Chapter 310 - The Tragic Pawn

    Chapter 310 - The Tragic Pawn

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    After Rao Shi Man was kidnapped, she fought incessantly, but she couldn't struggle free even when they arrived at the hotel doors. In the end, the abductors knocked her unconscious and took her to Royal Hotel's Presidential suite, Room 1888!

    There were two people in the room. One was Rao Shi Man who was out cold on the floor!

    The other was a man who squatted before her, admiring her beautiful and charming face in detail!

    "China's number one 'Pure Jade Girl,' you really live up to your title as the country's goddess. I like it! Haha!"

    Zhou Kai couldn't stop beaming as he looked at Rao Shi Man's charming face and her perfect, curvy body.

    As one of Acropolis City's Four Princes, he usually spent a lot of money playing with celebrities and inexperienced models. Some celebrities were beautiful on screen but scared Zhou Kai half to death when he met them in real life. Besides the ones that looked completely different without makeup, some had faces full of pimples and scars. Without makeup, they could be the female leads of horror movies!

    However, Rao Shi Man clearly didn't let Zhou Kai down. Not only was Zhou Kai not disappointed, he was elated because Rao Shi Man was even more beautiful in person than on TV!

    She was 20 this year, in the height of her youth. Even without makeup, she was radiant: her skin was fair and clear like snow, like water would drip off it!


    Zhou Kai stared at Rao Shi Man for a good while. Then, he couldn't take it anymore and splashed the red wine from the glass in his hand on Rao Shi Man's face. This humiliating action alone delighted Zhou Kai.

    This woman was the perfect goddess of numerous Chinese men's hearts, and she was now being treated like a servant. The mere thought of it thrilled him.

    Cough cough!

    Rao Shi Man was awakened by the red wine, and some of it got into her nose, causing her to cough. She quickly opened her eyes and gauged her surroundings. She remembered that she'd been abducted, so she was certain that she was currently in trouble!

    "Who are you?" Rao Shi Man saw Zhou Kai squatting before her once she opened her eyes.

    "Haha! I'm the man who is going to do you tonight, of course. Say, if I record our activities and post it on the internet, would you be 100 times more popular than you are now?

    "You don't need to thank me, I've admired you for a long time, so I'd be happy to help my goddess gain attention and send your career soaring even higher!"

    Zhou Kai burst into laughter. He looked at Rao Shi Man's collar as the wine slowly spread through it, and was so excited that he wanted to shout out loud several times.

    "You pervert!" Rao Shi Man yelled angrily at Zhou Kai, "You'd better release me now. Otherwise, you'll regret being born."

    "Haha! You have personality, you really have personality. But this big brother likes women with a temper and class like you. If you're smart, you'll cooperate and have fun with this big brother tonight. That way, I guarantee that the footage won't be leaked.

    "The ball's in your court; you decide. This is a very important decision, so I hope you'll consider it thoroughly, Miss Shi Man!"

    Rao Shi Man's hands and legs were tied, and she struggled for her life. She didn't know Zhou Kai, so she quickly guessed that this person must've had his eye on her for a long time. Otherwise, he wouldn't have chosen to make a move the night before she was about to leave!

    Rao Shi Man was in despair. She was unfamiliar with the people, life, and land in Acropolis. She knew Qin Feng, but he'd gone to do his own thing. She predicted that she'd be unable to escape tonight. Did she really have to get dominated by this disgusting man?

    Just thinking about it disgusted Rao Shi Man extremely. A strange thought suddenly came to mind: she would rather be taken by Qin Feng tonight than give her first time to a stinking man like Zhou Kai.


    Zhou Kai poured another glass of wine on Rao Shi Man's body.

    Rao Shi Man wore a white short-sleeved shirt and blue jean shorts. The red wine quickly dripped from her charming face to her white T-shirt, dyeing the chest area of her shirt red.

    This red looked like fresh blood, sexy and bloody. It slowly seeped through Rao Shi Man's clothes and stuck to her chest, revealing the black bra beneath her shirt!

    "Haha! Fun, it's really too fun!" Zhou Kai was thrilled by and immersed in this wine-pouring game, and he kept pouring wine on Rao Shi Man's face over and over again without getting fed up with the activity.

    He wanted to get Rao Shi Man's entire body wet; he loved seeing the allure of a wet body!

    "Pervert, beast! Human trash like you should hurry up and die!" Rao Shi Man was so angry that her chest undulated. She was originally a strong woman, but a couple of tears now formed in her lovely eyes. If Rao Shi Man hadn't raised her head, the tears would have fallen out of her eyes!

    "You think this big brother is a beast now?" Zhou Kai saw that he'd poured enough wine, so he smiled and squatted in front of Rao Shi Man and extended a hand to slowly caress her. "Then this big brother will let you experience what a beast is like!"

    "Ah ah... Ah ah ah! Get away, get your grubby paws off me. Qin Feng, Qin Feng, hurry and save me!"

    In her time of need, Rao Shi Man yelled Qin Feng's name. This startled her a bit. Why did she suddenly think of Qin Feng?


    As Rao Shi Man yelled, two large sounds came from the room!

    Rao Shi Man found that an enormous rush of qi flowed out of her. This qi pushed down on her and made it hard to breathe. The force felt like a sharp drop on a rollercoaster.

    She didn't react when she saw Zhou Kai go flying. His entire body soared to the ceiling, and his head crashed into the large chandelier in the room. The chandelier was smashed into bits, littering the room. Zhou Kai's head was bloody and filled with gashes, and a dozen pillars of blood shot out like a fountain!

    At the same time, the room door was suddenly kicked open by someone!

    The Royal Hotel's Presidential suite had a state-of-the-art door, yet it could be kicked open by someone with one kick? One could imagine what terrifying leg strength the person kicking the door open possessed!

    A man suddenly stood tall and straight with an imposing appearance in the doorway!

    "Qin Feng!" shouted Rao Shi Man emotionally when she saw the man standing at the door.

    Qin Feng shot toward Rao Shi Man. He jumped in shock upon seeing that her entire upper body was dyed red and wet. He thought it was her blood, but after lifting her into his arms, he smelled the scent of red wine.

    "Are you alright?" Qin Feng carried Rao Shi Man onto the bed and untied her.

    "Qin Feng... I-I killed someone!" Once Rao Shi Man's limbs were freed, she hugged Qin Feng tightly.

    She was worried to death because she thought Zhou Kai, who lay in a pool of blood, was surely going to die. She still hadn't figured out what that sudden qi flow that came out of her was.

    She finally cried, and she cried loudly and freely.

    When Zhou Kai's three lackeys abducted her and when Zhou Kai poured red wine on her face, Rao Shi Man suppressed her tears and didn't cry. Now that she saw Qin Feng, she suddenly couldn't control the fear and helplessness she felt. She was like an abandoned child and cried tears like rain on pear blossoms.

    Qin Feng hugged Rao Shi Man tightly because her shirt was soaked. He could feel that his chest was currently pressed to Rao Shi Man's, but he didn't think much of it. Instead, his gaze fell on Zhou Kai in the pool of blood.

    There were a couple of gashes on his head, but he wasn't dead yet. He was on the floor twitching, and he even lifted his head to give Qin Feng a death glare.

    "H-How dare you make a move on me, b*tch?

    "Qin Feng, haha! You're here. You came late, ahem... I-I've waited a long time for you. Tonight, ahem... I called over the famous celebrity Rao Shi Man. W-Want to play as well?"

    Zhou Kai was already in a manic state. He knew that he was about to die, but if he was going to die, he wasn't going to let Qin Feng live freely.

    "Young Master Qin, y-you probably don't know yet, ahem, t-this is a trap. The instant you entered, you entered this clan war. Ahem... you can force yourself on Rao Shi Man with me, Zhou Kai, tonight, but i-if I die, how do you think the Zhou family members will deal with you?

    "Right, I'll tell you something else... Prince Sima allied with me. T-The Sima family will join hands with the Zhou family and... k-kill you!"

    Qin Feng listened quietly to Zhou Kai's words. Who would have thought that this guy was already scheming to deal with the Qin family? Seems that what his father told him wasn't wrong, and his worries were well-founded as well. The criminal behind the scenes was beginning to become threatening. It seemed that not long later, Acropolis City's power structure would change drastically.

    "Zhou Kai, I really feel bad for you!" Qin Feng suddenly opened his mouth, his expression as calm as water. He didn't have any of the worries or concerns of someone who had just fallen into a trap.

    "Qin Feng, quit pretending. Ahem... Y-You aren't scared?" Zhou Kai's expression became incomparably sinister.

    "Scared? Scared that the Zhou family will take revenge on me? Or scared that the Zhou and Sima families will take revenge on me jointly?"

    Qin Feng smiled at Zhou Kai and said, "You're just one of Sima Tu's pawns. He must not have told you that I have a very good relationship with Rao Shi Man. And I'm here to save her. Didn't you think it was strange I found out that Rao Shi Man was in the Royal Hotel's Presidential suite, Room 1888? It's because someone texted me, and I'm certain that that person was Sima Tu.

    "Sima Tu used you as bait to lure our families into battle. He won't step in to help your Zhou family immediately. He's going to wait until our families both suffer, then reap the benefits.

    "You were someone else's pawn, and you threw away your life. You really are a loyal pawn: you're still in the dark, yet you're proud of yourself. You're worse than Hao Yun!"

    Zhou Kai's expression became fierce and hideous due to a sharp pain. Rao Shi Man couldn't look at his devil-like face, and buried her face in Qin Feng's embrace.

    Zhou Kai died, and he died with unfinished business!

    He only came to his senses at the moment of his death. Before that, he'd been dissatisfied with being ranked fourth among the four princes by the people of Acropolis. He'd wanted to defeat Qin Feng, who was ranked first. He'd thought he was much better than Qin Feng and couldn't see how he was lacking in any way compared to the hedonistic young master.

    It was a matter of "bite off only what you can chew." One wrong move led to Zhou Kai's demise!
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