Chapter 299 - Was This Shi Mans or Ruo Rous?

    Chapter 299 - Was This Shi Man's or Ruo Rou's?

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    Qin Feng suddenly thought of the shopping malls' limited-time offers and the crazy end-of-season sales of various major brand stores. He never imagined this Hedonist Sovereign System had this kind of special discount as well.

    If he didn't buy the Wind Blade technique now, then he'd need to pay 10 times the price to purchase it after three days. Qin Feng wasn't that stupid; he hastily spent 3,000 Hedonist Points and bought the Wind Blade technique.

    Wind Blade Martial Skill

    Skill level: Earth Level Lower Grade skill

    Whoever practices this martial art can release invisible wind blades after condensing Qi. This attack is fast, precise, and fierce, an essential and godly skill to kill people.

    After Qin Feng acquired the Wind Blade technique, a bunch of strange memories surged violently into his mind. When his mind calmed down, he already had the memories of this martial skill inside his brain.

    As he circulated Qi inside his body, he furiously waved his large hand. However, the imaginary scene of leaving a blade mark on the wall or the wall collapsing didn't appear. His surroundings were quiet; not even a gust of breeze blew.

    "Seems like I really can't perform the Wind Blade Martial Skill at Stage Three Inner Qi." Qin Feng sighed lightly.

    Inner Qi cultivation was a long process. It all began with the "Inhale Qi" that every human knew. After you inhaled Qi, you'd need to practice "Entraining Qi" and direct that Qi into the dantian. After that was "Refine Qi," and after you could refine Qi with ease, then you'd have a chance to step into Stage One Inner Qi and become a martial artist.

    After you became a martial artist, then it was the time to "Control Qi." You could control the Qi in your dantian to strengthen your physical body, alter your bodily functions, or even use it in a battle to kill people.

    Stage Four Inner Qi was a dividing line in Inner Qi cultivation. You'd need to practice "Control Qi" over and over again before entering Stage Four Inner Qi. Once you could control the Qi in your body with high precision, then you could break through this bottleneck and step into the realm of Stage Four Inner Qi and become a truly powerful Inner Qi expert.

    This was because starting from Stage Four Inner Qi, the Inner Qi expert would learn "Discharge Qi," which was a legendary technique-discharge Inner Qi, hit the cow behind mountains! [TN: The phrase "hit the cow behind mountains" is a legendary Chinese martial art that could defeat a person from a distance with a palm strike or punch, without actually touching that person.]

    Qin Feng was still in the stage of "Control Qi" and couldn't discharge his Inner Qi yet, so he couldn't use the Wind Blade Martial Skill.


    Acropolis City, Amethyst Dragon Palace

    Originally, the Amethyst Dragon Palace was the property of the Hao family, formerly one of Acropolis City's four major families. However, since the Hao family had fallen, the Amethyst Dragon Palace was now owned by the Sima family.

    In a luxurious VIP room, two fancily dressed young men sat on a couch, each holding a glass of red wine. They were watching a beauty on stage performing a striptease.

    "Prince Sima, it's been such a long time since we two brothers have met up... It's such a pity that little brat Hao Yun had a bad life, but fortunately, we could retain this Amethyst Dragon Palace and protect it from falling into the Qin family's grasp."

    "Prince Zhou, I was busy breaking through my limits recently and had no time to have a cup or two with you; I hope you don't mind," Sima Tu replied with a smile, then took a sip of good wine.

    Beside him sat a handsome young man, one of the Four Princes of Acropolis City-Zhou Kai, Prince Zhou.

    "Prince Sima, you're too courteous. Breaking one's own limits is the right thing to do. You're not like me; I'm an idle fellow, versed neither in polite letters nor in martial arts. I feel so ashamed every time I sit beside Prince Sima." Zhou Kai burst into laughter, his sights fixed on the stripper on stage.

    That luscious dancer was now topless.

    As Sima Tu glanced at Zhou Kai, a flash of light suddenly crossed his eyes. "Prince Zhou, I specially hired this foreign lass abroad. She's fine, right? I heard she's still a virgin. If Prince Zhou wants, I'll gift her to Prince Zhou, then."

    Zhou Kai laughed with mouth agape and replied, "Well, thanks, Prince Sima."

    "You're welcome. She's just a foreign lass, not a superstar, either." Sima Tu added casually, "Rumors say China's top-tier celebrity Rao Shi Man has come to Acropolis City. She's the 'Pure Jade Girl,' who's never had any scandal since her debut. If I can get her in my hands, then I'll have no regret for the rest of my life!"

    Zhou Kai's eyes shone even brighter. Withdrawing his attention from the performance on stage, he turned his head to the side to look at Sima Tu. "Prince Sima, did you fall for her? I had my eyes on her for a long time now. I heard she's still in Acropolis City."

    "Hehe! Indeed, I'm quite fond of her. She's the country's goddess; how can one not fall for her?" Sima Tu smiled and waved his hand. "But I just broke through during my seclusion. my Inner Qi still hasn't stabilized, so I can't do that kind of thing yet. Otherwise, I'd already have treated Miss Rao Shi Man to a meal and had a nice time with her.

    "As for you this fellow, why don't you grasp such a good opportunity? If you don't make your move now, Rao Shi Man might not come back to a small place like Acropolis City for the rest of her life after she returns to the provincial capital. Then, you won't be able to hit on her anymore."

    Zhou Kai's countenance changed slightly. It was an undeniable fact that in his heart, he'd always wanted to make a move on Rao Shi Man. After all, who didn't want to sleep with a beautiful and young celebrity like Rao Shi Man?

    "Hmm... but she's never had any scandal; I think someone is backing her. I'm afraid she won't heed my invitation," said Zhou Kai with his eyebrows furrowed.

    "A celebrity is just a performer; all of them have a price... This place is Acropolis City; whether she wants to come or not isn't for her to say, it's yours-Prince Zhou's. If she comes, then get on her. After that, throw her some money. If she isn't satisfied, then throw some more. It's just an one-night-stand, what can a performer like her do to you?" Sima Tu countered indifferently.

    Zhou Kai's eyes glittered as he replied, "I'm just afraid the people from the Qin family would look for trouble. After all, Rao Shi Man is their VIP guest."

    "The Qin family? Haha! Are they that powerful? I haven't had time to play with them since I was cultivating in seclusion earlier. Now that I've come out from my seclusion, why would you still be afraid of the Qin family?" Sima Tu sneered, "Moreover, do you think the Qin family will wage a war against you just for an actor? Even if they dare to, I, as one of the Sima family, will ally with the Zhou family, and together we'll eliminate this group of people once for all. We'll show the people from the Qin family just who is in charge of Acropolis City."

    "Haha! Everything is not a problem as long as I have Prince Sima's words." The big rock in Zhou Kai's heart disappeared suddenly and an evil grin then appeared on the corner of his mouth.

    "Cheers! I'll send Prince Sima a recording for your enjoyment after I've finished tasting Rao Shi Man!"

    "That's what you said. Remember your own promise; I'll wait for your video!" Sima Tu's smile grew bigger.


    Tonight's dinner was the farewell dinner for Rao Shi Man; it was also a meal Rao Shi Man prepared especially for Young Master Qin after she invited him.

    The venue of the dinner was Qin Manor, in the villa where Rao Shi Man stayed. She just been in this villa for three nights yet the whole building was filled with the fragrance of her body.

    Qin Feng and Xiao Bai sat on the couch in the parlor on the first floor, watching TV. The so-called "Young Master's close attendant" Qin Feng sat with his legs crossed like a hedonistic young master; whereas "Young Master Qin" Xiao Bai sat submissively on one side of the couch, looking more like a genuine close attendant.

    Rao Shi Man and Xu Ruo Rou were bustling in the kitchen, personally preparing the meal. If the billions of fans saw their favorite celebrity, Rao Shi Man, wearing an apron, sporting a ponytail, and cooking with a smile on her face like a newlywed, they would want to gouge their eyes out.

    The goddess's hands were for holding a banana... Oh no, holding microphone; how could she use them to hold a knife and cut vegetables?

    Also, the goddess's face was for shoot... Oh no, her face was for admiring, for applying face masks and reading magazines; how could her face be tainted by oil and fumes?

    Qin Feng felt blessed. As he sat on the couch, he'd glance at the kitchen from time to time, excitedly looking forward to savoring the taste of two goddesses-Xu Ruo Rou and Rao Shi Man-the taste of their food.

    "Young Master Qin, please wait for a while. We can start our dinner as soon as Little Sister Shi Man finishes cooking her soup." As Xu Ruo Rou placed a plate of sweet and sour pork ribs on dining table, she looked at the parlor.

    The Qin Feng that was sitting with his legs crossed and waiting for Xiao Bai to peel the orange for him now sat upright. Peeling a banana for Xiao Bai, he said, "It's ok. Young Master Qin is not in a hurry. No need to rush. You guys make it tastier."

    "I'm not asking you, I'm asking Young Master Qin, don't think too highly of yourself!" Xu Ruo Rou sent a scornful glare at Qin Feng, peeked at Xiao Bai, and then ran shyly into the kitchen again.

    Since Xiao Bai's arrival, the girls had been hovering around Xiao Bai, casting Qin Feng aside like he was air. Out of frustration, he bit into the banana he'd just peeled, and glared at Xiao Bai. Xiao Bai, on the other hand, had an innocent and helpless look, like a mouse that saw a cat, unable to do anything.

    The scrumptious dinner was ready: eight dishes and one soup.

    Qin Feng was standing by the dining table, drooling as he saw these delicious dishes.

    "Qin Feng, stand up!" Qin Feng had sat down and aimed at the beef with dipping sauce. However, before his chopsticks could reach the beef, it washe'd been pulled awayup by Xu Ruo Rou.

    "How can you sit ahead of Young Master Qin; please have some manners! I think Young Master Qin has been teaching outside and not coming back so often that you, little brat, consider yourself Young Master Qin!"

    Seeing Xu Ruo Rou pouting her small mouth in a highly displeased look, Qin Feng had the urge to push her against the wall, rip off all her clothes, and lash her booty with his belt, while yelling at her, "Your elder is the real Young Master Qin!"

    "Please have a seat, Young Master Qin, and enjoy the meal Big Sister Ruo Rou and I prepared." Rao Shi Man stepped forward, trying to ease the situation. However, the object of her attention was Xiao Bai as well; Qin Feng was destined to be ignored tonight.

    After Xiao Bai sat down, Rao Shi Man and Xu Ruo Rou proactively sat at his left and right. Qin Feng had no choice but to sit opposite Xiao Bai, his expression slightly sunken, frightening Xiao Bai.

    "Young Master Qin, I made these fried shrimps. Please try them; are they too salty or spicy? "

    "Young Master Qin, I made this Dongpo pork knuckle. Please taste the meat; is it too greasy?"

    "Young Master Qin..."

    Qin Feng looked at Xiao Bai's bowl that was piled high like a mountain by the two girls, then looked at his own empty bowl. He felt a little bit upset.

    He hastily took the fried fungus with pork, chewed it twice, and praised:

    "Hmm, this black fungus is very tasty; was it Shi Man's or Xuo Rou's?"

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