Chapter 297 - Sovereign Level Skill

    Chapter 297 - Sovereign Level Skill

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    "Master, you can use 500 Hedonist Points to purchase a bottle of Lucky Potion," suggested Little Pig as it jumped on Qin Feng's body when Qin Feng was struggling to buy something.

    "Lucky Potion? Why should I buy it?" Qin Feng furrowed his eyebrows.

    "Lucky Potion, Lucky Potion, of course it's to improve your luck." With a prideful expression, Little Pig cast a scornful stare at Qin Feng.

    "Five hundred Hedonist Points, one-time-use potion, host will have a chance to increase luck by five times to 5,000 times, lasting for five minutes!" As Qin Feng read the description of Lucky Potion, his expression sank completely.

    "Do you hold a grudge against me, Little Pig? How could you be so prodigal? This young master worked hard enough to earn a flimsy number of Hedonist Points. What would I buy a bottle of Lucky Potion for? Moreover, the effect is only for five minutes; it's distressing to spend 500 Hedonist Points for just five minutes."

    "Tsk! Whatever you want." Little Pig cast a disdainful look at Qin Feng and said, "If Master spends 500 Hedonist Points, then Master will be promoted to Rank Five Hedonist Mortal and entitled to a lottery. After that, Master can drink the Lucky Potion when drawing the lottery and increase the rate of getting epic items. Master might even get those heavenly equipments or skills!"

    Qin Feng's face reddened; he realized he always made a clown of himself in front of the pig.

    "Hehe, I thought the Lucky Potion is useful as well. I was going to buy it anyway, even if you, Little Pig, didn't remind me." Qin Feng shamelessly purchased the Lucky Potion and pretended he was a wise and far-sighted man.

    "Shameless!" Little Pig rolled his eyes at Qin Feng.

    "Ding... Congratulations, Host Qin Feng has spent 10,000 Hedonist Points. You have successfully been promoted to Rank Five Hedonist Mortal. The wuxia interface is activated... at the same time, the host will be granted three free lottery chances. Does the host want to initiate the lottery sequence now?"

    Qin Feng hastily opened the Lucky Potion and drank all the blue liquid.

    "Initiate now!"

    A big, round wheel then appeared in Qin Feng's mind; the wheel spun fast and stopped after 30 seconds.

    "Host didn't get any prize. Please try again!"

    "F*ck!" cursed Qin Feng. He had been eagerly looking forward to getting an epic prize after he drank the Lucky Potion. He waited wholeheartedly, and in the end, he didn't get anything during the first round. He gnashed his teeth and sent a furious glare at the Little Pig that was frolicking at the side, wanted to throttle that pig to death.

    "Again!" Qin Feng's body trembled slightly.

    "Host didn't get any prize. Please try again!"


    Qin Feng's expression paled; he quivered all over his body and large beads of sweat began to ooze from his forehead.

    He was engulfed in flames of fury, his two fists cracking as he clenched them. Qin Feng swore that if he didn't get anything on the third round, he was going to ask the kitchen to add braised pork trotters as an appetizer.

    "Again!" Qin Feng's heart was in his throat.

    Qin Feng had waited for a long time to get these three lottery chances. If he really didn't get anything at all, he was better dead.

    "Ding... Congratulations, Host Qin Feng, you've acquired a Sovereign level skill: the Vajra Esotery.

    The system's robotic voice sounded in Qin Feng's mind. However, the sound was as wonderful as a young maiden's nightingale-like voice.

    Sovereign level skill? What grade is that?

    Qin Feng's mind went blank all of a sudden; he'd lost the ability to react.

    He knew the grades for spiritual weapons in the system: Sovereign (Gold), Purple, Blue, Orange, and White.

    He knew the grades for pills in the system: Sovereign, grade nine, grade eight... grade two, and grade one.

    He also knew the grades for skills in the system: Sovereign, Heaven, Earth, Black, and Yellow.

    Qin Feng's Intermediate Thunder Tiger Fists, a Yellow Top Grade skill, was fairly powerful. One punch from him could conquer mountains and rivers, and the force was unstoppable. His basic sword skill, a Yellow Middle Grade skill, was kind of lackluster. However, he could still slice through metal easily and force people to kneel using sword auras. His Phantom Whip technique was an overwhelmingly powerful Yellow Top Grade skill. When paired with Inner Qi, he could unleash dozens of overlapping whip shadows that no one could escape from.

    The three skills Qin Feng possessed were all Yellow-the lowest grade in the skill ranking. He'd never seen the power of a higher grade skill, so he didn't know a Black level skill could induce a family civil war and massive slaughter within a sect. He also didn't know an Earth level skill could stir up the realm of martial arts and cause a vicious war. He didn't even know a legendary Heaven level skill could make the top martial artists from every major sect rip off their disguise and go to crazy extremes to seize the skill for themselves.


    What could a Sovereign level skill that had been missing for thousands of years, so long even martial artists questioned its existence, possibly mean?

    Qin Feng didn't dare to think much. This was because he couldn't imagine it, either.

    When the memories surged violently into his mind, Qin Feng still retained a stunned look on his face. It was such an ancient skill that the words were unfathomable runes, the contents less than the Intermediate Thunder Tiger Fists, but each and every one of the ancient runes emitted an esoteric and mystical charm.

    These ancient runes were like living spiritual objects

    and danced wildly in Qin Feng's memories. They brought along an almighty and ancient aura and speedily merged with Qin Feng's past memories.

    The Vajra Esotery

    Skill level: Sovereign.

    Whoever cultivates this skill will be the number one External expert. His body will become as hard as an adamantine, and indestructible by any means.


    Qin Feng opened the description for the Vajra Esotery:

    a row of five stars.

    The system described very little about this skill-only a few sentences and lacking any elaboration. Qin Feng read through it thoroughly, over and over again, but still couldn't understand anything.

    "Master..." Little Pig stopped romping around. Even Pikachu was shocked, its fur standing on end like it had been electrocuted.

    Both spiritual pets had sensed the Sovereign skill in Qin Feng's memories. The skill stood out from the masses, emitting a burst of ancient and distant aura, and they found a hint of familiarity in it.

    "Am I dreaming, Little Pig?" Qin Feng and the pig and the rat stared fixedly at one another. All of them were so frightened they didn't dare move. They were afraid the dream might disappear once they moved.

    "Master, I was going to ask you the same question... We're not dreaming, right?" Seeing the usually prideful Little Pig astonished, Qin Feng knew he'd drawn a godly treasure.

    "Master, this is a Sovereign level skill, a supreme-level skill that may not even exist in legend. Oh gosh, we're in such a big trouble. If the news of this skill leaks out, let alone master, the entire Acropolis City and the entire provincial capital, even the whole world, will go crazy.

    "With Master's current miserable strength, how could Master protect this skill? When those martial arts masters come to snatch the skill, will they kill us pitiful little pets too?"

    Little Pig grumbled nonstop; Qin Feng's expression became darker and darker.

    "How dare you say I'm weak!" Qin Feng yelled in his heart. Qin Feng felt he was a genius martial artist, a prodigy among his peers, since he could master both Inner Qi and External strength. How come he became insignificant in Little Pig's mouth?

    "Little Pig, what is this Vajra Esotery? The system doesn't have a detailed description about it, so I don't have any idea how to use this technique right now."

    Intermediate Thunder Tiger Fists, basic sword skill, and Phantom Whip Technique-all of them became Qin Feng's memories when he acquired them. With these memories, Qin Feng could use them directly. However, the Vajra Esotery was different; even though he had the memories, Qin Feng realized this technique wasn't an offensive skill but more likely a defensive skill.

    "Master, the Vajra Esotery is a supreme defensive skill. After you successfully cultivate it, your body would become as tough as an iron wall; nothing will be able to penetrate your body or injure you... Just like Master's face."


    The corner of Qin Feng's mouth crooked. He was fuming with so much anger he almost blacked out. He realized Little Pig knew him too well. Since this pig knows so many of my secrets, should I kill it?

    "Unlike other skills, the Vajra Esotery can't be used instantly, even with the possession of this skill. This skill requires master to cultivate it step by step before you can bring out its full potential. Regarding the way of cultivation, well, not even the system has a record, so how could you expect a cute little pig like me to know?"

    Qin Feng was enraged. Every time he saw a person or an animal who was more shameless than he, he'd become angry. As he prepared to pounce on Little Pig and Pikachu, wanting to give them 50 strokes each, somebody knocked on his room door.

    "Qin Feng, Qin Feng, come out fast, please come out now! I can't hold it anymore; I c-can't breathe!" Xu Ruo Rou's orgasm-like voice drifted in from outside the door.

    Qin Feng reacted instantly; a second before he'd still been on the bed and the next second, he'd already opened the door.

    Xu Ruo Rou stood at the door in pink pajamas; she was so excited her face was flushed. Qin Feng grabbed Xu Ruo Rou's little waist without demur and threw her onto his bed.

    When he was about to pounce on her, Xu Ruo Rou climbed up angrily, glared at Qin Feng, and yelled, "Qin Feng, what're you doing? You pervert!"

    Qin Feng missed his target. The imaginary scene of tossing Xu Ruo Rou's soft and flimsy body restlessly from side to side was shattered; all he got in his arms was his own quilt.

    Greatly enraged, he also sent a furious glare at Xu Ruo Rou and yelled, "Ruo Rou, aren't you the one who wanted to do it, so you came to seduce me? How could you scold me when we're doing something important?"

    Xu Ruo Rou finally understood: she'd been too agitated just now and Qin Feng had taken it wrongly.

    "Big bad wolf, your mind is filled with dirty thoughts only. Hmph! This person is going to ignore you; I'm going to play with Young Master Qin downstairs!"

    After Xu Ruo Rou finished talking, she ran out of Qin Feng's room like a cheerful butterfly.

    Qin Feng was left dazed on his own bed. He was thinking about what Xu Ruo Rou had said just now.

    Play with Young Master Qin? Aren't I'm Young Master Qin?

    "F*ck! Could it be Xiao Bai has come back?" Qin Feng shouted and hastily dashed downstairs.

    He felt awful when he reached the parlor on the first floor.

    Xiao Bai was now sitting on the couch in the parlor with Xu Ruo Rou and Rao Shi Man on his left and right, respectively. The girls were excited at Xiao Bai's return; Xu Ruo Rou was joyfully talking with Xiao Bai while Rao Shi Man proactively peeled oranges and served Xiao Bai tea with a charming smile on her face.

    Seeing this scene, tears streamed down Qin Feng's face all of a sudden. Not even he had the privilege of enjoying this type of treatment from the girls. He was thinking in his heart, "Should I reveal my true identity as Young Master Qin in front of these two fairies? Maybe I can have a threesome tonight."
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