Chapter 312 - Negotiation

    Chapter 312 - Negotiation

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    After receiving Qin Feng's call, how could Elder Zhou continue sleeping? He was afraid that if he fell asleep, his grandson, Zhou Kai, would appear in his dreams and haunt him!

    Half an hour later, Royal Hotel's Presidential suite, Room 1888, was unusually lively. Other than Qin Feng, a large group of Zhou family members appeared!

    Elder Zhou rushed over urgently with his four sons.

    His four sons were called Zhou Shun Feng, Zhou Shun Tiao, Zhou Shun Yu, and Zhou Shun.

    The four of them had the word "shun" in their names, and together, their names meant "Feng Tiao Yu Shun." [TN: "Feng tiao yu shun" is an idiom meaning "good weather for crops," or "favorable conditions."] Elder Zhou gave his sons these names due to the message these words formed, but the Zhou family hadn't experienced favorable conditions these couple of years.

    In particular, Zhou Kai, the son of the eldest, Zhou Shun Feng, stirred up trouble all day and gave the Zhou family a considerable amount of problems. Unfortunately, Zhou Kai was the eldest grandson of the Zhou family, and in the direct line of inheritance. When he did bad things, the family clan indulged him, and this was what created the current trouble-making and skirt-chasing human trash that was Zhou Kai.

    "Son, w-what's wrong with you? Who did this to you? Son, wake up. Don't scare me." Zhou Shun Feng bent over Zhou Kai.

    Elder Zhou and the three remaining sons watched from the sidelines. The four of them had extremely cold expressions-especially Elder Zhou. His poisonous and sinister gaze fell on Qin Feng like he wanted to turn Qin Feng into mincemeat.

    "You arrogant child, how dare you kill our Kai'er? You're dead, brat. Our Zhou family will get you if that's the last thing we do!"

    "Right, Dad, let's have this brat arrested and have him pay for this with his life!"

    "Oh, Qin Feng, Qin Feng, you commit crimes all day with the Qin family's power, but our Zhou family isn't afraid. Since you killed our eldest brother's son, our Zhou family will fight with your Qin family to the bitter end."

    After finding out that their eldest grandson and nephew was dead, it would be weird if the Zhou family didn't get mad. They had the urge to kill Qin Feng.

    "Are you done?" Qin Feng's expression remained unchanged even after getting yelled at, and he suddenly stood up from the sofa.

    "Let's first talk about you three uncles. Don't think that we all don't understand your intentions. I'm also a member of a rich family, so I'm familiar with the fights over the inheritance and position as the head of the family. You always put on a smile in front of one another, but when your backs are turned, you're irreconcilable adversaries.

    "And you three dare vow to your eldest brother that you aren't happy?

    "Seeing that your eldest brother's son, Zhou Kai, is dead, your sons will have a chance to vie for the inheritance. Without Zhou Kai, this nuisance, this pebble in the road, you should be laughing out loud. Why are you all pretending to be sad? Who are you all acting for?"

    Qin Feng had thought of his replies before the Zhou family members arrived. His words stunned his audience, and they temporarily forgot to breathe!

    Who the hell let you say such a dishonorable thing so openly?

    "Shameless brat, you shameless brat!"

    "How dare you tarnish our names? I'll kill you!"

    "Brat, even if you try to drive a wedge between us, it's useless. We are linked with our eldest brother through blood; how would he be affected by your childish bullsh*t?"

    Zhou Shun Feng's three younger brothers were fuming. They clenched their teeth and glared at Qin Feng. They weren't even this angry when they saw that Zhou Kai was dead. The youngest, Fourth Brother, couldn't take it anymore. He brandished his fists and flung himself at Qin Feng.

    "Old Four, stop!"

    Elder Zhou stopped Fourth Brother. He found it very strange that they were called over by Qin Feng and that Qin Feng didn't run away after killing Zhou Kai, instead. Elder Zhou was an intelligent man; he wouldn't act blindly without knowing what Qin Feng was up to first.

    After all, the Qin family was powerful. They had even eliminated the Hao family!

    "Dad!" Fourth Brother looked at Elder Zhou with dissatisfaction.

    "Shut up!" Elder Zhou glared at his fourth son, and everyone fell quiet. The only audible sounds were those of the five Zhou family members' heavy breathing.

    Qin Feng could tell that Elder Zhou wouldn't make any rash decisions. The older people got, the more apprehensive they were. But sometimes, you lost a prime opportunity when you exercised undue caution.

    Qin Feng opened his mouth to speak again. "Then let's talk about the beast Zhou Kai."

    Once he opened his mouth, he incited angry shouts from the four sons of the Zhou family. In the end, they were stopped by a look from Elder Zhou.

    "Zhou Kai is dead, this is already a reality! Now, let's discuss the crimes this beast committed when he was alive, and then we'll talk about who would bear the weight of these crimes now that he is dead!"

    Qin Feng spoke with nonchalance and neither too loudly or too softly. However, they struck the Zhou family members' heads like lightning. They all looked at Qin Feng with amazement, and even wondered if their ears had gone bad or if Qin Feng had some problems in the head!

    You killed someone, yet not only are you not apologizing, offering to make amends, or kowtowing in guilt, but you're f*cking coming out with arrogant bullsh*t and telling the Zhou family members to bear the weight of the crimes Zhou Kai committed during his life?

    Not only were the four brothers feeling this way, Elder Zhou couldn't take it anymore, either. He burst out yelling, "Qin Feng, don't go too far, you shameless brat... You have no say in this situation. Call that damn Qin Huang over right now. He sired a child, but didn't raise him properly, so this elder is going to help teach his child properly!"

    Bloodlust flashed in Qin Feng's gaze, and he was almost enraged by Elder Zhou's words. However, Qin Feng stabilized his emotions quickly. After all, he knew that the thornier and more dangerous the situation was, the more calm he would have to be to resolve the issue.

    "The Zhou family is one of the four most powerful families in Acropolis, but it's ranked last among them, and my Qin family is ranked first. Why would my old man casually come see an insignificant person? Don't be deluded. I'm already giving you a lot of face by being here to speak with you about this matter."

    Qin Feng's expression remained unchanged even in the face of the Zhou family's five most important people. This powerful qi field he produced couldn't be easily feigned. This was a natural, formless power that Qin Feng emanated after cultivating internal techniques and developing strong inner qi.

    This qi field would become larger and stronger with the rise in internal technique stages. If a Stage Nine Inner Qi expert were to stand there and casually release some of the qi on his body, it would make everyone present unable to breathe or speak!

    "Arrogant brat, since you don't have the guts to call that insignificant Qin Huang, then I'll hunt him down personally!" Elder Zhou was thoroughly angered by Qin Feng, and he pulled out his phone to call Qin Huang.

    Before he could make the call, Qin Feng said nonchalantly, "Zhou Kai abducted China's A-list celebrity Rao Shi Man tonight and tried to rape her. Luckily, I arrived in time to prevent this tragedy from occurring.

    "You might not pay attention to the entertainment industry, but I'm sure your four sons definitely know Rao Shi Man. Look at their distracted gazes and heavy breathing; they probably fantasize while looking at the goddess Rao Shi Man's pictures... Since you all pay so much attention to her, then I don't need to remind you that she has the Capital's Dongfang family backing her!

    "Zhou Kai's behavior was extremely vile, and Miss Rao Shi Man is extremely angry. I've already sent people to take her to Qin Manor, so she's probably talking to my father about how to take care of the Zhou family. I'm sure that with the Qin family and the Capital's Dongfang family joining hands, your little Zhou family will suffer!"

    Elder Zhou's expression changed continuously, and his four sons couldn't conceal the malice in their expressions. They all glared at Qin Feng and looked like they would pounce on Qin Feng and kill him in the next second!

    However, Qin Feng didn't care about their expressions. He continued to speak as if he were talking to himself:

    "That's right, I'm afraid you don't know something else!

    "Based on what I know about Zhou Kai, this brat is trash that likes to bully the weak but fears the strong. He didn't have the guts to abduct Rao Shi Man on his own, so there's sure to be someone behind the scenes who egged him on and got him to do this. I helped you all find this person as well, so you all should thank me!"

    Qin Feng waved his hand and smiled before allowing the Zhou family members to get mad. "Never mind, never mind, we're all members of the four most powerful families in Acropolis, so we're all good friends. It's only natural that I do something like this. There's be no need for you to thank me or give me any presents.

    "The person behind the foolish Zhou Kai was Sima Tu. He's also a lecher, so why didn't he kidnap Rao Shi Man? Why did he hand this assignment to Zhou Kai?

    "Zhou Kai didn't even see such an obvious answer: Sima Tu used Zhou Kai as a tool, and purposely chose Royal Hotel as the place to commit his crime to drag our Qin family down as well. Then, the Qin and Zhou families would fight; the Sima family wouldn't contribute but would sit back and reap the rewards of the fight."

    After saying all this, Qin Feng paused, then smiled and continued, "Ah! This situation really is a bit complicated; it's not limited to what I just mentioned. There are also hidden powers at work that I can't guess at easily.

    "Simply put, Zhou Kai deserved to be played like a pawn this time. If your Zhou family wants to fight our Qin family, we would be happy to oblige. We have the Dongfang family backing us, so we're not afraid of you... I hope you guys can also find such support. Otherwise, if we really do fight, it'd be such a bore!

    "In the end, the Zhou family will follow in the footsteps of the Hao family and will be completely eliminated from Acropolis, and China in its vast entirety!"

    Qin Feng analyzed it all very logically and clearly!

    The four Zhou brothers were so angry that they almost swallowed their teeth. They clenched their fists hard enough to make popping noises!

    They were agitated by Qin Feng's words, and forgot about their prior plans and reflections. This was what Qin Feng needed. If they didn't act upon their plans, then after tonight, they could only pretend nothing happened!

    "Qin Feng, I'll admit that I underestimated you in the past! Someone who schemes so strategically and is so imposing and calm as you is quite rare among people your age. Too bad that brat Hao Yun died in your hands, and too bad the Hao family was eliminated by your Qin family!"

    An strange smile appeared on Elder Zhou's sinister face. He looked at Qin Feng like he was looking at a dead man. "But you didn't think of everything!

    "This elder now commands my four sons to kill you!"
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