Chapter 309 - Beaten into a Eunuch

    Chapter 309 - Beaten into a Eunuch

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    Zhang Tian Hua didn't know the relationship between Director Fang and Qin Feng; he was so happy that he laughed in his heart when he heard Qin Feng talk with attitude.

    After all, who was Fang Wen Tian? He was the director of First Hospital, a greatly renowned physician who healed the wounded and the dying.

    Even though he wasn't a magnate nor did he possess a solid family background, he'd saved the lives of so many people-tyrants, hedonistic young masters, even a gang leader had owed him a big favor.

    A person like him wouldn't look for trouble, and trouble would never dare to find him.

    "Hmph! What an ignorant fool. How could a little brat like you talk that way to Director Fang?" Zhang Tian Hua quickly warded Director Fang and yelled with righteous indignation, "How dare you play tough in our First Hospital; you're even threatening our beloved Director Fang? Do you think this place is a market, little brat? You're not going to get out of this on-call room unscathed today!"

    Since Fang Wen Tian was behind Zhang Tian Hua, Zhang Tian Hua didn't realize his director's countenance had become chilly. He turned his head and smiled at Director Fang. "Please don't be afraid, Director Fang; today, Little Zhang is here. I won't allow this little brat to lay a finger on you. Please call the police now; we must arrest this little brat and teach him a good lesson!"

    Zhang Tian Hua felt it was useless for him to make the call. However, if it was Director Fang who called the police, he might be able to ask some of his acquaintances to come over, and then this Qin Feng would be a dead meat!

    "Little Zhang, move away!" Fang Wen Tian commanded with a frosty countenance.

    He didn't want to meddle in Young Master Qin's matters. Director Fang was prepared to leave this battlefield in Young Master Qin's hands.

    "Don't you worry about me, Director Fang! I won't move an inch even if I'll be beaten to death by this barbarian. I won't let him harm you..." Zhang Tian Hua talked with his chest puffed out; as he was taking pride in his ass-kissing skill, before he could finish his sentence, he felt somebody smack the back of his head.

    "Move!" Director Fang was an oldster; he was now choked with anger and gave a huge smack to Zhang Tian Hua's head.

    Dazed, Zhang Tian Hua turned his head to look at Director Fang. "Is this geezer crazy? How could he casually hit someone?" Zhang Tian Hua wondered in his mind.


    Director Fang gave another slap on Zhang Tian Hua's face and yelled coldly, "Move!"

    Zhang Tian Hua was totally flabbergasted. This was the first time he'd seen an angry expression on the face of that friendly and kind Director Fang.

    Zhang Tian Hua didn't dare defy Director Fang anymore; he instinctively turned aside and gave way. Fang Wen Tian ignored him entirely; he walked up to Qin Feng and smiled, "Young Master Qin, give this old man face: just don't kill him!"

    "Thank you, Director Fang. I'll personally pay you a visit for a cup of tea afterward." Qin Feng nodded.

    Director Fang left the on-call room directly; he even shut the door for them.

    He was wise enough to see through the situation: if Young Master Qin accused Zhang Tian Hua of attempted rape, then Zhang Tian Hua must have really perpetrated such a filthy affair. Otherwise, why would Young Master Qin proactively look for trouble with a nobody like Zhang Tian Hua?

    This was because Qin Feng needed no reason to get rid of Zhang Tian Hua; he'd just end this whole story by giving him a few punches. So Director Fang chose not to meddle in this matter as he still remembered the incident where Young Master Qin had eliminated the entire Hao family because of a woman!

    Only Qin Feng and Zhang Tian Hua were in the on-call room after Director Fang left.

    Zhang Tian Hua was scared and he felt weak in the legs. He seemed to have realized the seriousness of this matter: apparently, this Qin Feng was a bigwig!

    "D-Don't you come over... What're you trying to do, you little brat? We don't know each other and there's no enmity between us; you can't simply hit me for no reason." Seeing Qin Feng closing in on him, Zhang Tian Hua was so frightened he couldn't speak fluently.


    Zhang Tian Hua was slapped by Qin Feng and stars danced before his eyes!

    "What did you do in Bei Bei's ward tonight?" Qin Feng asked him with an icy look; his voice was reminiscent of a demon.



    Qin Feng slapped him again using the back of his hand and turned Zhang Tian Hua into a pig head after two slaps. Zhang Tian Hua was groaning with pain.

    "You didn't do anything?" Qin Feng asked again.

    "Really, I really haven't done anything," answered Zhang Tian Hua with his teeth clenched tightly. He would rather be beaten to death than admit to this kind of deed.


    Qin Feng had run out of patience, so he delivered a kick to Zhang Tian Hua's belly out of frustration. Zhang Tian Hua was sent flying directly and crashed on the wall; the impact even caused a layer of dust to fall from the wall.

    "What have you actually done?" Qin Feng rushed forward and single-handedly picked Zhang Tian Hua up like a chick.

    Blood was gushing from Zhang Tian Hua's mouth; he was in so much pain that everything before his eyes turned dark. He felt like a tempestuous storm was raging in his belly, making him want to spit out his organs.

    "I-I really haven't..."


    Before Zhang Tian Hua could finish his sentence, Qin Feng tossed him, and this person flew into the air again. He then fell hard on a glass fish tank, shattering it; glass shards splashed all over his body, leaving numerous wounds on his body and a pool of blood on the floor.

    "Still don't want to admit your sin?" Qin Feng would never be lenient to a bad guy who defiled his woman.

    He refused to give Zhang Tian Hua a chance to take a breather; he even ignored Zhang Tian Hua's dying look. He single-handedly picked Zhang Tian Hua up, ready to perform another trapeze act!

    "Brother, Big Brother... I'll talk, I'll lay it out. I harbored dirty thoughts about Lin Bei Bei and almost violated her tonight. But I really didn't touch her, a-a strange stream of air pushed me at the very last second. And then Auntie woke up, so I had to rush back here and tend my wounds."

    The last defense line within Zhang Tian Hua had crumbled; he was really scared of Qin Feng!

    Qin Feng wasn't human; he was a demon who'd crawled out from hell as all his attacks were aimed at taking Zhang Tian Hua's life. Before, Zhang Tian Hua hadn't wanted to admit it because he'd thought Qin Feng wouldn't dare make a big deal out of it and would only thrash him. Only now did he realize: Qin Feng was actually willing to kill him!


    As soon as Zhang Tian Hua finished speaking, Qin Feng tapped the sound recorder on his phone.

    Once again, he waved his large hand and Zhang Tian Hua was sent into the air. Qin Feng quickly sent a kick between Zhang Tian Hua's legs and a "thump" echoed, as if something had exploded. Zhang Tian Hua was in so much pain that all his veins bulged, and he shrieked nonstop as if he was dying.

    When Zhang Tian Hua landed on the floor again, he had already fainted. He'd been incapacitated by Qin Feng; he would be a eunuch if this was in ancient times.

    The commotion in the on-call room was too obvious, so a few nurses and doctors rushed over to check what had happened. When they saw the mess in the on-call room through the glass, all of them thought a war had taken place here.

    Qin Feng pulled out his handkerchief, wiped off the blood stains on his hands, and walked out the on-call room to wash his hands in the restroom. His expression was bland and his steps were light, as if Zhang Tian Hua inside the room hadn't been beaten by him.

    After he cleaned off all the blood stains on his body, Qin Feng then returned to Lin Bei Bei's special care ward. He chit-chatted with Mother Lin for a moment, and a group of police officers arrived at the hospital.

    The leader of these cops was the fatty police officer that wanted to arrest Qin Feng at Lotus Lake last time. He already knew Qin Feng's identity, so he acted politely in front of Qin Feng. After Qin Feng transferred the voice recording on his cell phone to that police officer, the fatty police officer then brought Zhang Tian Hua back to the bureau.

    Qin Feng's mood was slightly eased after he'd settled with Zhang Tian Hua. He sat at Lin Bei Bei's bedside, stroked Lin Bei Bei's face lightly, and shared some anecdotes of his recent activities.

    However, Qin Feng received a text from an unknown number before he could finish his story.

    "Rao Shi Man is in trouble in Royal Hotel's Presidential suite, Room 1888!"

    The text only had one sentence. Qin Feng's eyebrows furrowed deeply after he read the text and he became nervous.

    He hastily called Rao Shi Man's cell phone, to no avail; her phone was shut down. Qin Feng then made another call to Xu Ruo Rou, and she told him Rao Shi Man hadn't returned to Qin Manor yet.

    Qin Feng's mood became grimmer. Rao Shi Man attended the Royal Group event as their VIP. If she encountered any mishap during her stay in Acropolis City, needless to say how severe the consequences would be, Qin Feng knew he would forever blame himself.

    "Auntie, I have other things to do now; I'll visit Bei Bei next time when I'm free!" Qin Feng got up and headed outside. Mother Lin saw him out partway until the door.

    Qin Feng drove the Mercedes Benz to Royal Hotel after he got out from the hospital. While driving, he considered who was after Rao Shi Man.

    Why'd they choose Royal Hotel as their base? Don't they know Royal Hotel is my territory? The Golden Assassin Crew? But they shouldn't have launched an attack so soon...

    Mentally sorting through his enemies, Qin Feng realized there were so many possibilities and he couldn't pinpoint the culprit. Besides, the opponent might actually have been aiming for Rao Shi Man and just happened to choose Royal Hotel as their base.

    Anyway, Qin Feng wouldn't allow anything bad happen to Rao Shi Man. Qin Feng cared for her, especially after learning Rao Shi Man was the little girl from eight years ago!

    The Mercedes Benz breezed down the roads at lightning speed, the sight even more thrilling than The Fast and the Furious. Qin Feng darted along the way and soon arrived at the entrance of Royal Hotel.

    "Chairman Qin... Oh! It's Young Master Qin!

    "It's been a long time since you've been to Royal Hotel!"

    Qin Feng drove his dad's car, so the hotel security guard had mistaken him for Chairman Qin after seeing the car's plate number.

    Qin Feng followed hotel security guard to the front of Royal Hotel. He suddenly halted his movement, raised his head, and looked up the towering skyscraper, countless of emotions flashing through his heart!

    Before he gained the Hedonist Sovereign System, Qin Feng practically spent more than 10 days a month in this Royal Hotel, indulging in carnal activities every day. And then, he'd spent another 10 more days at Royal Clubhouse with the same dissolute and unruly demeanor!

    Now that he stood once again at the foot of this hotel, he felt the life he previously led was far away from him. Indeed, it'd been a long time since he came to Royal Hotel. The last time he came here was to look for Bai Qing.

    Bai Qing left without saying goodbye, after she'd come back from the mountain resort. Qin Feng gazed at the gloomy moon in the sky and murmured in his heart, "Qing Qing, I'll look for you after I've settled my matters here. I wonder how you are these days?"
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