Chapter 296 - Winter Iron Glove Upgrade

    Chapter 296 - Winter Iron Glove Upgrade

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    Qin Huang sat back down and yelled at Qin Feng with a stormy expression, "You brat, you're always so insincere when you talk to me."

    "Is your gunshot wound really okay? Why don't I tell Dr. Zhang to take a look at it?" Qin Huang was still really worried.

    "It's fine." To prevent his father from worrying, Qin Feng changed the topic. "Two assassins came this time. I killed one of them on the spot, and the other escaped.

    "When I was coming back, I asked Uncle Fu about the Golden Assassin Crew. It seems that we're in a bind... Dad, keep Uncle Fu by your side 24 hours a day from now on. I don't need his protection; I have the ability to protect myself."

    Qin Huang was moved. He took a small sip of tea and said, "The Golden Assassin Crew is indeed hard to deal with. But they've failed twice now, so they'll probably stop for a while and attack with a fury the next time they make a move... What's thornier is the opening ceremony problem.

    "A shooting occurred at Cloud City Hua Manor Phase Two's opening ceremony, and the stage collapsed. I'm sure the properties won't sell well after that," sighed Qin Huang.

    Qin Feng furrowed his eyebrows slightly. "Cloud City Hua Manor Phase Two is just one of Royal Group's large properties. Even if the sales for the properties were obstructed, it won't affect the entire company's profit... Dad, are you afraid that someone will use this problem to suppress us?"

    A flash of joy flitted through Qin Huang's heavy expression-his son was able to grasp what he was thinking. Qin Huang found that Qin Feng really had grown up. He was no longer that brat who only knew how to play with girls and idle about.

    "Maybe I'm worrying too much. I hope this won't happen." Qin Huang furrowed his eyebrows and was deep in thought. Who knew what he was thinking?

    "Dad, just now, Han Ying Ying asked me about my shares in the company. How many shares have you transferred to me?"

    "Han Ying Ying asked about this?" Qin Huang stiffened slightly, then quickly relaxed again. "Feng'er, you don't even have a penny's worth of stocks right now. I transferred them all to someone else."

    Once Qin Huang said this, Qin Feng suddenly thought of his two quests that were previously expiring.

    Once of the quests was to subdue Han Ying Ying, while the other was to find the criminal behind Ma De Hu.

    Of the two quests, Qin Feng extended Han Ying Ying's and gave up on Ma De Hu's. The punishment for failing Ma De Hu's quest was to lose the Royal Group shares. Qin Feng couldn't help but feel nervous, thinking about the punishments if he were to fail his other quests, because he now had clear evidence that the Hedonist Sovereign System's rewards and punishments would all actually happen.

    "Whom did you transfer them to?" asked Qin Feng.

    "A very dependable woman!" Qin Huang gave Qin Feng a meaningful look.

    Qin Feng's lips twitched as he stared at Qin Huang and said, "Dad, when did you start keeping a lover? How come I didn't even know?"

    This time, Qin Huang's lips twitched. The hand holding the teacup trembled incessantly, and he almost threw the tea in Qin Feng's face. "Stinking brat, how dare you say something so unfilial? In this world, I, Qin Huang, have never had any interest in a woman other than your mother."

    "Dad, then tell me about Mom." Qin Feng instantly became emotional.

    Ever since he was born, he'd never seen his mother. He'd lived for 22 years, but he never heard his father or members of the Capital's Qin family mention his mother.

    "It's useless talking about her now. If I say too much, it'll only bring you more headaches. It wouldn't be too late to tell you when you have the ability to win the Qin clan's martial arts competition and you attain the junior patriarch position of the Capital's Qin family.

    "Okay, go rest. I also have to begin dealing with the aftermath of what happened recently."

    Qin Feng was dismissed from the study.

    When Qin Feng arrived at the parlor, Han Ying Ying was already gone. He returned to his room on the third floor, lay in bed, and opened the Hedonist Sovereign System.

    "Master, I'm so glad I can see you're still alive!" Once the Hedonist Sovereign System was opened, Little Pig bounced out.

    Qin Feng looked at Little Pig, who looked like a little mouse scurrying all over the room. He suddenly had the urge to stomp him to death.

    During the afternoon's events, Qin Feng broke through both Internal and External stages and was awarded 3,000 Hedonist Points. Additionally, when Yun Xiao left, he was awarded 1,000 Hedonist Points by curing her social anxiety. Now, Qin Feng had a total of 4,000 Hedonist Points.

    When Qin Feng saw all the Hedonist Points, he was so moved he wanted to shout thrice.

    "Master, you just need to spend 1,500 Hedonist Points and your total spendings would be 10,000 Hedonist Points. Then, you can become a Rank 5 Hedonist Mortal and receive three free lottery chances. At the same time, you'll activate the System's wuxia interface and step onto the road of becoming a Sovereign Immortal." Little Pig left for a bit, then came back with Pikachu.

    Pikachu had been with Xu Ruo Rou this whole time. When he saw Qin Feng, he emotionally hopped into Qin Feng's embrace. Qin Feng also missed Pikachu a lot. Once he hugged Pikachu, his expression fell.

    "You pervert, tell me, do you shamelessly bury yourself in Xu Ruo Rou's embrace every night to sleep?" Qin Feng smelled Xu Ruo Rou's scent on Pikachu and felt horrible. He was treated worse than a little animal.

    Pikachu could feel the coldness emanating from Qin Feng, and he dextrously escaped Qin Feng's embrace to arrive by Little Pig on the floor.

    Qin Feng shook his head, sighed, and proceeded to ignore the two beasts. He opened the System's fusion function.

    A couple of days ago, when fighting with Sima Tu, his left Winter Iron Glove was ruined. That glove was now rendered useless, and Qin Feng was prepared to fix it in the fusion interface.

    When placed in the fusion function, the System provided a notice.

    The right glove could be the item to get upgraded, and the left glove would be enhancive material for it. This way, the upgraded item could be a new Orange Grade right glove, while the left glove would be integrated into it.

    This fusion cost 1,000 Hedonist Points.

    Qin Feng hesitated for a brief moment, then thought, "Fuse!"

    Since he was right-handed anyway, having just the right glove would usually be adequate. It was naturally worth it to upgrade the Winter Iron Glove from White to Orange Grade.

    Thus, all of Qin Feng's equipment would be Orange Grade Spiritual Equipment.

    With the command, the fusion interface's large oven spun quickly, then stopped just as quickly.

    A gleaming orange Winter Iron Glove emerged. Fusion success!

    Upgraded Winter Iron Glove (Right Glove)

    Equipment grade: Orange Mid Grade Equipment

    Made with Thousand-year-old Winter Iron, it was incomparably hard. Winter Iron's natural properties made the wearer feel cold with clear determination, raising the wearer's stamina and accuracy during battle.

    "Ding... Congratulations, Host Qin Feng, for successfully creating an Orange Grade Equipment. The Hedonist Sovereign System rewards you 1,000 Hedonist Points."


    "Ding... the Hedonist Sovereign System has issued a quest: acquire six pieces of Orange Grade Spiritual Equipment.

    "Quest time limit: Three months.

    "Four have currently been collected.

    "Successful completion reward: 5,000 Hedonist Points and one Blue Grade Equipment. Upon failure, the Host will lose all his Orange Grade Spiritual Equipment."


    This quest arrived too suddenly. Qin Feng was so excited, he almost jumped up.

    He had four pieces of Orange Grade Spiritual Equipment: the Truesteel Sword, the Flying Dragon Armour, the Spirit Snake Whip, and the Winter Iron Glove. As long as he got two more Orange Grade Equipment, he could complete the quest and receive 5,000 Hedonist Points. This was not a small number.

    With a slight thought from Qin Feng, a Winter Iron Glove with orange light appeared on Qin Feng's right fist. After upgrading the Winter Iron Glove, the wintriness of the glove was even more prevalent. It also strengthened Qin Feng's awareness and reaction speed, and made his reactions quicker.


    Qin Feng leapt and pumped his right fist into the air.

    With the Intermediate Thunder Tiger Fists, the Winter Iron Glove made every punch formidable with irresistible force.

    "Nice, it really is more agile and sensitive than the White Grade gloves."

    Qin Feng practiced his punching technique while praising the glove.

    There was only one grade difference between White and Orange, but the improvement was vast. The upgrade of a single glove enhanced Qin Feng's abilities a lot. It was evident how important equipment grade was to a martial artist.

    At Normal University, though Sima Tu's abilities weren't comparable to Qin Feng's, his Blue Grade Matchless Azure Wing Blades defeated Qin Feng. With one slash, the Winter Iron Glove was rendered useless.

    After practicing the Intermediate Thunder Tiger Fist technique, Qin Feng was dripping with sweat and extremely content.

    He put away his glove and sat on the sofa. Now, he just needed to spend 500 Hedonist Points to reach Rank 5 Hedonist Mortal. Qin Feng was most excited about the three lottery chances that came with the upgrade.
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