Chapter 301 - Rao Shi Mans Confession

    Chapter 301 - Rao Shi Man's Confession

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    Rao Shi Man wore a sexy, long, black silk nightgown. She leaned her graceful body on the door frame and gazed all dewy-eyed with affection at Young Master Qin sitting at the side of the bed.

    While changing in the bathroom, Rao Shi Man had struggled very hard in her heart. She knew Young Master Qin was a good person; she admired and respected his utterly fearless action from the bottom of her heart. Nevertheless, Rao Shi Man decided to frame Young Master Qin. The reason was simple: the relationship between Rao Shi Man and Dongfang Qing Xue was deeper than that with Young Master Qin. She was willing to sacrifice herself once for the sake of Big Sister Qing Xue's felicity.

    "Young Master Qin, why aren't you looking at me? Is Shi Man not pretty enough?" Rao Shi Man leaned on the door frame because the camera couldn't capture her from this position.

    Rao Shi Man planned to entice Young Master Qin's desire first and wait until he threw himself at her to do something bad; then she would lure him into camera range and record his shameless actions.

    Rao Shi Man planned it well, but her plan had long ago aroused Qin Feng's suspicions. He'd noticed the camera when he went to Rao Shi Man's room last night. It was just that he didn't understand: he was unfamiliar with Rao Shi Man, so why would she frame him all of a sudden? Or was this woman an undercover spy sent by his enemy?

    Qin Feng couldn't get it through his head, so he didn't want to guess anymore. He then summoned Xiao Bai back, and used Xiao Bai as bait to expose Rao Shi Man's true colors.

    Since Rao Shi Man kicked off the scene, Qin Feng and Xiao Bai just needed to play along with her.

    "Miss Shi Man is China's most famous celebrity with the nickname of 'Pure Jade Girl.' You're the perfect goddess in the heart of every Chinese man from toddlers to 99-year-oldsters. How could you be not pretty?" Xiao Bai listened through an earbud and repeated what Qin Feng had said.

    "Hehe! Young Master Qin is good at making a girl happy. In that case, why won't you look at this person? This person has changed into this nightgown just for you," said Rao Shi Man in a sweet voice; Qin Feng felt weak just from hearing her coquettish voice.

    "Ahem! Didn't Miss Shi Man invite me to discuss my teaching experience? Then let's get to the point." Xiao Bai had kept his head lowered; he didn't dare raise his head even if he was beaten to death.

    "Okay then, let me help Young Master Qin undress, and we'll discuss it slowly on my bed." As she spoke, Rao Shi Man walked to Xiao Bai. He was so frightened that he jumped up from the bed and went to hide by the couch. "Miss Shi Man, please behave yourself."

    Rao Shi Man's delicate body trembled. She'd never thought she would be rejected by a man one day. She was China's most famous female celebrity; countless men dreamed of duping her into sleeping with them. And now, she'd taken the initiative to seduce Young Master Qin, but in the end, this person declined her offer.

    Rao Shi Man's heart was pounding fast. It wasn't from shyness; it was her heart starting to struggle again.

    The Young Master Qin she saw wasn't a vulgar and dissolute man. He had strong will power, was highly knowledgeable, and was willing to teach and assist the poor... Did she really have to soil the name of a good man like him?

    But if she didn't do this, what would happen to Big Sister Qing Xue?

    "I'm not a tiger and I won't eat you; what're you afraid of, Young Master Qin?" Rao Shi Man clenched her teeth and sat on the couch. Since she'd already come this far, she wanted to persist with her plan for a little bit longer.

    A fragrance wafted over; Xiao Bai hastily held his breath and closed his eyes.

    "Miss Shi Man, if you want to talk about my teaching experiences or discuss your music inspirations, then that is my, this humble Qin's, greatest honor... However, if you have other intentions, I'm sorry, but please don't insult my reputation. This is because I consider you a good friend."

    Rao Shi Man was prepared to throw her body into Xiao Bai's arms. However, when she heard what Xiao Bai had said, she suddenly halted her delicate body halfway.

    Her heart seemed to be pricked by something, a throbbing sting. She was a kind and well-mannered girl; she'd never despised the poor or showed off her wealth. She immersed herself entirely in making music, and tirelessly looked for the little boy she'd met at Lotus Lake.

    If it wasn't to help Big Sister Qing Xue, Rao Shi Man would rather die than do this kind of embarrassing stuff. Not only did she insult Young Master Qin, she had insulted her own chastity as well. Since her debut over a year ago, she'd never been involved in any scandal. However, she was now destroying her own purity. Rao Shi Man really wanted to cry out loud now.

    After a good while, Rao Shi Man let out a light sigh and said, "Young Master Qin, I'm sorry. Please leave now!"

    As if a great burden was taken off his shoulders, Xiao Bai ran away faster than a rabbit.

    Xiao Bai reached the parlor on the first floor, carefully looked at Qin Feng, and asked, "Was that okay, Young Master Qin?"

    "Xiao Bai, just now you didn't sneak a peek, right?" With a thoughtful smile, Qin Feng eyed Xiao Bai.

    "Definitely not. Not only did I not open my eyes, I even held my breath. Young Master Qin, you must believe me!" Xiao Bai defended himself with an aggrieved look.

    "Well done. You can go to sleep now. Look for Butler Wang tomorrow to claim your 100,000; this is your pay for your acting." With a beaming face, Qin Feng patted Xiao Bai's shoulder.

    "Thank you, Young Master Qin!" This was the first time Xiao Bai showed a sincere smile ever since he came back.

    After Xiao Bai took his leave, Qin Feng went to Rao Shi Man's room on the third floor.

    He lightly pushed the door and heard faint sobs drifting from inside the room. Rao Shi Man was sitting on the large bed, facing the floor-to-ceiling window, her back to Qin Feng. Her shoulders were shaking slightly as she cried alone.

    Outside the window was a night view of half of Acropolis City. Rao Shi Man looked so helpless against this vast and boundless beautiful scenery. She still wore that sexy and flimsy nightgown. However, the shoulder straps on her shoulders had fallen, revealing her mellow, elegant shoulders and her smooth pearl-white back.

    It wasn't just her front appearance that was divine, even her back was a killer view.

    "Shi Man, what's wrong?" Qin Feng noiselessly crawled onto Rao Shi Man's bed and hugged her slender, supple waist lightly from behind.

    Rao Shi Man's black hair was like a cascade of water, emitting a fragrance. Her body was soft and felt boneless, and it was warm when Qin Feng hold her to his chest. Her lower belly was flat and tender with not even the slightest extra fat to be seen. Her shoulders and her back were as smooth as mellow jade; when Qin Feng lightly placed his chin on her shoulders, he felt like his chin might slip off at any moment.

    Rao Shi Man didn't scream or take fright. This was because she'd already seen Qin Feng's reflection in the floor-to-ceiling window. She allowed Qin Feng to hold her lightly to his chest, which no man had ever done to her before.

    Rao Shi Man needed comfort and care right now. She felt she'd just sold her own soul, and even her heart was tainted. She felt unworthy of the lotus embroidery Xu Ruo Rou gave her.

    To grow out of the mud unsullied, to float above rippling water without dancing with it!

    Was she really such a person? Then why would she try every possible method just to plot against Young Master Qin? She even went as far as using her own sex appeal. "How dirty am I." She dissed herself in her heart.

    "I feel so bad; something is blocking my heart!" Rao Shi Man murmured. Her voice was choked with sobs.

    Suddenly, she turned her body and gazed at Qin Feng with a pair of teary eyes. "Qin Feng, I'm so sorry. I invited Young Master Qin to my room just now and I almost pimped myself and set him up.

    "Actually, I've installed a camera in this room. I wanted to snap a scene of Young Master Qin getting fresh with me; I wanted to soil his image... Qin Feng, don't you think I'm a bad woman? I'm unworthy for the title 'Pure Jade Lady.'"

    Qin Feng was stunned. He'd never expected Rao Shi Man to proactively confess her plot to him. At the same time, a gush of warmth welled up in his heart. This was because he'd also wished Rao Shi Man would take the initiative and tell him everything. If not, how would he face and punish Rao Shi Man?

    "Shi Man, why did you want to soil Young Master Qin's image? Weren't both of you just introduced to each other? I think he never offended you, right?" Qin Feng held Rao Shi Man lightly in his arms.

    "Because, because..." Rao Shi Man was caught in a dilemma. This matter was a secret between the Dongfang family and the Qin family; could she really say it aloud?

    "If you don't want to tell me, then just forget about it. Don't think too much, Shi Man. Everybody knows you're a good girl," said Qin Feng in a gentle tone as he stroked Rao Shi Man's head.

    Rao Shi Man's heart skipped a beat. She was feeling the warmth provided by the man in front of her, sniffing the familiar scent of his body. This man rescued her without any regard for his own life; he didn't scold her even though he knew she was framing Young Master Qin. He opened his heart, then why can't I open mine as well?

    "Qin Feng, it's a matter of my sister's marriage. She's the only daughter of the Dongfang family, in the provincial capital. The elder of the Dongfang family, Elder Ming Wang, arranged a marriage for her, and her partner is none other than Young Master Qin of the Qin family. But Big Sister Qing Xue has heard the bad rumors about Young Master Qin from outsiders and she's very opposed to this marriage proposal. However, Elder Ming Wang insisted on pushing through with the marriage. So I deliberately came to Acropolis City, wanting to shoot a wretched video of Young Master Qin, show it to Elder Ming Wang and urge him to cancel the proposed marriage, in order to please Big Sister Qing Xue."

    Rao Shi Man revealed her plan at last. As soon as she finished talking, Qin Feng felt awful.

    Dongfang Ming Wang, Dongfang Qing Xue, the Dongfang family...

    If it wasn't for Rao Shi Man suddenly bringing up these keywords, Qin Feng would have already forgotten about the engagement he had from the provincial capital. He was vexed about this marriage and wanted to cancel it, but his dad refused to.

    He never imagined that that woman from the Dongfang family was worried about this matter as well. How can these adults make the decision on their own? It's a democratic society now and everyone is talking about freedom of marriage. Can I report them to the police for arranging a forced marriage?

    "Shi Man, so that's what happened." Qin Feng could finally relax his apprehensive heart. He helped Rao Shi Man wipe off her tears and fix her hair, and said with a smile, "You've done all of this with good intentions. I think Young Master Qin won't blame you; l'll talk with him afterward. Actually he's not happy with the marriage as well... His ambition is to walk the earth with books, and spread the knowledge he learned. He has no intention of marrying, either.

    "You might as well tell your Big Sister Qing Xue when you get back to the provincial capital. Tell her she shouldn't worry; as long as she and Young Master Qin don't agree to this marriage, the elders of both sides won't force them in the end."
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