Chapter 295 - Alliance of Prince Wen and Sima Tu

    Chapter 295 - Alliance of Prince Wen and Sima Tu

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    Han Ying Ying was frightened; she was now shrouded with nervousness and fear.

    She'd thought her mind would be more resolute after returning from her hometown. She'd thought she could seduce Qin Feng with her beauty and wrap him around her finger.

    However, Han Ying Ying had retreated before she took off her clothes. She wasn't ready yet; she refused to give her body to a man she didn't like.

    Both of them ended the conversation and leaned shoulder to shoulder on the couch, sunk in deep thought. After Han Ying Ying regained her energy and her mind cleared, she suddenly looked at Qin Feng.

    "Qin Feng, what happened in this event? Were they targeting the Qin family or that superstar?"

    "Who knows? The police failed to arrest the assassin anyway. Maybe they're targeting Rao Shi Man. This was because the stage suddenly collapsed and she was almost crushed under it," Qin Feng said indifferently.

    A chill flashed across Han Ying Ying's eyes. She asked about this incident to sound out Qin Feng. However, she could tell from Qin Feng's answer-he didn't believe her at all.

    "Now, with the intervention of the police, I believe the assassin will be caught in no time. The main thing is everybody is safe." Once again, Han Ying Ying placed her head on Qin Feng's shoulder and proactively held his arm and comforted him.

    "Oh yeah, Qin Feng, since you started to work at Royal Group, Uncle Qin has transferred most of his shares to you. You must work harder to improve yourself and not let Uncle Qin down!

    "You're his only son and he cares a lot about you." Qin Feng's countenance changed slightly after Han Ying Ying abruptly brought up this topic.

    "Hehe, wasn't my performance good enough? I was the top seller last month and I was promoted from an ordinary employee to a sales group leader within one month," said Qin Feng, pasting a triumphant grin on his face.

    "Yes, your performance is indeed outstanding; I was shocked during the performance conference last time." Han Ying Ying followed up with a smile. As she smiled, she continued to talk, "Hmm... not sure how many shares Uncle Qin transferred to you. Haha, you're so lucky; you're now an invisible tycoon with more than 100 million in assets.

    "You're handsome, promising, and rich, just like a legendary man who reigned over the trifecta of tall, rich, and handsome. Even I'm tempted to marry you."

    "Hehe, who knows. After all, it's my dad who's in charge of this kind of thing; I never cared," Qin Feng replied, shrugging his shoulders indifferently.

    Han Ying Ying's expression sank slightly before returning to normal. She wanted to ask more questions, but Qin Huang had come downstairs.

    "Feng'er, Ying Ying, what're you guys talking about?"

    "Uncle Qin, we didn't speak much; we're just resting on the couch. You probably have something important to discuss with Qin Feng, so I'll excuse myself first." Saying so, Han Ying Ying stood up and prepared to leave.

    "It's ok, Ying Ying. I'll ask Qin Feng come to my study. You can rest here." Qin Huang cast a warm smile at Han Ying Ying. After that, he looked at Qin Feng and said, "Feng'er, follow me to my study now."


    In a luxurious villa somewhere.

    A young man wearing a white robe rested on a couch; in front of him stood a black-cloaked elder.

    The white-robed youngster had an impressive and ethereal appearance. He was playing with a wooden fan.

    "Uncle Ghost, what did you learn?" White Robe asked softly.

    "Second Young Master, it was the people from the Golden Assassin Crew." Since the white-robed guy didn't like the name 'Prince Wen,' Uncle Ghost then addressed him as Second Young Master.

    "Is Qin Feng dead?" Second Young Master's voice was flat; he seemingly had the answer already.

    "Not yet."

    "Hmph! What a lucky guy. Even the Golden Assassin Crew has failed twice by his hands," sneered Second Young Master with a disdainful look.

    "Second Young Master, that little brat broke through again."

    Second Young Master's eyes glittered. After that, his expression became cold and he asked, "What's his level of strength now? How would he fare if compared to my big brother?"

    "I can't judge his strength now since I've never fought him... However, in my opinion, Qin Feng must be weaker than First Young Master."

    "Haha! What can he achieve if he can't defeat my big brother. He's gonna die sooner or later." Second Young Master guffawed uproariously. He just managed a half laugh when his cell phone suddenly rang.


    It was a text notification. Second Young Master picked up his cell phone to read the message:

    "The number of shares Qin Huang transferred to Qin Feng still hasn't been confirmed. It's not clear whether the shares are really with Qin Feng at this time."

    Second Young Master gave a Bronx cheer and texted back: "The shares aren't with Qin Feng anymore. That sly old fox Qin Huang became suspicious long ago and has already shifted the shares elsewhere. Continue to trace the whereabouts of the shares; we must find them."

    "Second Young Master, someone is looking for you!" A servant walked in from outside as soon as the white-robed guy replied to the message.

    "Who is it?"

    "He said he is from the Sima family of Acropolis City; he'd like to have a cup of tea with Second Young Master."

    "Let him in, then!"

    After 30 seconds, a heavenly looking young man in a suit came inside and greeted Second Young Master with a smile:

    "Prince Wen, it's been awhile! How's everything going?"

    "Prince Sima, I'm really surprised you would come to my humble home."

    "No, no, Buddhism emphasizes the concept 'fate.' Our paths will eventually cross if it's fated." With a faint smile on his face, he then sat opposite Prince Wen.

    "Prince Sima, please enlighten me: where does the 'fate' come from?" asked Prince Wen with a mirth.

    "Long has the great name of the wise and wily Prince Wen resounded in my ear. You're a rare and brilliant genius in our generation. I expect Prince Wen would be clearer than me where the 'fate' comes from, right?"

    "Haha, it's them who give me face." Prince Wen didn't pursue the origin of this 'fate.' Instead, he waited for Sima Tu to speak.

    Sima Tu had come prepared; without any hesitation, he got straight to the point. "Prince Wen, I came here for Qin Feng, and I came here to get rid of him."

    "Haha, interesting." Prince Wen burst out in a fit of violent laughter. "Tell me frankly what you have in mind, Prince Sima."

    "I presume Prince Wen has heard news of the emergency at Royal Group's opening ceremony."

    "Yes, I have."

    "It was a tragedy. Rumors say there was a shooter, and the stage collapsed as well; even the superstar Rao Shi Man, who came from the provincial capital, was almost injured. It was such a shame for this kind of thing to happen." Sima Tu said while beaming.

    "It's indeed quite a shame... Why didn't the metal frame crush Rao Shi Man and why didn't the shooter kill Qin Feng on spot?" queried Prince Wen with his eyebrows pricked.

    This time it was Sima Tu who burst into boisterous laughter. "Haha! Seems like I've found my partner. I've got a plan. Does Prince Wen want to analyze the pros and cons with me?"

    "Of course I do."

    "The opening ceremony of Royal Group has caused a big commotion in society-they invited Rao Shi Man, a first-tier celebrity as a VIP to their opening ceremony and even publicized their event schedule on major social media networks. In the end, this kind of tragedy happened, and now, people were scared. Do you think the people still dare to purchase a villa from Phase Two of Cloud City Hua Manor? If we make use of this opportunity and cause the same accident at other estates of Royal Group, the people of Acropolis City will eventually lose their faith in Royal Group. The once-great real-estate giant crashes and falls overnight-it happens all the time."

    "This kind of news is indeed very common. However, it's still a bit lackluster if we want to crush a real-estate giant like Royal Group," said Prince Wen while nodding his head.

    "This is the reason I came to Prince Wen. Since it lacks some firepower, then we shall give it a push. You know what a tiring life Qin Huang has lived as the wealthiest man in Acropolis City. He might thank us in the future for showing him a new and easier way of life after we've dragged him down from the top."

    "Apparently Prince Sima has it all planned."

    "Firstly, we'll aggravate the tragedy that happened on Royal Group's opening ceremony and stir up some trouble for the other real-estate projects of Royal Group. Secondly, the superstar Rao Shi Man has a strong background-the lady genius of the Dongfang family in the provincial capital, Dongfang Qing Xue, treats Rao Shi Man like her own sister. Now that her sister almost died at Royal Group's event, do you think she wouldn't be enraged? Maybe she'll unleash the full power of the Dongfang family to crush the Qin family in her fury. Lastly, the assassins are from the Golden Assassin Crew. Since Qin Feng and Qin Huang have offended this organization, they might need to worry about survival for the rest of their lives.

    "Now the time is right; even the geographical and social conditions are in our favor. Isn't this the perfect time for Prince Wen to make your move?"

    "Haha! Good, very well-planned! I hope we have a good time working together, Prince Sima!" All of a sudden, Prince Wen excitedly smacked the table and declared his alliance with Sima Tu.

    How could he not have considered the three points Sima Tu mentioned? The reason he lurked in the dark and didn't take the initiative was because Hua Ming almost revealed his identity during that time at the mountain resort. Hua Ming's action had roused suspicion with the people of Qin Manor. So Prince Wen couldn't take Qin Feng on unbridledly. He had to maintain a low profile and borrow outside power to exterminate Qin Feng.

    So, he'd previously asked Uncle Ghost to persuade the Hao family's elder to hire an assassin from the Golden Assassin Crew to assassinate Qin Feng, and cause Qin Feng to run afoul of this menacing organization.

    Now Sima Tu had taken the initiative to form an alliance with him; Prince Wen was entirely willing to borrow the power of Sima Tu, backing him at the same time, in order to get rid of Qin Feng, or even crush the Qin family in Acropolis City.

    Qin Manor main building, third floor study room.

    Qin Feng and Qin Huang sat face to face; Qin Huang was making tea with his tea set, and very soon, a pot of high-grade Longjing tea was prepared.

    Qin Feng sat quietly on the wooden floor, watching his dad's tea-making performance. The room was filled with the fragrance of books and tea.

    "Feng'er, were you injured?" After Qin Huang served a cup of tea to Qin Feng, his expression became grave suddenly.

    He was the wealthiest man in Acropolis City, shrewd and deep, and had an eagle-like gaze. So when this tragedy happened, when he heard the two gunshots, he'd already known: the people from the Golden Assassin Crew had come.

    Once the Golden Assassin Crew made their move, there would be casualties.

    Granted that Qin Huang hadn't seen the gunshot wound on Qin Feng's thigh, he also knew it couldn't have been easy for his son to escape their ambush.

    "I was shot in the thigh. The bullet's been extracted, and I'm fine now." Qin Feng took a sip from the tea, his eyes shone brightly, and he exclaimed, "Dad, it's such a nice tea!"

    On the other hand, Qin Huang had a worried face. He wanted to check Qin Feng's wound. However, Qin Feng waved his hand and refused. "Dad, I was shot in the thigh, very close to my precious one. If you want to see, I'll still need to take my pants off, and I'm afraid you may see something else. I think you might as well forget about it."
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