Chapter 305 - I Dont Know Him

    Chapter 305 - I Don't Know Him

    Translator: BinBin

    Editor: Vampirecat

    "Fudge! You b*tch, how dare you splash beer on your elder?! I'm so going to f*ck you up. You all, what're you useless wimps waiting for? Go get her now!"

    Big Brother Xu was furious; he roared and his four underlings finally regained their senses. With a hideous expression, each of them grabbed a beer bottle on the table and hurled it at Rao Shi Man.

    They were a group of unlawful people who didn't know how to respect the old and cherish the young. They'd forgotten the Chinese traditional moral values that had been passed down from their ancestors for more than 5,000 years. They didn't care whether Rao Shi Man was a girl or a boy; once they started to fight, they'd just hit her until they drew blood.


    Suddenly, the table was flipped by somebody before those beer bottles could reach their target.

    The beers on table fell to the ground; the wooden table was flung at Big Brother Xu and his companions, and sent them flying directly.

    "Shi Man, come over here!" Qin Feng, who'd kicked the table, cast a smile at Rao Shi Man.

    Like a frightened deer, Rao Shi Man hastily and obediently ran to Qin Feng's side and rested quietly in Qin Feng's arms. She didn't struggle at all but bashfully enjoyed Qin Feng's embrace.

    "F*ck, you little brat, you have a death wish?!"

    "How dare you fling a table at your elder? Do you think you're playing Young and Dangerous?" [TN: Young and Dangerous is a well-known Hong Kong movie about the lives of a group of hooligans.]

    "Release that girl now and get out of my sight! If not, your elder's going to punish you until your mother can't recognize you!"

    Big Brother Xu and his four underlings glared at Qin Feng like tigers looking at their prey and scolded him nonstop. However, none of them dared to step forward to attack Qin Feng. [TN: "Like a tiger looking at its prey" - Glared furiously and fixedly at someone.]

    These people had a lot of fighting experience, so they could tell that Qin Feng had some skills from the kick he delivered just now. This was because no ordinary person could send a heavy, solid, wooden table flying with just a kick; they were even pushed several meters away by it.

    If possible, they would rather not to provoke a valiant person like Qin Feng.

    "Sissy, come over here!" Qin Feng ignored their relentless words; he hugged Rao Shi Man with one arm and crooked his free hand, beckoning at Big Brother Xu with a finger.

    Big Brother Xu's face flushed. There was no one who dared to call him "sissy" to his face.

    "F*ck! Are you blind, little brat? Your elder is a man, a fierce, vigorous man! Do you believe your elder will f*ck that lass later and have her to tell you how vigorous I am?"


    As soon as Big Brother Xu finished his words, a beer bottle flew directly at him.

    Nobody knew where the beer bottle came from; it moved at lightning speed... Big Brother Xu didn't even have a chance to counter and the beer bottle had already hit his head. Scarlet blood streamed down from his cranium; paired with his wretched look, he could pass for a ghost in a horror movie.

    "Sissy, come over here!"

    Qin Feng hadn't gotten angry. He called Big Brother Xu with the same gesture, the same expression, and the same words; even his voice volume and tone were the same.

    However, Big Brother Xu was creeped out by Qin Feng's current smiles and movements. He felt Qin Feng was a demon who'd crawled out from hell; he felt like he'd been clawed by an large invisible hand, preventing him from escaping or screaming.

    "Y-You better not f*cking call me sissy again..."


    Before Big Brother Xu could finish his words, another bottle flew at him with the same force and the same speed, and landed on the same spot.

    The beer-blood mixture was splashed all around; glass shards were stuck in his head wound. Big Brother Xu was in so much pain that his face distorted.

    The five arrogant and despotic hooligans now fell silent. They acted like a group of errant kindergarteners now accepting the fury of their teacher.

    Before, they'd looked down at Qin Feng and paid him no heed. Now, they feared him and didn't dare look him in the eye.

    This was because they hadn't been able to see Qin Feng's movements at all!

    "Sissy, come over here!" Qin Feng crooked his finger again.

    He'd remained in his original position, his body exuding a frosty and domineering aura.

    He held Rao Shi Man lightly in one arm. The feeling was similar to the time when the stage collapsed, when Qin Feng held her in his arms without any regard for his own life; Rao Shi Man felt the same warmth and sense of security.

    At this very moment, Rao Shi Man gazed senselessly at Qin Feng's handsome and fortitudinous profile. This man was so domineering and arrogant, yet Rao Shi Man liked it!

    Thud thud thud!

    This time, Big Brother Xu walked up to Qin Feng, step by step without any hesitation.

    They attracted a crowd of onlookers, all of whom felt such pressure from Qin Feng's strong and domineering aura that they had difficulty breathing. The audience just kept quiet and watched from the sidelines.


    Big Brother Xu stopped at a spot five meters away from Qin Feng and looked warily at him. Qin Feng retained his smile and widened it a bit. However, in everybody's eyes, his smile at this moment was even scarier than a malevolent look.

    "I-I'm wrong. Can Big Brother..."

    Frightened by Qin Feng's strong aura, Big Brother Xu took the initiative to acknowledge his mistake and sue for peace.

    Qin Feng refused to make peace. "You need to bear the consequences for what you did," he said. When he heard Big Brother Xu called Rao Shi Man "b*tch," Qin Feng felt the impulse to kill this man on the spot; however, he endured it.

    I can't kill him, but he has to pay dearly for what he has committed!


    A beer bottle was again picked up and precisely smashed on Big Brother Xu's wound.

    Qin Feng was too fast; not even Rao Shi Man, who was in his arms, could see it clearly.



    Big Brother Xu could no longer defy him; he was now kicking himself. He realized he'd gotten off on the wrong foot today-he'd just arrived at the food street, wanting to hit on some girls, and then met a crazy Qin Feng.

    "Apologize to this beautiful and kind maiden beside me until she's satisfied!" Qin Feng ordered him with a beaming face. His voice was soft, as if he was whispering to his lover.

    This voice was sweet talk in Rao Shi Man's perspective; however, this voice creeped Big Brother Xu out and made his scalp prickle with pins and needles.


    Big Brother Xu started to slap himself.

    Slap slap slap!

    He couldn't stop himself and slapped even harder and faster.

    "Lady, you're a great-hearted person; please forgive me. I shouldn't have spied on your beauty. I deserve to die. I should be punished..."

    Slap slap slap slap!

    The surroundings were as silent as the grave; only the sound of Big Brother Xu slapping his own face could be heard.

    The people who had been drinking and talking stopped. Even those BBQ stand owners stopped working, dazed at this scene. Most of them knew Big Brother Xu

    always brought his underlings to eat and hit on some girls on this food street.

    Everyone knew Big Brother Xu was a little infamous in this area. Normally it was he who'd get wildly drunk and punish people. Today was the first time they saw him getting beaten so badly by someone!

    "Beautiful, I sincerely apologize to you. Please forget what I said earlier and please don't take it to heart! I have a bad mouth, I'm a bad person... Trash like me doesn't even have the finesse to hold your shoe!"

    "Yes, you're right; you don't even have the finesse to hold my shoe... so, get lost!"

    Big Brother Xu's previously handsome face had gotten really beaten up that even his mother wouldn't be able to recognize him.

    Rao Shi Man opened her mouth at this moment. Although she was a kind-hearted and humble person, she'd never sympathize with a vulgar person like Big Brother Xu. Her air as a superstar surged all of a sudden; she stood in the crowd like a prideful white swan.

    Her body glittered with golden light, she was so beautiful it was heartbreaking.

    She was China's most famous top-tier celebrity and the national goddess in the heart of every Chinese man.

    She had the asset to be prideful. Rao Shi Man was disgusted by just looking at Big Brother Xu, let alone having her shoe held by him.

    Although Rao Shi Man commanded him to leave, Big Brother Xu didn't run away directly. Instead, he looked at Qin Feng and asked earnestly, "Big Brother?"

    "Get lost now!" Qin Feng waved his hand.

    Big Brother Xu was relieved. He hastily crawled up and wanted to run away. He'd never been so embarrassed as he was today-kneeling before a woman in front of hundred of people and begging for her forgiveness. He wanted to dig a hole and hide in it.

    "Big Brother Xu, Big Brother Xu!"

    He was called by one of his underlings after he'd taken only a few steps. "Baldy just went to Fei Tian Bar and asked for Big Brother Long-hair's assistance. Big Brother Long-hair is on his way now... You don't have to leave now; let's get rid of these b*tches!"

    One of his underlings went to seek help while Big Brother Xu was begging for Rao Shi Man's forgiveness.

    Opposite of this food street was a pedestrian walkway, which was a few hundred meters away from the Fei Tian Bar. The reason Qin Feng brought Rao Shi Man to the food street was because he wanted to bring her to the Fei Tian Bar after they'd finished their snack.

    The onlookers were attracted by that loud underling.

    They saw a group of black-suited men suddenly surge forward at the entrance of the food street. One could tell from a glance that there were at least 30 people; the battalion was huge and posed an extraordinary grandeur.

    They were like the mafia from The Bund; they'd stolen the show once they made their entrance and a golden road appeared before them wherever they went. Those people who came for food had hidden away, afraid they might draw unnecessary trouble to themselves, while those food stand owners who had put their tables and chairs on the road also hurriedly cleared the road with their assistants.

    Thud thud thud!

    The grandeur of 30 people was overwhelming, even their steps sounded like a marching army.

    Big Brother Xu and his four underlings had already gotten to their feet. They were so excited they almost screamed when they saw the long-haired man at the head of that group of black-suited men.

    "It's Big Brother Long-hair. He has come!"

    "Qin Feng, let's leave now!" Rao Shi Man's countenance sank slightly. As a superstar, Rao Shi Man had experienced this kind of occasion before, so she wasn't afraid at all. In fact, she was a little bit angry.

    "No, we shouldn't leave." Qin Feng halted Rao Shi Man and looked at her gently, "It's an honor for Acropolis City's citizens to have the beautiful Shi Man here. While I, as a local, should host you well. If somebody bullied the beautiful Shi Man and I didn't care about it, then how could I continue to be your friend?"

    "But they have so many men with them. A wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him... Let's just go!" Rao Shi Man furrowed her eyebrows deeply and looked worriedly at Qin Feng.

    "Why should we leave just because they have the advantage?" Qin Feng countered Rao Shi Man with a solemn expression. He then shook his head and said, "I have nothing to say if we're on the wrong, but they're the ones who did wrong, and it's natural for me to teach them a lesson. Now they've got help and have more men than us, so we should just flee with our tails between our legs?

    "Then how about the great spirit of our China? Where's our justice? Where should I put my face and my morality?

    "How should I face Shi Man in the future? How can I stand tall and be a man in front of Shi Man again?

    "I'm not alone at the moment, I'm not Qin Feng now, I'm the representative of the 3,000,000 people in Acropolis City. I also represent the spirit of the 13 billion population of China..."

    Qin Feng felt he was f*cking awesome right now. He was grateful he learned his Mandarin well when he was young. Right now, he felt moved to tears by his own words.

    It was right at this breathtaking and emotional moment, before he could finish his speech from the bottom of his heart, that Qin Feng was interrupted by Rao Shi Man!

    "Qin Feng, are you an acquaintance of that long-haired guy?" With a lovely mirthful smile, Rao Shi Man eyed Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng was instantly deflated; he blanked out and forgot all the classic lines in his head.

    Of course he knew him; Long-hair was Qin Feng's underling.

    His acquaintance with Long-hair was the ace he had up his sleeve. That was why he refused to retreat and was still in the mood to flirt with her!

    Qin Feng wasn't dumb, stupid, or an idiot. If he knew his opponent was stronger than him, he'd have already run away with Rao Shi Man without her needing to speak.

    "I don't know him!" With a solemn expression, Qin Feng looked at Rao Shi Man and shook his head.
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