Chapter 304 - Instrument Defense Mechanism

    Chapter 304 - Instrument Defense Mechanism

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    Lin Bei Bei lay quietly on the sickbed. Though she couldn't move, say anything, or even open her eyes, she could hear everything that occurred around her.

    Every time Qin Feng came to talk about their times together and promise he would help her wake up, tears would fall from Lin Bei Bei's eyes. Currently, tears fell from her eyes as well. However, these were not tears from being moved but tears of anguish.

    She heard Zhang Tian Hua's vulgar laughter and knew that he wanted to violate her. However, Lin Bei Bei hated it. She hated that she couldn't move or cry for help. She wasn't willing to let any man other than Qin Feng touch her body. She really wanted to wake up and slap Zhang Tian Hua harshly twice, then kick him thrice.

    Lin Bei Bei could allow herself to be mistreated, but she couldn't allow Qin Feng to be mistreated. She knew that if her body was violated by another man, Qin Feng would be devastated. This would be utterly humiliating to him; he would be cuckolded.

    As the number one hedonist young master in Acropolis, he was the one who did the cuckolding. How could he allow someone else to cuckold him? Women who are in love are all this silly; all they care about are their men!

    However, Lin Bei Bei couldn't control any of this. She felt Zhang Tian Hua approach her.

    Even though she couldn't open her eyes, Lin Bei Bei could imagine Zhang Tian Hua's filthy, vomit-inducing, and malicious face and smile. Lin Bei Bei decided that after being violated, she would commit suicide after waking up. Or maybe she'd leave Acropolis, never to see Qin Feng again.

    "Bei Bei, my precious. Big Brother is going to satisfy you!"

    Zhang Tian Hua extended his hands and pounced at Lin Bei Bei. Glistening tears streamed down her face.

    Zhang Tian Hua reached for Lin Bei Bei's raised chest, about to squeeze the playthings that he'd been fantasizing about for so long.


    When his hands were around 10 centimeters from Lin Bei Bei's soft chest, Zhang Tian Hua's entire body instantly stopped.

    He didn't want to stop, but he felt a gust of qi rise like an invisible and untouchable force that was blocking him and preventing him from getting any closer no matter what.


    The sea-blue beads on Lin Bei Bei's wrists vibrated slightly, stirring the air around them, giving off a blue light that grew brighter and brighter.

    How could Zhang Tian Hua be deterred? It wasn't easy for him to acquire this opportunity tonight, and he had even drugged Mother Lin. Lin Bei Bei lay before him, wearing a thin hospital gown. If he didn't do this girl, he definitely wouldn't stop.

    Thus, Zhang Tian Hua exerted more strength. He used all his strength to get closer to Lin Bei Bei's body. He clenched his teeth, and his expression turned malevolent. Veins popped out on his forehead, making him look like a devil.


    Suddenly, there was an enormous bang, and Lin Bei Bei's Blood Flow Bracelet exploded. The originally beautiful, sea-blue beads were blasted into smithereens. An enormous rush of qi shot from Lin Bei Bei and sent Zhang Tian Hua flying.


    Zhang Tian Hua flew off, then fell down. The fall was so violent that his bones almost fell apart. He was in so much pain that he rolled on the floor, howling continuously. His hair was messy and filled with dust, his glasses were cracked, and blood trickled from the corner of his mouth. He looked nothing like the doctor with fair and clear skin who saved and healed people. He looked like a mangy dog that lay on the ground and couldn't get up.


    The qi flow released a massive force, jolting Mother Lin to the floor as well. She rolled thrice, then came to a stop. This large commotion woke her up, and the first thing she did upon waking up was to crawl to her daughter.

    "Bei Bei, what happened? Are you alright?" Mother Lin clutched her daughter's hands and noticed that someone had removed her blanket. She immediately picked up the blanket and was about to cover her up. She couldn't let this girl catch a cold.

    However, right after Mother Lin picked up the blanket, she suddenly sat down. She looked at her daughter's left wrist in shock.

    The beads are gone? The bracelet Qin Feng had especially requested from a senior monk to protect her daughter was gone?

    Before leaving, Qin Feng especially reminded her that this was a treasure her daughter had to wear at all times. How could it suddenly disappear?

    Also, what just happened? Wasn't I talking to Dr. Zhang? How did I suddenly fall asleep?

    Mother Lin had just awoken, so she was still in a daze and didn't understand a lot of things. She looked around and saw Dr. Zhang lying by the doorway covered in dirt like he had just gotten into a fight.

    "Dr. Zhang, what's wrong with you? What happened?" Mother Lin was shocked by Zhang Tian Hua's appearance and ran to him to help him up.

    Fierceness flitted through Zhang Tian Hua's eyes but quickly disappeared. He knew that he had completely failed in his plans tonight. However, Mother Lin seemed not to realize his plans. And since no one else had seen his actions, Zhang Tian Hua slowly calmed down.

    He couldn't understand where that gust of qi had come from, but he didn't care too much about it. Since he failed this time, he would just find another opportunity. Zhang Tian Hua was set on taking this little beauty Lin Bei Bei.

    "Ah... Auntie, I'm fine, I'm fine. I was talking to you at first, and you fell asleep. You must have had a hard time taking care of Bei Bei. I didn't want to disturb you but wanted to see how my other patients were doing when I slipped and fell."

    "Oh no, be careful, Dr. Zhang. I clean the floor every day in this room, so it might be a bit slippery." A flash of suspicion flickered in Mother Lin's eyes, but she didn't say too much.

    "Mm, I have to be more careful next time. I'm getting old as well, so I can't fall like that anymore. ...Then I'll leave first. I seem to have grazed my knee, so I'm going to put some disinfectant on it." Zhang Tian Hua stood to leave.

    "Okay, okay. Go ahead, Dr. Zhang, I won't walk you out. I'm going to clean up the room."

    "There's no need to walk me out. Go ahead and do what you would like to."

    Mother Lin stood at the doorway. Her gaze followed Zhang Tian Hua down the hallway until he turned and disappeared from sight. Then, she rushed back to her daughter's side. She lightly lifted her daughter's clothing and examined her in detail to make sure that no one had done anything to her, before exhaling in relief.

    Seeing that the bracelet was really gone, and she couldn't find it in the room at all, Mother Lin furrowed her brows and couldn't relax them. Her heart thumped incessantly, and she had a bad premonition. She felt ill at ease.

    Mother Lin sat at the edge of the bed for awhile, then pulled out her phone and quickly made a call.


    Qin Feng was extremely angry!

    It hadn't been easy for him to realize Rao Shi Man was the little girl from eight years ago, put on an elaborate show, trick Rao Shi Man, and hear her confession.

    Qin Feng was about to reveal his identity and tell Rao Shi Man he was that little boy by the lotus pond. Then, the two of them would hug, Rao Shi Man might be moved to tears, he would comfort her, convince her to drink in celebration, get her drunk, and things would go smoothly...

    However, why did a bunch of hooligans have to appear now?

    These hooligans interrupted Qin Feng, so Qin Feng decided to break their dog legs.

    Since it was October, it was still kind of hot at night.

    Five youths with bare arms walked up with smiles on their faces. The one leading the pack was a man with dyed brown hair; a clear, fair, and handsome face; and a tall and slender figure. He looked a bit like a Korean idol.

    "Beautiful, it's so boring drinking alone. Let Big Brother drink with you!" The man walked up to the table without sparing Qin Feng a glance. He sat casually beside Rao Shi Man, stuck his face up to her, and sniffed fiercely twice.

    "Mm! How fragrant! Look at us, a handsome man and beautiful woman; we're truly a match made in heaven!"

    "Haha, Big Brother Xu, it's not often that we find such a high-quality beauty in Acropolis. Will we younger brothers have a share tonight?"

    The four lackeys behind Big Brother Xu came and surrounded them. Their lascivious gazes fell on Rao Shi Man, and they looked like they wanted to pull out their eyeballs and place them on Rao Shi Man's chest.

    "Are you guys looking to get hit? You want to play with a woman Big Brother Xu has taken a liking to? Big Brother Xu, I'll help you beat them up."

    "Big Brother Xu, I suddenly realized that this lass looks a lot like a celebrity... That's right, Rao Shi Man. The country's goddess Rao Shi Man."

    "Baldy, now that you mention it, it really does look a bit like her."

    Big Brother Xu's four lackeys chattered among themselves as though Rao Shi Man was going to be taken by Big Brother Xu tonight.

    "Leave!" Rao Shi Man's expression turned cold. She didn't look at them as she spoke through gritted teeth.

    She trembled, and the cup of beer in her slender, lily-white hand shook as well. She was very angry.

    "F*ck, stinking woman, you don't know how to appreciate favors. It's your fortune for Big Brother Xu to have taken a liking to you."

    "Stinking whore, aren't you eating so late at night to get laid after? Why are you acting pure? I think our Big Brother Xu is much more handsome than this stinking brat. In Acropolis, Big Brother Xu's friends are everywhere. You should be happy that you get to attend to Big Brother Xu tonight."

    The "stinking brat" Big Brother Xu's lackey referred to was Qin Feng. The five hooligans hadn't looked at Qin Feng the whole time. Now that they did, they still looked down on him.

    "Leave!" Rao Shi Man's expression became even colder. A wintry air shot out of her, and she only said that one simple word once again.

    "Hmph! You really are unappreciative. Your elder wants to see how unyielding you are." This time, Big Brother Xu was angry. He suddenly stood and was about to embrace Rao Shi Man.

    This food street was Feng Group territory. Big Brother Xu was extremely familiar with the area and wasn't afraid to cause a scene. Even if he took Rao Shi Man right there, he could settle the situation.


    Rao Shi Man lifted her hand and threw her cup of iced beer into Big Brother Xu's face.

    Big Brother Xu froze, instinctively closing his eyes.

    His hair was styled with pomade, but now it was ruined by the beer. Most of his hair stuck to his head, but two or three locks stayed up stubbornly. The beer also had foam, and it streamed down Big Brother Xu's forehead.

    Big Brother Xu was a pretty boy, but now he looked as pitiful as a drowned dog.
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