Chapter 313 - Tough Decision

    Chapter 313 - Tough Decision

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    "I now command my four sons to kill you today!"

    Ginger get spicier as it get older; indeed, Elder Zhou was wise as he had lived long enough. [TN: Ginger get spicier as it gets older - The older the person, the wiser he is.]

    Though the four brothers were blinded with rage, Elder Zhou had already found a way to shatter Qin Feng's plot and to avenge Zhou Kai: that was by killing Qin Feng now.

    Otherwise, it'd be too late after tonight!

    "Haha! Dad's right. A murderer must repay with his life. This little brat should die now!"

    "Let's do it now, Dad. I can crush this feeble dandy with just one hand!"

    "Hehe! I have waited too long for this moment!"

    As soon as Elder Zhou finished his sentence, the four brothers couldn't wait any longer and had already formed a circle, trapping Qin Feng inside. With anxious faces, four people and eight eyes stared fixedly at Qin Feng; they were afraid he'd escape from their clutches.

    Qin Feng was delighted and smiled even brighter than Elder Zhou!

    Killing him in this dark, gusty night without any witnesses was indeed a way to avenge Zhou Kai and to solve the problem. However, how could Qin Feng not have considered his own safety? Not only had he thought over this matter, he even considered his own safety first.

    The four sons of Zhou family? Even if all the personnel in the Zhou family came at him together, the outcome of this battle wouldn't change even the slightest.

    With Qin Feng's current Stage Four External strength plus Stage Three Inner Qi strength, not many in Acropolis City could dominate him in a fight. Moreover, among the four major families of Acropolis City, only the descendants of the Sima family and the Qin family had cultivated the martial arts. The Zhou and Hao families were aristocratic clans that had risen locally; both families had utilized relationships and money to attain their current position and none of them knew martial arts. If the title of Four Major Families were taken away, they were just a bunch of ordinary people.

    So, how was there any possibility Qin Feng would fear them?

    "Haha! Don't play tough, kid. If you can laugh now, this elder will chop my head off and let you kick it like a ball. You youngsters are too arrogant; you act like a maverick after you get your hands on some secret, and consider yourself unrivalled in the world once you have some petty tricks up your sleeve. There's nothing to regret about your death today. In this elder's eyes, 10 of your petty lives are nothing compared to the one life of my Kai'er, you little brat!"

    The countenance of Elder Zhou suddenly became gloomy and cold. When he smiled, he was an amiable old geezer; however, once he tore off his mask, he was a vicious, twisted old man.

    "Kill! Kill him now!

    "This elder is going to use his unworthy blood to mourn the soul of my dead grandson!"

    Elder Zhou suddenly gave out a loud roar, and those four restless sons now pounced on Qin Feng.

    Big Brother and Second Brother held wooden sticks as their weapon of choice. Since Third Brother and Fourth Brother were still in the prime of their youth, they took Qin Feng on unarmed.

    With a faint smile, Qin Feng suddenly waved his fist and thrusted it at Fourth Brother lunging at him.


    Two fists collided. Qin Feng didn't even need to use his Thunder Tiger Fist. Just by releasing a strength six times stronger than an ordinary person's, he had already destroyed Fourth Brother's arm. His bones shattered with a sharp crack. Fourth Brother was in so much pain that he rolled on the floor with his wasted arm!


    After he delivered a punch, Qin Feng rotated his body and performed a kick.

    This kick was directed at Third Brother's belly. Third Brother's countenance suddenly changed; he never expected that a tall and flimsy brat could deliver such a powerful kick. He was sent flying directly and slammed into a wall; the impact even caused the painting on the wall to fall to the floor.

    Third Brother had fallen down as well; his body felt like it was falling apart from the impact. He covered his roiling belly with his hand, afraid he would spit his organs out. His condition was more miserable than Fourth Brother's. He was in so much pain he couldn't speak. However, from his hideous expression, the agony he was suffering was obviously beyond imagination.

    Four of them had just launched their attacks and Third Brother and Fourth Brother had already retired; all of these happened within a mere two seconds.

    Big Brother and Second Brother halted their assault and stared at Qin Feng as if seeing a monster. Before, all of them had acted arrogant, vowing to avenged Zhou Kai's death, but now, they only wanted to retreat.

    Especially Elder Zhou, a bad notion suddenly surged up his mind...

    It seemed this Qin Feng had deliberately provoked them all, and waited for him to order his sons to kill him. After that, Qin Feng had a good excuse to fight back, and bashed four of his sons without the slightest scruple!

    Elder Zhou's sunken eyes were filled with astonishment and his body involuntarily backed three steps. If that's the case, then this youngster is such a terrible demon. He deceived even me, an old wise man, with his ingenuity!

    "Watch my stick, Qin Feng. This elder doesn't believe your body is harder than a copper wall and stronger than an iron fort!"

    Recovering from the short moment of amazement, Second Brother suddenly brandished his wooden stick at Qin Feng's head. Qin Feng, on the other hand, didn't evade his attack, allowing that wooden stick to fall on his skull!


    Second Brother used all his strength on this attack and a muffled thud sounded as soon as that wooden stick hit Qin Feng's head.

    That wooden stick broke into two-half of it was still in Second Brother's hand, while the other half went flying. However, Qin Feng's head remained unscathed; the imagined scene of a bloody Qin Feng failed to appear, and there was not a single bloodstain or wound on his head, either. It was like nothing had happened!

    "Freak, you're a f*cking monster!" Second Brother let out a ghastly yell.

    Big Brother's eyes turned red. He darted forward like a beast and pointed the wooden stick in his hand directly at Qin Feng's back, then attempted to stab him.

    "This elder doesn't believe I can't defeat you!"

    At this moment, Qin Feng turned around, facing Zhou Shun Feng directly with his belly. The wooden stick mercilessly stabbed at his abdomen. However, with his improved Flying Dragon Armour, Qin Feng didn't feel anything.

    Qin Feng laughed and grabbed the center of the wooden stick. He then utilized a bit of strength and cracked the spot where he grabbed. The wooden stick broke into two and the other half fell to the floor with a crisp sound.

    "You guys want to kill me? Too bad, your strength disappoints me!"

    Slowly, Qin Feng opened his hand, and a fistful of sawdust spilled out. Not only had he cracked the wooden stick, he even reduced it to sawdust.

    All of them were stunned!

    The room suddenly fell into a deathly silence; only the heartbeats of five people could be heard!

    Bang bang!

    Qin Feng leaped forward at the heads of Big Brother and Second Brother. He delivered two kicks at the same time and sent both of them flying. When they landed hard on the floor, the two felt some of their bones had broken!

    Before, five people from the Zhou family had stood in this room; now, only Elder Zhou remained standing.

    However, he couldn't remain calm anymore. Although he was standing, his legs trembled in fear as he'd already acknowledged Qin Feng's unparalleled strength in his heart.

    He was clear in his mind now: this Qin Feng had pretended to be a dandy all these years! Rumors had said Qin Feng was an idle fellow, a troublemaker, and a womanizer. They even said he was an ignorant fool versed in neither the literary nor martial arts, and had a feeble, frail body...

    Elder Zhou really wanted to shout out loud now, "Bullsh*t! Which foolish runt gave out that misinformation? Come out now. I swear I won't kill you!"

    "Elder, you wanted to kill me just now?" Qin Feng had already arrived in front of Elder Zhou. He enjoyed the feeling very much: everything was nothing but a floating cloud when you had the strength!

    Before, the above-the-masses and dignified Elder Zhou, whom even his own dad needed to address with an honorific, was now powerless in front of him. Elder Zhou didn't even have the right to choose his own destiny!

    This was the sensation of an emperor: majestic, supreme, and overwhelming!

    Only now did Qin Feng profoundly realize the changes the Hedonist Sovereign System had wrought in him. The system had raised his mindset and horizons to a higher level. The person and power that he hadn't dare to assault was now beneath contempt before his eyes!

    Acropolis City's Four Major Families were already nothing in his perspective. The enemy he was facing nowadays was as powerful as the top assassin organization in China-the Golden Assassin Crew. Even a legendary assassin organization like the Golden Assassin Crew had failed a couple of times in Qin Feng's hands; what could a mere Elder Zhou do to him?

    "Y-You are a martial artist? Y-You cultivated in secret and your strength is unmatched!" Elder Zhou still couldn't accept the fact that Qin Feng was a martial artist.

    Although none of the Zhou family could cultivate the martial arts, he knew there were a bunch of hidden masters in this world: they didn't meddle in the world of mortals, but immersed themselves entirely in pursuing the realm of truth. Each and every one of them were armed with otherworldly martial arts and any one of them could single-handedly eliminate a small family clan.

    Luckily, Acropolis City was a mid-sized city and Elder Zhou only knew of one family that cultivated martial arts from generation to generation. However, only now did Elder Zhou realize how narrow his vision was. He hadn't even noticed Qin Feng was a martial artist although he'd knewn him for decades!

    Elder Zhou knew the Sima family was this kind of clandestine family. He also knew Sima Tu was tasked by the elder of the Sima family to concentrate on cultivation. Sima Tu had just recently come out from his seclusion, and it was said that he'd already broken through the first bottleneck of a martial artist and stepped into the realm of Stage Four Inner Qi. Originally, he'd thought Sima Tu was the number one martial artist among his peers in Acropolis City; he never expected that Qin Feng, who'd suddenly popped out, was quite formidable as well.

    Elder Zhou's gloomy, cold, and struggling expression suddenly lightened; he broke out into a riot of laughter.

    "Haha! Seems like Acropolis City is going to change!

    "It is no shame to be defeated by a family like yours. Hah! This war is too chaotic and intense for a small family clan like my Zhou family to meddle in. Therefore, I'll make my announcement now: starting from tonight, the Zhou family will step down as one of Acropolis City's Four Major Families. From now on, the Zhou family won't involve itself in any of your affairs... It's the age of your youth now; just do whatever you all like to do!"

    "Thank you, Elder Zhou. For your kind consideration!" replied Qin Feng with a beaming face.

    Elder Zhou had made himself clear!

    He'd made the best decision. Zhou Kai had abducted Rao Shi Man and attempted to rape her; he deserved more than death! In order to atone for the sin Zhou Kai committed, the Zhou family took the initiative to withdraw from the Four Major Families, excluding themselves henceforth from the fights of the outside world, and keeping a stable and self-sustaining lifestyle!

    It was such a tough decision; but it was the only choice Elder Zhou could make tonight!
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