Chapter 303 - Ill Try My Best to Fall in Love with Him!

    Chapter 303 - I'll Try My Best to Fall in Love with Him!

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: Vampirecat

    Qin Feng drove his dad's Mercedes Benz and brought Rao Shi Man to the most happening food street in Acropolis City.

    It was 9 o'clock at night-the time when this street awakened and filled with vigor and energy; both sides of the street were packed with various delicacies. Lanterns red, wine green, people were bustling here and there. If one was tired of walking, then he'd sit down, order some beers and a few skewers of barbecue. He'd eat and drink while gazing at those beautiful legs sheathed in black silk stockings. This was the intention of 99% of the men when they came to this food street. [TN: "Lanterns red, wine green" - A feasting and pleasure-seeking, debauchery and corrupt environment. It's also used to describe a bustling scene of a street.]

    Qin Feng and Rao Shi Man walked in the crowd shoulder to shoulder. Qin Feng keep on introduced the delicacies and culture of the food street, while Rao Shi Man just kept silent and listened. Suddenly, she stopped walking and mischievously pointed at Qin Feng.

    "So you brought me here to peek on pretty girls, right?"

    The corners of Qin Feng's mouth quirked slightly as he replied, "Indeed, last time I came here for those pretty girls, but tonight, I'm the 1% that doesn't look at other beauties."

    Rao Shi Man smiled even brighter. Although she already knew the answer in her heart, she still wanted Qin Feng to say it himself. "Why you don't want to admire the beauties tonight, then?"

    Qin Feng replied with a smile, "This is because the woman standing beside me is more beautiful than all of them!"

    Even though Rao Shi Man was prepared and she expected Qin Feng's answer, her delicate body still trembled slightly when she heard Qin Feng say those words earnestly. A gush of sweet warmth then welled up in her heart.

    Rao Shi Man lowered her head as she refused to let Qin Feng see her blushing face. She said softly, "Qin Feng, I want to eat something."


    Qin Feng brought Rao Shi Man to a BBQ stall that he patronized. This stall's ingredients were fresh and the stall owner's barbecuing skill was unparalleled.

    The BBQ stall owner was a middle-aged fat uncle. When he saw Qin Feng, he smiled and hailed him, "Yo, Brother Qin, it's been a long time!"

    "Uncle Wang, how's your business lately?" Qin Feng patted the fat uncle's shoulder.

    Uncle Wang didn't know Qin Feng's identity. He was familiar with Qin Feng because Qin Feng would always bring different beauties to eat at his stall. And now, when he saw the divinely beautiful Rao Shi Man standing behind Qin Feng, countless emotions flashed across Uncle Wang's heart.

    We're both men; how come this little brat has so much luck with the ladies?

    "Still okay." Uncle Wang then served Qin Feng and Rao Shi Man. "Both of you, please come inside and have a seat. I haven't seen you for such a long time. Since you've brought your girlfriend with you, then let me, this Uncle Wang, personally barbecue for you two. Is it the same as usual?"

    "Yes, as usual, and a dozen beers, please," ordered Qin Feng with a smile.

    Standing behind Qin Feng, Rao Shi Man wanted to step forward and explain that she wasn't Qin Feng's girlfriend when she heard Uncle Wang address her as such. However, when she saw an unbothered Qin Feng, she halted and followed Qin Feng, sitting down red-faced.

    There was an apprentice in Uncle Wang's BBQ stall. Normally it was the apprentice who barbecued the food while Uncle Wang watched at the side. Since Qin Feng was a regular customer, Uncle Wang had to show off his skill.

    Very soon, a pile of BBQ and a dozen beers were served on Qin Feng and Rao Shi Man's table.


    Qin Feng was a Stage Four External expert; opening a bottle of beer barehanded was child's play for him. He flicked his thumb lightly, and the bottle cap flew into the sky like a bullet.

    "Cheers, Shi Man!"

    Qin Feng handed a bottle of beer to Rao Shi Man, and then he went and finished a bottle of his own. Rao Shi Man looked at Qin Feng hesitantly; after she mustered enough courage, she then set her sexy red lips on the beer bottle, and raised her head slightly.

    Cough cough!

    After taking just one sip, Rao Shi Man furrowed her eyebrows deeply. She choked and coughed nonstop.

    Qin Feng was tickled pink and at the same time worried about her. He went to Rao Shi Man's side and and patted her back lightly. He also helped her wipe off the beer beside her mouth using a piece of tissue paper.

    "Do you feel any better now?" asked Qin Feng after he returned to his own seat.

    "Yeah, I feel better now!" Rao Shi Man nodded her head.

    The two of them sat face to face exchanging glances.

    The moon was like a silver plate, and a light breeze rustled in the air. Looking at the graceful Rao Shi Man bathed in moonlight, Qin Feng's mind was distracted. Right until this moment, he still couldn't believe the China's top-tier celebrity, the so-called "Pure Jade Girl" and the country's goddess Rao Shi Man... would eat street food and drink beer in the open air with him.


    Rao Shi Man couldn't restrain herself anymore and burst into laughter. Her laugh was a flash in the pan-mesmerizing and charming.

    "Qin Feng, don't you think it's funny? Not even I can fathom why I'm here. Before I struck up an acquaintance with you, I never imagined I'd date and drink with a man out here, at a food stall.

    "Haha! It's too crazy for me!"

    Seeing Rao Shi Man laugh heartily, Qin Feng then replied with a smile, "Shi Man, the reason I brought you here is for you to know that you aren't different from us; you're a normal person. You can also eat at a food stall, drink fresh beer, and laugh to your heart's content."

    Rao Shi Man was stunned; she'd never imagined Qin Feng would say something like this.

    She'd seen too many men who would only praise and fawn over her. They'd call her a goddess that descended from heaven, a unique existence. They'd say she was an irreplaceable and extraordinary superstar!

    "But why?" asked Rao Shi Man with a puzzled expression as she was astonished.

    "Because you're worn down, and have almost become a totally different person. I just wish you can put down the heavy burden on your shoulders, and follow your own desires. This is because you're who you are; you're Rao Shi Man!"

    When everybody is concerned about how high you've flown, only the people who really love you will care how tired you are.

    Rao Shi Man was only 20 years old; she was already a famous person.

    She'd already flown high enough. However, everybody just demanded she fly higher, ever higher; none of them had told her, "Don't exhaust yourself; you need to live life your own way."

    Rao Shi Man cried. However, she turned her head aside and wiped the tear off before it could fall down. And she showed Qin Feng an incomparably cheerful smile by the time she looked at him.

    "Qin Feng, do you know the reason why I'm known as the "Pure Jade Girl"?

    "Because you're untouched by scandal since your debut and you preserved your chastity." Making no special effort to maintain his gentlemanly image in front of Rao Shi Man, Qin Feng gulped a mouthful of beer.

    "What do you get for preserving your own chastity? If the power backing you isn't strong enough, those evil men could still devour you whole."

    Rao Shi Man explained nonchalantly, "This was because the one backing me is the Dongfang family. Big Sister Dongfang Qing Xue cares for me a lot. Once, a prince from one of the five small family clans in the provincial capital had a crush on me. He drugged me when he treated me to a meal, and when I noticed something strange was happening to my body, I hastily called Big Sister Qing Xue before I blacked out-which I really did. After that, when I regained consciousness, I was already in Big Sister Qing Xue's room and my body was fine. I tried to look for that prince after this incident, but he'd already vanished from the provincial capital.

    "And there was another time, I was at a press conference. A tyrant suddenly rushed onstage and publicly announced he wanted to be my sugar daddy and asked me to state my price. When I ignored him, he got enraged and pounced on me, tried to rip my shirt off in front of everybody. Big Sister Qing Xue was very angry when she learned about this incident. And afterward, that tyrant vanished as well..."

    As Rao Shi Man continued to talk, beads of cold sweat started to ooze from Qin Feng's forehead.

    He was unsure why this lass suddenly brought these things up. However, he knew he himself had hugged and kissed Rao Shi Man, while that prince and that tyrant had already been goners before they could touch her body, so was he going to die a very tragic death?

    "Haha! Are you scared, Qin Feng?" Rao Shi Man was intelligent; she'd already divined Qin Feng's thoughts.

    "How is that impossible? Haha, there's nothing going on between us; our relationship is just pure friendship. Isn't that right?" Qin Feng replied with a beaming smile.

    "No, it's not!" Rao Shi Man suddenly became grave and added without the slightest hesitation, "First of all, a lot of things have happened between us. You're the first man to hug me, kiss me, see me in a nightgown, have a dinner with me, and shop with me. Secondly, the moment you hugged and kissed me, your intentions were bad-you really wanted to dominate me at that time."

    Qin Feng was speechless; this woman was too smart and serious.

    "If the kiss during that tragedy was offered by me, then how about when you hugged and got fresh with me just now in my room at Qin Manor? I didn't allow you to do such things, and I asked you to release me, but you paid no heed to my request. You defiled my chastity, but I didn't hate you or ask Big Sister Qing Xue to send someone and get rid of you.

    "Qin Feng, didn't you feel weird?"

    "Yes, I did. That's the reason why I brought you out for a stroll and have some snacks. I knew you'd blurt it out all by yourself." Qin Feng drank another bottle of beer and gazed fondly at Rao Shi Man sitting opposite him; he was liking this woman more and more.

    "Do you still remember the story I told you at Lotus Lake? That really happened on me. I couldn't find that young boy after so many years; I thought he was gone forever and I thought I couldn't find that feeling again... However, when you rushed forward, held me in your arms, and protected me from the falling metal frame, that ambiguous warmth and trust once again welled up in my heart. Your aura and spirit are similar to his-that's the reason why I can't bear to harm you."

    Rao Shi Man's expression became bemused, seemingly immersed in those memories once again. On the other hand, Qin Feng had a solemn face. Suddenly, his heart skipped a beat and a bright light flashed in his brain.

    "Shi Man, was the little boy important to you?" Qin Feng asked abruptly.

    "Yes, very important; he's the main reason I could come so far." Rao Shi Man's voice seemed to come from afar. "He said he will be my first and last fan!"

    "If you could find him, will you fall in love with him?" The corner of Qin Feng's mouth curled into an evil grin.

    "I'm not sure, either. After all, eight years have passed and he might not be the same person anymore... But should our paths crossed once again, I think, I'll try my best to fall in love with him!"

    Qin Feng felt he was f*cking awesome. He'd self-directed yet another movie and made Rao Shi Man fall into his crafty plot. Qin Feng had already known Rao Shi Man was the little girl from Lotus Lake. He deliberately forced Rao Shi Man to speak those spoony words so he could tell her that he was the little boy, and then he could legitimately hold Rao Shi Man's hand, hug her slim waist, and kiss her cherry lips.

    Qin Feng suddenly grabbed Rao Shi Man's slender jade hand and gazed affectionately into her dazzling, starry eyes.

    "Shi Man, actually I'm..."

    "Yo! What great luck to meet a godly beauty here. Come, drink some beer with us brothers, haha!" Qin Feng hadn't finished his words and was interrupted by others.
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