Chapter 307 - The Bad Guy Should Be Punished

    Chapter 307 - The Bad Guy Should Be Punished

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    Qin Feng's eyebrows frowned slightly, a bad premonition suddenly stirred within him. This was the first time Mother Lin called him because Mother Lin never took the initiative to call him, although she had his cell phone number.

    Qin Feng took the call and said, "Auntie, it's quite late now. Haven't you gone to bed yet?"

    "Qin Feng... W-Where are you now? Can you come over to have a look at Bei Bei?" Mother Lin's voice was shaking.

    "What happened to Bei Bei?" Qin Feng suddenly stood up; his countenance was freezing cold.

    "Bei Bei is fine; j-just the bracelet you gifted her is gone. I can't find it even though I searched the whole room up and down... I never took it off Bei Bei like you told me, not even when I bathed her. How could it go missing all of a sudden?"

    Qin Feng sensed a crisis. This was because the Blood Flow Bracelet was an instrument he bought from the Sovereign System. Usually it had the effect of refreshing the wearer and promoting blood regulation; it would only passively counter an incoming attack if the wearer was in danger, and after that, the bracelet would vanish entirely.

    That means Bei Bei was attacked?

    "Okay, I'm on my way!" Qin Feng ended the call.

    Rao Shi Man got to her feet as well. She'd never seen him so panicked, not even when he bore the metal frame for her.

    "What's wrong?" Rao Shi Man asked softly.

    "Shi Man, my friend might be in trouble, I have to check on her at First Hospital right now. I'll ask Long-hair to bring you back to Qin Manor; please rest assured, that guy can be trusted." Qin Feng pulled Rao Shi Man's hand and rushed to Fei Tian Bar.

    Qin Manor and First Hospital lay in opposite directions, and Qin Feng was burning with anxiety right now, so he couldn't see Rao Shi Man home.

    "That's not necessary. You'd better go see your friend now." Rao Shi Man flung away Qin Feng's large hand. A hint of disappointment flashed in her eyes; however, she soon reverted to her charming smile. "I'm going to hang around some more. I'll be very busy with a press conference and a movie shoot after I get back to the provincial capital, so I won't have free time like tonight to stroll the street anymore. Don't worry. I'll go back after I'm done!"

    "That's fine. Call me if you need anything!" Qin Feng bid adieu to Rao Shi Man and rushed to First Hospital using the Mercedes Benz.

    He'd got a racing skill from the lottery and his driving ability was divine. He drifted and sped along the way and reached First Hospital after 20 minutes.

    "Auntie, how's Bei Bei?" Qin Feng breezed in and arrived at Bei Bei's special care ward. When Mother Lin saw Qin Feng, she got up hastily from her daughter's bedside and welcomed him.

    "Qin Feng, you're here!

    "Bei Bei's fine. It's just that the bracelet on her hand is gone, and I couldn't find it no matter how hard I try. It's so weird!" Mother Lin explained, her eyebrows furrowed.

    Qin Feng trotted to Lin Bei Bei's bedside and saw her left wrist was bare; the Blood Flow Bracelet really had disappeared. "Auntie, did anyone come into this ward earlier?"

    "Yes, that Doctor Zhang, Bei Bei's attending physician, was here just now. Do you still remember him? You've met him before," replied Mother Lin after she thought for a while.

    Qin Feng's countenance became chilly. When he met Zhang Tian Hua last time, he had already noticed that the other man's gaze at Lin Bei Bei was amiss. However, Qin Feng hadn't thought too much since they were at the hospital and Mother Lin was always by Lin Bei Bei's side. But now it seemed that fellow was the most obvious suspect.

    "Auntie, tell me what happened after Zhang Tian Hua came in tonight; the more details the better."

    It was rare to see a solemn and cold Qin Feng; Mother Lin seemed to realize this was a serious matter. She hastily pulled Qin Feng to sit at the bedside and told him everything that had happened tonight.

    "What time do you usually go to bed, Auntie?" queried Qin Feng, frowning deeply after he heard Mother Lin's recount.

    "Actually my daily task is just taking care of Bei Bei; it's not that tough and I go to bed every night around midnight. This was because normally I clean Bei Bei's body at 10 o'clock. I'm not sure why I suddenly fell asleep at 8 o'clock tonight."

    A flame of fury ignited in Qin Feng's heart. He already had a grasp of the situation: Zhang Tian Hua harbored dirty thoughts of Bei Bei, so he deliberately drugged Mother Lin-making her fall unconscious-and then tried to do something bad to Bei Bei.

    Except that Zhang Tian Hua didn't know Lin Bei Bei had an instrument, so he was blown away by the Blood Flow Bracelet when he attempted to harm her.

    "Zhang Tian Hua, you're playing with fire!" Qin Feng dissed Zhang Tian Hua in his heart, gritting his teeth.

    Qin Feng, w-what happened?" Mother Lin was frightened by Qin Feng's grim look; this was the first time she saw an extremely enraged Qin Feng!

    Mother Lin knew Qin Feng's identity-he was the First Prince of Acropolis City, the consequence of angering him would be disastrous!

    "Auntie, let me bathe Bei Bei tonight. Nothing has happened. Please don't think too much and have a good night sleep." Qin Feng's countenance softened as he looked at Mother Lin.

    He lifted Lin Bei Bei lightly and went to the bathroom. Mother Lin hesitated for a minute when she saw Qin Feng's movement; however, she ultimately didn't stop him.

    Lin Bei Bei's special care ward was specially chosen by Qin Feng. The amenities were very good, just like a presidential suite, and the bathroom was big-it had a couch, a shower, and a bathtub.

    Qin Feng swiveled the faucet and let the water fill the bathtub. He then placed Lin Bei Bei on the couch, squatted beside her, and stroked her delicate face with his palm.

    "Bei Bei, is Zhang Tian Hua the one who wanted to harm you?" Qin Feng stroked Lin Bei Bei's face like he was touching a precious treasure.

    He knew Bei Bei could hear his voice as he saw Lin Bei Bei's tears suddenly stream down her face. These seemingly endless teardrops were like needles in Qin Feng's heart, and he knew this was Lin Bei Bei's answer. That Zhang Tian Hua is indeed a beast dressed in a human coat. He won't even pass up a human vegetable.

    Qin Feng hated himself for not protecting Lin Bei Bei properly. He hadn't taken a good care of her when she was healthy, and he almost got her harmed when she was in a coma. Qin Feng couldn't imagine what would have happened if he hadn't bought the Blood Flow Bracelet for Bei Bei.

    He didn't dare to think; his heart would shatter by just thinking of it!

    "Please don't cry, Bei Bei. I'll help you bathe now and I'll settle accounts with Zhang Tian Hua afterward... The Blood Flow Bracelet protected you from his harm, and I know he didn't even lay a finger on you. But I'm still very sorry for what has happened, and I know you don't feel good, either. Let me take your clothes off and help you bathe. After this, we'll just forget about this matter, okay?"

    Qin Feng wiped off her tears; Lin Bei Bei, who had sobbed with her tears falling like rain, stopped crying and lay quietly and obediently on the couch.

    Qin Feng placed his hand on Lin Bei Bei's top and unbuttoned it. His movement was light. He kept looking at Lin Bei Bei's eyes; should this lass shed a tear, Qin Feng would stop and give up on the idea of giving her a bath tonight. However, Lin Bei Bei didn't shed a single tear even with her top removed, and Qin Feng had an illusion that Lin Bei Bei was actually smiling at him.

    She'd widen her attractive large eyes and curl the corners of her mouth high; she was so graceful that people would care and love her unceasingly.

    Qin Feng carried a naked Lin Bei Bei to the bathtub's side.

    Lin Bei Bei's skin was warm and delicate, she was soft when Qin Feng held her in his arms, and he felt she might slip out of his embrace at any moment.

    The lukewarm water nourished Lin Bei Bei's body. This bathtub was a Jacuzzi, so Qin Feng had to put Lin Bei Bei against the bathtub and clean her body thoroughly with a white towel. This was a simple yet challenging task for Qin Feng; he had to close his eyes and breathe with his mouth opened wide several times. Lin Bei Bei was a beauty. She was gorgeous and had a slender body figure. Qin Feng admired himself for being undisturbed when a beauty lay quietly in front of him, naked.

    No one knew how much time had passed when Mother Lin's voice drifted in from outside the door, "Qin Feng, are you guys done?

    "Please don't get me wrong. Take more time bathing Bei Bei if you aren't done yet; Auntie believes in you... Because I washed the bathrobe this morning and dried it outside, please call me once you're done; I'll send you the bathrobe."

    "Then bring the bathrobe inside now, Auntie. I'm done bathing Bei Bei already!"

    Qin Feng went to the door and took the bathrobe Mother Lin brought over. Mother Lin was a little bit shy. Qin Feng smiled and returned to Lin Bei Bei's side. He held her in his arms and carefully wiped the water droplets off her body.

    "Qin Feng, thanks for your hard work!" Qin Feng walked outside with Lin Bei Bei in his arms.

    Qin Feng's shirt was damp and stuck to his body while Lin Bei Bei was sheathed in a snow-white bathrobe and lay quietly in Qin Feng's embrace. She was glamorous, beautiful, and delicate.

    "Ah! Didn't you bathe with Bei Bei? How did you get your shirt all wet?" Mother Lin just realized Qin Feng was wet; she'd expected Qin Feng to get into the bathtub with her daughter.

    It wasn't that Mother Lin had a perverted mind. It was because Lin Bei Bei was in coma now, so she couldn't move or speak and it was troublesome to bathe her. The task was smoother only if both of the people got into the bathtub together.

    "Auntie, I'm fine. Bei Bei just had a bath. Please dry her hair, or else she'll catch a cold. I've something to do now, so I'll excuse myself first. I'll come visit Bei Bei after a while." Qin Feng placed Lin Bei Bei on her bed and prepared to find Zhang Tian Hua.

    "Qin Feng, w-will you be fine alone?" Mother Lin suddenly grabbed Qin Feng's arm. She knew something beyond her imagination had happened, and she knew Qin Feng was now going to resolve the problem.

    "Auntie, don't forget that I'm Young Master Qin of Acropolis City. What can he do to me?" Qin Feng smiled gently at Mother Lin as he didn't want her to worry about him.

    "Okay, Bei Bei and I will wait for your return here... You must come back. Bei Bei can't live without you!" Mother Lin said with tears in her eyes.

    Qin Feng's countenance sank. He turned around and left the room.

    Bad guys should be punished; he wanted Zhang Tian Hua to suffer a fate worse than death!
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