Chapter 293 - If There is a First Time, There is a Second Time

    Chapter 293 - If There is a First Time, There is a Second Time

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    Qin Feng closed his eyes and rested in the passenger seat along the way.

    Liu Bing Bing, on the other hand, focused on driving; neither of them spoke. The atmosphere was below zero, as if the air inside the car would freeze at any moment.


    The car arrived at the North District Sub-Bureau. However, Liu Bing Bing pulled the emergency brake and stopped the car in front of the bureau's gate.

    "Qin Feng, who're those assassins?" asked Liu Bing Bing as she looked at Qin Feng. Her face was frosty as a flame of fury was rising in her heart.

    She admitted she couldn't send Qin Feng to the jail-because she knew Qin Feng would never come out again. Qin Feng had confessed he was the killer; even with the powerful Qin family backing him, he wouldn't be able to turn the situation around.

    "There were two assassins who tried to kill me. One was the black person you guys found; the other was a Chinese brawler monk that ran away." Qin Feng opened his eyes and sighed slightly. "As for who they are, I can't tell you."

    "Qin Feng, can you please not f*ck around now? Your mother's patience is limited, and I will not break my bottom-line for the third time." Liu Bing Bing was enraged. She was very mad at Qin Feng's attitude; she hadn't even been this angry the first time she met this rascal.

    She couldn't fathom why she was so mad. Qin Feng followed her obediently. He didn't speak along the way or act like a vulgar person or talk glibly; he admitted his guilt proactively and accompanied her to the bureau... Before, Liu Bing Bing had dreamed she could beat Qin Feng into becoming like this.

    But when Qin Feng really became like this, Liu Bing Bing wished he would act shamelessly in front of her again and tell her everything was just a joke.

    "Director Liu, I've come with you back to the bureau; can you stop scolding me? You aren't young anymore, you know? You're too hot-tempered and always shout at people once you open your mouth. Who'd still dare to be your boyfriend?" Qin Feng looked at Liu Bing Bing, smiling.

    "Your mother wants to scold people and I like to scold people very much. You better tell me the truth; I'm asking you for one last time, did you kill the man?" Liu Bing Bing stomped her feet in fury.

    "Stop asking anymore; I'm the one who killed the man. I won't tell you their identity. This is because they are too powerful-so powerful that I could only run away from them with my current power."

    Qin Feng suddenly became serious and gazed gently at Liu Bing Bing. "I don't want to involve you in this. This is my own problem; if you meddle in it, I'm afraid I might bring you down."

    Liu Bing Bing was stunned; her pair of clear eyes gazed fixedly at Qin Feng.

    The reason she was so angry and gave Qin Feng chances to justify himself, again and again, was because, in her heart, she didn't wish Qin Feng to be arrested; she didn't want him to confess that he was the killer.

    Liu Bing Bing had deliberately stopped the car at the gate of the North District Sub-Bureau because she was waiting for Qin Feng-she was waiting for a pretext that could convince her to release him.

    Now, the pretext had come. It was a very simple sentence: because I don't want to get you into the trouble!

    "Qin Feng, just tell me-who are they? I promise I won't let a third party know their true identity, on my honor," asked Liu Bing Bing in a soft tone, shedding her glacial aura.

    "Director Liu, it's not that I don't trust you; it's just that you might be in great danger if I tell you who they are. This is the reason why I refused to tell you their identity. Director Liu, please send me to the jail. I know you're an upright and uncorrupted person, you've never shielded or connived with a criminal before, and you're actually struggling in your heart now... After all, we've known each other for just a mere two months. Maybe you've been guarding against me, treating me like an enemy; but in my eyes, you're already one of my friends."

    Qin Feng spoke sincerely and earnestly; tears might even fall from his own eyes.

    Qin Feng realized his acting skill had evolved-to the point that even he himself couldn't distinguish between truth and fiction.

    When he learned from Liu Bing Bing that the police had found Silver Number 26's corpse, he knew he didn't need to play the fool or resist anymore. This was because Cloud City Hua Manor Phase Two villas were very well monitored with highly advanced surveillance equipment that had no dead angle. Qin Feng's fight in the back garden must have been recorded, and the police would know the truth once they viewed the video.

    So this time Qin Feng didn't act shamelessly and play the fool like he usually did; he just admitted his guilt openly. He was betting on Liu Bing Bing's feelings for him. And now, it looked like he'd bet right.

    "Qin Feng, are those assassins still lurking around?" Liu Bing Bing cautiously looked around.

    "I'm not sure, either; that's why I can't tell Director Liu who they are. I'm afraid they might have put a bug or tracker on me. If they knew you're digging out their identity, you'd be in trouble," Qin Feng said with a serious demeanor.

    Liu Bing Bing's countenance chilled slightly; she then pushed a button in her car. She waited for 10 seconds, then said, "I've activated a jamming device in the car. We're now isolated from outside; no signal can come in or go out... So you may speak now. I promise I'll keep our conversation in the car a secret in my heart and I won't tell anybody when we get down from the car."

    Qin Feng sighed heavily. With a difficult look, he hesitated for a long time and then began to talk slowly, "Director Liu, have you ever heard of the Golden Assassin Crew?"

    "Golden Assassin Crew?" Wide-eyed, Liu Bing Bing stared fixedly at Qin Feng.

    She was really frightened; she hadn't imagined that Qin Feng offended that group of people.

    "You know about the Golden Assassin Crew? Can you tell me more about them?" Qin Feng was agitated and grabbed Liu Bing Bing's hands tightly.

    Liu Bing Bing's hands were clear as ice and elegant as jade, tender and slender; they felt boneless to Qin Feng when he held them in his own.

    "Stinking brat, get your hands off me!" Liu Bing Bing glared at Qin Feng. When Qin Feng released her hands, her countenance became grave and she said, "The Golden Assassin Crew is based in the provincial capital, but no one knows the exact location. However, according to the underworld, there are no jobs that the Golden Assassin Crew can't complete once they make their move.

    "They were formed more than 20 years ago, and completed more than 10,000 jobs without fail. They charged in a very particular way-gold; they don't accept any other form of payment.

    "They're divided into four levels: Golden Group, Silver Group, Bronze Group, and Winter Iron Group. The higher the level, the stronger the assassin. Their superior is said to be a highly skilled hermit; they call him 'The Golden Hermit.' Nobody has ever seen him before; the men who have seen him are either dead or serve under him loyally."

    Liu Bing Bing revealed a lot of information about the Golden Assassin Crew. With a suspicious look, Qin Feng then asked, "How come you know so much about them?"

    Liu Bing Bing sighed lightly and replied, "Before I came to Acropolis City, I was a police officer in the provincial capital. During that time, I plunged myself entirely into demolishing this wicked killer organization. However, they are too powerful. Their killers are widely distributed all over China; they even extended their power overseas. After I investigated the group for a short period, my family scolded me harshly. And because of that incident, I was dispatched to Acropolis City by my family and became the director of the North District Sub-Bureau."

    Qin Feng had long known that Liu Bing Bing's family was powerful. However, this was a private issue and Qin Feng wasn't dumb enough to ask Liu Bing Bing if she didn't want to speak of it. Even Liu Bing Bing's family feared the Golden Assassin Crew. They'd detached her from the family base, sending her to Acropolis City once they learned that Liu Bing Bing was investigating that group. Qin Feng was very clear of the relationships involved in this incident.

    "It's so much trouble messing with a group like this!" Qin Feng lamented.

    "By the way, why're they targeting you?" Liu Bing Bing was worried as well. According to the underworld, a man targeted by the Golden Assassin Crew was as good as dead.

    "The elder of the Hao family used all his family properties and hired an assassin from the Golden Assassin Crew to kill me. I killed the first two assassins; this was the second time." Since Qin Feng had said this much to Liu Bing Bing, he thought that it wouldn't be a problem to tell her the whole story.

    After listening to what Qin Feng said, Liu Bing Bing gasped, "T-This was the second time you were ambushed by people from the Golden Assassin Crew? You even killed three of them?"

    "Why not? They were trying to kill me. They didn't have enough strength, so they got what they deserved," Qin Feng replied casually.

    Liu Bing Bing still hadn't recovered from the shock. She'd heard of the Golden Assassin Crew's legend of indomitability long ago. They'd never had a case where they failed twice on a mission, but Qin Feng broke their perfect record; he even killed three of their assassins.

    This time, Qin Feng had totally made an enemy of the Golden Assassin Crew.

    "Qin Feng, you better be careful next time. I'm certain the Golden Assassin Crew will go wild and try to get revenge on you. Not even I can help you counter the attack from this mysterious, obscure organization; I don't even know where to catch them... You killed a person this time, but since he's an international fugitive, I'll help you resolve the situation. You're injured; you'd better go home and rest."

    Liu Bing Bing had made herself clear-she would let Qin Feng off this time. She not only released him, she even took the initiative to help him settle the aftermath.

    "Well, thank you, Director Liu." Qin Feng had a stern face but actually he was as happy as a lark inside his heart. His acting successfully hoodwinked Liu Bing Bing into helping him square things with the police.

    "Hold on!" Liu Bing Bing stopped Qin Feng as he was getting off the car. "The four human traffickers that we caught at the slum still haven't given up their backer. However, according to my experience, I'm certain that they're indeed part of the criminal gang. You've performed exceptionally well in this case. For now, I'll hold them for a couple of days first to sniff out the force behind them and their base's location, and then we'll sneak into their base together and capture them all in one go. I'll give you the credit afterward."

    "Forget about the credit; it's my pleasure to help Director Liu in demolishing this human-trafficking group," replied Qin Feng as he smiled at her.

    "Okay, I'll contact you afterward... Anyway, you better behave yourself, you little brat. If you dare to kill or burn again, I'll never go easy on you." Liu Bing Bing closed the door furiously and drove her car into the bureau.

    Qin Feng stood in his original place and looked after Liu Bing Bing. The corner of his mouth quirked slightly as he murmured, "If there is a first time, then there is a second time and a third time."

    Qin Feng flagged down a taxi and returned to Qin Manor. When he reached the gate of Qin Manor, Uncle Fu was already there waiting for him.

    "Young Master Qin!" Uncle Fu walked toward Qin Feng and inspected him thoroughly. With a bright light in his eyes, he said, "Congratulations, Young Master Qin, on your breakthrough."

    With a smile on his face, Qin Feng patted Uncle Fu's shoulder; both of them then got in the car.

    "Uncle Fu, are my dad and Ruo Rou alright?" Qin Feng sat in the back seat and gazed at the villas and green fields of Qin Manor.

    "The three misses and Chairman Qin are alright. They're waiting for your return at home," said Uncle Fu as he focused on driving.

    Normally, he followed Qin Feng's and Qin Huang's orders without question. However, this time, he suddenly opened his mouth when the car was about to arrive at the main building.

    "Young Master Qin, this time is the Golden Assassin Crew as well?" Uncle Fu asked with a hint of coldness in his tone.

    "Looks like my dad has told you."

    "Last time, after Chairman Qin came back from his abduction, he told me to take good care of your safety in the future." Uncle Fu sighed lightly. "Today I was tasked with Chairman Qin's safety and neglected Young Master Qin. This is a dereliction of my duty."

    "Uncle Fu, it's not your fault. I'm okay as long as my dad is fine." Qin Feng pondered for awhile and asked, "Is the Golden Assassin Crew that powerful?"
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