Chapter 292 - I Killed Him

    Chapter 292 - I Killed Him

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    After a full 10 minutes of fighting, the ambulance doors opened again, and Liu Bing Bing exited the vehicle with a cold expression. When Qin Feng got out of the vehicle, a procession of bodyguards in black and three beauties rushed over.

    "Qin Feng, are you alright? I knew you'd be alright. I was scared to death!"

    "Ah! Qin Feng, what happened to your leg? Is it okay? Why don't we go to the hospital?"

    "Qin Feng, wear this; don't catch a cold!"

    The three beauties that suddenly rushed over were Xu Ruo Rou, Li Yu Chen, and Rao Shi Man.

    These three women were all outstandingly attractive, and each had different auras and personalities. Once each of the women saw Qin Feng, they surrounded him excitedly. Xu Ruo Rou and Li Yu Chen anxiously took one of Qin Feng's arms each, while Rao Shi Man hugged Qin Feng.

    When the doctors, nurses, and police saw this scene, they were so shocked that their eyes almost popped out of their skulls. In particular, the two subordinates that came with Liu Bing Bing sighed and wondered what kind of person Qin Feng was to have such luck with the ladies.

    Director Liu was exceptionally unlike herself today. She actually hid in a vehicle with Qin Feng and did it with him, and after it was over, she reinstated her usual cold and proud expression. And now that she saw three women surrounding Qin Feng, she actually wasn't mad? ...Based on her explosive temper, it would make more sense for her to blast the three women's heads off!

    Qin Feng just texted Xu Ruo Rou while he was in the ambulance, so the three women rushed over with Qin Manor bodyguards. Qin Feng quickly changed into a new suit. There was no way he'd stand in front of everyone in his underwear.

    "Alright, let's go back to the lounge. Is Chairman Qin alright?" Qin Feng held Xu Ruo Rou and Li Yu Chen as they walked toward the lounge. Rao Shi Man also quickly followed.

    "Qin Feng, Chairman Qin is in the lounge right now. Everyone is fine. A few audience members were trampled and got hurt during the evacuation, but they've all been taken to the hospital for treatment. The sudden shooting incident has been settled by the police, and there are no deaths so far." Xu Ruo Rou explained the situation to Qin Feng.

    The four of them walked under the protection of four bodyguards in black, and they quickly arrived at the lounge.

    "Qin Feng, are you alright? You've scared your da-" Qin Huang immediately rushed up to Qin Feng and grabbed him when he saw that his son was alright.

    Qin Feng cut his father off, yelling, "Chairman Qin, I've worried you. I'm alright. I just so happened to be close to Rao Shi Man, so I had the opportunity to rush onstage and save her. Rao Shi Man is such a beautiful, kind, and famous celebrity that anyone in my position would have done the same thing and did all they could to save her... Chairman Qin, there's no need to praise me in particular. And don't give me a reward; that would dishonor my actions!"

    How could Qin Huang not know what his son was thinking? Qin Feng was afraid of revealing his identity to the three beauties. Qin Huang had been too worried about Qin Feng's safety, so he almost slipped up. At this time, he regained his usual imposing expression and looked indifferently at Qin Feng.

    "Since you were injured on the job, I was originally going to give you a week off to recover. I've also arranged for Miss Ruo Rou to have the week off with you as well, so she can take care of you. Seeing that you don't need these rewards, it seems that I've dishonored you!"

    "Haha, Chairman Qin is a man of his word. Since this is the case, then I, Qin Feng, will follow your arrangements," said Qin Feng with a chuckle.

    "It's too late." Qin Huang glared at Qin Feng again.

    Qin Feng had changed into a new suit, and Qin Huang couldn't see the gunshot wound on his leg. Instead, he saw that Qin Feng was filled with life and energy, so he thought Qin Feng was completely fine. He huffed and led his bodyguards out of the lounge to deal with the aftermath of the situation.

    Once Qin Huang left, the atmosphere in the lounge became much more relaxed. Everyone had been a bit fearful with the chairman present.

    "Qin Feng, where did you go at first? You scared me to death... Also, what happened to your leg? Did you scrape it when you were holding up the metal frame for Little Sister Shi Man earlier? Do you need to get it checked out at the hospital?" The three women were really worried about Qin Feng, but only Xu Ruo Rou expressed her worry completely.

    She knew Qin Feng was really perverted, so she intentionally tucked her body into Qin Feng's embrace to make him happy. She also lightly caressed the wound on Qin Feng's thigh. Her lovely clear eyes were teary.

    Qin Feng comfortingly patted Xu Ruo Rou's head. He smiled and said, "I'm fine; it was just a scratch. All that matters is that you three beauties are alright."

    Qin Feng comforted Xu Ruo Rou, then looked at Rao Shi Man with seriousness and said, "That's right, the assassins weren't after you. I think it has something to do with Royal Group. On behalf of Chairman Qin and Royal Group, I sincerely apologize for getting you mixed up in this conflict because of our company. And you don't need to be afraid in the future. Just forget everything that happened today."

    Rao Shi Man looked at Qin Feng and said nothing. She felt bad knowing that Qin Feng injured his leg to save her.

    She didn't blame any specific person or the entire Royal Group for what happened. Though she was very famous and had a very strong power backing her, she was still kind and understood the idea of repaying kindness. Out of gratitude, and not out of enmity, she would never forget what happened today.

    That's because Rao Shi Man would never forget that Qin Feng stood out during her time of need, nor could she forget how he used his strong and healthy body to hold up that safe and warm sky.

    She gave her first kiss to Qin Feng today, and she also gave him her hug. In the past eight years, she had never felt this touched or agitated. And she felt agitated again because of Qin Feng... How could she forget what happened today? Not only would she not forget it, she would remember it for the rest of her life. It would be a lovely, unforgettable memory like that with the youth by Lotus Lake!

    Qin Feng and the three women stayed in the lounge and waited until the police were mostly done dealing with the situation, before going out. Once they exited, Qin Feng saw Liu Bing Bing standing by the doorway.

    "Qin Feng, walk with me for a bit!" Liu Bing Bing regained her icy expression once more, as if the ambiguous situation in the ambulance earlier never happened.

    "Ruo Rou, take Shi Man and Yu Chen in Chairman Qin's car back to Qin Manor first. I'll speak with Director Liu, then head back on my own." Qin Feng patted Xu Ruo Rou's lovely hair. The three woman looked at Qin Feng like they didn't want to leave him. In the end, under the protection of the bodyguards, they left first.

    "Hmph! You really are loose. Watch out; if you're too loose, your ass will break." Liu Bing Bing crossed her arms in front of her chest and watched the three women leave. Then, she glared at Qin Feng.

    After yelling at Qin Feng, Liu Bing Bing turned and boarded a police car. Qin Feng followed and sat in the front passenger seat.

    "Tell me, did the assassins come for you? Who are they?" Liu Bing Bing and Qin Feng were the only two in the car, and the windows were sealed. Liu Bing Bing's body fragrance wafted through the car.

    "I don't know, Director Liu. Maybe the assassins were targeting Royal Group. After all, Royal Group's business is becoming larger and larger. Someone must be secretly jealous and wanted to cause some trouble." Qin Feng shrugged with an expression that implied he knew nothing about the situation.

    "Qin Feng, you're still pretending? You think I'm an idiot?" Liu Bing Bing suddenly turned her head. Her beautiful eyes gleamed with severity. "During this sudden incident, besides you who got shot in the leg, no one else was injured. Do you think I didn't notice?"

    "Then that could only mean that they did their research on Royal Group, knew that I was Chairman Qin's only son, and wanted to abduct me to threaten Royal Group. In the end, they only injured me and weren't able to capture me because Director Liu brought people over and scared them away."

    Qin Feng immediately laughed and said to Liu Bing Bing, "Thank you, Director Liu. If not for you, I might have been abducted by those despicable criminals and put in some dark and damp underground room. You know that I lead the life of a rich young master, and I'm the most afraid of underground rooms devoid of light, stinking of mold, with rats scurrying about..."

    "Qin Feng!" Liu Bing Bing angrily cut Qin Feng off. The pent-up anger in her chest caused it to rise up high, and Qin Feng wanted to look, but he didn't dare do so.

    "Director Liu, don't be angry. If women get angry a lot, they get older faster. That's right, I heard that Lancôme recently put out a new whitening product that's really good. I happen to have a friend in France. I'll have him send some quality products over. If a natural beauty like Director Liu uses it-"

    Liu Bing Bing ignored Qin Feng's words and suddenly blurted out, "Qin Feng, one of the assassins was found in the garden behind Villa Five. He was split in half by someone. Do you know who did it?"

    Qin Feng immediately closed his mouth. His expression changed slightly, and he switched to a comfortable posture as he leaned into the seat. He said casually, "I killed him. I used this blade and sliced him in two!"

    A long sword that glowed orange suddenly appeared in Qin Feng's hand, scaring Liu Bing Bing. What made her even more shocked was the fact that Qin Feng willingly confessed to murder.

    "You're a martial artist?" Liu Bing Bing furrowed her shapely eyebrows as she looked at the treasured sword in Qin Feng's hand.

    "You know about martial artists?" Qin Feng asked back and furrowed his eyebrows as well.

    Liu Bing Bing's expression shifted several times before it reverted back to her usually cold one. "That's not important. You killed someone, and you even confessed in front of me. I won't let you off."

    Liu Bing Bing's expression was staunch. Disappointment flashed through her eyes as she said, "Qin Feng, right now, you have to either kill me to hide that you murdered someone, or let me arrest you for murder.

    "Either way, I can't beat you in a fight. If you're going to do it, hurry up." Liu Bing Bing found a comfortable position, slouched into her seat, shut her eyes, and waited for Qin Feng to act.

    She didn't understand why Qin Feng confessed so easily to killing someone this time. In the past, he killed Hao Yun and Yu Wen Xiang, but he refused to admit it. Did he want to kill her as well? So she was nothing in his heart.

    This was Liu Bing Bing's first time feeling so conflicted and helpless. She was righteous and upstanding. In her world, what was right was right, and what was wrong was wrong; the world only had two kinds of people: good and bad.

    She would never let a bad person off even if they were her friend or relative. Since she knew Qin Feng killed someone, she knew she wouldn't let Qin Feng off. However, she didn't want to arrest Qin Feng. She even wished that he would end her with a slice, and resolve all her worries.

    This change in mentality was very subtle. Even Liu Bing Bing wasn't able to react.

    "Director Liu, I won't kill you. You're so beautiful and righteous, how could I?" Qin Feng laughed.

    Liu Bing Bing had shut her eyes and sat in the seat. Qin Feng admired her lovely body: her profile was gorgeous and filled with moral integrity; her nose was tall and alluring; her chest was very perky; and she had a bewitching and perky behind. She was such a sexy and proud beauty.

    Though Qin Feng knew Liu Bing Bing and had a quest regarding her, even if it was his first time seeing her, he couldn't kill such a beauty.

    "Then cut the crap and come with me to the police station and wait to die!" Liu Bing Bing sighed internally. This was Qin Feng's decision. She already gave him an opportunity to escape.

    She opened her alluring eyes and found that the treasured sword in Qin Feng's hand was gone. Liu Bing Bing gritted her teeth and started the car. She sped toward the North District Sub-Bureau.
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