Chapter 311 - Fight over the Charge-Im the One Who Killed Him

    Chapter 311 - Fight over the Charge-I'm the One Who Killed Him

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    "Qin Feng, he... Is he really dead?" Rao Shi Man's heart skipped a beat when Zhou Kai stopped talking.

    On the other hand, Qin Feng was much calmer. "The crime he committed deserves more than death!" He didn't bother to look at Zhou Kai and focused on comforting Rao Shi Man.

    "I'm sorry for the incident tonight, Shi Man. I'm the one who brought you out but I left halfway and allowed this kind of thing to happen to you... Zhou Kai, he hadn't really done anything to you, right?"

    "No, I'm fine." As Rao Shi Man shook her head, she suddenly thought of something and said nervously, "Qin Feng, just now I felt a sudden spurt of qi burst from my body. It was that stream of qi that sent Zhou Kai to the ceiling and crashed his head on the large chandelier, so he died."

    Qin Feng looked at Rao Shi Man's neck; her smooth and fair neck was now stained with a little bit of red wine, and the Soul-Cleansing Necklace that he had personally put on her this evening was nowhere in sight.

    "Shi Man, did you remove the necklace that I helped you put on?"

    "No, I didn't. Since you gave it to me, I prepared to wear..." Instinctively, Rao Shi Man touched her neck; when she couldn't feel the necklace there, her body suddenly froze. "Hey? Where is my necklace? Quick, help me look around, Qin Feng. Maybe I lost it when I was struggling just now."

    Qin Feng pulled Rao Shi Man into his arms and said gently, "Shi Man, you don't need to look for it anymore; the necklace has vanished... That qi you felt a little while ago was released by the necklace. It's an instrument and it can guard you from an attack once. After that, the spiritual essence in the instrument will vanish and the necklace will turn into dust."

    "Instrument?" Speechless with astonishment, Rao Shi Man stared at Qin Feng in a daze.

    Rao Shi Man was dumbstruck as this news was even more stunning than Zhou Kai's death. Due to her current status and position, she'd come into contact with a number of upper-class and even some clandestine family clans, so she was familiar with the term "instrument."

    She knew that an instrument was a priceless treasure, even more valuable than those precious stones such as agate, jade, and diamond. An object would need to absorb the essence of the sun and moon for decades or centuries to become an instrument.

    An instrument had some spiritual essence, and that spiritual essence could regulate a person's bodily functions, refresh and nourish their mind, or even extend their lifespan. Every emergence of an instrument would stir up the upper class; the rich and powerful would pull out all the stops to claim the instrument as their own. Even Elder Dongfang, who came from a large clan like the Dongfang family, had only collected a few instruments. One of his collectibles-the Protective Necklace-was the family heirloom Dongfang Ming Wang had specially reserved for Big Sister Qing Xue, and she always wore it on her neck.

    An instrument could only be met by chance, not by force!

    This was a saying of those elders in aristocratic families. From this, we can see how precious an instrument is. Rao Shi Man never imagined that Qin Feng would casually gift her an instrument.

    Moreover, she was helpless after realizing she hadn't worn the instrument for even a night and it was gone already!

    "You gave me an instrument, Qin Feng?" asked Rao Shi Man as she couldn't accept the truth.

    "So you knew about instruments... The instrument I gifted to you was a Soul-Cleansing Necklace. It could revitalize a person's fatigue and calm a person's mind. I gifted it to you because I realize you're worn out as a celebrity, and you always work too much, so I thought it'd be a perfect present for you!" Qin Feng answered Rao Shi Man's question with an indifferent manner, as if an instrument was insignificant to him.

    Indeed, in Qin Feng's perspective, an instrument was nothing, though it would be a little bit of an exaggeration to say it was insignificant. After all, the cheapest instrument in the system required 500 Hedonist Points, and it was hard for him to earn 500 Hedonist Points.

    However, those instruments were negligible when compared to the four Orange Grade Spiritual Equipment Qin Feng had. If he knew how precious an instrument was for those aristocratic families, he would definitely buy a few more to sell to them.

    "Qin Feng, you just gifted an instrument to me so easily?" Rao Shi Man was very excited after she ascertained that the Soul-Cleansing Necklace really was an instrument.

    "You're very important to me, so it's normal to gift you an instrument!" Qin Feng replied confidently.

    Rao Shi Man was almost moved to tears. Suddenly, she said frustratedly, "But I lost the instrument that you just gave me... I'm so useless. You must be very angry with me, right, Qin Feng?"

    "Why should I be?" Qin Feng noticed that Rao Shi Man was acting weird tonight.

    "The purpose I gave you the instrument is for your protection. Not only am I not angry, I'm grateful for the stream of qi the instrument released before it vanished. Otherwise, you'd have been violated by that Zhou Kai already."

    Rao Shi Man's heart melted; she'd never known she was so important to Qin Feng. Before, she'd thought Qin Feng got close to her and treated her nicely because of her beauty, her epithet as the country's goddess. Only now did she see through Qin Feng clearly: he was a great man; he'd gifted a treasured instrument to her without saying anything beforehand.

    If she hadn't been abducted tonight and the instrument hadn't vanished after protecting her from Zhou Kai's assault, it'd have been donkey's years before Rao Shi Man realized the necklace she wore was actually an instrument.

    "Qin Feng, thank you so much. Thank you for everything you've done for me in obscurity!" Rao Shi Man muttered in Qin Feng's ear as she hugged him tightly.

    Qin Feng was slightly stunned as he thought back on what he had done for Rao Shi Man. "Why can't I remember anything?" he wondered in his heart.

    But he didn't have the time to think all of this, because he realized Rao Shi Man wouldn't resist if he laid his dirty paws on her now. Seizing his opportunity, Qin Feng quickly put his hands on Rao Shi Man's fair back, rubbing back and forth.


    Qin Feng kissed Rao Shi Man's neck and it tasted faintly of red wine.

    Rao Shi Man was shocked; she jerked and pushed Qin Feng away. "No, not right now!"


    Rao Shi Man suddenly burst into laughter. This was the first time she laughed from the bottom of her heart after her abduction.

    "Qin Feng, if this fellow's soul could see us still in the mood to flirt with each other, do you think he'd be so angry that he'd come back to life?"

    Rao Shi Man really wanted him to come back to life; she'd never wanted to kill him. Although he was heinous, but it would have been better for the police to handle him via legal procedures.

    "Please go, Qin Feng. I'm the one who killed him and I'll bear the responsibility... Tonight it was Zhou Kai who abducted me first. He even attempted rape. I believe Big Sister Qing Xue will try her best to bail me out of jail if she learns about this incident." Rao Shi Man suddenly pushed Qin Feng back, and tried to shoo him away.

    Not wanting to leave, Qin Feng grabbed Rao Shi Man's arms and pulled her into his embrace again.

    "Shi Man, I've called the long-haired fellow; he's on the way now. I'll ask him to bring you back to Qin Manor later... I'll take care of this. Neither of us needs to go to jail."

    "No, I don't want that!" Rao Shi Man began to struggle in Qin Feng's embrace. "Leave now. I don't want to see your face! Who gave you the permission to take the rap for me; I'm your nobody, and you don't even have the finesse to be my scapegoat!"

    Rao Shi Man didn't want Qin Feng to stay. She knew Qin Feng was only Young Master Qin's double; if he took the blame, nobody would stand up for him.

    "Shi Man, stop this sh*t right now. Just listen to me for once!" Qin Feng's countenance became grim.

    "I don't want to, I don't want to listen to you. Go away. Get out of my face!" Rao Shi Man covered her ears with her hands. She stomped her feet in fury, and used all her might to push Qin Feng away. However, her efforts were futile as Qin Feng was stronger than her-she couldn't push him even an inch.

    "Young Master Qin! Sister-in-Law!" Long-hair had rushed over. He was dumbfounded as soon as he entered the room.

    "Long-hair, send Miss Shi Man back to Qin Manor now!" Qin Feng ordered.

    Rao Shi Man became even more anxious; she stuck her butt on the floor, refusing to leave. Now, she didn't have the aura of a superstar nor the prideful and dignified ethos; she was like a spoiled little girl who started to throw a tantrum because she couldn't get herself a candy.

    Choked with tears, she then begged Qin Feng, "Wah wah! Qin Feng... I, I beg you. Please leave, just go."

    "Long-hair, can't you hear me?" Qin Feng yelled at Long-hair. He was enraged.

    Long-hair hastily ran to Rao Shi Man. He suddenly halted and looked at Qin Feng. "Young Master Qin, please leave with Sister-in-Law. I'm the culprit, I'm the one who killed this fellow!"

    Qin Feng and Rao Shi Man were stunned by Long-hair's statement, especially Qin Feng. A gush of warmth welled up in his heart.

    He felt he hadn't lived in vain-he now had so many women whom he loved and who loved him back, and a few brothers who were willing to risk life and limb for him. Qin Feng still remembered that when he killed Uncle Feng at the underground fighting arena in the Amethyst Dragon Palace, Zhang Biao had proactively shouldered the murder rap and was now still hiding somewhere.

    Today, Zhou Kai was dead, and Rao Shi Man and Long-hair were fighting to claim the charge for themselves. Even though both of them knew this was a capital offense, neither of them had hesitated or stepped down. Qin Feng was touched by them. This is f*cking life.

    He suddenly felt that the former dissolute, hedonist Young Master Qin was dead, and that he'd been reborn into a real sovereign hedonist young master!

    "Don't argue with me anymore. Long Hair, bring her away now!" Qin Feng's voice had softened. "The death of Zhou Kai isn't as simple as it seems. Somebody manipulated this whole incident from the shadows and he has only one objective-to pull the Qin family down. My staying behind is not to accept the guilt. I'm staying because I want to negotiate with the Zhou family, and both of you have no use here."

    Long-hair hesitated for a while but finally obeyed Qin Feng's order. He quickly covered Rao Shi Man with a blanket and brought her away.

    Once Long-hair left, Qin Feng sat on the couch calmly. He reviewed the whole incident and linked it to recent events. After he reflected for a while, he then pulled out his phone and proactively made a call to an elder of the Zhou family.

    "Hello, who am I talking to?" Very soon, a hoarse voice drifted over from the phone.

    "It's me, Qin Feng!" Qin Feng replied with a bland voice.

    The other side fell silent, then began to talk after a period of time, "Why'd you call this elder?"

    "It's late and I think Elder Zhou has sleep already, so in order for the elder to sleep better, I purposely made this call to tell you some good news."

    Qin Feng then said with a faint smile, "Elder Zhou, your grandson, Zhou Kai, is dead!"
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