Chapter 306 - I Detest Liars

    Chapter 306 - I Detest Liars

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    "You really don't know him?" Rao Shi Man's smile widened, and her gaze didn't leave Qin Feng's eyes.

    "Maybe... he knows me, but I really don't know him!" said Qin Feng through clenched teeth.

    As Qin Feng and Rao Shi Man discussed whether or not Qin Feng knew Long-hair, the man in question swaggered over with his entourage in a flashy manner. He'd been called over by Big Brother Xu's lackey, Baldy, but he didn't come to help Big Brother Xu.

    Since the Northern District of Acropolis was Feng Group territory, and the Feng Group base was Fei Tian Bar, as the Feng Group's figurehead, Long-hair naturally had to preserve order and safety in his territory. Now that Long-hair and his two brothers followed Young Master Qin, their horizons broadened. They were no longer the men of before who only knew how to fight and kill, licking the blood off their blades. The three brothers began to learn to clean up their act and allow the Feng Group to venture into business.

    Thus, Long-hair was in the middle of taking care of fights in his territory because peace bred wealth!

    "Big Brother Long-hair, I didn't know you would come. This little brother is truly overwhelmed by this unexpected favor!" Big Brother Xu already greeted Long-hair with a smile.

    Brother Xu and his four lackeys clearly misunderstood why Long-hair had come. Long-hair came to stop the harmful fights, not to help Brother Xu.

    Long-hair rushed over energetically with over 30 lackeys to show off the Feng Group's power. He wanted all the people in the Northern District to see that the Northern District now belonged to the Feng Group, and if you wanted to maintain your businesses and livelihoods in this area, you had to do things honestly. Long-hair was very satisfied with acting pretentious, but this was suddenly spoiled by Brother Xu's appearance. Long-hair wasn't very happy.

    His eyes merely glanced over Brother Xu, but he just continued to walk past him. Brother Xu thought this look was Big Brother Long-hair's greeting, so he bloomed with happiness.

    "Big Brother Long-hair, it's the damn man and woman over there. They're too f*cking cocky!" Brother Xu immediately fell into step with Long-hair.

    It was originally Long-hair leading 30 men alone to show off, but now Brother Xu took away half of that limelight. Long-hair was so angry that he almost sent the guy flying with a kick.

    "That man is especially cocky. I've brought up your name and said this was your territory and warned him not to cause trouble... But that man didn't listen and even started beating people.

    "That brat really thought I, A-Xu, couldn't take care of him? I merely refrained from making a move out of respect for you, Big Brother Long-hair. I know that you told us not to cause a ruckus in the Northern District, and I engraved your words in my heart. This is my motto!

    "That's right, Big Brother Long-hair, the little girl with the brat is really hot. She'd be a perfect match for you. If you played with that kind of girl for a night, you'd practically fly to the heavens!"


    It wasn't every day that Big Brother Xu had the opportunity to see Big Brother Long-hair in person, much less stand so close to him. In his excitement, Big Brother Xu looked like he'd eaten Stride chewing gum-once he opened his mouth, he couldn't stop talking.

    Long-hair stopped a long time ago. He didn't listen closely to Brother Xu's words. Instead, he looked at the handsome man and beautiful woman across the way with an expression of horror.

    As Big Brother Xu said, the woman was a beauty of the highest quality!

    But even if Long-hair was given a hundred guts, he still wouldn't have enough to entertain the slightest thought about Rao Shi Man because he saw Young Master Qin hugging this exquisite beauty!

    Ah... We're both men, but why is there such a huge difference between us?

    Long-hair sighed to himself. He already forgot what number this high-quality Sister-in-Law was. However, he completely believed the rumors: the women by Young Master Qin were all as beautiful as fairies and could topple cities and countries with their looks!

    "Big Brother Long-hair, Big Brother Long-hair... A-Are you listening to me? When are we going to get rid of that man?"

    Long-hair was shaken out of his stupor by Brother Xu. Once he came to his senses, Long-hair's expression sank and he threw a large slap, sending Brother Xu to the ground. Brother Xu rolled a fair number of times and saw stars.

    "Big Brother Long-hair, d-did you hit the wrong person? That brat is across the street!"

    This wasn't only Brother Xu's thought, it was the same question going through Brother Xu's four lackeys and the hundreds of spectators around them.

    "If you keep f*cking yelling, your elder will find someone to cut your tongue off!"


    Long-hair was so angry that his solid muscles began to tremble. He wasn't there to help Brother Xu, but this guy kept jabbering nonstop. Now the guy wants me to deal with Young Master Qin? If the guy wants to die, he shouldn't drag me along.

    "You idiot, if you're looking to f*cking die, then die farther away... Don't pretend you're close to this elder. Have I ever spoken to you? Do I know you? Who the f*ck are you?"

    Long-hair was really angry. Long-hair swung his arm that was as strong and thick as a leg and slapped Brother Xu back and forth continuously. Brother Xu was like a little chick, and his neck jerked so much that it almost broke.

    Brother Xu's four lackeys were so shocked that they wanted to eat their fists. The audience was even more confused. Wasn't this man with the long hair who looks like the Golden-Haired Lion King called over by Brother Xu to provide reinforcement? Why is he hitting his own man? [TN: The "Golden-Haired Lion King" is a character with long blond hair in Jin Yong's wuxia novel The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber.]

    "Big Brother Long-hair, don't dirty your hands. Let me take care of this small fry for you!" The lackeys Long-hair brought stepped forward and surrounded them, prepared to hit Brother Xu.

    Long-hair kicked Brother Xu and yelled, "All of you f*ck off. None of you have the right to make a move today, and your elder will personally teach anyone who acts recklessly!"

    The fight was intense, and Qin Feng and Rao Shi Man looked on calmly, as though Brother Xu had nothing to do with them.

    "And you still insist that you don't know the long-haired guy?" Rao Shi Man escaped Qin Feng's embrace and stood shoulder-to-shoulder with him.

    "He was standing too far away earlier, so I couldn't see clearly. Now that we're closer, I can see him clearly. ...Nope, I don't know him!" Qin Feng couldn't admit that he knew Long-hair. If he did, the emotional confession, that unyielding drive he just established would come crashing down.

    "Young Master Qin, I didn't know you were here. My apologies for this sorry sight!" Qin Feng had just spoken, and Long-hair already came running to greet him.

    Qin Feng gritted his teeth and suppressed the urge to send Long-hair flying with a kick. Rao Shi Man, on the other hand, laughed like a little girl whose plan succeeded.

    "Ahem! Who are you, you long-haired guy? You've made yourself look like the Golden-Haired Lion King. I don't even know you. Are you a wild man who ran out of the depths of the mountains?" As Qin Feng spoke, he gave Long-hair a meaningful look.

    Long-hair was initially puzzled, but then he later understood Qin Feng's looks. Though he didn't know why Young Master Qin had to pretend not to know him, as his inferior, he just had to do what he was instructed to.

    "Huh? It seems that I'm mistaken. You're taller and handsomer than the person I know, and your girlfriend is more beautiful and remarkable... My apologies for disturbing you two!" Long-hair cupped one fist in the other hand, bowed, turned, and left with Brother Xu and Brother Xu's four lackeys.

    Qin Feng and Rao Shi Man sat at a new table, and the crowd of spectators slowly dispersed. Soon, the food street went back to normal, appearing as though nothing had happened at all.

    "Brother Qin, I'm really sorry. Those were the hooligans in this area, and they're not to be messed with... I'll take care of your expenses for today. I hope it didn't ruin you and your girlfriend's mood."

    Uncle Wang was a kind person. He made a fresh portion of BBQ and brought a beer over.

    Qin Feng smiled and waved his hand. "There's no need for that, I'll pay for today, and put the broken tables and chairs on my bill as well. Since I'm taking my girlfriend out tonight, let me show off a bit in front of her since I don't have many opportunities to do so!"

    Qin Feng, Rao Shi Man, and Uncle Wang were all grown-ups; they all understood Qin Feng's words. Uncle Wang didn't continue to argue with Qin Feng. He smiled and went back to barbecuing.

    "Qin Feng, you still maintain that you don't know that long-haired guy?" Rao Shi Man squinted at Qin Feng.

    Under Qin Feng's tutelage, this lass occasionally lifted her bottle of beer and took two swigs of it. If her fans saw this unaffected air of hers, who knew how many eyes would be clawed out and blinded?

    "Didn't that long-haired man say he mistook me for someone else? How would I know him?" asked Qin Feng with a smile.

    "I don't like people who lie to me. It seems that I'll be heading back first!" Rao Shi Man stood and looked like she was about to leave.

    "Shi Man, that person is my lackey." Qin Feng suddenly said, "To be precise, he's Young Master Qin's lackey."

    Rao Shi Man sat back down and stared quietly at Qin Feng with eyes as bright as stars.

    She wasn't a gossipy woman, and she really wasn't a woman that insisted on getting to the bottom of things.

    She only cared so much about this because she heard the way Long-hair greeted Qin Feng-that person called Qin Feng "Young Master Qin."

    "He also knows my identity in Qin Manor is merely that of Young Master Qin's body double. Chairman Qin's business is too large, so he's gained a lot of enemies. These people all have their eyes on Young Master Qin. Young Master Qin was also kidnapped a good number of times. In the end, Chairman Qin used me as Young Master Qin's decoy... This fooled a lot of people, and that strong, long-haired man is one of them. He's always thought I was Young Master Qin, so I was a little tongue-tied."

    "I didn't lie to you. He knows me, but I'm really not all that familiar with him!" Qin Feng looked at Rao Shi Man with seriousness.

    "You should've just told me earlier." Rao Shi Man was quiet for a while, and then a radiant smile graced her lovely features.

    "That's right, before those hooligans showed up, you seemed to have something important to say to me?"

    Qin Feng immediately took Rao Shi Man's slender, lily-white hands, thought for a bit, and looked deep into her eyes. He didn't get the chance to open his mouth before his phone rang in his pocket.

    Qin Feng pulled out his phone with a huff and was about to smash it. However, once he saw the caller ID, his expression changed drastically and he looked like a whole different person.

    It was a call from Mother Lin!
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