Chapter 298 - Limited Time Purchase

    Chapter 298 - Limited Time Purchase

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    "Oho! Young Master Qin is back!" Qin Feng arrived in the parlor and walked over to Xiao Bai with a smile. Then, he shook Xiao Bai's hand.

    Xiao Bai was bracketed by two beauties, and he knew that there was a large chance these two beauties belonged to Qin Feng. He was on pins and needles. When he suddenly saw Qin Feng walk over, he was so frightened that he immediately stood up and almost spilled the tea in his hand.

    "Young Master Qin...'s personal attendant. Haha! I'm back!" Xiao Bai's hand trembled in Qin Feng's. He was regretting going to Qin Manor as a bodyguard.

    When he was initially hired, his job description was just to protect Qin Feng. Nothing was mentioned about acting with him!

    Xiao Bai didn't know how to act. He preferred to battle bandits or even take bullets or blades for Qin Feng. He was worried that if someone saw through his acting, he would be done for. This was over 10 times more dangerous than being a bodyguard.

    "Young Master Qin is so personable and lacking in pretentiousness; he really is someone worth learning from." Qin Feng pinched the brat lightly for getting waited on by the two women earlier. The pinch made Xiao Bai feel as though his bones were about to break, but he didn't dare make a peep. Instead, he smiled and said to Qin Feng, "Little Feng, don't praise me; I get prideful easily."

    Xiao Bai was really back; Qin Feng had called him that afternoon to let him return.

    In order to affirm the pretense that Xiao Bai had gone to a remote mountain region to teach, Qin Feng sent Xiao Bai to a beach in Africa three days ago and had him stay in the scorching sun for three days. Now, he was dark and thin, and he looked like someone who had gone to a remote mountain region and suffered.

    "Young Master Qin, you shouldn't go to teach in remote mountain regions in the future. Every time you go, you leave for a couple of months, and once you return, you're unrecognizable. You look like you haven't eaten properly for three years... Look, you're sunburnt to a crisp. You must not have had any meat dishes while you were there." Qin Feng took Xiao Bai's hand and looked so moved that tears were about to fall from his eyes.

    Two tears actually fell from Xiao Bai's eyes. The tears formed from feeling endlessly wronged. "Oh no, no, it wasn't hard. As long as those impoverished children can learn, acquire knowledge, and understand the development of the outside world, it doesn't feel hard."

    "Young Master Qin!" Xu Ruo Rou's eyes turned red. She was so moved that she was about to cry.

    In her emotional state, she made a grab toward Xiao Bai's arm. Qin Feng reacted quickly and intercepted the move. He took Xu Ruo Rou's soft hand and looked at her unhappily. "Ruo Rou, go up and get dressed, then come back down. Running around in your pajamas is quite indecent."

    "Hmph, who cares. You got injured today; hurry and go up to rest. I'll take care of Young Master Qin. You forget that I'm Young Master Qin's personal housekeeper!" Xu Ruo Rou stared back at Qin Feng and pouted her lips at him cutely.

    Qin Feng's fair face became stormy, while Xiao Bai's tanned face blanched!

    "Young Master Qin, I'm Rao Shi Man. It's an honor to meet you at last. I told Qin Feng to call you back here... I didn't know you'd really gone to a remote mountain region to teach. My deepest apologies for interrupting such a meaningful task." Rao Shi Man extended her hand to initiate a handshake with Xiao Bai. Xiao Bai didn't extend his hand. He peeked at Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng immediately walked up and grabbed Rao Shi Man's hand and asked with deep concern, "Shi Man, you suffered quite the shock today. Are you better now?"

    Ever since the stage collapse that afternoon, Rao Shi Man had a much better attitude toward Qin Feng. Though Qin Feng took her hand, she didn't angrily resist. She smiled at Qin Feng. "I slept, and after waking up, I don't remember anything."

    Qin Feng smiled and nodded. "That's good, that's good..." In the middle of his sentence, his expression became anxious. "Shi Man, you can forget about the shooting and the stage collapsing, but I braved death and used my small, thin body to hold up the stage and save your life. I also kiss-"

    "Qin Feng, stop. Some things I won't forget for the rest of my life." Rao Shi Man shyly interrupted Qin Feng.

    When Rao Shi Man thought of how she gave Qin Feng her first kiss, she was so shy that she couldn't raise her head.

    "Young Master Qin, you haven't eaten after getting back, have you? I'll cook a bowl of egg noodles for you. I make a mean bowl of egg noodles." Xu Ruo Rou saw that Rao Shi Man and Qin Feng were sharing a moment, so she used the opportunity to take care of Xiao Bai.

    Qin Feng immediately released Rao Shi Man's hand and grabbed Xu Ruo Rou's arm. "Ruo Rou, Butler Wang will have the chef prepare it. Hurry and go upstairs and change."

    "Young Master Qin, why don't I make you two dishes that go well with alcohol? My cooking skills aren't bad." Qin Feng blocked Xu Ruo Rou, but Rao Shi Man smiled and approached Xiao Bai.

    Qin Feng's expression immediately fell. He couldn't understand what was wrong with these two women tonight. How was Xiao Bai better than him?

    Xiao Bai had just returned from Africa. Once he got to the capital, he rushed onto a plane back to Acropolis. And once he got off the plane, he rushed back to Qin Manor. He was famished.

    "Haha, then-" Xiao Bai was just about to agree to Rao Shi Man making food for him, when Qin Feng sent him a death glare. Xiao Bai immediately smiled, waved his hand at Xu Ruo Rou and Rao Shi Man, and said, "Oh no, I won't t-trouble you two!

    "After getting off the plane, I ate before coming back... I sat on the plane for most of the day, so I feel a bit dizzy and weak. I'll go up and rest first. Please make yourselves at home, ladies."

    Xiao Bai spoke while running upstairs. He ran while hitting his chest. He could finally breathe. As long as he distanced himself from the two beauties, Young Master Qin definitely won't make things hard for him.

    "Ah! Young Master Qin, I didn't know you were coming home so suddenly, so I haven't cleaned up your room. I'll go get you some fresh bedsheets." Xu Ruo Rou immediately went after him.

    "Wait for me, Big Sis Ruo Rou. I'll see what I can help you with!" Rao Shi Man followed.

    Qin Feng was the only one left in the large, empty parlor. He looked outside at the pitch-black sky with a cold expression. He decided that after Rao Shi Man left, he'd send Xiao Bai to Africa once and for all, to kill himself!


    Qin Feng returned to his own room and opened the Hedonist Sovereign System. Xiao Bai's suddenly arrival had interrupted what he was doing. He had now risen to Rank Five Hedonist Mortal. In the lottery, he acquired the Sovereign level skill Vajra Esotery and activated the System's wuxia interface.

    He opened the wuxia interface to find various weapons, techniques, and pills.

    For example, the Little Li Throwing Knives he used before were in the wuxia interface. The Little Li Throwing Knife was considered the lowest grade and cheapest weapon in the interface. There were many other godly weapons and techniques within, but the corresponding prices were similarly startling.

    The Dragon Slayer Saber, Heavenly Sword, Wild Snow-Drinking Saber, Exceptional Sword...

    Lion Roar, Nine Swords of Dugu, Star-Sucking Great Skill, Buddha's Palm...

    The weapons that you could find in the wuxia interface were limited only by your imagination.

    Qin Feng looked at them, dazzled. However, after looking at them again in detail, he found that although there were many different kinds of equipment and techniques, the low-grade techniques were not as good as the three he currently had. The mid-grade ones, on the other hand, were much better than his. The prices were all above 10,000 Hedonist Points. The high-grade techniques and weapons all cost over 50,000 Hedonist Points. Qin Feng didn't count the zeros for the godly techniques because he was afraid doing so would make him cross-eyed.

    "Master, right now, you're the best at wielding swords, so I would advise-" Little Pig's sticky voice resounded. After saying half of his sentence, he was unhappily interrupted by Qin Feng.

    "Damn piglet, you like acting base. Your whole family likes acting base!"

    Little Pig looked at Qin Feng with a blank expression for a good while, then suddenly laughed. "Master, I was talking about swords and you interpreted it as base... It seems that you love being base, Master!" [TN:  (acting base) and  (sword) are both pronounced "jian."]

    Qin Feng felt like crying. He had just been ignored by the two beauties Rao Shi Man and Xu Ruo Rou, and now he was getting played by a pig.

    "Little Pig, keep talking!"

    "Master, you are good with swords, so buy a high-level sword technique to cultivate and vastly improve your skills. This book of basic sword techniques is the most basic sword manual. As a Stage Three Inner Qi expert, it isn't that useful," said Little Pig earnestly.

    Ever since Qin Feng broke through Stage Two Inner Qi, he had felt that basic sword techniques weren't too useful to him. He would rather use Thunder Tiger Fists with the Winter Iron Glove or the Spirit Snake Whip with the Phantom Whip Technique when fighting because these two techniques were much more powerful than the Truesteel Sword paired with the basic sword technique.

    He searched the wuxia interface for sword techniques, and his gaze fell upon a rare manual with the "Nine Swords of Dugu" technique. This technique was extremely well-known; it was the rare sword manual used by Linghu Chong in his favorite novel, The Smiling, Proud Wanderer.

    With the Nine Swords of Dugu, a normal, iron longsword could beat Dongfang Bubai, the number one in the martial community, into a dog. Thus, the sword technique manual seemed to be very formidable and profound.

    However this sword technique manual required 10,000 Hedonist Points, but Qin Feng currently only had 3,500. He couldn't afford it.

    "Master, Nine Swords of Dugu is an Mid-Grade sword technique manual, so it's primetime for you to use it. However, it costs 10,000 Hedonist Points, so you can't afford it now... I would advise Master to buy the Wind Blade technique first, and buy the Nine Swords of Dugu after you've saved up 10,000 Hedonist Points," suggested Little Pig.

    "Wind Blade technique? Don't I need to have Stage Four Inner ability to be able to use it? Why would I buy it now?" asked Qin Feng with suspicion.

    Then, he opened the normal System search bar and found the Wind Blade technique. There was a time limit next to the "Purchase" button, indicating that the remaining time to purchase the item was 3:2:09.

    "What is this?"

    "Master, the Wind Blade technique is an Earth level skill, how could you buy it for 3,000 Hedonist Points? Its original price is 30,000 Hedonist Points. However, the System is extremely humane. Sometimes, it lowers the price of a high-level weapon or technique for a limited period. If Master doesn't buy the Wind Blade technique now, after three days, you'll have to spend 30,000 Hedonist Points to buy it," said Little Pig.
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