Chapter 302 - Perverted Doctor

    Chapter 302 - Perverted Doctor

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    Qin Feng thought he was too quick-witted. Not only was he hugging a woman all the men in China deemed their goddess, he'd also taken care of his troublesome engagement. This was truly a stroke of genius.

    No one knew his real identity; they all thought he was Young Master Qin's personal attendant.

    Rao Shi Man was in the dark, Xu Ruo Rou didn't know what was going on, and he laid out a whole story and tricked these two girls, casually hugging and kissing them... That's right, there was also Li Yu Chen, that driven career woman who was trapped in his plot. She already liked him. He got three top-quality women with one cast of his net. Qin Feng was too proud of his intelligence!

    "Qin Feng, will Young Master Qin really forgive me? Is there really no hope between him and Big Sister Qing Xue?" Rao Shi Man's lovely dimmed eyes brightened again.

    "Of course. Young Master Qin is kind and magnanimous; how would he concern himself over something as small as this? Don't blame yourself and don't worry; I'll take care of everything. Shi Man's concerns are my concerns," affirmed Qin Feng with a pat of his chest.

    "Okay!" Rao Shi Man nodded lightly.

    Qin Feng pulled Rao Shi Man tightly into his embrace.

    "Ah! Qin Feng, what are you doing?" Rao Shi Man regained her senses.

    She felt herself wrapped in Qin Feng's embrace and jumped in shock. Though Qin Feng had saved her and she'd given him her first kiss, the situation was different. Rao Shi Man had only done something so gutsy because she thought she and Qin Feng would die.

    Currently, though Rao Shi Man had some positive feelings for Qin Feng, she hadn't reached the stage where she'd let Qin Feng casually hug her. Plus, the clothes she was currently wearing were a bit thin.

    "Shi Man, I was afraid that you'd catch a cold because you weren't wearing enough layers. Don't misunderstand!" Qin Feng said earnestly and didn't loosen his grip.

    "Qin Feng, I... I'm not cold!" Rao Shi Man glared at Qin Feng with a bit of shyness. Since this man saved her before, Rao Shi Man didn't want to be too harsh.

    Plus, Rao Shi Man wasn't certain if Qin Feng was pretending to be stupid, or if he was actually stupid!

    Rao Shi Man opened her mouth again, but Qin Feng seemed not to hear her. Hugging Rao Shi Man felt too good. How nice it would be if they were to admire the night sky this way, hug each other, then sleep?

    "Qin Feng, let go... I don't want to lose you as my friend. D-Do you understand?" Rao Shi Man's charming face flushed, and she was extremely shy.

    Qin Feng suddenly stopped and looked at Rao Shi Man with the gentleness of water. "Shi Man, you're not cold anymore? Then I'll let go!"


    Qin Feng sat on the sofa in Rao Shi Man's room. Rao Shi Man changed into a lovely white T-shirt and shorts. She lost the celebrity aura and seemed like a youthful and bright college student.

    She had to leave the next morning, and she was a bit reluctant to do so. Thus, she took the initiative to request a nighttime stroll. Qin Feng naturally happily agreed.

    "Anything Shi Man wears is pretty!" Qin Feng looked at Rao Shi Man with a smile.

    Rao Shi Man's hands were behind her back. She smiled as she walked up to Qin Feng, extended her slender, lily-white hands, and said, "Let's go. Take me for a nighttime snack and to see the nighttime scenery."


    Acropolis City's First Hospital

    It was currently eight o'clock at night,long past the time for the doctors to get off work. On this night, Zhang Tian Hua didn't have a shift, but he still hadn't gone home. Instead, he walked into Lin Bei Bei's special care room with a gentlemanly smile.

    "Auntie, have you eaten dinner yet?" Upon entering the room, Zhang Tian Hua saw Mother Lin sitting beside her daughter's sick bed, holding her daughter's hand, and speaking to her continuously.

    "Ah! Dr. Zhang is here. I've already eaten. You aren't off yet, Dr. Zhang?" Mother Lin greeted Zhang Tian Hua with a smile. Since Zhang Tian Hua was Lin Bei Bei's primary doctor, Mother Lin couldn't help but try to get on his good side.

    "Haha, I'm working overtime tonight."

    "You're working overtime tonight, Dr. Zhang? If I remember correctly, your overtime is scheduled for Thursdays, tomorrow night." Mother Lin had been in the hospital with Lin Bei Bei for almost two months now, so she knew Dr. Zhang's work schedule well.

    "Haha, who would have thought that Auntie would remember my overtime schedule." Zhang Tian Hua scratched his head awkwardly. "I switched with Director Wang. He had something to do tonight."

    "Then I thank you for your trouble, Dr. Zhang," said Mother Lin with a smile. She didn't suspect anything.

    "Oh no, it's no trouble, it's no trouble. As doctors, no matter how difficult it is for us, it's not as hard as it is for the patients' families." When Zhang Tian Hua saw that Mother Lin didn't continue pursuing the matter, he secretly exhaled in relief. He went up to Lin Bei Bei's bed and looked at her pure and moving face. A green glow flashed in his eyes. "Bei Bei's condition hasn't been bad recently. Though it shows no sign of getting better, it hasn't gotten worse."

    "I've been talking to her every day, and when it's sunny, I take her out to soak in some sun. Every day, I wipe down her body and massage her, hoping that she'll wake up sooner... My daughter has been obedient, understanding, good, and kind since she was young. Why isn't the Heavenly Father opening his eyes? How did He let her get to this state?"

    As Mother Lin spoke, tears streamed from her eyes. As a mother, she was in even more pain seeing her daughter in this state. She instantly aged more than 10 years.

    "Auntie, don't worry. As long as Bei Bei perseveres and undergoes therapy, she'll definitely get better!" Zhang Tian Hua comforted her insincerely.

    "I feel that way as well. I won't give up on Bei Bei... I've made a fool of myself, Dr. Zhang. I'll go to the restroom. You help check up on Bei Bei," said Mother Lin as she went to the restroom.

    Zhang Tian Hua looked around the empty room and saw that only he and Lin Bei Bei remained. His heartbeat sped up, and he wanted to pounce on Lin Bei Bei, take off her clothes, rip off her pants, and enjoy this little beauty right then and there. However, he knew that Mother Lin was in the room's restroom and would come out soon. First, he had to take care of the nuisance that was Mother Lin.

    Zhang Tian Hua's expression immediately became sinister. He pulled out a bottle of sleeping powder and poured some into Mother Lin's cup. He swirled it evenly, and then he sat at the edge of the bed.

    "Doctor Zhang, is Bei Bei alright?" Mother Lin came out after washing her face.

    "Okay, I finished checking up on her and there aren't any problems." Zhang Tian Hua smiled, then said, "Auntie, sit down and drink some water. You cried so much earlier that you've cried all the liquid out of your body."

    "I really am a bit thirsty." Mother Lin lifted her cup and drank it up in one gulp. Then, she put the cup down and smiled at Zhang Tian Hua. "Dr. Zhang, if you're busy, do go ahead. I can take care of Bei Bei. I don't want your work to be affected."

    "Haha, the night shift isn't busy-unless there are patients that come into the emergency room." Zhang Tian Hua sat by the bed with no intention of leaving, and Mother Lin thought it would be impolite to send him away.

    Mother Lin then turned on the TV in the room and watched it while chatting with Zhang Tian Hua. As they spoke, Mother Lin felt an overwhelming fatigue. She leaned on the bedside and fell asleep.

    Once Zhang Tian Hua saw Mother Lin fall asleep, he waited another five minutes before going up to Mother Lin and speaking lightly into her ear, "Auntie, Auntie, are you asleep?"

    Even after he called her several times, Mother Lin didn't respond. Zhang Tian Hua had a sinister smile. He went quickly to lock the door to the room and drew all the curtains before sitting on the edge of Lin Bei Bei's bed.

    "Haha! What a beauty. Look at this soft, fair, and translucent skin. I wonder if it's still untouched. Tonight your elder will have good fun with you. And no one will know because you're in a vegetative state. Haha!"

    Zhang Tian Hua's gentlemanly facade was long gone. This guy had a lewd expression and looked more evil than the devil in hell himself. He'd waited for this night for over a month. Ever since the first time he saw Lin Bei Bei when she was admitted to the hospital, Zhang Tian Hua wanted to bang her.

    Now, Zhang Tian Hua had drugged Mother Lin and locked the room door, and Lin Bei Bei was still a human vegetable that could not be awakened. Thus, he could play however he wanted tonight. What made him happiest was that he could play with Lin Bei Bei however he wanted and no one would know. The victim was paralyzed and couldn't even speak. She couldn't tell on him even if she wanted to.


    Zhang Tian Hua tugged and pulled the blanket off Lin Bei Bei's body. Lin Bei Bei's long and slender body was exposed to the air. She wore a hospital gown and lay there soundlessly and motionlessly, extremely alluring.

    "Little Beauty, let Big Brother see your chest, okay? Big Brother's had his eye on you for a long time. For a young maiden like you, it's probably soft and pink... Then, I'll see your thighs and smell the scent on your entire body... Big Brother is very lively; I can assure that you'll be very satisfied. If Little Sister is satisfied, Big Brother will play with you once a week. How does that sound?"

    Zhang Tian Hua's smile widened. He extended his hand and reached for Lin Bei Bei.

    "Little Sister, since you aren't saying anything, then this big brother will take it as you being shy and admitting it silently. Haha! Big Brother is going to play with you now!"
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