Chapter 315 - Rao Shi Man was Leaving!

    Chapter 315 - Rao Shi Man was Leaving!

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    Editor: Vampirecat

    Qin Feng narrated the whole story while Qin Huang just kept silent and listened.

    When Qin Huang heard Elder Zhou had come on a punitive expedition against Qin Feng, who'd faced all five VIPs from the Zhou family alone, Qin Huang tensed up, furrowing his brows deeply and gritting his teeth tightly.

    When he heard that Qin Feng exposed the powers behind this incident to suppress Elder Zhou, Qin Huang felt proud in his heart and nodded his head in satisfaction.

    On learning that the Zhou family wanted to kill Qin Feng on the spot, Qin Huang clenched his fist tightly with a crackling sound. When he heard that his son bested the four sons of the Zhou family, Qin Huang was so happy that he almost whistled and applauded!

    Qin Feng's story was too exciting, and the negotiation had been tumultuous and crisis-ridden!

    In the end, the news that stunned Qin Huang the most was the Zhou family's decision to step down as one of the Four Major Families. Qin Huang then gazed fixedly at Qin Feng, unable to accept the truth. He was trying to gauge the veracity of his son's words via Qin Feng's smiles and dodging eyes.

    But Qin Feng didn't change his expression even the slightest. He retained his solemn look, and talked stoutly without a hint of jocularity!

    "Feng'er, about those things you said just now... were they all true?" Qin Huang asked again.

    "None of those were lies!"


    Qin Huang took a deep breath, his eyes flashing with brightness, and he was so excited that he wanted to shout. He realized that his son had changed-his son had become more and more outstanding, calm, and unflustered.

    He was no longer an ignorant and incompetent hedonist young master who'd only flirt with girls. He was now an indomitable man who could handle any crisis on his own!

    Qin Feng even had the thought: if Elder Zhou came to capture him with his four sons, would he be able to handle the tense situation as calmly as Qin Feng had?

    Could he himself think of a way to suppress the foe with sheer strength, and not only shatter the psychological defenses of the Zhou family, but also make them apologize to himself?

    Qin Huang shook his head. He realized he wouldn't have been able to handle the situation perfectly and achieve a favorable outcome on his own. Suddenly, he realized his son had surpassed him before he knew it. Qin Huang was pleased by Qin Feng's changes and he was almost moved to tears-not tears of sadness but of delight and pride!

    "Chairman Qin!" Uncle Fu suddenly appeared at the door and interrupted the father and son's conversation.

    "Come in, Uncle Fu!" Qin Huang waved his hand. He knew something big must have happened; if not, Uncle Fu wouldn't disturb them so casually!

    With a few large strides, Uncle Fu arrived in front of Qin Huang. He had a grimly puzzled expression on his face as he said, "The Zhou family's elder has announced the withdrawal of the Zhou family from Acropolis City's Four Major Families. He even added that the Zhou family will never interfere in our affairs and will concentrate on taking care of their own family."

    Although Qin Huang had already learned the news from Qin Feng, this news became even more convincing after its authenticity was confirmed by Uncle Fu. Once again, Qin Huang was astounded!

    "Okay, I got it. Thank you for your hard work, Uncle Fu!" Qin Huang nodded his head and Uncle Fu immediately left the room.

    After a short while, Qin Huang finally calmed down. His eyes gleamed and stared fixedly at Qin Feng.

    He was thrilled and felt proud of his son!

    Who says my son is a dandy, a spendthrift, and a good-for-nothing punk? I dare you to come out now! This elder must kill you all!

    One hoped his son would become a dragon and his daughter would become a phoenix! [TN: In Chinese tradition, a dragon is considered powerful and the king of all animals, while a phoenix represents beauty and is the queen of all birds. This phrase means all parents hoped their children would be successful, regardless of son or daughter.]

    Whose parents wouldn't care for their own offspring? Their child was the hope of their endeavors, the pillar of their spirit. Now that his son had grown up into an eagle who soared high in the sky, Qin Huang was very gratified!

    "Dad! Please don't look at me like that... I, I'm not interested in men. Especially an old man!"


    Qin Huang swatted Qin Feng's head. After that, both father and son burst into laughter; only through laughter, they could mask their tears!


    Acropolis City International Airport!

    Qin Feng remembered he'd come here not that long ago to send beautiful Teacher Yun Xiao off to the provincial capital. Now he was standing in the waiting lounge again, sending the same alluring and youthful Rao Shi Man off to the provincial capital.

    Among the group seeing Rao Shi Man off were Xu Ruo Rou, Han Ying Ying, and Li Yu Chen. Since Rao Shi Man was boarding soon, those three women stood aside and gave Qin Feng the last chance to bid her goodbye.

    Somewhere near the checkpoint

    a man and a woman stood face to face, looking at each other. They were both handsome and pretty, and the sight of them drew the attention of all the passersby; Rao Shi Man in particular caught most of their eyes.

    She dressed fashionably trendy today-she had a big straw hat on her head and a pair of sunglasses on her face. For her outfit, she wore a pale blue dress with an exotic flower pattern and a pair of sexy and elegant black high heels on her feet.

    "I'm leaving, Qin Feng!" said Rao Shi Man as she took off her big sunglasses. A subtle hint of dismay could be seen in her eyes.

    "Remember to call me when you arrive at the provincial capital." Qin Feng smiled. "I didn't take a good care of you when you were in Acropolis City, and allowed you to be distressed twice. I think Shi Man won't set foot here again after you return to the provincial capital."

    Rao Shi Man lowered her head slightly, not knowing what to say. She was afraid she might cry if she continued to speak!

    "Maybe this is our farewell!" Qin Feng's voice was gloomy. "Shi Man, can I hug you one more time?"

    Rao Shi Man didn't talk. Instead, she inclined her body toward Qin Feng. Qin Feng then opened his arms and embraced Rao Shi Man. The familiar scent, the soft and frail skin...

    "Goodbye, Qin Feng!" Rao Shi Man voluntarily withdrew herself from Qin Feng's arms and put on her sunglasses. As Qin Feng couldn't see her expression under the dark lenses, Rao Shi Man with sunglasses suddenly felt like a stranger.

    Rao Shi Man took her luggage, turned and walk away, farther and farther!

    Unable restrain himself anymore, Qin Feng shouted the words hidden deep inside his heart, "Shi Man, eight years ago, that blazing hot day on September, beside Lotus Lake... that little boy gave a cash card to you!"

    Rao Shi Man was gone, not even her back could be seen. Qin Feng couldn't tell whether his words reached Rao Shi Man. At this moment, Xu Ruo Rou and the other two beauties had walked up to Qin Feng's side. All of them gazed at Qin Feng with disdainful looks, baffling him!

    "Group Leader Qin, what kind of story did you make up to swindle Lil' Sis Shi Man?" Li Yu Chen stood with her arms crossed in front of her chest. She couldn't help but complain, "Blazing hot day in September, beside Lotus Lake! Tsk tsk tsk! I never knew our Group Leader Qin was so well-versed in poetry. By the way, were you bathing in Lotus Lake at that time, or were you peeking on a beauty bathing in Lotus Lake?"

    Xu Ruo Rou and Han Ying Ying were tickled by Li Yu Chen's words. They couldn't help themselves, either, and smiled charmingly behind their hands. Qin Feng realized Li Yu Chen had started bickering with him again. Just as he was going to fight back, he noticed this lass was sexy today.

    Before, she'd promised Qin Feng she would wear white stockings, and she really did sport a pair of white stockings today.

    Today, she wore a uniform that exposed her curvaceous body shape. Her pair of slender, long legs were straight like light poles, and the white stockings she had on were sexy and seductive to one's eyes. The sight of her just standing there quietly was enough to make people hearts pumping fast.

    "Manager Li, I wasn't making up a story. That was a real event that happened between Shi Man and me, a secret that belongs to only the both of us!"

    With a beaming smile, Qin Feng gazed at Li Yu Chen's beautiful legs and said, "I think Manager Li has never shared a secret with a guy in your entire life before, right? Haha! Pathetic! You're so pathetic!"

    "Qin Feng, you're a filthy, stinking man!"

    Qin Feng and Li Yu Chen bickered noisily in the airport, while Xu Ruo Rou held Han Ying Ying's arm and giggled behind. All of them went back to Royal Group by car after they came out of the airport.

    Since Han Ying Ying took a few days' leave to visit to her hometown, she was occupied with work as soon as she returned. Xu Ruo Rou, on the other hand, had her sales performance improve under Qin Feng's tutelage; in just half a month, she had already closed a few big sales. Qin Feng, as usual, played games in his office and occasionally teased Xu Ruo Rou. Li Yu Chen summoned Qin Feng into her office from time to time, proactively bickering with him.

    "Qin Feng, you haven't closed any sales for this month yet. Do you want the company to sack you?" As soon as they came back from the airport, Li Yu Chen called Qin Feng into her office.

    Qin Feng stared fixedly, admiring her long legs sheathed in white stockings, seemingly ignoring her question. Li Yu Chen's face flushed when she noticed the focus of his attention; she hastily lowered her head, afraid Qin Feng would see her awkward condition.

    "Manager Li, has the cut on your thigh healed completely?" As soon as Li Yu Chen lowered her head, she noticed that Qin Feng had already arrived by her side. This person came and went like a ghost and it freaked Li Yu Chen out.

    "If it's still not completely healed, how about I apply some powder to your wound?" Qin Feng had lifted Li Yu Chen's leg without her permission.

    It was such a waste for Li Yu Chen not to be a leg model. Her legs were slender and long with not even the slightest extra fat to be seen. Her skin was as fair as snow, smooth, and tender. Qin Feng could still felt the magnificence of her legs even though they were sheathed in white stockings.

    "Qin Feng, let go of your mother's leg!" Li Yu Chen realized Qin Feng had once again taken advantage of her. So, she yelled to halt his movements and hastily withdrew her thigh from Qin Feng's hands.

    "Hey, let me tell you something: my mom called me a few days ago. She asked me about you... she asked when we're going to get married and have a baby. She's waiting for her grandson!" Li Yu Chen suddenly switched topics, stunning Qin Feng.

    "Manager Li, why don't we make a baby now?"

    Li Yu Chen's countenance changed drastically. Her face was blushing red. She suddenly said, "T-Then if you want me, you have to marry me!"

    "Hehe! I was just joking with Manager Li." Qin Feng's grave expression faded, replaced by frivolity. "Manager Li, last time I disguised as Young Master Qin and went home with you only to help you escape Auntie's desire to see you get married. What's after that is none of my business anymore!

    "You know, I'm a very loyal and dedicated good man. I've got Ruo Rou, so I can't develop another relationship with Manager Li anymore."

    With a frosty glare, Li Yu Chen stared at Qin Feng and pouted. "Is that so? Then what about Assistant Han? Lil' Sis Shi Man? And those women who rolled in bed with you? You've forgotten them all?"

    "Ahem ahem! Manager Li, I suddenly realized I still have a lot that needs to be done, so I'll excuse myself now!" Qin Feng hastily ran out of Li Yu Chen's office.

    Li Yu Chen leaned back in her chair. Her breasts rose. She then let out a long helpless sigh in sadness and frustration...

    As soon as Qin Feng arrived in his own office, his cell phone rang. Looking at the phone number, Qin Feng almost jumped with joy!

    "Hey! Beauty Su Qiu Yue, finally you're willing to call me!"
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