a meridian, and your leg would be rendered useless."

    Unfazed, Liu Bing Bing pulled out some tissue, squatted, and carefully wiped the blood around Qin Feng's wound.

    This was Qin Feng's first time seeing Liu Bing Bing worried about him. When he saw her squatting before him looking so concerned and careful, a thought swept through Qin Feng's mind... The button on Director Liu's chest has popped off and she doesn't know. How big and white!

    "Qin Feng, come with me. I'm taking you to the hospital right now." After conducting simple treatment on Qin Feng's wound, Liu Bing Bing raised her head to look at him.

    She noticed that Qin Feng wasn't listening to what she was saying. He had his gaze pinned to who knew what. When Liu Bing Bing followed Qin Feng's gaze to her half-exposed breasts, her blood boiled and rushed to her head as she sent a kick at Qin Feng.

    "Pervert. Stinking hooligan!"

    "Ow! Director Liu, I have no bad blood with you; why do you want to kill me every time you see me?" Liu Bing Bing gave a powerful kick that landed right on Qin Feng's wound.

    "A-Are you alright?" Liu Bing Bing realized that she was too agitated, and she looked worriedly at Qin Feng.

    "Alright? Hmph, if I shot your leg and kicked the wound, would you be alright? Plus, you kicked with heels on." Qin Feng looked unhappily at Liu Bing Bing.

    If it was the Liu Bing Bing of the past, how could she let Qin Feng yell at her? She would've gotten into a heated argument with him. However, she didn't get mad or hit him. She looked expressionlessly at Qin Feng, then suddenly took his arm and supported him toward the ambulance.

    "Director Liu, I'm not going to the hospital. Take me back to Qin Manor; we have a doctor there." Qin Feng pushed Liu Bing Bing away and turned in an attempt to head back to the lounge.

    In all honesty, a bullet wound wasn't much to the current Qin Feng. He was going to the lounge to take out the bullet, and buy and apply a bottle of Elementary Gold Sore Medicine, and then he would be fine. Also, Qin Feng broke through two of his limits and gained 3,000 Hedonist Points. As long as he spent the points, he could become a Rank Five Hedonist Mortal. Not only would he gain three free lottery chances, he would also activate the system's wuxia interface. Qin Feng was really looking forward to it.

    "Qin Feng, I've seen your wound. You can't just leave. Also, you put weight on your leg after getting shot, aggravating the injury. Now, you've lost too much blood. If we don't get you to the hospital for treatment now, you're really going to be in trouble." Liu Bing Bing rushed up and grabbed Qin Feng. She didn't know why she suddenly became so stubborn.

    "Director Liu, let me go. I can handle this wound. Plus, if my leg is really crippled and the wound became ruptured, inflamed, or infected, shouldn't you be secretly happy? Why do you look worried about me? Oh! Director Liu, I'm not seeing things, am I? Why are your eyes red? Are you crying? Don't tell me you've fallen for this young master?"

    Qin Feng really didn't want to go to the hospital. He was worried that the Golden Assassin Crew would set an ambush for him. If he met the abnormal assassins again in the hospital, Qin Feng wouldn't be able to escape even if he wanted to.

    He was intentionally poking fun at Liu Bing Bing to make her angry so she'd leave. However, not only did Liu Bing Bing stay, she looked like she was set on hanging on to Qin Feng today.

    "Stinking brat, you better watch out. If you keep saying crazy things, I might just kick you again. Whose eyes are red and who's crying for you? You must be dreaming!" Liu Bing Bing gave Qin Feng a cold glare.

    She didn't know what she was feeling at the moment. Though she hated Qin Feng, she got worried when she saw such a severe gunshot wound on his thigh. However, her eyes weren't red and she didn't cry; Qin Feng only made that up to make her mad.

    "Are you getting into the ambulance with me or not?"

    "I'm not."

    "You're in this state and you're still arguing with me? Is there something wrong with your brain? Do you not want your leg anymore?" Liu Bing Bing was furious.

    "I'm begging you, Director Liu, to let me go because I want my leg. I'll deal with it myself." Qin Feng was beyond helpless. All the women he saw today were a bit off.

    "Hmph! Get into the ambulance with me. If I'm not taking you to the hospital, I'll extract the bullet for you in the ambulance." Liu Bing Bing wondered what was wrong with her and why she was so insistent regarding Qin Feng's injury. However, she wouldn't be able to rest if she didn't personally see the bullet come out of Qin Feng's thigh or personally hear that Qin Feng's life wasn't in danger.

    Qin Feng knew that once Liu Bing Bing set her mind to something, 10 bulls couldn't pull her away from her goal. Thus, he could only board the ambulance with her. Since 10 policemen with real and loaded guns were nearby standing guard, Qin Feng wasn't afraid of the Golden Assassin Crew members heading over.

    The two of them got into the ambulance, and Liu Bing Bing locked the door. Qin Feng lay on the stretcher. There was a first aid kit in the vehicle.

    "Director Liu, you're not going to do it personally, are you?" Qin Feng's face darkened as he watched Liu Bing Bing open the medical kit and pull out forceps, gauze, and various other items.

    "Shut up. Your mother learned first aid at the police academy. Removing bullets was one of the courses. My skills were number one in the entire squad. So many people begged for my assistance, but I didn't help them, so you should be happy." Liu Bing Bing glared at Qin Feng and lay out everything she needed by Qin Feng's leg.

    Liu Bing Bing's words had several possible meanings, and Qin Feng's thoughts went astray when he heard them. He looked at Liu Bing Bing with a smile.

    "Then when you give the handjob later, Director Liu, be more gentle. You can move quickly, though. Your lily-white hands aren't bad, so your skills are sure to be exciting!"
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