Chapter 308 - "The Mantis Stalks the Cicada, Unaware of the Oriole Behind"

    Chapter 308 - "The Mantis Stalks the Cicada, Unaware of the Oriole Behind"

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    Once Qin Feng left, Rao Shi Man's high spirits fell. She'd heard Qin Feng answer the phone with the name "Bei Bei," and this was clearly a woman's name.

    Rao Shi Man hadn't expected Qin Feng to rush off and leave her alone after answering a call from another woman!

    "I have to leave Acropolis tomorrow, and I don't even know if there'll be any opportunity to meet in the future!" A bit downcast, Rao Shi Man walked along the small, cold green river and looked at the round moon in the sky.


    The screeching of brakes resounded beside Rao Shi Man. She hadn't even gotten the opportunity to turn and see what happened when someone covered her head and carried her into a van.

    Other than Rao Shi Man, there were three people in the vehicle: two of them were in charge of abducting her, and the last sat in the front and drove.

    "Wah wah! Who are you people? Release me this instant!" Rao Shi Man screamed for her life in the back, but the three people ignored her.

    One of the two men in the back pulled out his phone and made a call.

    "Prince Zhou, we got her and we're heading back right now!"

    "Good, good, get back quickly and drive safely!"

    In Royal Hotel's presidential suite, Zhou Kai hung up, then said excitedly to the man in a white robe beside him, "Prince Sima, they're heading back!"

    "My congratulations, Prince Zhou. You'll enjoy tonight!" Sima Tu smiled as he looked at Zhou Kai.

    "Prince Sima, why don't you stay? I'll get an inexperienced model and we'll go at it together tonight!"

    "No, no. I've just come out of seclusion and my inner qi is unstable. It's not that I don't want to, but I'm afraid that if I play around, I won't be able to control my qi, and I might get blown to pieces!" Sima Tu smiled and waved his hand.

    Since Sima Tu made it sound so severe, Zhou Kai didn't continue to try convincing him.

    Also, if Zhou Kai was completely honest, he didn't want to play with Sima Tu. After all, this woman tonight was the goddess of tens of millions of Chinese men's hearts. He thought it wouldn't be enough even if he played with her for a whole night!

    "Alright, then I'll head back. I hope Prince Zhou will be freely drenched in sweat tonight!" Sima Tu stood to leave.

    Zhou Kai smiled and walked Sima Tu to the door. When Zhou Kai returned to the room, Sima Tu stood at a corner of the stairs, pulled out a new SIM card, and replaced the one in his phone with it. Then, he sent a text message:

    "Rao Shi Man is in trouble in Royal Hotel's Presidential suite, Room 1888!"

    After completing the text, Sima Tu pulled out the SIM card and with a bit of force from his palm, the SIM card spontaneously combusted.

    Then, he switched his original SIM card back in and made a call!

    "Prince Sima, is it done?" A man's clear laugh came from the phone.

    "As expected, Prince Wen is truly intelligent; it's done!" Sima Yu laughed as well.

    "Happy cooperating!"

    The call ended, and Sima Tu's eerie smile widened. He'd allied with Prince Wen, and now he initiated their attack on the Qin family.

    A couple of days ago, he'd purposely looked for Zhou Kai and enticed him into abducting Rao Shi Man. Then, he texted Qin Feng to tell him Rao Shi Man was in trouble. That way, he'd successfully cause strife between the Qin and Zhou families. Sima Tu knew Qin Feng too well. Hadn't he already annihilated entire family clans over a woman?

    Sima Tu didn't care whether the Qin or the Zhou family won the feud because no matter who won or lost, the Sima family would be the biggest beneficiary.

    Of Acropolis's four prominent family clans, only three currently remained. After the Qin and Zhou families were eradicated, the entire Acropolis would belong to his Sima family clan.

    While Sima Tu was immensely pleased with himself, Prince Wen sat on a sofa with a smile in a lavish villa.

    He was also a participant in the plan. In fact, he was the mastermind. Sima Tu didn't know about the relationship between Rao Shi Man and Dongfang Qing Xue or the relationship between the Dongfang family and the Qin family-but Prince Wen did.

    This plan seemed flawless. It would point to the Qin and Zhou families as the initiators of the conflict, and when Rao Shi Man was disgraced, the Dongfang family would be pulled in. However, if Rao Shi Man and the Qin family were acquainted, and the Dongfang and Qin families were also connected by an engagement, this situation then became immensely different.

    If Zhou Kai forced himself on Rao Shi Man, and Qin Feng ran over and beat Zhou Kai up, initiating a feud between the two families, then Rao Shi Man wouldn't get the Dongfang family to deal with the Qin family but the Zhou family. If they found out that the Sima family was also related, then the Qin family and the Sima family would be at war.

    Previously, Prince Wen's identity was almost revealed, so he now didn't deal with Qin Feng personally. He began to help Qin Feng continuously provoke enemies and caused trouble for the Qin family. When the opposing powers were large enough in scale and size, it would be hard for the Qin family not to fall!

    "The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind!" [TN: This is an idiom meaning to pursue small gains while neglecting a greater danger.]

    Only time would tell who was the unfortunate cicada, who was the short-sighted mantis, and who was the strategic oriole.


    Acropolis City First Hospital, Third Floor On-call Room.

    Two people stood in the room. Zhang Tian Hua had a large square of gauze on his head, and his injuries had been treated. Beside him stood an old man: this was First Hospital's Director Fang Wen Tian.

    "Little Zhang, are you alright? Be more careful when you walk!" Fang Wen Tian had coincidentally bumped into Zhang Tian Hua and seen that he looked like he had just gotten into a fight. Thus, Fang Wen Tian went into the on-call room with him.

    "Thank you for your concern, Director Fang. It's no big deal, I'll definitely be careful next time!" said Zhang Tian Hua with a smile.

    "Alright, as long as you're okay." Fang Wen Tian waved his hand and prepared to leave. "Then I'm going home."

    "Okay! I'll walk you out, Director Fang."

    Zhang Tian Hua got to the door first to open it for Fang Wen Tian. Once he'd done so, his entire body froze. A large, tall, and straight body stood at the door. That person had a frigid expression, and icy air emanated from him. Also, Zhang Tian Hua had seen this person before-it was Lin Bei Bei's boyfriend!

    "W-What are you doing standing by the door at night like a ghost? You scared me!" Zhang Tian Hua was almost scared to death by Qin Feng.

    He had just escaped from Lin Bei Bei's room, and now he saw Lin Bei Bei's boyfriend. Since he had a guilty conscience, there was no way Zhang Tian Hua couldn't be afraid. However, he thought back-no one discovered his attempt to make a move on Lin Bei Bei-so he suppressed his fear and glared at Qin Feng with feigned anger.

    "If a body is straight, there's no need to fear that its shadow would be crooked or that a ghost would come knocking at their door!" Qin Feng gave Zhang Tian Hua a cold look. "Dr. Zhang, don't tell me you have a guilty conscience because you did something shameful?"

    "Me? A guilty conscience? You're crazy! Don't block the on-call room doorway. Move. 'A good dog doesn't block the road,' do you get it?" Zhang Tian Hua's heart thumped. He was slightly frightened by Qin Feng.

    "Are you calling me a dog?" A demonic smile appeared on Qin Feng's face.

    "Whoever blocks the door is the dog; think about whether or not that's you." Director Fang was still there, so Zhang Tian Hua didn't get into an argument with Qin Feng in an open and fearless manner.

    Qin Feng's smile widened even more, and his gaze was pinned on Zhang Tian Hua.

    Suddenly, he lifted his leg and kicked Zhang Tian Hua in the chest. This kick was fierce, and Zhang Tian Hua's body stopped on the floor for a second, flew toward the wall, and slammed into it.


    The plaques hanging on the wall all shook and fell down, and the table below them toppled over with a loud bang as well. Zhang Tian Hua was pressed beneath the wooden table, coughing incessantly. He couldn't even utter a word.

    Director Fang was stunned, and Zhang Tian Hua was almost frightened to death.

    He hadn't expected that just mocking Qin Feng and alluding that Qin Feng was a dog would cause this guy to attack him in front of the director-and with so much strength. With one kick, Zhang Tian Hua felt as though his his insides had shifted.

    Qin Feng took three large strides, then arrived before Zhang Tian Hua and stomped on the wooden table on Zhang Tian Hua's back. The wooden table was already heavy, and now that Qin Feng stood on it, Zhang Tian Hua felt as though a mountain was pressing down on him. His stomach boiled, and he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.


    The fresh blood sprayed all over the floor in a striking red. Director Fang was frightened into regaining his senses. He ran up to Qin Feng and tugged on his arm.

    "Don't beat him anymore! If you keep at it, he'll die!"

    Director Fang was so scared that sweat covered his forehead. He had a death grip on Qin Feng's arm and refused to let go.

    He knew Qin Feng, and was even more clear of his title as Young Master Qin. Previously, Fang Wen Tian personally helped Qin Feng take care of the matter of Mother Lin staying in the hospital, and he also got Lin Bei Bei into the special care ward this time as well.

    Qin Feng retracted his leg. Director Fang was an old man who had a pretty good relationship with his father, so Qin Feng had to give him face.

    Once Zhang Tian Hua felt Mount Five Finger come off his back, he used all his strength to move the wooden table off himself and crawl to his feet. Once he got up, he hid behind Director Fang.

    "Director Fang, you saw. This person is out of control. I have nothing against him. Once he came in, he attacked me for no reason.

    "I'm going to call the police right now. When the police comes, you have to vouch for me, Director Fang!"

    Zhang Tian Hua didn't know Qin Feng's identity and knew even less about his friendship with Director Fang. He wanted to use Director Fang's power and prestige to suppress Qin Feng, and Qin Feng thought this was hilarious.

    "Little Zhang, put away your phone; this is a misunderstanding!" Director Fang was deeply dissatisfied with Zhang Tian Hua's behavior, and he glared at him.

    Though Zhang Tian Hua was confused, he put his phone away.

    "Director Fang, let him call the police. When the police come, let's see if they arrest me or this pervert... Attempted rape isn't a small matter!" Qin Feng glared coldly at Zhang Tian Hua.

    Zhang Tian Hua trembled, and a bad premonition arose within him.

    Earlier, the instant he opened the door and saw Qin Feng, he'd become nervous. He knew that no one had seen his behavior tonight, but he was still terrified of Qin Feng. He couldn't understand how Qin Feng found out.

    Why did Qin Feng call him a pervert and say he attempted rape?

    "Director Fang, please move to the side. Otherwise, I won't care if I hurt you by accident when I make my move later!" Qin Feng stood upright like a pine, his voice clear and resonant!
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